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10 Free WordPress Facebook Feed Plugins 2021


The best way for your web page to get noticed on the internet is by having it linked to different social media platforms. No other platform can top the online users of Facebook. By actively posting and communicating with others, you won’t miss out on major opportunities for increasing traffic to your website. Always utilize the Facebook social media platform as it is the most popular channel that you can use to broadcast your web page, products, and even service by having to interact with your users. This will also help to improve your online presence and build a stronger relationship with your audience. Here are the best free Facebook social feed plugins that you can use right now.

Smash Balloon Social Post Feed

Organized WordPress Facebook Feed Plugins

Are you tired of the dull and boring Facebook feed that you usually see on the platform? If you’re looking for a fully customizable Facebook feed plugin for your WordPress website, then this is the one for you. The Smash Balloon is a social feed plugin that has the function of displaying your users’ Facebook posts. The plugin optimizes customizability and gives you the freedom to personalize the social feeds.

You can also edit it depending on the theme of the Facebook page of your choice. With a lot of different variations to create for your social feed design, the possibilities are endless. The free version of the plugin includes features like having to display social feeds, videos, public comments, and much more. There is also a privacy feature for those who want to keep content for themselves. It also has an easy to use interface with no unnecessary coding required to run these features. 

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Feed Them Social

Minimalist WordPress Facebook Feed Plugins

With countless social platforms, popular ones such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube stand out the most. But regardless of the vast amount of free social networking platforms, your users will always be hungry for more. They thirst for social interaction, public attention, and convenient ways on how to stay updated with the latest trends.

Give your users what they seek for in a site, and that is having the compatibility to have a connection with different social networking sites, especially Facebook. Satisfy their hunger by having to Feed Them Social. As the name suggests, this plugin allows you to create and post social feeds from different social networking sites. With the free version of the plugin, there will be a limit on how many posts, videos, and pages for every feed, but you can add as many social feeds as you like to keep your users entertained. It has a simple and responsive user interface that is fully customizable from fonts, sidebars, icons, and even simple animations are included.

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Easy Social Post Feed

Categorized WordPress Facebook Feed Plugins

Having to use a plugin that you’re completely unfamiliar with can be daunting and confusing when it comes to editing your WordPress website. But if you’re using the Easy Social Post Feed social plugin, you won’t have to worry about any coding and page loading errors. This plugin has a minimal user interface with a very straightforward navigation menu. It is the easiest plugin to use for WordPress beginners with no experience when it comes to coding.

The plugin is designed to create custom feeds that you can connect with social networking websites. Those custom feeds can display different photos, videos, and even short audio clips. You can also add photo and video galleries for your feeds straight from your users’ Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. The unique feature that the plugin has is the social feed’s design. It is similar to the social feed from Facebook, so your users will be familiar with how to navigate through the feeds.

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Social LikeBox & Feed

Simple WordPress Facebook Feed Plugins

Relive the whole Facebook experience by having a like box and social feed on your website. Your users will always adore an interactive social feed that allows them to comment, leave feedback, and repost different content on your WordPress website. Well, with the Social LikeBox and Feed plugin, that will be a possibility. This excellent plugin allows your users to share and post anything from their Facebook accounts.

They can simply choose the option to link their accounts directly from your website, without having to switch to different tabs. The plugin includes a dedicated, responsive page, so your users can leave positive feedback if they found some of the posts on your social feeds are amusing and entertaining. That feedback will help you to know what content your users would like to see, and you can use that information to gain more attention to your SEO written content. Increase site traffic, boost content visibility, and create a Facebook social plugin with ease.

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Flow-Flow Social Stream

Columned WordPress Facebook Feed Plugins

Facebook is not solely limited to social interaction, but it can also be a place for your business to grow. The Flow-Flow Social Stream is a Facebook feed plugin that displays feeds on your WordPress website. You can link your store pages on Facebook and have posts, pictures, and videos integrated into your social feed.

The plugin comes with over 100 pre-defined templates for different marketplace themes and shopping engines. It is a free plugin that comes with a complete package such as posting an unlimited number of products and feeds, category and field mapping, and even having filters. You can also add custom fields wherein you can use for your product descriptions. The plugin also adds a Facebook pixel code directly on your website. This ensures that the products on your feed match those on your Facebook catalogs.

