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Introducing 15 Best New Portfolios, March 2020

Are you trapped in a fourth floor apartment listening to the guy next door serenade the block from his balcony with a saxophone he made from a length of rubber tubing and an old boot? While people the world over very sensibly self-isolate, it’s still possible to be productive, why not work on your portfolio?.

12 Best Web Design Podcasts for 2020

If you’re self-isolating thanks to Covid-19, or simply a fulltime remote worker, keeping in touch with the industry can be tricky; There aren’t any water-coolers to gather around, and your cat is less knowledgeable about CSS than she likes to pretend. One of the best solutions is web design podcasts. They’re a great way to.

How Do You Make Video Accessible?

Videos aren’t inherently accessible. Even if the content comes from an outside source — like a videographer or a YouTube channel — you’re still responsible for ensuring that every visitor on your website can fully access it. Video can serve many purposes for a website: Home page videos featuring company founders or illustrated walk-throughs of.

3 Essential Design Trends, March 2020

Color, heroes, and a new way to create design depth are what we are looking at this month. Two of these three trends comes with some usability concerns but are a lot of fun to look at and play with. Would you take the risk of trying one of these design techniques? The third trend.

5 Simple Responsive Blunders (And How To Avoid Them)

Nearly 49% of all the web traffic worldwide originates from mobile devices (excluding tablets). If you don’t design mobile-friendly websites, you’ll likely lose out on this massive chunk of your target audience. Additionally if you wish to improve your SEO, you can’t afford to ignore smartphones; Google gives priority to mobiles with mobile-first indexing. All.