18 Top Video Templates for After Effects to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

18 Top Video Templates for After Effects to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air, so get ready to create some heartfelt videos. Whether you want to amaze your amore, or promote a
Valentine’s Day event, then we’ve got a template for you.

If you’re struggling to think of ideas for your Valentine’s
Day video, here are a couple of thoughts to inspire you:

  • If
    your brand has personality or is a little quirky, why not flip
    Valentine’s Day on its head and make an anti-Valentine video instead
    like this tongue-in-cheek campaign from #ShredYourEx.

Top Video Templates from Envato Elements to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

All the templates are from Envato Elements, where you can download as many as take your fancy, for one monthly subscription.

1. Valentine

Choose two names to
display on this animated heart template for Adobe After Effects. You can
customise how the characters look so you’re able to create something really
unique and personal.


2. Valentine’s
Day Greeting Card

Think of this After
Effects template as a logo reveal for love… heart confetti and balloons blow
around before revealing a confetti heart with space for your message in the

3. Valentines Quotes

Show off your Shakespeare or write something original in
this template designed for romantic quotes and poetry. The words are offset
with dreamy, floaty hearts.

Valentines Quotes
Valentines Quotes

4. Romance – Be
My Valentine

Enjoy heart bokeh over a parallax effect with the Romance
template for After Effects. Add your personalised text and special images for a slideshow that
will surely make an impact.

Romance - Be My Valentine
Romance – Be My Valentine

5. Valentines Day

Great for Valentine’s Day, weddings or engagements, there
are two versions of this Valentine’s opener. Add up to 21 video clips or still
images to this special template.

Valentines Day Wishes
Valentines Day Wishes

6. Valentines
Day Love Logo

If you don’t want to say it with chocolates and flowers, say
it with smoke and lightning… this Valentine’s Day Love Logo template really
packs a punch!

Valentines Day Love Logo
Valentines Day Love Logo

7. Happy Valentine

Swirly, neon-style effects make up this modern Valentine video logo for Adobe After Effects. Just add your text or logo to create something
funky and timely.

Happy Valentine logo
Happy Valentine logo

8. Valentines Day

If a chunky, bow-adorned heart bursting through a tower of
heart-themed blocks doesn’t scream love to you, then I don’t know what will.
Show off your fun side with this After Effects template.

Valentines Day Card
Valentines Day Card

9. Romantic

If you’re a lover of the traditional, give this slideshow a
try. Falling petals and a classic design will make your audience or loved one
want to run out and buy all the roses and champagne in town.

Romantic Slideshow
Romantic Slideshow

10. Animated Love

Create a hand-drawn, animated character to deliver your
special message of love. Choose from male or female illustrations and there are
26 placeholders to add your images and text.

Animated Love Messages
Animated Love Messages

11. Fur Heart Opener

IT’S. SO. FLUFFY. The Fur Heart Opener will make you want to
snuggle up with all the cushions and blankets you can find.

Fur Heart Opener
Fur Heart Opener

12. Heart of

If hearts and flowers aren’t enough for you, then maybe you
need Heart of Butterflies. It’s an animated heart for After Effects, created from… you guessed
it, butterflies! There are two different versions included and you don’t need any
plugins to use it.

Heart of Butterflies
Heart of Butterflies

13. Sweet
Butterflies: Valentine’s Day Card

3D butterflies form a heart with your image in the middle in
this template.  You can add text, and a
logo too!

Sweet Butterflies Valentines Day Card
Sweet Butterflies: Valentine’s Day Card

14. Valentine’s
Day Logo 3in1

Glitz and glam await you in this sparkly Valentine’s Day
. As the title suggests, you get three options to choose from, each as
glittery as the last.

Valentines Day Logo 3in1
Valentine’s Day Logo 3in1

15. Tree of Love

Imagine a tree, resplendent with cutesy photographs of in
love couples. Well you don’t have to, Tree of Love lets you create a soppy,
loved-up masterpiece.

Tree of Love
Tree of Love

16. Heart Logo

Keep it simple with this 3D Heart Logo. Your text revolves
around a heart, a bit like a planet – complete with space background. What
better way to say your world revolves around your other half!

Heart Logo
Heart Logo

17. Valentine
Instagram Stories

Something a little different this Valentine’s Day: a pack of
themed Instagram Stories for After Effects. If you’re having a special event, sale
or just have a love-filled message to share with your followers, then you’ll
find something for you here, with 10 options to choose from, as well as a
variety of animated elements.

An Alternate from Envato Market

Prefer to purchase templates one-by-one? Check out Envato Market for pay as you go options. Here’s a great example:


If you’d like a simple, direct and
tasteful message to share with your loved one, then try this glittery opener
for After Effects. Filled with sparkles and bokeh and coloured in red and gold,
it’s a traditional, timeless design.

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