Music & Audio

Fundamentals of Audio Production

Want to get started recording your own music, podcast or other audio track? Fundamentals of Audio Production can get you up and running fast! Step right into an audio production studio with Dave Bode and learn the basics of sound and technique. From understanding the equipment to working with audio in editing software, Dave will.

Audio Production for Interviews

Whether you’re interviewing a celebrity or just getting some background information for a video, an interview is a great way to capture information about the subject at hand. Today there are lots of tools at your disposal to conduct the task, but how do you know what you need for what situation? Do you need.

Using a Pro Percussion Sample Library

In this course, Dave Bode will take you on a music production journey and teach you how to use a Percussion Sample Library—the professional way. You’ll learn about mixing, compression, mastering effects and how to use the Kontakt library to process drums. Source link

Learn Logic Pro X in 2 Hours

Whether you’re making Logic Pro X your main DAW, upgrading from an older version of Logic, or just want to use Logic Pro X along side other software, this is the course for you. In just two hours you’ll be up and running with Logic Pro X, one of the most popular Digital Audio Workstations!.

Drums, Beats, and Rhythms in Logic Pro X

Getting good drums and beats is one of the most important and difficult aspects of working with Logic Pro X. How do you create something original or unique? How do you create a realistic roll, flam, or fill? Can you avoid sounding like everybody else? This course will give you full access to all the.

Advanced Audio Processing for Video

In a video production, audio is arguably a more important factor than picture. In this course, you will learn how to edit, process, mix, and master audio for your video projects. You will learn how to use essential audio plugins like EQs, compressors, gates, expanders, and de-essers. You’ll learn how to clean up dialog tracks.