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PS5 pre-orders may hit GameStop tomorrow — but there’s a catch


The first wave of PS5 pre-orders didn’t go so well, but you potential buyers may get another chance soon. GameStop may be preparing to sell a second wave of PS5s as early as tomorrow (Sept. 25), but there are three important caveats: You’ll have to pre-order in person, you (probably) won’t get the console on launch day, and not every store will have stock available. Consider yourself warned.

Information comes from Wario64: a popular Twitter personality who’s often the first to jump on major game sales, pre-orders, and other information related to buying games. We should caution readers, however, that his source in this case is a single employee at single GameStop store, so perhaps “wander past a GameStop during your lunch break” would be a more sensible strategy than “camp out in front of your local store all night.”


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