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138 Free Simple Website Templates Based On HTML & CSS 2020


Whoever is looking for a quick start of his online project, these free simple HTML templates are the perfect tool to start with. No need to look further if the minimalist look is what you are after.

Sometimes, keeping it simple is the way to go. No clutter, no distractions. Just straight forward incredible content which helps you attract new visitors to your site. In case you plan to promote your work and services, this is a perfect method for scaling up your business. An online presence built to perfection.

The fantastic collection of simple HTML templates to speed up your web design procedure and ensures excellent results. With a ready-to-use website template, you can have a fully functional static or dynamic website ready quickly.

And even if you are a newbie, you can still achieve the same levels of professionalism. However, having the pure basics of HTML and CSS comes very helpful.

Modern web design tends to be clean and minimal. While all the fancy stuff might look cool, it does not have the best impact on the overall user experience. Plus, it might be that it causes your website to load slow.

In this day and age, when folks use their mobile phones to browse the web, they leave early if the website does not load correctly. Don’t be a site owner who is losing traffic and potential business due to the slow load times. Enjoy and benefit from our best free simple HTML templates for crafting polished websites.

“Simplicity is the glory of expression.”- Walt Whitman

We have listed some simple premium themes and templates below but you can skip right to free simple HTML templates by clicking here.

Wix Website Builder

The best website builder for simple and beautiful websites! This is easiest and one of the cheapest ways to build a fully functional website without having previous experience with web design or development.


Divi (WordPress)

While Divi is a powerful multi-purpose website canvas, offering you tons of options, you can still keep things simple and to the point. With the very many predefined layouts and components, you can create a stunning, clean and minimal website for any purpose you want.

Whether you are building a blog, a restaurant, a consulting, a medical or an eCommerce website, with Divi, the options are unlimited. Have in mind, Divi comes with over one hundred full website kits out of the box. This surely tells you more than enough about Divi.

But there is more.

Divi also practices all modern web development trends and regulations. In other words, your page will operate all the time flawlessly, regardless of the device and browser they use. That’s that, have complete freedom when it comes to hammering out pages with the top-notch Divi.

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Jevelin (WordPress)

When you would like to keep things simple and appealing to the eye, all you need is Jevelin. This sophisticated and resourceful page skin is packed with amazingness which you can take to your full advantage.

First, select from over thirty predefined demos and go from there. Jevelin covers all sorts of industries and niches for your convenience. In other words, no need to start creating a page from scratch anymore when Jevelin already did the majority of work for you.

Additional amenities include WPBakery drag and drop page builder, WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Slider Revolution and extra forty custom-made shortcodes. You can stick to the default layout look or you can improve it with the simplicity of the codeless process. You can get your project on feet with a wonderful website speedily, thanks to the bundle of material that Jevelin brings to the table.

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Shapely (WordPress)

Let’s kick things off with our powerful and simple template for WordPress, Shapely. This is a tool that can do many things for you. Besides, you can download it right away, like, right now, and start using it immediately. The first results, you will witness, in just a minute or so after putting it to use. Shapely is a template simple to use and even simpler to manage and maintain.

When you are in need to create a minimal and clean web design look, Shapely can surely help you do it. In fact, Shapely’s default demo is already quite plain, yet at the same time super professional. You might want to tweak it just a bit, tap it with your personality and you are ready to go live. Yep, when you keep things simple, the outcome can be available in a snap.

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Free Simple HTML Templates


FREE Simple HTML templates
Landing is nothing else than a one-page website template that is perfect for almost all types of landing pages. Out of the box, you might find Landing the best solution for a mobile app showcase, however, you can quickly alter it to other products and services. After all, Landing is a super simple to use website canvas with a simplistic and straightforward web design. On top of that, it sports all the latest technologies and is based on Bootstrap 4.

Some of the excellent features of Landing are smooth scroll, accordions, pricing tables and a nifty signup form. The navigation is a sticky one and it also includes a call-to-action button that offers users to take action whenever they want without the need to scroll back to the top. Push your ingenious project, spread the word out and skyrocket your potential.



Space Free Template
If you are looking for simplicity and creativity in a free website template, that’s what you get with Space. It is a very eye-pleasing free website template that will help you forge an impactful outcome. The content reveal function will definitely capture your attention right from the get-go. Feel free to experience it first-hand by visiting the live demo page.

Testimonials, animated skillbars, contact form and Google Maps are all neatly integrated into this immaculate web design. For everyone who is searching for something different, you should definitely take a peek at Space now.

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Reshape Free Template
Reshape is a superb free simple website template with a nice blend of dark and light segments. If designing an online presence for an architect or an architectural firm, that’s when Reshape comes into play. It contains a very original structure, which will beautifully display your projects and services.

Animated statistics, carousels, social icons, internal page layouts, it’s all there, at your fingertips. Reshape also does not miss a full-blown portfolio/gallery for project showcase. If you are ready to start with a bang, then you are all set to employ Reshape to its full potential.

