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Weaponising the Search Box, with James Bond and Friends | by Nick Walker | Noteworthy

Nick Walker
  • This tweet, along with some others, is selected by an online news journalist with targets to reach doing a cursory Twitter search on a topic in order to find about half a dozen tweets that support the premise that [people] [have an opinion] about [something].
  • Some online publications do the exact same story (probably due to being pressured by editors coveting the traffic that the first publication is getting and partly due to a bit of laziness) but seek out a few different tweets to include to make it look like it’s not totally ripped off.
  • Producer on broadcast talk show looking through the online press for some topics to discuss on the show sees numerous articles about this apparently controversial issue sweeping the nation and lists it as a ‘debate’ topic for their live show.
  • The whole national media is now swept up in the topic, now dubbed ‘Twitter frenzy’, with reams and reams of disagreement online and offline about the various headlines and thinkpieces and phone-ins about ‘Generation Snowflake’ that all started with a few people sending some mostly throwaway tweets about ffs of all things *Friends*!

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