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11 Best Magento 2 Extensions For Sales Motivation


If you, a store owner, are not focusing on optimizing sales, your business may not gain much profit as you expect. Without the sales of goods or services, a company becomes a hobby or a charity organization. Not only is the sales team responsible for making sales, but every member of the company also has to make every effort to boost sales.

No matter how excellent your operation is, how updated your technology, how good your financial goals are, or how progressive your management techniques are, you must still have an energetic sales mechanism, or everything else doesn’t make sense.

So now we’ll bring you the list of 11 amazing Magento 2 Extensions for sales promotions!

Let’s dive deep into details!

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What do “sales” mean?
11 Best Magento 2 Extensions For Sales Motivation

The term “sales” includes all activities related to selling an item or service to a customer or business. Businesses have sales organizations that are divided into separate groups. And these sales teams are often categorized according to:

Salespeople get to find contacts that might be engrossed with buying the goods or services that their company is offering. And the contacts that show interest (for example: going to the company site, downloading content, interacting with your company on social networks)

The aim is to find prospects who have expressed interest or match their target audience’s description, hopefully bringing them a solution that leads to their purchasing decision.

The indispensable role of sales
11 Best Magento 2 Extensions For Sales Motivation

“Sales are to stores, just like oxygen is to humans.”

Without sales, your business may struggle and encounter many obstacles in developing the company even if you own a stunning storefront or excellent products.

Sales can have a direct impact on revenue and the ability to extend the business scale of shops. If a store can sell products well, the revenue of that store would skyrocket drastically. If not, the revenue will shrink, and then the store owner will not have enough financial resources to maintain and grow the business.

Moreover, Sales has a tight relationship with consumers. So it influences directly on the customer experience and confidence in stores. The more you can create sales, the more quickly you can gain more shoppers and establish long-lasting relationships with them.

11 Best Magento 2 extensions for sales motivation
11 Best Magento 2 Extensions For Sales Motivation

1. Magento 2 Affiliate extension by Mageplaza

One of the main benefits that an affiliate program can bring to your store is to generate positive sales motivation. Business Insider shows in a study that affiliate marketing programs account for 16% of all e-commerce sales in the USA and Canada.

Magento 2 Affiliate Program by Mageplaza is a very low-cost marketing tool in online stores. Store owners do not need to spend a lot of money to implement a campaign. For every new order placed, the store owners only need to give commissions to the affiliate.

The commission the affiliates earn after each sale is done is excellent momentum for them. They will try hard, make every effort to generate more successful referrals, and make more cash. In other words, the sales of the store will escalate tremendously.

2. Magento 2 Reward Points extension by Mageplaza

Mageplaza Reward Points extension for Magento 2 is an excellent solution to motivate sales for e-commerce stores. The module builds an automatic point earning and spending system that helps turn your shoppers into loyal consumers.

With the Reward System, buyers are more engrossed with shopping and repurchasing items on your site. Besides, shoppers can buy any product with a bargain. Therefore, this helps remove customers’ hesitation in their buying decision.

3. Magento 2 Recent Order Notification extension by Magepow

An excellent solution from Magepow, Recent Order Notification extension, enables you to display recent sales popups on your sites. Store owners can take advantage of the latest sales popups to inform buyers about lately purchased products or advertise bestseller, discounted, or featured items.

This can catch the visitor’s attention, make them feel curious, make them click on the popups, and encourage them to purchase. Moreover, you can include some basic information about the products in the small popups.

The number of times popup appears showing recent orders will win customer trust. A question will spring to their minds: Why are there so many orders? Is this because this store is reliable? This natural interaction of customers will generate more clicks on your store and increase the possibility of gaining sales.

4. Magento 2 Countdown Timer extension by Mageplaza

In a study about the psychology of scarcity, as items are bare, they are often considered more valuable. In other words, putting a countdown timer in your stores would generate sales effectively.

Mageplaza Countdown Timer module enables store owners to set countdown clocks to unique items or special deals. That means you can encourage customers to purchase quickly before the clocks stop, thereby boosting sales significantly.

Furthermore, the presence of countdown timers also makes shoppers feel happy and excited during the shopping time. Thereby, you also can increase their willingness to buy your products rather than other ones.

It depends on your store’s campaign to decide to attach countdown timers to discounted items, storewide sales, discounted codes, special delivery, or upcoming items/events.

