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avasta portfolio

Me Wei Qi Feng

In 1991 I learnt Zhineng Qigong and found inner peace. Then I joined the two year training from 1993 to 1995. When I graduated in 1995 Pang Lashi wrote me “nu li wei Zhineng Qigong shi ye feng dou; hunyuan ling tong”. This means “put all your effort into spreading Zhineng Qigong” and it has inspired me ever since.

In 1995 I began work as an editor at Huaxia, where I usually led the morning and evening practice of Huaxia staff and was part of the small group used to teach new methods as they were developed by Pang Laoshi. In the beginning of 1999 I transferred to the No.3 Healing Department. My dream is to build Harmonious Big Family as a new way of life for human.