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11 Skin Care WordPress Themes to Level Up Your Beauty Business


There are almost as many skincare products as premium WordPress themes. To stand out, you need to show why your clients should care. Of course, that’s not easy. And pointing out the uniqueness of your products or services can make all the difference. For instance, skincare WordPress themes below come with a beautiful, crisp design. But there’s no silver bullet. There’s at least one solution that works exactly for your brand. Your company began with a unique story, so find the theme that can spread the word about it.

Having a website is similar to get you started on the road to success. And the most important here is started on the road, not a success. A WP template offers you everything to build a modern and powerful website. Yet, things like responsiveness, third party plugins, and extensions can break it. So, don’t take these risks and invest only in premium solutions. Features like an online booking system, WooCommerce support, or page builder would be a huge help. Proper SEO on your website is also a nice extra. As long as you can hone your messaging and branding, you can attract a very specific target customer. Now go and find your unique solution to win your customers’ hearts and attention.

Jacqueline | Spa & Massage Salon Beauty WordPress Theme

Another effective way to promote your cosmetics brand is to put it on the web. And Jacqueline is one of the most best-selling skincare WordPress themes that can help. It can help your brand to break through the clutter of other like-products. All in all, over 3K of happy customers can’t go wrong. Beautiful & clean, it fits the health and beauty websites of all kinds. As such, you can use it for a massage & spa salon, skin expert, makeup store, or a beauty company. To differentiate your beauty brand, Jacqueline comes with a set of pre-made page styles, gift certificates, and advanced galleries. Also, it includes WooCommerce functionality, so start making profits within minutes. No time for tricky issues worries. Jacqueline is a worry-free solution that doesn’t require any coding skills. To help you take online bookings, take advantage of the Booked plugin.

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CleanSkin | Handmade Organic Soap & Natural Cosmetics Shop WordPress Theme

Handmade Organic Soap & Natural Cosmetics Shop WordPress Theme

Your website design must be attractive, useful, and unique in concept. If not, it’s time for a redesign. Give CleanSkin a check. Modern & responsive, it can set your beauty brand apart from the rest. It sits high on the list of skin care WordPress themes for its functional design. Initially, CleanSkin works for handcrafted products shops. Yet, thanks to its versatility, you can put it to use for jewelry, clothing, or accessories stores. Thus, no matter what you’re planning to sell, do it right with WooCommerce. Also, forget not to tell a story of your brand as it can convince people to try something new. The theme features several pre-designed pages, an online booking system, and calendar functionality. Sure, you can add as many new page layouts as you might need an have no headache with coding issues. Finally, surround your products with a testimonial that captivates the mind.

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sway beauty wordpress theme
Anyone in the skincare and beauty business is welcome to take Sway to their total advantage. It is an impressive WordPress theme of many options and possibilities to start on the internet as quickly as possible. You get a flexible demo to work with, which you can brand and tailor to your regulations precisely.

Sway uses the latest technologies and follows the modern trends of the web. With this in mind, you are safe in creating a high performing and enviable skincare website. With Sway, you can also sell your products online without a sweat.

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Organic Beauty Store & Natural Cosmetics WordPress Theme

Natural Cosmetics WordPress Theme

As a beauty business owner, you have to be selling something that people want to buy. Even better, you need to present your business online to winning in this industry. Organic Beauty Store & Natural Cosmetics could be the theme of your choice. Stylish & fresh, it looks awesome on all modern mobile devices & screen sizes. So, you can start a beauty blog, launch an organic beauty store, or build a fashion lady salon website. What’s your niche? The beauty of this premium specimen of skin care WordPress themes is compatibility with popular plugins. As such, it supports the WPBakery page builder that lets you do fantastic things to your page layouts. Also, you can create awesome homepage sliders to capture your consumer’s attention so they’ll want to learn more about the brand. When it comes to selling online, there’s no better option than WooCommerce.

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Accalia | Dermatology Clinic & Cosmetology Center Medical WordPress Theme

Dermatology Clinic & Cosmetology Center theme

If you want to level up your beauty business, give Accalia a shot. Responsive and fresh, it needs to be high on your list. Jam-packed with everything you might need to build a strong beauty online presence, Accalia is the thing. It fits any medical web project that wants to showcase its benefits and maximize its profits. In fact, you can even build a blog related to public health and there’s the pre-designed homepage for that. Also, Accalia fits a beauty store or a health care shop for its WooCommerce functionality. To help you manage your bookings, Accalia supports the online booking system. Want to make any changes to your page layouts? No worries. WPBakery page builder will come to the rescue. Finally, post pictures of your work in your gallery and do live chats with your customers on social media.

