Promote your Site or Business with our Explainer Video Solutions

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Promote your Site or Business with our Explainer Video Solutions

Our videos make your ads clickable, brand memorable, product understandable, and your offers irresistible.


1. Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard animation videos are very popular, and we made it very easy and affordable for you to create your own animated whiteboard business video, in professional quality. A whiteboard video for your business, is an effective way to promote your service, product or website because it explains the main points of your business using hand drawn cartoons.

We are constantly adding new whiteboard video templates with handmade drawings, to give you enough options to create a suitable marketing video for your business.


2. Explainer Videos

We offer you an animated commercial video, explainer video or business sales video in 3 easy steps and advertise your business on Youtube, Facebook and on your website. You get professional animated web video that will help increase sales or help you launch a business, product or website.


3. Sales Videos

Avasta Design offers animated videos for business today and promote your service, product or event. We got loads of stunning designs, ready to be customized with your text, pictures, footage and music. You’ll receive a stunningcorporate videoin less than 1 day, for a very affordable price, perfect for startups and small businesses with a tight budget.


4. Animation Videos

Animated videos for business – they are great for promoting and it has never been easier to produce a professional animated business video for your company, event or website. We’ll have them done in 1 day. Afterwards, you can download a MP4 or WEBM video file that you can upload to Youtube, share on Facebook and embed on your website.


5. Animated Marketing Videos

The marketing ad videos we sell the most are the animated explainer videos. You know why? They are very entertaining and are incredible effective at promoting your business, while also explaining a potential customer how your product or service works. We offer high quality animated marketing videos for less than CHF250. So, now you don’t have an excuse for not having one for your business.


6. Mobile App Marketing Videos

Looking for a professional marketing video advertisement to promote your new mobile app? We produce a great looking mobile app promo video, for less than CHF250 and in less than 1 day! You are guaranteed to get a high quality, professional video for promoting your mobile app. We have marketing video templates for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.


7. Product Videos

You can choose among many professional made video templates that are great for showcasing products, websites or services. We can also create a custom product video for you, if our templates don’t match what you are looking for. Our prices for custom videos are among the lowest in the industry.


8. Logo Animation Intro

Avasta Design creates amazing animated logo video intro in minutes. Logo animations are used for branding. Usually video intros are displayed in the beginning or ending of business videos, so it is important for your brand that you create a logo video. We have created many professional logo animation templates, and it’s affordable to create your own logo video intro.

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