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13 Best Pantone Classic Blue WordPress Themes for Your Trending Website Design 2021


If you’re a part of the web design industry, chances are you’ve heard about Pantone standards. In fact, millions of designers and producers around the world rely on Pantone standards for a reason. They want to achieve consistency for their products. Regardless of your niche, the list of the best Pantone Classic Blue WordPress themes would be a nice extra for you. So, as you can tell, this time, non-aggressive and easily relatable, Pantone Classic Blue marks the color of the year 2021. Without a doubt, the list of color schemes that tend to trend more than others is huge. Yet, Pantone Classic Blue is never wrong to go with.

Used in fashion, interior design, textiles and graphic design, Pantone Classic Blue betrays no styles. No matter what WP template you’ll end up with, it fits both for small details and the entire design. Being one of the most democratic of colors, Classic Blue is presented in a huge number of premium WordPress themes. It satisfies the desire for reliability and stability for both producers and consumers. It is a color that makes an impact and lets you rely on it. Of course, if you are still in doubt, it’s not necessary to use Classic Blue for the entire online image. Fret not to highlight small design elements and see how it will work for you. Don’t afraid to experiment? Then this list of Pantone Classic Blue WordPress themes would be a true bounty for you.

The List of Pantone Classic Blue WordPress Themes to Revamp Your Online Image


When on the hunt for the best option, don’t underestimate the color scheme. In today’s competitive market, standing out from the pack is crucial. Especially in such creative industries like aerial photography and videography. Designed in a fresh & stylish manner, Drone Media makes the list of the best Pantone Classic Blue WordPress themes today. Why? Let’s make it clear. First, it’s clean and responsive. As a result, it can draw attention to your brand immediately. Second, Drone Media is flexible enough to work also for other web projects. In addition, it lets you sell your products or services online within minutes. As a creative person, you’d surely like to make changes to your page layouts. That’s where Drone Media doesn’t limit you. A multitude of easy-to-customize options come included in the package. Do a bit of exploring. It’s worth doing.

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HR Advisor | Human Resources & Business Consulting WordPress Theme


Just look at how great HR Advisor looks across modern mobile devices. Designed for human resources websites, HR Advisor lets you keep your website functional and clean of clutter. As a serious HR or recruiting manager, you’re interested in a website that drives traffic. So, here it is. Responsive and optimized for SEO, HR Advisor can keep your website shoot up to the top. Also, you get a set of custom shortcodes & widgets ready to save your time & efforts from day one. No need to reinvent the wheel when designing page layouts. WPBakery page builder has done things easier for you. To add even more interest to your pages, take advantage of the HR Advisor Addons plugin. Besides, the theme comes with the CV Card functionality and image optimization options. Finally, it’s one of the best Pantone Classic Blue WordPress themes you can’t miss out on.

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Plumbing | Repair, Building & Construction WordPress Theme


Blue is by far the most popular of all colors when it comes to branding. This is especially true for plumbing services businesses. If you’re a part of that niche, Plumbing is the solution. With a whopping 1.1K of downloads, Plumbing is a true bounty for those in the repair, plumbing or maintenance niche. Being one of the best Pantone Classic Blue WordPress themes on the list, Plumbing can make an impact. It comes with Elementor page builder on board, so you get an easy content editing ability right off the bat. Also, it features an online booking system to help you manage your bookings online. On top of that, it supports the Essential Grid image galleries to help you catch every user’s eye. What’s even more important, Plumbing is a GDPR compliant solution. It means that your website will serve its goal anywhere, no matter what.

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plumbing parts

According to color psychology, a classic shade of blue represents elegance and trustworthiness. No wonder, Plumbing Store makes this list of the best Pantone Classic Blue WordPress themes today. Designed in blue, it will create a hot and modern web design look. It’s a great option for anyone planning to corner the market on selling plumbing and building parts, tools, and accessories. Of course, it’s compatible with WooCommerce, so launch your e-store within minutes and have no extra headache with coding. The same goes for creating new page layouts. No matter how many you need to create, do it on a go without boring too much with tricky things. You can start by choosing between pre-designed homepage layouts and find the one that lights your fire. Then, spoil your users by convenience and let them use currency switchers. Do you know some secret tips? Share your knowledge through your blog.