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Photosen Free Template
Are you looking for a simple dark design? If that is the case, you better not miss Photosen. As the name suggests, Photosen is an ideal solution for the photography industry, still, other creatives will find it of great use as well. Photosen easily adapts to different intentions to make sure the outcome is nothing short of spectacular.

All is predefined for your convenience, from home and internal page designs to a multi-level drop-down menu, hover effects, and an about page. Photosen also uses only the latest technologies to guarantee a remarkable performance across all devices and platforms. Bring your creative masterpieces to the world with Photosen and positively impact everyone.

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Quantum Free Template
Whether building a landing page for a marketing campaign or a one-page business website, Quantum handles them both with ease. It is a free simple website template that rocks many great features to establish an enviable online presence. It is creative and minimal, a perfect combination to offer everyone a splendid experience browsing through your content. Even though the default appearance is already quite spectacular, you can also brand and personalize it per your directions.

For great navigability, Quantum comes with a sticky menu, so everyone can access different segments of your website with just a click. In short, no need to scroll all the way down or back again. Moreover, you will also find social media icons, pricing tables, animated statistics and many more other qualities.

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Ronaldo Free Template
Ronaldo is here for all of you would like to create a one-page personal website. It is ideal for freelancers and professional individuals who would like to showcase their skills, talents, resume and services. You can do all that with Ronaldo, in fact, a lot more. Due to the beautiful and simplistic appearance, you will easily shine online with Ronaldo. As a matter of fact, one of the best moves would be to just go with the default settings, enrich Ronaldo with your details and call it a day.

The Ronaldo package includes typewriter effect, on scroll content loading, sticky elements, neat animations and a full-blown contact section with working form. If you fancy, you can even start a blog (feel free to use it for content marketing). Make your personal website pop on the internet with Ronaldo.

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Kraft Free Template
As an architect, you would want to keep the design of your website clean and simple. After all, it’s your masterpieces that matter, and those you will put right in front of your audience with Kraft. This free simple website template has no trouble adjusting to different tastes and ideas, as it is already outstandingly striking out of the box. Also, the minimalist look fits even the most meticulous users. In short, you will need to do very little work regarding customizing Kraft.

Kraft is perfectly in tune with all the modern trends and directions, so you know that your website’s performance will be A-grade. Front and internal pages, multi-level drop-down menu, testimonials, social buttons and many other amenities await every Kraft user. Download it now and put it into play right away. Kraft comes with no hidden fees, and you can use it free forever.

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Alpha Free Template
Whenever you can, keep it simple. Once you think about it, this is the best approach to many things (in life), no just web design. But it’s the latter that we are discussing today, so here is a free simple website template, Alpha. This alternative is perfect for architects and bureaus by default. However, you can also put your creative thinking on full whack and go entirely against the grain with Alpha. You just need to know that it’s possible for as long as you allow it. Alpha offers you to do many things with it but need to follow it’s rules and regulations.

With Alpha, you will stand out a mile and that is a guarantee. But first, you can take a peek at the live demo preview to experience it first-hand. Be ready because once you go Alpha, there is no turning back. But that is a good thing, as a promising outcome is just around the corner.

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Twohearts Free Template
Is anyone here looking to build a one-page wedding website? If that is the case, you better take a peek at the impressive, engaging and inspiring TwoHearts. This free simple website template rocks all the necessary elements to create an online wedding presentation that will wow every family member and friend. Announce the date of nuptials with style and invite people to fill out the RSVP form.

Right away, TwoHearts displays a full-screen banner with parallax effect that will grab everyone’s attention. Moreover, TwoHearts also has a countdown timer, floating navbar, love story timeline, greeting messages slider and Google Maps for displaying the exact location. Also, do not miss creating a beautiful photo gallery and share any other special information to create an unforgettable experience. With a neat website, you can start the hype early while everyone is desperately anticipating the D day.

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Rettro Free Template
While social media can work wonders for your photography project, consider building a website, too. With Rettro, you can enjoy yourself a more rapid establishment process of a top-notch online portfolio that will help take your business to new heights. But even if you are an amateur photographer, a website can raise your potential to new heights. Showcase your professionalism, the style of photography your are passionate about and even promote your services. All this and more is what’s possible with Rettro.

In the kit, Rettro rocks a slider with thumbnails, a menu reveal function, back to top button, testimonials and pricing plans. You can also create an Instagram feed, but you need to sort it out in the back-end. Friendly code ensures that you get the gist of it right from the get-go without breaking a single drop of sweat. Take your photo project to the extremes with Rettro.

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Megapod Free Template
If you are in the podcasting space or plan to dive into, Megapod is the free website template to consider. After all, why rely only on 3rd-party platforms if you can have your own online hub? With Megapod, you can now bring into being a remarkable website that has all your podcasts and other compelling information stored in one location. The template is stunning, making everything look professional, just like it should be.

Megapod works seamlessly on all devices, smartphones, tablets and desktops. Not just that, your website will operate without a hitch on all well-liked browsers and retina screens. Home and internal pages, social media buttons, contact form and Google Maps, you get it all for ease of use and quick website execution. Kick-start your project with Megapod and have it all set much swifter.