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10Web Social Post Feed

Engaging WordPress Facebook Feed Plugins

Having a hassle-free experience when it comes to integrating content on your WordPress website from Facebook is a must to maximize social interaction and visibility for your site. You want to ensure that people will know about your web page so it could gain a lot of traffic. Thanks to the 10Web Social Post Feed plugin, that process has never been easier.

The plugin allows you to display a wide variety of customizable content from Facebook directly onto your WordPress website. It includes a ton of neat features like having to display different posts, videos, and images. You also have full control over the content of your social feeds, such as the size, font, type, and the entirety of the design. The plugin is fully customizable, allowing you to add and change elements to suit either your web page’s theme or the page that you want to feature on your website. 

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The Awesome Feed – Custom Feed

Aesthetic WordPress Facebook Feed Plugins

Everything is awesome! A comprehensive statement, but you too can make your website awesome and amazing with the Awesome Feed plugin. It is a social feed plugin that is designed to link your website to different social media platforms, especially Facebook. The plugin helps you to have different Facebook feed displayed onto your WordPress web page.

You can also link any public Facebook account to your website, and that will allow you to show different posts, pages, videos, and widgets that can be seen or used in the Facebook platform. The free version of this plugin includes the basic feature, such as having to add unlimited Facebook feeds, and you can display them all together on a single page. Sort, organize, and edit content for every feed and make some tweaks with the appearance of the posts. The plugin is easy to use and simple to understand without having to know anything about coding and web languages. 

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Light-themed WordPress Facebook Feed Plugins

You need to have the freedom to change any element within your social feeds so that it will match your website’s overall theme. The Social Feed plugin allows you to create customizable social feeds from different social networking sites. It is one of the best social feed plugins for Facebook as well. You can link your social media accounts directly from your website and display various Facebook feeds from different Facebook pages all in a single web page.

The plugin has all of the necessary features to keep your users updated with the latest happenings because the plugin is compatible with linking to multiple accounts. So if you have an interesting tweet from Twitter, an amazing pin from Pinterest, and a mind-blowing post from Facebook, then you can add them all in a single feed. You can also add your Facebook albums and galleries to your social feed as well as products form the Facebook marketplace.

Dark-themed WordPress Facebook Feed Plugins

The plugin offers a wide variety of themes that you can choose from. All pre-designed themes are fully customizable when it comes to background designs, colors, fonts, and image size Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter social feeds. This will make your website more engaging and appealing to your users. You can display a completely responsive & customizable Facebook feed on your WordPress website and match the look and feel of your Facebook page.

You can also add live video streams from Facebook, directly onto your web page’s social feed. It uses different shortcodes, which will allow you to display the feed on different pages of your website. The simple user interface makes the whole web experience easier for your users, and they can navigate through your website with ease. The best part is that the plugin is optimized to display or show the latest and trending posts from your social media accounts, so your users will be updated with the current events.

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POWr – Free Forms, Social Feeds, Countdown Timers

Responsive WordPress Facebook Feed Plugins

Are you familiar with the cliché old phrase that “with great power comes with great responsibility”? Well, having the ability to power or ability to do anything can be a great concept when editing your WordPress website. If you’re looking for the complete set of tools to create the best Facebook social feed for your web page, then the POWr social plugin is the one for you.

This free plugin is like a packaged gift pack of different wonderful plugins that aims to provide your website all of the necessary features to keep your users updated and entertained. Whether you’re planning for a blogging or marketing website, then the POWr plugins are optimized in getting your users engaged with more conversions talking about your interesting posts. The plugins aim to boost your site’s traffic by having to highlight trending posts from Facebook. The plugin is also has a feature of ensuring your users’ accounts and credentials to be safe and secure. 

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Choose What’s Best for Your Website!

Having an understanding of the importance of social media platforms will give your website the visibility it needs to be noticed in the online world. Taking time to search for different social plugins and resources will help you to create an engaging web page that entices your audience to look at what you’ve got. Choose the right plugin that your website needs and boost its engagement by tenfold!


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