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Vixus | Startup & Mobile App WordPress Landing Page Theme

Designed in a solid and elegant manner, Vixus suits best for startup and mobile app websites. It’s a perfect match for professionals who plan to kick things up a notch. It will work great for web design, advertising, architecture or marketing niche. No matter what product or service you plan to promote, do it right on your website. Vixus is made with Elementor page builder, so enjoy the easy content editing ability. Also, it’s the other specimen of the best Pantone Classic Blue WordPress themes optimized for SEO. As a result, you get a solution that lets your website shoot up to the top of the search engine results. Boost your profits using WooCommerce functionality. Another thing to keep in mind is that Vixus is compatible with the Slider Revolution, ThemeREX Addons, and Essential Grid plugins. Finally, Vixus is GDPR compliant, which lets your website serve you.

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Aldo | Black and White Gutenberg Blog WordPress Theme

If you want to get really creative, Aldo would be the one-stop solution for you. Minimalist and fresh, it stands out from the other Panton Classic Blue WordPress themes for a reason. Bundled with Gutenberg, it fits all kinds of blogs, personal portfolios or business websites. So, carve out your niche and let Aldo do the hardest work for you. Think on your feet and let Aldo give your website the marketing push it needs. Face it, designed in the black and blue color palette, Aldo can make an impact. If you want to add even more, the door is wide open. There are a lot of Gutenberg blocks & extra theme shortcodes ready to save you a bundle. Also, it supports the Instagram Feed plugin, which makes it easier for your users to browse your website. Want to get your website highly ranked? Nothing could be simpler with Aldo.

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Rhodos | A Colossal Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Business & Portfolio


It is hard to look away when faced with a minimalist yet striking design such as this. Designed in a clean & elegant way, Rhodos follows a prevailing web design trend. No wonder, it is one of the best specimens of Pantone Classic Blue WordPress themes. Yet, modern design is not the only benefit. Let’s start with its multi-purpose functionality. As such, Rhodos fits all kinds of business and corporate websites. All in all, you get a set of 10 unique niche skins to find the one that fits your needs best. What’s more? Rhodos is optimized for speed, so your users will enjoy fast-loading pages on all modern mobile devices. To help you save time, lots of pre-made modules & shortcodes would be a nice extra. On top of that, Rhodos is a WooCommerce option, so sell things online without boring too much with things like coding. And that’s only the beginning.

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Amuli | Single & Multiple Property Real Estate WordPress Theme


In a world of growing uncertainty, consumers may gravitate to stable, solid businesses. Real estate is just one of the best examples of that. Amuli could be right at home for those who’d like to grow their brand & promote the reputation of excellence. Modern & fresh, Amuli fits well real estate companies, construction firms or office centers right off the bat. Just because it’s jam-packed with Elementor, making any changes to its page layouts is as simple as that. So, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, instead enjoy easy content editing from day one. Also, it is compatible with the Booked Appointments plugin to help you manage your bookings online like a pro. You can always take advantage of a set of pre-designed pages to save time & effort. Finally, Amuli is GDPR compliant, so your website is up to date no matter what.

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Partiso | Political WordPress Theme for Party & Candidate

Choosing the right website color schemes might not seem like much. Yet, the reality is it can get you a long way. Want to make your user feel more welcome and comfortable on your website? Nothing could be simpler with Partiso. Crafted with care, Partiso is a true bounty for election campaigns, political reviews, or non-profit websites. In fact, there’s nothing to stop you from building a website for other purposes. Say, Partiso can serve also for a fundraising, social blog, or online magazine. That’s where the power of Elementor will come to the rescue. Without a doubt, you’ll enjoy the site-building work even with a skill gap. So, what else? Well, it’s worth mentioning that Partiso comes with a pack of goodies. For instance, events management and calendar functionality, powerful donation integration and a multitude of portfolio & blog layouts. Keep your votes tuned to your business.

