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10 Top Logo Reveal (Animation) Templates for Premiere Pro

Make your logo memorable by using one of the great animated logo reveal templates for Premiere Pro in this round-up. They’re all included with a subscription to Envato Elements, so you can try as many as you like until you find something you love.

First, here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Be sure to match animation style to the brand or company values.
  • Keep your reveal short—less than 5 seconds will do the job.
  • Movement for the sake of it can be annoying, try to make all animation purposeful.

Top Logo Reveal Templates for Premiere Pro

1. Logo Reveal Pro

Reveal your logo in
style with shiny gold bokeh and ribbons of light. There’s a tutorial included
in case you need some help getting started.

 Logo Reveal Pro
Logo Reveal Pro

2. Glitch Logo

Try this MOGRT template for Premiere Pro to show off your
brand’s logo in a glitch style. The dynamic animation would suit sports, urban
fashion and much more.

3. School Logo

This cute, flat-style logo reveal for Premiere Pro would be
perfect for anything related to education or learning. Its minimalist style
keeps it simple and effective.

School Logo Reveal
School Logo Reveal

4. Drone Logo Reveal

If you have a tech brand or you’re a photographer or
videographer, then you might like to reveal your logo via a drone. It’s very

Drone Logo Reveal
Drone Logo Reveal

5. Clean
and Minimal Logo Reveal

Style it out with this clean and simple logo reveal for
Premiere Pro. A clean black and white look transforms lines and circles into
your brand.

Clean and Minimal Logo Reveal
Clean and Minimal Logo Reveal

6. Flowers
Logo Reveal—Premiere Pro

You can change the colours of each of the flowers in this
template, meaning you can create a reveal that perfectly reflects your brand.
There’s a video tutorial included to help you get started.

7. World Logo Reveal

With two colour options and four templates included, you’ll have
plenty of choice with the World Logo Reveal template for Premiere Pro. There’s
a link included to the music in the demo, too!

World Logo Reveal
World Logo Reveal

8. Flat Logo Reveal

A fun animation with flat shapes, this logo reveal is fresh
and stylish. As well as popping your logo into a placeholder, you can also
choose to have a background image as part of the reveal.

Flat Logo Reveal
Flat Logo Reveal

9. Gold
Reflective Logo Reveal

If you like bokeh, you’ll love this logo reveal for Premiere
Pro. A burst of golden bokeh, like embers, gently swirls outwards, revealing
your logo.

Gold Reflective Logo Reveal
Gold Reflective Logo Reveal

10. Colorful Logo

Colourful, flat, and fun. This logo reveal for Premiere Pro
would suit a number of upbeat projects that want to radiate good vibes.

 More Help With Your Logo Reveal

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