5. Magento 2 Bestsellers extension by Lachestry

No more collecting all bestseller items in one category manually!

Bestsellers extension from Lachestry solves this problem for you and makes your life better. The extension automatically identifies products that have the highest sales and gathers them in one category. You can set time for aggregating the category.

Data updating frequency and the quantity of items included in the category are easily configured in the backend. This extension not only has a good impact on the conversion rate, increasing clicks on the place order button but enhancing the online shopping experience for your customers.

6. Magento 2 Free Shipping Bar extension by Mageplaza

That’s why we include the Free Shipping Bar extension in the list of the best Magento 2 extensions for sales motivation. According to a study, about 73% of customers in the USA confessed that free shipping greatly impacted their purchase decision.

Free shipping has no longer been an additional benefit. It’s more likely to be a must-have in the e-commerce world. Shoppers love free shipping. I heard one of my friends said that she would not buy clothes on Amazon if free shipping were unavailable.

The Free Shipping Bar module was created for this reason. A reminder is shown to customers to stimulate them to put more products into their cart. Accordingly, online stores can persuade their shoppers to leave their sites with a bigger cart. As a result, conversion rates and sales escalate dramatically.

Additionally, this extension allows users to customize their free shipping bar to deliver the message as they want. Store admins can also decide the template and design to fit the theme of their stores.

7. Magento 2 Sticky Add To Cart extension by Magepow

The Sticky Add To Cart extension is developed by Magepow to make the cart stay visible for better checkout.

As a shopper scrolls down the page, the module will display the “Add to cart” bar so your shoppers can fastly put the product to their cart or see some product information such as price and pictures. Customers will find no need to scroll back to the top because the cart bar always appears on the page.

With this extension, customers will feel happy and comfortable during the shopping time in your stores. Besides, the rate of customers leaving the cart will be significantly decreased, and you can improve sales for your business.

8. Magento 2 Loyalty Program extension by Mageplaza

ccording to Incentive Solutions, creating a loyalty program in an e-commerce business can raise average order quantity by 319%.

Magento 2 Loyalty Program extension by Mageplaza is an essential tool for every online business that is establishing a discount program for loyal shoppers. 75% of customers say that they tend to buy more products after getting an incentive. Plus, this extension supports store admins in generating a range of exclusive discounts for loyal buyers according to order and customer information.

Adding a loyalty program to an e-commerce platform can increase average order quantity by 319%.

This module allows you to set up a loyalty program page in the shopper’s account page with detailed information and statistics. Therefore, they can get to know the exclusive discounts you offer to them. This feature also makes them feel special and attentively served by your store. Hence, they’re willing to commit to your store and buy more.

9. Magento 2 Share Shopping Cart by Sparsh Technologies

The Share Shopping Cart extension for Magento 2 enables the end-users to share their cart through emails with their family or friends.

Sharing shopping carts is an efficient way to stimulate shoppers to purchase more, promote your brand, and your products to a larger group of audience.

This solution from Sparsh Technologies brings to customers a feeling of convenience and a better shopping experience. Therefore, your sales can be increased drastically in a short time.

10. Magento 2 Featured Products by Sparsh Technologies

Another extension from the Sparsh Technologies team, Featured Products does a good job of attracting potential customers to go to store sites.

The module enables store admins to show featured items on their websites in forms of layouts, widgets, blocks, and templates. Through this, you can boost up the sales effectively.

Try showing your most rated items in an eye-catching and brilliant slide gallery and then seeing how many customers you can attract!

11. Magento 2 Daily Deals extension by Mageplaza

Magento 2 Daily Deal module grabs the attention of new customers and turns them into repeat customers. The module allows store owners to show exclusive daily deals to shoppers and encourage them to make a quick purchase.

Restricted deals given in a specific period of time increase shoppers’ desire for the products and make them buy. The quicker they decide to buy, the faster you gain profit.

A countdown timer is set to everyday deals to inform customers when the deal expires. Store owners can also configure the timer in the backend with ease.


If you are struggling with sales motivation, you should consider those above amazing extensions for Magento 2. There’s a wide range of methods to boost your sales. Depending on your niche, your store’s existing state, pick up one appropriate extension for your business.

Sales are really important, which will decide the survival of your store. So you must do something to improve it right now!


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