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5 Reasons You Should Never Become a Professional Landscape Photographer

Becoming a professional landscape photographer may sound easy to some. There are no clients to work with, no schedule, no lights or backdrops, just nature, you, and your camera. Or is it?

Taking photographs is only a small portion of the professional landscape photographer’s job. Many other things quickly come into play when you take something that you love doing as a hobby in your spare time and transition to making it a full-time, income-producing job.

I believe that many people don’t directly set out to become a professional photographer of one sort or the other. I think they do what they love to do and eventually turn that into a business. From there, they may branch out and specifically target one genre or another, such as weddings, food, or headshots.

The keyword in this video’s title is “professional.” In this video by Joshua Cripps, he highlights five things that you may not realize are part of becoming a professional landscape photographer. Although they may not be deal-breakers for many, they may be something to consider.

But fear not, Joshua also put together a companion video, 5 Reasons You Absolutely Should Become a Pro Landscape Photographer.

I’ve been a follower of Joshua Cripps for quite a few years. I’ve always loved his honest and matter-of-fact opinion on photography. Although he has been on a break from YouTube for a little while, he’s now back and making more great content.

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