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Deejee Free Template
Even though Deejee is ideal for DJs, every musician can profit from it. Thanks to its beautiful dark appearance, triggering everyone’s interest will be no trouble with Deejee. This free website template is simple to use, yet it guarantees a spectacular outcome. You do not always need to pay a fee for the tools that will make your website look professional. With Deejee, you will witness an outstanding result for sure. But that is something you can already experience with the live demo preview.

Deejee indeed has a 100% mobile-ready and browser compatible layout for an excellent performance. Above the fold, you will find a full-screen banner, which can work wonders. Other highlights include parallax effect, scrolling animations and testimonials slider, to name a few. Social icons and a functional contact form are also part of the kit.

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Covid Free Template
To spread the COVID awareness, create a website with the free template, Covid. With the modern and very eye-catchy design, you can now spread the word out regardless your main intention. Whether you would like to create a page to share what COVID is, how to prevent it and talk about symptoms, whatever, Covid is the template for you. Also, you are welcome to perform additional customizations to the default settings if necessary. With Covid you can make the outcome that will fit your heart’s content.

The kit includes sticky navigation, a multi-level drop-down menu, social icons, a blog page and a functional contact form. Speed things up now and have the final product ready for yourself, heck, even your client quickly. But do keep footer copyright intact if you want to use Covid free of charge.

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Malefashion Free Template
Needless to say, MaleFashion is a free website template for male fashion brands and online male apparel stores. However, to be entirely candid with you, there is no need to follow these “rules” entirely. In other words, employ MaleFashion for all sorts of online business ventures in the eCommerce space. After all, the tool easily adapts to different intentions, you may just need to give it some additional love. Keep in mind, thanks to the great code organization, you will perform tweaks and enhancement quickly without a drop of sweat.

MaleFashion has a full-width slider, social buttons, call-to-actions, countdown timer and a special section ready for the Instagram feed. All the necessary internal shop pages, blog, Google Maps and contact form are also at your disposal to benefit from. Start your male fashion business now and make a difference.

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Appli Free Template
Simplicity and creativity are two main characteristics of the terrific Appli. If you are looking to push the boundaries and take your application to new heights, turn Appli into an impactful online ambassador aka website. It comes with a broad specter of features and functions that you can activate at free will. Of course, do yourself a favor and take a peek at the live preview first before you fully commit.

You will immediately notice that Appli is more premium-like than free. It is a Bootstrap Framework template that follows all the modern rules and regulations of the web. Great choice of colors, back to top-button, text slider, CTAs, sticky navbar and hover effects are all the goodies that come part of the deal. It is not about fulfilling and satisfying your users; you need to amaze them – and that’s what happens with Appli.

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WeddingDreams Free Template
If you are a wedding event planner, WeddingDreams will come very handy. This free and simple website template is for everyone who is looking to sort out a business-driven online presence. In this day and age, especially in the wedding industry, you need to have it all sorted out to the fullest. Thanks to WeddingDreams and all the perks that come with it, you can now build a website that will move mountains.

The gorgeous and attractive design makes sure to create a pleasant atmosphere that will wow every visitor. Filterable portfolio, hover effects, animated statistics, blog, social icons and brand logo slider, these and many other goodies come part of WeddingDreams. It is a tool that costs you nothing, yet the outcome will be professional and sophisticated to the very last detail.

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Jobhub Free Template
Jobhub is a free and simple website template for building your very own online job listing page. Instead of forging the entire project from the ground up, pick Jobhub and speed things up rapidly. With many great page layouts, designs and practical features, you can now get the ball rolling a whole lot faster. On top of that, you are also free to employ Jobhub precisely as is. Still, this does not need to limit you in any way, as you can also perform customization tweaks if you fancy.

The layout of Jobhub is flexible and extensible, working crosswise all devices and platforms flawlessly. Some of the other specialties of Jobhub are brand slider, sticky menu, back to top button, hover effects, different internal pages and more. Jobhub also does not miss Google Maps and a functional contact form.

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Rezume Free Template
Raise your potential to new heights with a magnificent online resume page, thanks to Rezume. It is a free website template of many great features and functions for you to take to your total advantage. Keep away from starting from scratch when you can download Rezume without any hidden fees. Immediately, you can put it into play and make a difference that will help you stand out from the masses.

Above the fold, you can enrich your page with a full-screen background, whether with your headshot or another image, that is entirely up to you. Moreover, Rezume comes with floating navigation, filterable portfolio, resume timeline, testimonials and services section. Keep in mind, the one-page structure allows everyone to gain all the necessary information about you quickly. After all, time matters in this day and age, and that’s when a single-page website comes very practical.

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Ashion Free Template
For an online fashion store, Ashion is the free website template that will do the trick. The simple and minimal design of this page canvas makes sure that all the items appear beautifully. Clothing, accessories, bags, sunglasses, underwear, well, whatever you would like to promote online, make it happen with Ashion. In other words, whether starting a general or a niche fashion store, Ashion applies to both with ease. The page layouts and the various elements and components are at your disposal for you to mix and match.