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D&C | Dermatology Clinic & Cosmetology Center WordPress Theme

Dermatology Clinic & Cosmetology Center theme

Happy customers are your best advertisement. Can you boast any? It’s high time to place a testimonial on your homepage slider. D&C is one of the best skin care WordPress themes compatible with the Revolution Slider plugin. That means that you can advertise the benefits of your brand right on your homepage sliders. Also, it comes with the WPBakery page builder to help you make any changes to your page layouts on a go. Sure, it’s jam-packed with the WooCommerce integration, which is also a huge help for an online store. Chances are you will want to make your beauty store accessible for as many visitors as possible. Thanks to a truly responsive layout your website will respond to any modern screen size. Also, D&C is an SEO optimized solution that gives your website a bigger chance to keep the top of its rankings.

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Isida | Plastic Surgery Clinic | Medical WordPress Theme

Your website or online store reflects who you are as a brand, so make sure it stands out from the crowd. Have you seen Isida? Modern and responsive, Isida is a true bounty for plastic surgery websites. Despite the tough competition, your medical brand can break through the clutter of the like-businesses. And this is no booty joke! Jam-packed with the Before & After plugin, your website can prove the effectiveness of your cosmetics. Without a doubt, it’s a powerful way to attract new prospects. Well, Isida works also for wellness, hospitals, health clinics, and medical blogs. The online booking system is the other benefit that makes Isida the one-stop solution for you. Sure, it lets you make profits online without having to hack into any code. Need more facts? Click the Detail button and enjoy it.

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Holistic Center | Wellness and Spa Salon WordPress Theme

Focus on the human side of your business. This is especially true if you provide health & beauty services. Holistic Center could be a great choice for spa salons, massage services firms, or wellness centers. Beautiful and fresh, it can help make your beauty website competitive. All in all, it ranks high among the other skin care WordPress themes for reasons. Ans beautiful and crisp design is one of those. Indeed, it’s bundled with the WooCommerce plugin to help you sell beauty products & services online. Also, it’s compatible with the Events Calendar plugin. In fact, it features also yoga classes and yoga lessons, in case your visitors want to take the Yoga plunge. Well, the number of customization options is more likely to surprise you. Impressive multi-column drop-down mega menu would be a nice extra, too. So, ready to be the next one in your niche?

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Renewal | Plastic Surgery Clinic Medical WordPress Theme

Consumers are smart. If they like your product, they will buy it again and again. Your task is to build repeat business and Renewal can combat that issue. Stylish and dynamic, Renewal could be a lucrative option for you. It’s a perfect solution for a plastic surgery clinic, cosmetic & health clinic, or an aesthetic medicine website. So, carve out your niche and go ahead. It also includes the Before & After plugin, that can help display your benefits in a more appealing way. Need to manage your bookings online? No problem. Renewal is compatible with the Booked Appointments plugin. What’s more, Renewal is a GDPR compliant specimen of skin care WordPress themes. As a result, your website is coded in line with the best web design standards and practices no matter what. Now go and get the word out on what you do and your services.

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Jude | Nail Bar & Beauty Salon WordPress Theme

Nail Bar & Beauty Salon WordPress Theme

You’ll have to work hard to tell your unique story to capture the attention of the right audience. Or you can engage them right from a home screen, displaying and explaining the benefits. Pointing out the uniqueness of your brand is much easier with Jude. Fresh and clean, it works for a stylish nail bar, beauty salon, or skincare center. Also, you can build a website for a makeup bar, brow bar, hair or massage center, or barber salon. The coolest thing about Jude is that its features don’t stop there. No matter your niche, your possibilities are almost limitless. Change almost any tiny thing in your page layouts or color palette. Poke around your header & footer areas and don’t call in for pros. Add new page layouts with the WPBakery page builder and make them worth the visit. Create attractive homepage sliders and win the attention.

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Edema | Wellness & Spa WordPress Theme

It’s all word of mouth and reorders. Standing on a corner giving out free samples is not an option today, no way. Today your brand needs to shine online to get to the top of the popularity list. Edema is the other popular specimen of skin care WordPress themes to consider. Fresh and clean, it works for health and beauty websites of all kinds. In fact, it’s a multi-purpose WP template that is easy to customize without anyone’s help. And you don’t need a background coding. WooCommerce integration is one of the benefits of Edema. Thus, add a shopping cart to your header and start making profits. Forget not to keep your blog fresh and relevant. No doubt, it’s a surefire way to solve customer’s problems. At last, Booked Appointments plugin comes included in the package, too.

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Wrapping Things Up About Skin Care WordPress Themes

Maximize your customer engagement campaign through a modern and efficient website. Feel overwhelmed? No worries. First, scroll carefully the list of skin care WordPress themes above. Then, match the boxes and find the one that will boost your beauty campaign to the next level. That’s all.


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