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The Danger of a Borrowed Vision – Noteworthy


Evans Ehiorobo

Don’t study an engineering course, you won’t get a job.”

The words of my teacher in high school have remained with me ever since the day he called me out of class to ask what course I wanted to study in University. I told him I wanted to become a software engineer and so I had chosen to study Computer Science. He advised me strongly against this and told me that someone with my level of aptitude for the sciences was better off studying Medicine.

Interestingly, I used to want to become a medical doctor — when I was much younger, but that dream had long been replaced with becoming a software engineer. I loved computers growing up — tinkering with the hardware, playing games, exploring the different programmes, finding out how to use each with or without the Help manual (I preferred without). Computers challenge and intrigue me at the same time, something I cannot say for human anatomy.

I went with my vision and now I have gotten to travel to different countries (and a different continent), work with clients from all over the globe and take on big challenges, all because I moved my mouse to click “Computer Science” instead of “Medicine” one night years ago.


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