Still, there is a lot more to Ashion. Countdown timer for exclusive deals, filterable product portfolio, slider, social icons and drop-down menu are just some of the goodies of Ashion. If you are ready to jump-start your business and enter the fashion industry in style, make it a reality with Ashion.

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Boto Free Template
Simplicity is not only in the way how easy it is to use the template, but the design part, too. Boto is an excellent example of a free website template that appeals to a broad audience. It is a perfect alternative for all the photographers out there, amateurs and professionals. With the distinct home page, you will have no trouble triggering everyone’s interest. It is not something that you see daily, so that’s why Boto might work for you more than perfectly.

Along with the predefined front design, Boto also rocks other inner layouts to mix and match. About, gallery, blog and contact pages are all at your disposal, as well as social media buttons. Start on the internet with something original and positively impact your fans. The website you are about to establish will be unique and first-class.

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Podcast Free Template
Every podcaster out there will have a blast using Podcast. It is a simple website template that anyone and everyone can put to use. Sure, you need to have basic knowledge, but that is about it. Podcast did tons of heavy lifting instead of you, while you can pretty much only focus on the refining touches. Still, if you fancy, you can also go entirely against the grain and make something exceptional out of Podcast. For as long as you keep the footer copyright intact, you are pretty much free to use Podcast to your liking precisely.

The clean and minimal design will put all your content on display distraction-free. Create a playlist of your latest podcasts, tell more about yourself and share all the other information and whatnot that your fans will adore. Podcast also has some cool effects to it, which will only spice up the overall experience.

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Clyde Free Template
Stand out from the masses with an impactful website, thanks to Clyde. This free simple template is perfect for everyone looking to create a personal website or an online resume page. The tool mixes simplicity with creativity very well, making sure to leave a strong impact on every visitor, client or potential employer. The layout of Clyde is also 100% mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible, following all the latest trends and regulations of the web.

Slider, animated statistics, skillbars, sticky navigation, testimonials and a functional contact form are just a few of the highlights worth noting. You can also employ the included blog section and start a compelling journal that will help bring in even more business through content marketing. With the nifty one-page structure, Clyde promises everyone to learn all about you and make the final decision when to start working with you pretty much immediately.

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Awesome Magazine

Awesome Free Template
Start an online magazine or news site with Awesome Magazine and make an immediate difference. Due to the simplistic appearance, Awesome Magazine caters to all sorts of industries and niches. In other words, you can effortlessly create a niche or a general online magazine, without really needing to do any major changes to the default settings. In fact, you can enjoy using it exactly as is, as well as personalize it, whatever you fancy, it’s possible with Awesome Magazine. The overall structure of the code is easily digestible anyway.

Your website will also deliver content beautifully on all mobile and desktop devices, as well as popular web browsers. Awesome Magazine is compatible with retina screens, too. Start on the internet professionally with a predefined template and have an outcome ready to roll sooner rather than later.

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Allfood Free Template
Food businesses, start online with a bang by employing AllFood. A free web design that gets the ball rolling immediately. Thanks to the clean and impactful design, many will find AllFood an ideal solution for their business. Sure, the tool might work flawlessly for a restaurant but you can also alter and tweak it and use it for a fast-food stand, coffee shop, you name it.

Moreover, AllFood also comes with all these practical features that will get you started much quicker. Of course, it is also entirely in harmony with all the latest trends and regulations of the modern web. With that in mind, you know that your website will offer superb performance across all devices and platforms. In the bundle, you can expect all sorts of stuff, like slider, back to top button, filterable menu, Google Maps and a functional contact form.

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Medical Free Template
Creating a website for a hospital, a doctor or nearly any medical institution does not need to happen from scratch. After all, with a ready-to-use web design, like MedicalCenter, you can jump-start your project in a single click. This free website template rocks a simple and clean appearance that many can take to their total advantage exactly as it comes out of the box. Why complicate if you do not have to? Still, MedicalCenter allows you to perform any customization tweak that you want, enriching it with your branding directions.

In the kit, you will find all kinds of features and effects that will do the trick. MedicalCenter also adjusts to all modern devices instantaneously, as well as works on popular web browsers and retina screens. Sure, MedicalCenter requires your special attention to turn it into a functional website, however, it offers you to take a strategic shortcut for an impactful outcome.

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Sunzine Free Template
Sunzine is a simple and impactful free website template for all the creatives out there. While the tool may suit photographers ideally, others can greatly benefit from it, too. There is no need to always stick to the default settings. For instance, you can adjust and customize Sunzine per your request and meticulous taste freely. Keep in mind, to use it for free, you need to keep the footer copyright intact.

Sunzine hits everyone with a filterable portfolio on the home page. It is definitely something that will help you stand out a mile. Still, you also get other internal page layouts with Sunzine for about, blog, contact and more. Speaking of contact page, it comes with integrated Google Maps and a working contact form. You can also hide and show the menu and link your website to social media platforms. Start strong online with Sunzine.

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Hexa Free Template
A free simple website template comes perfect for interior designers and architects. One of the excellent alternatives is Hexa. A tool that is very appealing to the eye, as well as very simple to use. All Colorlib’s layouts have a friendly structure, so beginner and professional web developers get the most out of them without a shadow of a doubt. Hexa even works fantastically well out of the box.

