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Capture One Releases Film-Like ‘Beyond Styles’ Style Pack

No matter how good digital cameras get, there’s always a group that loves the style and familiarity of how film photography looks. Now, Capture One launches their latest style pack to emulate those old rolls of film.

In an attempt to breathe fresh new life into digital images, Capture One launches their new style pack “Beyond Styles” which acts as presets that emulate the effects of analog film. There’s a variety of styles inside that alter the shades of your shots from cool to warm, with flat tones and high-contrast images and are designed to mimic both Fujifilm and Kodak film stocks. The pack contains nine styles in three variations for a total of 27 distinct styles you can apply to your photography.

The style pack also includes a set of black and white styles which contain levels of detail that either smooths skin or packs an impactful tonal contrast for more punchy results. It’s simple to apply in Capture One, (you can find a trial of the software here which is free for 30 days.) 

All you have to do is apply a Style, select your Grain type, and give it a tweak by adjusting things like exposure, brightness, or any other setting you want to alter. The Beyond Styles Kit sits alongside existing packs such as the Retro Style Kit, and the Color Grading Styles Kit, and currently features a 20% discount at time of writing for £79 in the U.K.

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