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Briny | Scuba Diving School & Water Sports WordPress Theme

Designed in a calming and dependable color, Briny is worth the effort. It makes the list of the best Pantone Classic Blue WordPress themes today. Thus, it suits all kinds of websites related to outdoor activities like hiking, scuba diving, surfing or snorkeling. Need to create a website for a sea adventure agency? What about a scuba diving school or online store for snorkeling equipment? No problem. Briny is the solution. All in all, the WooCommerce plugin comes included in the package. Want to poke around color palette or design elements? Do it without the extra headache of coding. Just take advantage of Elementor and see that it’s not all that rocket science. To highlight your best-selling items or services, make the best use of homepage sliders. You can also choose between black and white skins. Finally, don’t forget to make your advantages stand out through your blog.

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Piqes | Creative Startup & Agency WordPress Theme


If you’re looking for a more muted and corporate look, Piqes would be right at home. Modern & sleek, it fits both corporate and personal websites that a business can use for marketing purposes. Even having one of the best products or services, you still need a tool to promote it. Your task is to draw in customers and give them a reason to do business with you longer. Piqes fits a web design studio, marketing & advertising bureau, photographer or startup company. As you see, Piqes can serve multiple web purposes right off the bat. You just need to make any changes you want to set your website for success. Built with Elementor, Piqes offers you to save a ton of time while creating new page layouts. Jam-packed with tons of custom shortcodes & widgets, Piqes make the site-building work a kid’s play. It’s time to tell your story and tap into consumers’ emotions.

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Yolox | Modern WordPress Blog Theme for Business & Startup


The shades of blue and violet make Yolox especially pleasing to the eye. No wonder it sits high on today’s list of Pantone Classic Blue WordPress themes. Clean, fresh and modern, it’s a true bounty for business blogs and online magazines. Also, it’s a perfect choice for affiliate, corporate, freelance or finance web projects. So, set your goals and let Yolox do the tricky site-building work for you. That’s the beauty of this WordPress 5.0 compliant theme. It saves your time and lets you enter the arena of successful brands quicker. So, what’s inside? First, the Elementor page builder lets you do miracles with your page layouts. Second, powerful functionality enhanced by premium plugins. Also, Yolox is optimized for speed, so let your users enjoy fast-loading pages across all modern mobile devices. Let your website service you and expect a boost in your business.

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RexCoin | A Multi-Purpose Cryptocurrency & Coin ICO WordPress Theme


The cryptocurrency niche is still making waves without a doubt. Those who are just planning to corner that market, have no time to waste. Sleek and ultra-modern, RexCoin boasts an elegant and eye-catching design that makes an impact. And that’s great for cryptocurrency and the financial niche. Jam-packed with special crypto plugins made for ICO, RexCoin lets you build an effective website that serves you. Also, it comes compatible with the Give – Donation plugin, which gives you nothing but donation ability. And that’s great. Once you give your users a reason to donate, they’ll do it without extra questions. Of course, you can always take advantage of pre-made pages to create your website even quicker. Those of you who’d like to get more creative, poke around the ThemeREX Addons plugin. Well, RexCoin knows no boundaries, so it’s time to check it right away.

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Final Thoughts About the List of the Best Pantone Classic Blue WordPress Themes

Are you loving the 2021 Pantone color of the year? Well, regardless of your niche, Pantone Classic Blue is one of those colors that you can never go wrong with. Still in doubt? It’s never a bad idea to check out the list of Pantone Classic Blue WordPress themes gathered above. Designed in a timeless and enduring blue hue, each of the WP templates can revamp your online image. All in all, the color will be relevant throughout the year, so is your website. Finally, don’t be afraid to do a bit of exploring. The best things are packed inside.


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