There are many great elements that Hexa sports to ensure a great outcome. Capture everyone’s interest with the big slider, text and CTAs. Moreover, Hexa includes scrolling animations, testimonials, blog, social media icons and a functional contact form. The layout of this site canvas is also fluid, so it adjusts to all devices and platforms flawlessly. Present your business on the internet in the best possible light with Hexa and raise your potential through the roof.

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Hepta Free Template
Hepta is a creative, free and simple website template for the tourism industry. If tours and travels are what you specialize in, create a spectacular business page with Hepta. Instead of operating a website that looks like any other travel agency website, make a difference with Hepta. With this web design, you will have no trouble standing out a mile, letting everyone start their adventure by visiting your website.

The layout of Hepta is in perfect harmony with all popular devices, web browsers and retina screens. It is a guarantee that the performance will be first-class at all times. Hepta also comes with an overlay menu, full-screen banner above the fold, call-to-actions, video support and many more great features. Instead of doing it all yourself, save time and energy with Hepta and have a functional website live sooner rather than later.

More info / Download


Meal Free Template
Even when it comes to food businesses, simplicity wins in the majority of cases. And when you are in the process of creating a website, no need to overcomplicate things, use Meal instead. This free simple website template is very appealing to the eye, delivering a striking experience that will help you win over even more customers. Also, it is a one-page website template that offers a quick overview and speedy table reservations. No need to be jumping from page to page anymore, the entire presentation of your restaurant or other food business is just a few scrolls away.

Meal’s layout is also 100% responsive and browser compatible, ensuring stability and top-notch performance. While the tool already appears super minimalistic, easily catering to different tastes, you can also brand and personalize Meal if necessary.

More info / Download


GiveHope Free Template
GiveHope is a nifty solution when you are looking for a free simple website template to build a charity or non-profit organization website. First and foremost, the appearance of GiveHope is very premium-like, thanks to the beautiful design and all the very many features. Moreover, GiveHope also sports all the modern trends and regulations, guaranteeing a first-class performance on all popular devices and web browsers. Not to mention, you will also find this HTML template a breeze to use, thanks to its amazing structuring.

Some of the goodies include parallax effect, animations, sticky navigation, a form to become a volunteer and a carousel for causes and fundraisers. You can also create a stunning gallery, start a blog and write a full-blown about page. A contact section with a working form and Google Maps is also part of this gem for you to benefit from.

More info / Download


Phozogy Free Template
When you would like to emphasize your photography project, especially the work itself, you better pick Phozogy. This free simple website template promises a stupendous online portfolio which you can tailor to your signature style precisely. It does not matter whether you are a pro or an amateur photographer, Phozogy is for both, raising your potential through the roof. After all, why wouldn’t you want to share your masterpieces with the world and expose yourself? Turn your passion into business.

What’s more, as part of the Phozogy kit, you get plenty of amenities that create an outcome that will be very wow-ing. From full-width slider, call-to-actions and categorized portfolio to carousels, social media buttons, pricing and multiple inner pages, Phozogy rocks it all for your convenience. Now is your chance to shine online with an impactful online presence that will turn heads, thanks to Phozogy.

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Personal Free HTML Template
The name of our next free simple website template gives you a hint at what it is meant to be used for. Personal is nothing else than a marvelous tool for building personal portfolios for freelancers and creative individuals. Develop a web presence so tempting, they will not be able to leave it without getting in touch with you. Of course, your talent and skills matter, too, but combined with Personal’s look, you win big times.

Tell the world why you rock, share your services and use the animated statistics to show your completed projects and cups of coffee you drank during the work. Minimal and beautiful portfolio comes with filters for those interested in working with you to instantly find what they are looking for. Share your clients’ feedback and showcase pricing so they get a better idea what to expect when purchasing a particular plan.

More info / Download


Create Free Template
Needless to say, Create is a free simple website template that creatives can take to their advantage. Also, Create has a one-page website design, so you get to display all the information and content on a single page. In short, all the details will be just a few scrolls away. Heck, with the use of comfortable navigation, anyone can jump to the desired section in just a click. And if you would like to go nitty-gritty, use the drop-down menu future.

Some more amenities of Create are parallax and typewriter effects, sticky header, stunning gallery and testimonials for building customer loyalty. Present your team, start a blog, link your page to your social media accounts and offer everyone to get in touch using the contact form. For a simplified and creative design, Create is the one.

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Author Free Template
Simplicity, minimalism and creativity are the three core characteristics of Author. This free website template is for authors and publishers who would like to spread the word out for their new book releases. Heck, even if you are pushing a magazine, go against the grain and tailor Author accordingly. It’s possible. Moreover, Author works fantastically well as is by using its default appearance. Moreover, if you would like to perform customization tweaks, please do.

Author is based on Bootstrap Framework for excellent flexibility. Your new website will operate flawlessly on smartphones, tablets and desktops, web browsers, too. Other goodies contain animated statistics, on scroll content loading, testimonials slider, functional contact form and floating navigation. If you are interested in building a one-page website, Author is the right solution for your needs and wants.

