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12 Best Shopify Real Estate Themes 2021


If you are looking for full-blown Shopify real estate themes, we only truly have one that suits the purpose. After all, Shopify isn’t really a platform that fits the real estate industry out of the box. Still, thanks to the flexibility of its themes, they are capable of many things.

Along with the one tool that you can utilize out of the box for selling houses, apartment renting, heck even, hotels, all the other solutions are multi-purpose. Meaning, they are highly adaptive and customizable for you to alter them to the real estate business of your’s or your client’s.

While for all the other online stores and eCommerce websites, making one with Shopify is a little breeze. However, when it comes to real estate, you will need to turn on your creativity and innovation.

Luckily, Shopify comes with heaps of features, apps and extensions that will do you well. Moreover, while it is not required to have experience working with Shopify, in this case, skills will come exceptionally handy.

Whereas, if you use WordPress, there are loads of real estate themes that get you started in little to no time. Still, the Shopify themes below will help you save plenty of time and effort that would otherwise be necessary if starting from the ground up.


avone shopify real estate theme
Avone is a powerful and practical solution that works with the creation of nearly any eCommerce page you can think of. In the bundle, you get eighteen homes, ten headers, ten shop and eight product pages. In short, Avone rocks every section of a modern website for you to mix and match. While Avone works fantastically well out of the box, you can also step things up and customize it. The process is a little breeze as it does not require you to write code.

Like other powerful Shopify themes on this list, Avone follows all the latest trends and regulations, too. It is 100% in tune with mobile devices, web browsers and retina screens. Avone also comes optimized for fast loading speed and SEO. Enter the industry with a banging site that will take little to no time to realize.

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yanka shopify real estate theme
What’s terrific about all the themes that you find on this list is the fact of how flexible they are. While they already come with a bunch of samples out of the box, they indeed allow you to tweak them, too. Yanka is no different. It is a solid alternative that allows for the creation of an online store selling furniture and whatnot. While it might not be exclusively real estate-related, you will still find great use of Yanka.

Multiple layouts and heaps of features and apps await every Yanka user. The reality is, you only really need one tool to operate your online business successfully. With Yanka, you will find nothing missing, as it unlocks an array of options and possibilities for you to get the most out of it with ease.

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barberry shopify real estate theme
If you are particularly searching for clean and minimal web design, you will find it in Barberry. This modern, professional and sophisticated Shopify theme calls for a superb performance across all devices and platforms. Needless to say, if you are in the real estate industry, equipping homes and apartments, put your products on display stunningly with Barberry. With such an impactful design, you immediately raise your potential to level eleven.

Some of the goodies that come with Barberry contain lazy loading, fantastic product showcase, custom header and footer reveal effect. Of course, this is still just a small segment of all the stuff that Barberry treats you to. You can always first take a peek at the live preview of Barberry and see what’s possible – in short, a lot. Never approach building a website with any limitations, as these site canvases are 100% flexible and extensible.

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zeexo shopify real estate theme
There is something for everyone in the Zeexo kit. Let’s face it, with a collection of 108 samples, you know Zeexo caters to loads of different industries, including real estate. If anything furniture-related is what you plan to push on the internet, you can do it victoriously with Zeexo. There is no need for you to start from the ground up. The resourceful Zeexo rocks all the necessary and then some out of the box. By the way, speaking of all those samples, you will get a fresh one every week.

With all the installation content, documentation and video tutorials, setting things up for your business will be hassle-free. You can as well perform any customization tweak you want and fine-tune Zeexo further. Get the ball rolling and take things to an entirely different degree with the handy Zeexo now.

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kalles shopify real estate theme
The cleanness and simplicity of Kalles go over and beyond. If that is something you strive to achieve with your website, you better not miss checking out Kalles. Even if you plan to sell furniture and similar, you can create an eCommerce website that will move mountains with Kalles. There is a collection of twenty home page designs that you can take to your total advantage. Along with that, Kalles also sports all other inner pages, as well as loads of amenities for quick page creation.

Needless to say, Kalles is fully optimized for mobile use with its fluid layout. Everyone will have a pleasant experience while shopping for your products, whether using a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. The creative approach that Kalles rocks will leave a lasting impression on all your visitors.

