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11 Modern Shopify Restaurant Themes 2021


Instead of exclusively relying on your physical location, with these Shopify restaurant themes, you can create a solid online presence that will raise your potential through the roof.

There are different business models that restaurants and other food businesses utilize to expand, all thanks to the power of the internet. If you are offering food delivery, you do not even need to pick up the phone anymore. With a practical and easy to use website, anyone can order straight from your page. You also do not need to use an app, as these Shopify themes are fully flexible and mobile-optimized. Meaning, even if your customers come from smartphones or tablets, the performance of your page will still be terrific.

What’s also worth noting is the fact of how quick and effortless it is to set up a restaurant website. Even if you are busy operating your business, you still have enough time to create a professional and sophisticated web space. The theme that resonates with you best will never ask you for coding or design knowledge, yet still, the outcome will be jaw-dropping. If you would like to add more functions that might not come out of the box, you can always introduce your creative touch, add different apps and whatnot.

Spread the word out, share mouthwatering images of your delicious dishes and grow you restaurant to new heights with a Shopify theme.


lezada shopify restaurant theme

Lezada is an outstandingly flexible Shopify theme that comes with a whopping 225 home page designs and counting. In short, this alternative covers pretty much any industry you can think of. On top of that, if you introduce your creative touch to it, you unlock unlimited options. That said, Lezada is a Shopify restaurant theme, too. If you are looking to expand your reach to the online space, you better not miss Lezada.

With every possible page layout and an array of features, you really need to do little work to have a solid outcome sorted out. Moreover, Lezada also comes with an optimized layout for all modern devices and web browsers, as well as fast loading. Meaning, the performance will be top-notch at all times. Slider, mega menu, Instagram shop and preloader are just a few extras that come in the Lezada kit.

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makali shopify restaurant theme

Makali is a Shopify theme for everyone. With sixty beautiful and versatile home pages, over forty drag and drop sections, as well as fourteen headers, you have loads of options out of the box. Of course, Makali also fully supports RTL languages. In addition to that, you can freely personalize and brand the default settings. In other words, make Makali follow your branding direction to a T.

Moreover, the layout is also 100% fluid and flexible, working on all modern devices and web browsers. If you would like to bring your food and restaurant business in front of a wider audience, create an online presence with Makali now. No need to have any skills and experience, as Makali is for everyone, newbies and pros. Along with the full-blown presentation of your business, you can also start a compelling blog and take things to an entirely different degree.

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holofood shopify restaurant theme

Fast food businesses and restaurants, expand your business strategically with HoloFood. This Shopify restaurant theme will help you establish a business-driven website that will raise your potential. HoloFood works fantastically well with all types of cousins, as well as bakeries and cake shops. You truly have loads of options when it comes to the all-around HoloFood. To top it all up, the theme accepts modification tweaks, too.

Some of the features include newsletter pop-up, back to top button, wishlist, quick view and horizontal and vertical mega menu. If you are ready to make a difference, make it with HoloFood in just a few clicks. HoloFood is also optimized for search engines, fast loading, mobile devices and web browsers. You do not really need much to start spreading the word out. Let HoloFood do the trick and help you get more eyeballs on your food business.

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La Cafe

la cafe shopify restaurant theme

La Cafe might not be an exclusive Shopify restaurant theme, still it is an excellent inclusion to the list. Hence the name, it is a tool for building a website for a coffee shop, yet it fits for an array of other business intentions, too. Let’s face it, there is no need to limit yourself in any way when employing La Cafe. The tool is highly versatile, ensuring to meet even the most meticulous taste.

As for the features, well, there are quite a few that La Cafe delivers. From slider and newsletter pop-up to five mega menu styles, deal counter and animated masks, La Cafe helps you rock the online world like a pro. Speaking of a pro, the theme will never ask you for coding and design knowledge. Very user- and beginner-friendly if you will.

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tartine shopify restaurant theme

If you would like your food business to appear even more appetizing than it already is, you better go with Tartine. This awe-inspiring Shopify theme comes perfect for cake shops, bakeries and restaurants. With five home page designs alone, you can approach the creation of a stunning and striking outcome with comfort. Bear in mind, with upcoming updates, you can expect even more layouts to drop. What’s more, you can also make customization tweaks, tailoring Tartine to your wants precisely.