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TheLawyer Free Template
When it comes to promoting your legal services to the world, you would want to do it with style and simplicity. After all, you do not want to distract the potential client too much. Present your services and all the other content in an appealing way with TheLawyer. While this free template has a simple and modern look, you will also find using it a little breeze. Everything is well-organized and tidy, making sure you get the most out of it whether you are a beginner or an expert.

TheLawyer is great for building quick prototypes or even full-blown websites. It is powerful enough to operate a successful online presence of a law firm. And you can use it free of charge for as long as you keep footer copyright intact. Enter the industry with a bang and make an immediate difference with TheLawyer.

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Wed Free Template
Wed is a free simple website template that will present all the content to the visitors in an eye-catchy way. Instead of sending out invitational cards, why wouldn’t you want to go entirely against the norm and create a wedding website instead? There, you can share your love story, showcase images, display the entire event schedule and the exact location of the nuptials with Google Maps. You can also create a countdown timer, so everyone knows exactly how much time they have to prepare for the D day.

What’s more, Wed also makes sure that your wedding website will run without a hitch on all modern devices and web browsers. Also, your beautiful images will appear stunningly on retina screens. Make it pop, capture everyone’s interest and stand out a mile with Wed.

More info / Download


Ogani Free Template

When selling products online, you would want to keep the design clean and simple, putting all the shine on what you have in store. When it comes to vegetables, fruits, supplements, and any other food that you would like to advertise on the internet, make it happen with Ogani. This free simple website template comes with many practical features, as well as different home and internal page layouts. It is no secret that everyone will have a blast browsing through your products and completing purchases.

Carousels, top bar, social media icons, filterable featured products, you name it, Ogani has tons going on for your convenience. If you would like to brand the default settings of Ogani, please do (just keep the copyrights intact). Moreover, you can also share tips and tricks on everything health and organic related by starting a blog.

More info / Download


FoodeiBlog Free Template

Simple design, compelling content, that’s what’s up when it comes to FoodeiBlog. This remarkable, eye-catchy and trendy free simple website template is an ideal solution for – hence the name – all the food bloggers out there. If you would like to share your restaurant experience, your recipes, your food reviews, anything, do it in style and fashion with the stunning FoodeiBlog. The template is lightweight and easy to use, making sure you get the most out of it without a sweat.

Keep in mind, FoodeiBlog is an HTML template that does require additional work to turn it into an active website. Moreover, the site skin delivers quite a plethora of goodies, even though it is entirely free of charge. Start online with a masterpiece of a food blog, thanks to FoodeiBlog and all the features and functions, which it has available for you to put into practice.

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PersonalPortfolio Free Template

In this day and age, you do not need to start from scratch when you are building yourself a personal portfolio. Instead, pick PersonalPortfolio, a free simple website template that will help you speed up the process. It comes with a clean and minimal design that will put on display all and everything you would like to share with the world in the best possible light. Needless to say, PersonalPortfolio’s simplicity and creativity will make you want to use the tool exactly as it comes out of the box. Please do. On the other hand, if you would like to personalize it, well, you are more than welcome.

Call-to-actions, sticky navigation, filterable portfolio, testimonials and back to top button are some of the features that you will find in the PersonalPortfolio bundle. Make it yours now and start on the world wide web strong, raise your potential over and beyond.

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Anipat Free Template
When you combine words “animal” and “pet” you get Anipat. The name itself might not tell you much, however, once you start investigating this dope free simple website template in great detail, everything changes. It is an outstanding starting point for bringing into fruition a page that will put on display your services beautifully. Speaking of services, Anipat is great for anything from pet grooming and care to animal hotels and clinics, you will have no trouble altering it to your needs and regulations.

The layout of Anipat is also 100% mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible, ensuring stability and top-notch performance. In the kit, you get all these practical treats that will help you get on board sooner rather than later. Starting from scratch definitely feels very old-school nowadays; pick Anipat instead.

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Grunt Free Template
The simplicity mixed with creativity makes Grunt one hell of a free website template. It is a terrific alternative if you are looking for the right tool that will help create an online presence for your agency or freelancing business. You can now market yourself on the internet the right way with the use of Grunt and all the different specialties that it has in store for you. Also, you do not have to bother about responsiveness and browsers compatibility, Grunt comes with all the necessary tech aspects out of the box.

The features include split-screen slider, hover effects, sticky elements, client testimonials, gallery and a contact form. By the way, Grunt offers you to build a one-page website, so everyone learns all about your project quickly. With Grunt, the outcome will be phenomenal.

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Seos Free Template
Seos is a stunning free website template that our team has designed and developed for your convenience. If you are a skilled SEO consultant or run a marketing agency with Seos, you can now bring into being a top-notch page to market your services over and beyond. With a well-thought-out website, you can reach clients from all over the globe, not exclusively focusing on your local audience. Seos takes care of a striking design that will trigger everyone’s interest without a shadow of a doubt.

