Websites revision, tuning/fresh up

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Websites revision, tuning/fresh up

Hi, is your website in need of a redesign?

Website redesign services from Avasta who will redesign WordPress sites at an affordable price. We are a Switzerland based digital design company.


Looking for an affordable WordPress website redesign service which will give your existing website a fresh new look?

If you need to redesign your website, you have come to the right place as our website redesign services are second to none.

Custom Website Redesign Services

Keeping your website looking fresh and inviting to your visitors and customers is always a worry for a website owner. As more business is carried out online staying ahead in a competitive market isn’t easy. Your website is a projection of your brand, company or niche and visitors will not have a great experience if they land on a site which looks outdated or stale. Asking Avasta to redesign your site is a prudent move, one which can reap benefits both in better visitor engagement and possibly increased sales. Why not get in touch about our website redesign services and get the ball rolling.
Is your website in need of a redesign – call Avasta for a quote!


Transform your site with a modern website redesign

Have you noticed a drop off in visitors to your website recently? Maybe you have noticed that you are receiving fewer submissions via your contact form or less comments on your blog posts. These are just a few symptoms of an outdated web design which can be affecting your site.

Delivering a website which not only looks fresh and inviting but is also easy to navigate is a big step to retaining visitors and customers. An old outdated or clunky web design will not help retain the visitors who have come to your site.

Taking advantage of our custom website redesign services will allow us to transform your site into a modern, user friendly and inviting place for future visitors.

Remember website visitors today have a plethora of choice on which website to visit, together we can make sure that it is your site they visit and keep returning to.


Affordable Website Redesign Services

Our affordable website redesign services include a host of features to breathe new life back into your site.

Features include:

  • Custom WordPress / Joomla /Prestashop etc. website redesign
  • No limit on pages redesigned
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Update images and logos
  • Migrate existing content
  • On page SEO optimisation built in
  • 1-year support service
  • Integration of modern technologies

If you would like us to redesign your site or just find out more information on our website redesign services why not get in touch?

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