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11 Best Vuetify Templates [Free & Premium] 2020


Your search for the most promising and impactful Vuetify templates is now over. We deliver you a collection of tools that you can utilize for the establishment of any project or web application you are working on.

What is Vuetify? It is a Material Design component library for Vue.js, which equips you with all and everything to build remarkable things. Also, it comes with frequent updates and improvements, as well as long-term support for each version, so you know your project will work flawlessly for years to come.

By using any of the tools in the collection below, you save yourself a ton of time and energy, heck, even money. After all, you can also start with the process of building an admin dashboard entirely free of charge and only upgrade when necessary.

See a free version below.

Tons of elements and components, page layouts and other useful material await every user out of the box. Due to the use of the latest technologies, these Vuetify templates also ensure outstanding performance across all popular devices and web browsers.

Whether you are a beginner web developer or have years of experience, these Vuetify instruments are for everyone. Experience a smooth sail and bring into being the necessary admin or a website for your project sooner rather than later.

Most Resourceful Vuetify Templates

ArchitectUI Dashboard Vue PRO

architectui dashboard vue pro
ArchitectUI Dashboard Vue PRO is a full-blown solution to help you build a powerful admin for your web application. With all the very many components that the tool has in store for you, you can save yourself plenty of time and effort. This Vuetify template is powered by all the latest technologies and trends that together make an extreme option for your intention. If you are ready to kick things off in style, you better not miss ArchitectUI Dashboard Vue PRO.

In the kit, you get nine color schemes, nine dashboard pages, over two hundred components and handy documentation. You can make adjustments to the default setup easily and quickly, so the outcome sports your project’s branding directions precisely. Of course, you can employ ArchitectUI Dashboard Vue PRO both for personal and commercial use.

More info / Download


materialpro vuetify template
MaterialPro rocks all the must-haves and then some for you to experience a speedy admin realization. It is a multi-purpose template that effortlessly caters to various project intentions that you are after. While the out of the box material works in complete unison, you can also introduce your creative touch and make MaterialPro your own.

With six dashboards, four demos, one hundred pages and three hundred UI components, you know immediately that MaterialPro is a serious deal, and you are more than right. Predefined widgets, charts, tables, light and dark modes, range slider and forms are some of the extras that you need to be aware of. To truly understand the potential of MaterialPro, head over to the live demo page and see the magic happen. You also get access to a friendly team of experts who are always at your disposal for smooth dashboard execution.

More info / Download


veluxi vuetify template
Veluxi is something a little different compared to the majority of Vuetify templates on this list. It is a stunning and striking web design for building impressive landing pages. Due to its versatility, Veluxi works for agencies, medical intentions, education, mobile apps and fashion, to name a few. In short, there are eleven variations for you to take to your total advantage. You can also try Veluxi’s starter project and go from there.

The customization process is a little breeze with Veluxi, offering you to style it according to your liking with ease and comfort. That said, whether you are a beginner or an expert web developer with Veluxi, anyone will witness an exceptional result. In the package of specialties, you get stuff like animations, parallax effect, Material UI, one hundred components and dark mode. But this does not come even close to all the features of Veluxi.

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vuse vuetify template
With the modern Material design, Vuse is the Vuetify template to consider. You can go with either dark or light mode, both strikingly amazing and very appealing to the eye. There are also different dashboard layouts to choose from, offering you a broad horizon of options and possibilities by default. Of course, Vuse is entirely fluid, working on smartphones, tablets and desktops like a dream.

Some other features of Vuse include lazy loading, code splitting, navigation, two workable applications, 27 custom pages and over 35 useful widgets. Once you start investigating Vuse in great detail, there is no turning back. Go with the flow and establish an admin dashboard that does the job abnormally well. The confidence goes through the roof with the included documentation and access to the friendly, yet professional support team.

More info / Download

Vue Material Template

vue material template
Vue Material Template is a a powerful solution for building an admin for your application. Hence the name, it uses Vuetify and Material Design, and comes with frequent updates so you know all will operate smoothly for years to come. The layout is also 100% in-tune with modern devices, ensuring instant adaptation to different screen sizes.

In the bundle, you receive three color skins, dark mode, eCommerce segment, forms, charts, maps and tons of extras. In true Vue Material Template fashion, it is fully optimized for great performance and fast loading speed, too. Enjoy a speedy start to great dashboard creation.

