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How to Effectively Remove Logos and Branding From Surfaces in Photoshop

Logos and branding on products in photographs can be unnecessary distractions, or depending on how an image is being used, their visibility could possibly be infringing on a brand’s copyright. Avoid these situations by learning how to remove them using Photoshop.

In this video, Aaron Nace of Phlearn takes us through various methods for object removal he has learned and developed throughout his career as a Photoshop expert. Like many things in this editing program, there are various ways to accomplish a task. Object — or spot removal — is certainly no exception to the rule, as there are several tools dedicated to the job. From the Clone Stamp to the Healing brushes, Nace brilliantly illustrates how all are used in conjunction with each other to produce the most realistic outcome.   

In my work as an interior photographer, I use these methods all the time, and from my own experience, I’m able to go directly to the tool I believe is best suited to a particular job. For those of you watching Nace and wondering how he knows to use certain tools for certain jobs, it’s simply a matter of practice and experience. I especially appreciate his love of the regular brush tool. Even though it’s just painting over your subject without adding any texture, knowing how to make the adjustment look realistic by adding noise is a game-changer when you figure it out. His simple trick of free-transforming the added noise to make the grain bigger in the last removal is something I hadn’t thought of before.

Did you learn something new from this?

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