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ROLI’s Lightpad Block gets a power-up with Dynamic Controls 2


If you’ve ever fancied a ROLI Lightpad Block but weren’t sure how you’d fit it into your setup, the answer may be here. Dynamic Control 2 from Swonic lets you custom configure a Lightpad Block as a multifunctional controller, with multiple control types in each view.

Dynamic Controls 2 means you can now customise the Lightpad interface with buttons, faders, notes and XY pads in any arrangement you like. It permits custom control layouts that you can use to pilot the rest of your music production rig. And, it’s ideal for performance considering the Lightpad’s colourful backlit surface

The new Windows and Mac-compatible app lets you edit and save control layouts. Once they’ve been loaded into the Lightpad Block, it can also be used as a USB or Bluetooth MIDI controller in standalone mode.

Dynamic Controls 2 is available now for free and works with the ROLI Lightpad Block.

Find out more on swonic.com.Read more music technology stories here.


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