More info / Download


bamburgh vuetify admin template
When you are in the process of establishing an admin panel, get the ball going with Bamburgh. It is a full-blown Vuetify template with UI kit that will get you moving in the right direction immediately. Stay away from the tedious coding and designing, when you can achieve the same amazing results with Bamburgh instead. All the components and other specialties are packed into one easy to employ bundle of goodies for your convenience.

Six applications await every user; chat, contacts, email, events calendar and more. There are also numerous page layouts and heaps of UI elements, like badges, avatars, navigation, cards, modals, tooltips and drop-downs, to name a few. If you ever find yourself in need of help, you can also reach out to Bamburgh’s premium assistance at any time.

More info / Download


coga vuetify template
Cleanness and sophistication are the two main characteristics of Coga. Of course, there are tons of other specialties that will make an immediate difference during your admin establishment. First and foremost, the layout of Coga works seamlessly on different screen sizes and instantaneously acclimatizes to all the well-liked web browsers. It will also display all the content beautifully due to retina-readiness.

Different color variations, dark mode, ten widgets, icon sets and fifty reusable components, all this and more is what Coga equips you with. Once you get the file, you will only truly understand the simplicity once you start working with Coga. Even though you may need to invest a lot less time, the outcome will still be phenomenal. Coga is packed with modern technologies, as well as easily adaptable to fit different projects.

More info / Download


zero vuetify template
Promote your business online like a champ with Zero. This Vuetify template comes with all the necessary page layouts and other practical stuff for a fast and comfortable website execution. Sure, it is advisable to have experience, but even as a beginner, it is a guarantee that the outcome you create with the tool will be spectacular. After all, you are welcome to employ Zero out of the box, but if you decide to brand and personalize it, you can do that, too.

Some of the specialties of Zero include over forty components, ten sample pages, six months worth of free updates and pixel-perfect design. Your final creation will also operate with the highest performance on all popular devices and platforms. Needless to say, Zero is optimized for fast loading speed and search engines, too. Enjoy the amazingness that Zero brings to the table and stand out from the masses now.

More info / Download

Vuetify Material Dashboard PRO

vuetify material dashboard pro
Vuetify Material Dashboard PRO is a striking collection of predefined material that will help you ease the process of developing your admin panel. Let the tool take care of the heavy work for you while you focus on altering it according to your web application. Basic knowledge is necessary, however, it’s Vuetify Material Dashboard PRO that takes care of all the rest. You can mix and match the available at free will, as everything works together in perfect harmony, even if using it out of the box.

Just individual and custom-made elements alone, you get two hundred. In addition to that, Vuetify Material Dashboard PRO also sports four plugins, eight sample pages, SASS, Photoshop and Sketch files. Premium support and extensive documentation are also at your disposal, helping you simplify things further.

More info / Download

Vuetify Material Dashboard (Free)

vuetify material dashboard free
If you do not feel like using the premium tool above just yet, you can go with the free alternative, Vuetify Material Dashboard, first and upgrade later. You do not always need to pay to get your hands on a Vuetify template. But that does not mean your work will be half-baked. Vuetify Material Dashboard is perfect for creating quick prototypes or even a complete admin if the included material is enough for you.

Speaking of material, Vuetify Material Dashboard delivers sixteen elements, two plugins, seven ready-to-use pages and SASS files. You can now approach the establishment of a dashboard panel with confidence, as you have nothing to lose, yet all to gain. Documentation is also part of the bundle, however, premium support is not. Take a peek at the live preview and go with Vuetify Material Dashboard now for a quick project realization.

More info / Download


alpha vuetify template
Alpha is another template for Vuetify developers that focuses on the front-end rather than the admin section. With four samples, you can go about building a construction, SaaS, portfolio or eCommerce website in an instant. To get a better understanding of what is possible, you can check all four admins first and move from there. All the layouts are somewhat basic, yet very powerful and appealing to the eye.

There are all sorts of amazing features and functions that Alpha treats you to. Sticky header, filterable portfolio, pricing plans, social media buttons, back to top button and Google Maps integration are a few of the highlights that will do the trick. Alpha indeed practices all the latest trends and regulations of the modern web, making sure the outcome operates without a hitch at all times.

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