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How to Live Stream a Wedding

Given the current situation, it is quite possible that it will be a very long time before we see normal weddings with large audiences again, which means workarounds, such as live streaming, need to be found. There is an opportunity for wedding videographers in this, however, as live streaming can be a great service to add to your offerings, and this great video will show you various setups to get you up and running.

Coming to you from Matt WhoisMatt Johnson, this excellent video will show you how to live stream weddings. No doubt, this is a more relevant topic than ever. Though some states and countries are starting to lift some of the pandemic restrictions, the majority still have heavy guidelines against large gatherings such as weddings, making live streaming a fantastic service to offer as a way for relatives and friends to still enjoy the special day. Even when things get back to normal in the future, this is still a great service to offer, as there will always be invited guests who cannot make the ceremony for one reason or another, and giving the couple the option to include them in the festivities can be very exciting for them. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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