Along with the design part, Seos also comes with many great features that call for excellent site performance and unforgettable experience. Moreover, whether they use a mobile or a desktop device, as well as any of the popular web browser, Seos always makes sure to alter and reshape to the screen and platform instantaneously.

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Buson Free Template
Buson is a free simple website template that a business owner can use for forging a dope online presence. With Buson, you can put on display your business, your services and all the other details and information that you would like to share with your existing and potential clients. Thanks to Buson’s simplicity and cleanness, this tool works with all sorts of projects.

With heaps of features and functions, Buson promises you to start on the internet with a bang. In the kit, you will find a slider, call-to-actions, social media buttons, top bar, sticky navigation, back to top button and testimonials. Different internal page layouts, blog, Google Maps, contact form and drop-down menu are a few of the extras that Buson delivers. Get your hands on Buson now and start something fresh in just a click on the download button.

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Aznews Free Template
When in the process of building an online magazine or a newspaper website, Aznews is the free simple template that will get the ball rolling. Instead of starting with the design and other functions from scratch, you can now take Aznews to your total advantage. Sure, this might be an HTML template, still, it comes with a horde of goodies that will help you save time and energy. Also, whether you are building a niche or a general news page, with Aznews, you can do them all and then some.

The layout of Aznews is 100% mobile-ready and responsive, working on smartphones, tablets and desktops butter smoothly. It is retina-ready and cross-browser compatible, too. Some extras include carousels, back to top button, floating navigation, ad placements and a working contact form. Enjoy sharing news with the world, thanks to Aznews.

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Imagine Free Template
Why over cluttering your website with unnecessary stuff to distract the visitor and make him or her leave? I know, right, we should not even go into details why that is not necessary. Instead, pick a free simple website template with a clean and minimal design, like Imagine. Whether you operate a business, an agency or you are a freelancer, with Imagine, you can establish an online presence that will inspire everyone. Raise your potential to the next level and make a difference now. The combination of your remarkable services with Imagine’s outstanding look will take you very far.

Moreover, Imagine also delivers quite some features that you will profit from. Not just that, it also practices all the latest trends and regulations of the modern web, making sure the performance is always of the highest degree.

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neos free template
When in the process of setting up an agency or business website, all you need is Neos. This free simple website template will get you rolling in little to no time. In fact, just hit the download button and you can already start benefitting from the heaps of goodies that Neos has in store for you. Still, Neos is “just” an HTML template that requires experience to turn it into a dope end product that will help scale your business to new heights. On the other hand, you do not have to start from scratch, rather enjoy the design and make it yours.

Neos comes with a boxed structure that is 100% mobile-friendly and browser compatible. It also works with crystal clarity on retina screens! To top it all up, Neos includes a massive slider, on scroll content loading, parallax effect, multi-level drop-down menu and call-to-action buttons.

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Scenic Free Template
If you would like to spice things up with a website that sports a video background, you better choose Scenic. This fine tool is all you need to speed up the process and make an immediate difference. Even if you utilize Scenic exactly how it comes out of the box, you have a first-class website ready to go live and attract potential prospects. Needless to say, you can also brand and personalize the default appearance and let Scenic rock your style.

Scenic is a dope alternative that you can employ for building a website for an agency, a small business or a freelancer. It includes all the must-have features and sections that call for a quick set up of an A-grade page. Some of the specialties contain a filterable portfolio, back to top button, blog section and a contact page with an operating form.

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Readit Free Template
Readit is a free simple website template for all the bloggers out there. If you are looking for something different, you better not miss checking out the impactful Readit. With the bold and engaging web design, Readit ensures a killer experience while browsing through the content. It easily captures everyone’s attention and takes them on a journey through your compelling content. The somewhat minimal look of Readit ensures a distraction-free experience.

What’s more, Readit practices all the latest trends and regulations. In other words, the tool is 100% mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible and in tune with retina screens. The template is also lightweight, making sure the performance is of the highest degree. Last but not least, Readit includes Google Maps and a functional contact form, offering you to save even more time.

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Musico Free Template
Musico is an exclusive free and simple website template for musicians, bands and artists. If you would like to spread the word out and share your tunes with the world, make a page with Musico. It is a modern, clean and original web design that will create a top-notch outcome without a hassle. At least when it comes to the design part of your website, that is something you do not need to think about anymore. Let Musico sort it out for your convenience.

There is more to it.

Musico features a player, drop-down menu, sticky navigation, superb gallery and the necessary icons to link your website with your social media accounts. Multiple predefined elements, blog section, working contact form and a fluid layout are all the other treats of Musico.

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Nitro Free Template
Nitro is a free simple website template with a one-page structure for agencies and freelancers. In fact, regardless of your creative venture, you can freely take Nitro to your benefit and turn it into a functional website. The look is very enticing and appealing to the eye, making sure it easily caters to your needs and regulations as is. Still, if you would like to perform additional customization tweaks, you can do that, too.

Sticky navigation, multi-level drop-down menu, categorized portfolio, testimonials and pricing tables are some of the features that you get with Nitro. There is also a functional contact form and a blog section, as well as social media icons. If you are ready to take your business to a different level, you better not miss taking a peek at the extraordinary Nitro.