As you would expect, Tartine promises all the features and functions for your convenience. Site identity, search engine optimization, automatic price change, multi-currency support, one click import and Facebook chat are just some of the goodies that Tartine has you sorted out with. To let Tartine blow you away completely, you better see its live demo preview first and go from there.

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emerge shopify restaurant theme

Anyone in the food business can now greatly profit from Emerge. This Shopify restaurant theme is a pack of sweet treats that call for an impactful outcome. With a clean and catchy design, Emerge captures everyone’s attention right away. It has this awesome framed look that will distinguish you from the masses without a shadow of a doubt. Emerge will raise your potential and get more customers to take action. Even if you are exclusively focusing on online food ordering, Emerge will do the trick effectively.

In the collection of many features, you pretty much get all and everything you need. With home and product page videos, you can create a presentation that will grab everyone’s attention. Moreover, Emerge also supports quick buy, multi-level menu, mailing list pop-up and live search function. Emerge requires little work to turn it into an active restaurant website.

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vantage shopify restaurant theme

Fast foods, pizzerias, restaurants, heck, even catering businesses, get your name known with a solid online presence. Thanks to any of the Shopify restaurant themes that you find on this list, it is a promise that the end product will be impactful and superb. Vantage is another impressive alternative that gets you going in no time at all. Beginner and pros will create a magnificent page that will turn heads in a matter of minutes.

Vantage comes with sticky navigation, drop-down menu, Google Maps, social media icons and newsletter subscription form, to name a few. The layout of the theme is also fluid and flexible, acclimatizing to all popular devices butter smoothly. It is optimized for fast loading speed and search engines, too. You will see great success in establishing a first-class website with Vantage.

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launch shopify restaurant theme

Food businesses that are looking to take things to a different level with a website, consider Launch. This jaw-dropping, modern, clean and responsive Shopify theme is a grand alternative that creates a memorable experience. With this, you will win over new customers and present your business on the internet in the best possible light. Shopify and Launch are all you truly need to operate a professional online presence successfully. You will make it happen even if you are building your very first website. No need to hire a coder nor a designer, and you also do not need to have any experience, as Launch is suitable for users of all skill levels.

A few of the different features include full-screen slider, call-to-actions, video support, testimonials and a full-blown blogging section. Tell your story, go on a more personal level with potential customers and enjoy the great results.

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mobilia shopify restaurant theme

Mobilia has little to no limits when it comes to building yourself a website that will push the boundaries. It is simple to use Shopify theme that fits food businesses like a charm. With the four available sample styles, you can now start on the right foot in the click of a button. Like with other solutions that we have here, no knowledge and no experience are necessary for making things happen with Mobilia.

Needless to say, this site canvas is entirely in tune with all popular devices and web browsers. The performance will always be of the highest quality with Mobilia. It is optimized for loading speed and SEO, too. Awesome design, practical features, support and documentation, Mobilia rocks it all and plenty more. Enrich it with your creative touch and stand out a mile.

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alchemy shopify restaurant theme

Alchemy comes ideal for restaurants and food businesses, as it beautifully displays content with its large images. The Shopify theme that requires no customization tweaks due to the fact of how gorgeous the out of the box look is. Of course, me saying this does not mean you need to use Alchemy as is. Feel free to go the extra mile and refine the default settings, so the outcome matches your style to a T.

Sticky navigation, home page video, customizable home page sections and rows, slideshow and product page gallery ensure your website will pop. Tell your story, start a blog and let everyone get in touch with you via the integrated contact form. You will not find anything missing in the Alchemy package, so go full-tilt and make an impact.

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focal shopify restaurant theme

With any of the Shopify restaurant themes on this list, you are in good hands, including Focal. The terrific design, the practical features and the newbie-friendliness guarantee you to start on the right path quickly and effortlessly. All your imagery and other content will come into view effectively with Focal. In the kit, there are four different home page styles, of which one fits the food industry ideally. Of course, all are editable and adjustable for you to take them to your total advantage and go entirely against the grain.

Multi-column drop-down menu, video support, infinite scrolling, full-width slider, newsletter pop-up and currency switches are a few different features that come with Focal. Along with the index pages, you also get different inner layouts, including login and registration pages. Start a community and scale your restaurant business to new heights.

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