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Steinberg’s SpectraLayers 7 uses AI to “unmix” tracks into individual stems

Steinberg has launched SpectraLayers 7, an advanced spectral editing suite with tools for repairing, isolating and denoising audio. This latest version adds artificial intelligence algorithms for a host of powerful new features that can be applied to music production, post-production, mastering and more.

Using AI-driven detection, tracks can be “unmixed” into individual stems, and further unpacked into component layers (tone, transient and noise elements). This could be applied to cull unwanted noise elements during the mastering phase, or even applied to extract specific instruments from within a track.

Other automated processes new to the editing suite include click repair, hum removal, automatic clip repair and precision spectral de-essing. These tools are widely applied in audio post-production, with similar features also found in iZotope’s popular RX7 editing suite.

SpectraLayers 7 also offers a spectral take on pitch manipulation, with an enhanced transform tool that emphasises the preservation of formants for more natural-sounding results. Vocal-centric tools, such as a voice denoiser and automatic de-esser have also been added.

The editing suite also boasts several enhancements, including VST 3 support, letting you apply plug-ins to individual layers, and enhanced ARA 2 integration with other DAWs.

Take a look at the overview of SpectraLayers Pro 7 below:

SpectraLayers 7 comes in two versions: Pro ($299) and Elements ($79.99). See Steinberg’s comparison chart between the two versions here.

Learn more at steinberg.net 

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