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tips & tricks to staying productive while working from home

Software Developers: tips & tricks to staying productive while working from home

In the last few months, remote work has gradually gained more importance in our lives and we’ve seen our habits change drastically. Although it brings a lot of positive aspects, both for the employees and the company, such as more freedom to tackle your professional and personal life, saved money, less commuting time, and therefore, more time for yourself, it can also be challenging to manage at times.

As Software Developers, you adapt easily. It comes with the job — considering you work in such a fast-paced industry, your ability to react and change rapidly is higher than of the usual human.

Despite all the challenges, at Load, we follow some basic principles that allow us all to be equally productive, responsive, and cooperative.

Tip 1: Your setup changed, but your work obligations didn’t

It is crucial to remember that no matter where you are, you still keep the same duties. Keep showing up as if you were going to the office. Wake-up at the same time, eat your fruits, get dressed, and keep rolling.

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Tip 2: Make sure everyone in your house understands that you are working

Okay, so this tip is a bit more difficult to keep, especially if you have kids at home who seek your attention every two seconds, right? Generally, life happens, unpredictable situations occur and sometimes you will be forced out of your working space, BUT try to explain to the people you live with that you are not just spending your time pretending to code.

This sounds like a very obvious tip, but maintaining a solid communication at home makes it much easier for you at work.

Tip 3: Keep your communication channels always open & be a good communicator

Just because you are far from each other, it doesn’t mean you should stop exchanging ideas and having a laugh with the rest of the team. As a matter of fact, you must find opportunities to engage. Your distance should be the least of your barriers.

Make an effort to be a good communicator. At times, all we want to say is “okay”, “yes” or “it’ll be done”, but in remote projects, you should remember that feedback is one of the most important factors for successful results. Do not spare your words.

Tip 4: Put all your distractions away

A bit obvious, isn’t it? Right. But seriously, put all your distractions away. By distractions, we mean PS4, Steam, magical bed, Narnia fridge. Maybe even wives and hubbies. Just kidding. Keep those. We want you to work, not to be unhappy.

Make sure you work in a clean and organized environment. Clear space, clear mind.

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