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5 lessons learnt as a Junior Entrepreneur | by Natacha Lopes | Aug, 2020 | Noteworthy

Being a Junior Entrepreneur changed my life, changed my habits and changed me. It thought me how to be a better student, a better professional and, ultimately, a better person. During these four years in this Network, I collected memories, stories and friends. But most important I collected lessons. Lessons that I will carry in my heart forever.

Lesson 1. Learn how to fail and get up

There is no such thing as perfection. We are all humans and it is in our nature to fail. But, the Junior Enterprise concept not only thought me how to fail but how to fail big. It thought me that, to learn, you need to try, and when you try, sometimes you fail. And it is okay. It is okay to fail. It is okay to be disappointed and it is okay that things may not work as we thought they would. It is the way it should be. The most important is that you reflect on your behaviours, you understand the good and the bad points of the situation and you move on and learn from it. Is as simple as that.

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Lesson 2. Choose the battles you want to fight

When we have a very competitive nature we tend to defend our ideas and beliefs as everything else is wrong. We always want to be the ones to be right and we always want our ideas to scale up to the next level and become reality. However, one thing that I learned, especially during the last year, is that you should not waste your energy in battles that will not make you win the war. You need to choose wisely, understand what is important and focus your energies on the things that will make you reach your ultimate goal.

Lesson 3. Trust the ones that surround you

Teamwork is the key but good teamwork is the secret. More important than knowing how to work in a team is knowing how to trust them. Teamwork can only happen when you trust your team and their work. From the moment this starts to happen, things will be easier, more efficient and better. Your team will consequently trust you and things will reach levels that you could never achieve before.

Lesson 4. If you want to be the best, surround yourself with the best

It is normal that you have weaknesses and that you do not know how to do everything. Everyone does, there is no reason to worry about that. In life, you need to embrace your weakest points and look for people that can help you grow. If there is something that I learned during these years is that to be the best you need to learn with the best. If you surround yourself with people that have the skills you do not, remember to learn with them!

Lesson 5. It is not always about the work but about the people and the experiences you make together

There is nothing more valuable than people. Believe me when I say that the people that you will meet in your life will change you and will teach you the most valuable lessons. With this, I do not say that your work is not important or that you should not care about it but, your work is easily replaced. In 3/4 years everything you did will vanish, new ideas will come and what you did will no longer be remembered. However, the people that you meet, the memories you create, those are the ones that will last forever.

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