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Bringing Your Phone and Your Camera Together: Introducing the Innovative Pixii Rangef

A small company in France has announced the launch of a compact rangefinder camera — the Pixii — that, rather than having an LCD on the back, uses Bluetooth to instantly send jpegs to your phone, with the option to then pull across a raw file for closer editing.

Large camera manufacturers have long been criticized for failing to provide any genuine connectivity in their models and the Pixii seems to address this problem by creating a camera that offers a new level of integration. As the Pixii website states, the best screen you have is already in your pocket, so why not make use of it?

The APS-C, 12-megapixel rangefinder camera shoots 12-bit DNG files, has a global electronic shutter, is compatible with M-mount lenses, features an optical viewfinder, and has up to 8 gigabytes of internal storage. The Pixii can immediately send jpeg images to your phone via Bluetooth 5. You can then browse through photos, zoom in, check exposure and camera info, before opting to pull across the raw for editing in apps such as Lightroom. You can check out the full specifications by clicking here.

Pixii rangefinder

Prices start at €2,700. For more information, visit the Pixii website.

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