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molla shopify real estate theme
With the multi-purpose approach of Molla, you know immediately that anything is possible. Even if the design does not fit your branding directions out of the box, by all means, modify it. Still, thanks to the simplicity, Molla serves different tastes as is with ease. From all the varying page layouts to tons of features, you only get to mix and match the available and call it a day. No need to have experience and skills, as Molla is both for newbies and professionals alike.

Some of the features include stock countdown, social sharing, product quick view, mega menu, currency switcher and catchy animations. For any questions and support, you can always reach out to Molla’s professional team. Take action now and start on the world wide web with a website that will move mountains even in the real estate industry.

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reach shopify real estate theme
If you would like to grow to new heights, you better have a solid online presence fully sorted out. Thanks to any of the Shopify real estate themes that we have here, you can now start online as easy as pie. Let’s face it, even as someone who has never in his or her life built a website, you can now win the game with the theme that best resonates with you. And Reach is a great alternative with a clean and superb design. It is also fully optimized for mobile use, so everyone will enjoy skimming through your products and making online orders from the comfort of their smartphone or tablet.

Reach is also excellent if you would like to tell your story and sell goods through compelling storytelling. After all, instead of only focusing on the product, go the extra mile with a brand and product story. Let Reach take care of it and showcase it stunningly and strikingly.

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split shopify real estate theme
If you would like to bring your product front and center, consider Split. It is an easy to use Shopify theme that works great for numerous different industries, including real estate and anything home-related. Offer all your visitors to experience your brand and your products in the best possible way with large imagery and a great story. After all, that is what Split is exceptionally good at. On top of that, once you combine it with your creative touch, you unlock yourself unlimited possibilities.

Just like other Shopify real estate themes on this list, Split also rocks all the current practices of the modern web. It is responsive, cross-browser compatible, SEO-ready and in tune with retina screens. Promotional banner, two different menu styles, vertical slideshow and testimonials are just a few of the extras that you get with Split.

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startup shopify real estate theme
Startup is an excellent solution if you are looking to create a website for single product promotion. This could literally be anything you can think of. And if you are focusing on home products, like beds and furniture, Startup will do the magic with ease. One thing is certain, you will not even want to change the default look. Yes, Startup is that appealing to the eye, flexible and adjustable. If you are ready to make a strong impression on potential customers, get things going with Startup now.

In the package, you will discover four different styles, all creative and very attention-grabbing. Introduce your brand story, your product, amazing imagery and all the other information that will boost your potential through the roof. Win over more buyers and attain new goals with a strategic online presence – all due Startup.

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showtime shopify real estate theme
ShowTime is a Shopify theme that helps you create your own online showroom if you will. Any item that you would like to put on display, you can make it happen with ShowTime. While there are three samples at your disposal, the FurnishTime will do the thing in this particular case. Hence the name, it is a web design for pushing and marketing furniture in a way that triggers everyone’s interest.

ShowTime comes with customizable content sections on the front page, so you can fine-tune the look to meet your liking. Other features contain multi-level menu, home and product video support, product quick view and social media icons. Nothing holds you back from kicking off a top-notch website that will expand your business, whether working locally or globally. Also, ShowTime comes with regular updates, so your page will operate seamlessly for years to come.

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atlantic shopify real estate theme
The modern and luxury look of Atlantic guarantees an outcome that will turn heads. In other words, everyone that lands on your freshly created website will get encouraged to browsers further and see what you have to offer right away. And you can freely utilize Atlantic exactly as it comes out of the box, enrich it with your custom content and start making moves online immediately. Still, with editable custom sections, do yourself a favor and rearrange Atlantic so that it matches your branding regulations.

This Shopify theme is excellent for brands and companies with a large catalog of products. The amazing navigability and filtering offer every user to find what he or she is looking for in a matter of clicks. Atlantic also has a modular-style home page, quick buy function and a catchy slideshow.

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expression shopify real estate theme
No matter how meticulous your taste is, Expression is the Shopify theme that caters to it without a hitch. In short, make an impression that will raise your potential with Expression. A theme that everyone will find easy to use, whether you are just starting out or an experienced web developer. Even if you would like to introduce different apps to make your website more powerful, you will do it without breaking a single drop of sweat. Support and documentation, as well as regular updates, are also part of the Expression for your convenience.

Different homes, predefined color schemes, slider, home page video, grid layout and sticky elements are various goods that you will discover in the Expression kit. Google Maps, contact form, social icons and blog are all the extra features that will make a difference.

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