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Job Board 2

Jobboard2 Free Template
Job Board 2 – hence the name – is a free website template for establishing job board and listing platforms. With the clean, simple and minimal look, Job Board 2 ensures a pleasant and memorable experience browsing the content it presents to the potential employer or employee. Heck, if you plan to focus on freelancers exclusively, by all means, let Job Board 2 do its trick. You can employ the design as is, however, you can alter it according to your taste, too.

The features of Job Board 2 are very many. From sticky and transparent navigation and call-to-actions to testimonials, social buttons and Google Maps, Job Board 2 sports it all and more. The layout is mobile-friendly and fluid, making sure the performance is first-class across all devices. Start something fresh without building it from the ground up, thanks to Job Board 2.

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Dogger Free Template
Dogger is a free simple website template that caters to anything dog-related. In addition to that, you can alter the tool to other pet projects without breaking a single drop of sweat. Due to the cleanness and minimalism of the design, Dogger instantly adapts to all sorts of intentions and objectives. After all, it is the content that defines the purpose of the website and that is something you will master without a hitch.

Some of the features of Dogger contain on scroll content loading, pricing plans, testimonials slider, gallery and a contact form. What you will also notice is that Dogger sports a one-page structure, so everyone learns all about your services, trainers and other whatnot in just a few scrolls. Start on the internet with a bang by utilizing the top-notch Dogger now – it is just a click away!

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Logistico Free Template
Not only is Logistico simple to use, but the design of the tool is also simple and minimalistic. It is a free website template for transportation and logistics, readily available for you to put it into practice. You can utilize Logistico out of the box and employ it exactly as is. On the other hand, you can also take things to a different degree and customize the appearance, so it suits your branding. With the amazing look, Logistico guarantees a terrific outcome.

Drop-down menu, sticky navigation, animated statistics, testimonials, free estimate form and an array of different elements are all at your disposal. What’s more, Logistico also comes with integrated and working contact form, as well as Google Maps. Regardless of the business you operate, it is a must to own a website in this day and age.

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Oneder Simple HTML Template
If you are in the process of getting an agency on feet, grab Oneder and sort out your website sooner rather than later. On the other hand, if you would like to redesign your existing web space, you can do it, too, with the use of Oneder. This free simple website template has you sorted out in full with a dope, modern and creative design. You might not even want to change much other than add your content and other handy details and be ready to roll.

Have in mind, Oneder is also a fantastic alternative if you are willing to bring into being a one-page website. All the necessary sections are just a scroll away. No need to be learning more about your business by visiting different pages. Pricing plans, testimonials, full-screen banner, filterable portfolio and contact form, it is all there, neatly packed into one template.

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nissa free template
Whether you do photography for hobby or professionally, the reward of owning a website can be great. Indeed, even if doing it for fun, who knows what the future brings. Nissa is a free simple website template that ensures a creative and modern page. It guarantees the creation of an impressive online portfolio that will instantly set you apart. With the minimal appearance, Nissa puts all the extra shine on your content first and foremost, and that is exactly how you want it to be.

Along with the home page, Nissa comes with other inner layouts, too. If you dig the default look, by all means, employ Nissa precisely as is. But it is also possible to personalize it. Off-canvas menu, Google Maps, contact form, social media buttons and even a blog section are all the different features Nissa comes with.

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Arcwork Free Template
Arcwork is a stunning and creative free simple website template for setting up an online company portfolio. On the other hand, if you are a freelancer and dig the way how Arcwork looks, feel free to use it, too. After all, it is a versatile and adaptive page skin that you can profit from tremendously. With the simplistic welcoming section with a typewriter effect and a call-to-action, you will trigger everyone’s curiosity immediately.

Moreover, there are also scrolling animations, sliders, about page, video support and even a blog. You can make an investment in starting a compelling blog that you can cleverly use for content marketing. Last but not least, every Arcwork user also gets a working contact form. If you are ready for something different, then you are ready for Arcwork.

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Consulting Free Template
Consulting – hence the name – is a free simple website template that works best with consultants and consultancy firms. While the tool keeps things very clean and minimal, the overall appearance is still very attention-grabbing. If you would like to set your business apart from the competition, do it like a pro with the use of Consulting. It is a template based on Bootstrap, ensuring full flexibility and extendability.

What’s more, Consulting practices all the current web and tech directions. Your website will operate without a hitch on all modern devices, web browsers and retina screens. Other amenities contain parallax effect, testimonials slider, gallery, full-screen banner and more. For someone with a distinct touch, you would want to hit the download button now and get your hands all over Consulting. Style it accordingly and positively impact the industry.

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Applab Free Template
When searching for the best solution to create a solid presentation of your application, Applab is the free simple website template for you. A modern and original design that ensures a first-rate performance on all devices and modern web browsers. You might even find yourself digging Applab so much, you will want to use it exactly as is. If that is the case, you can save yourself even more time and energy. Of course, you can modify it further, too.

What you would want to do next is either go and download the tool or see its live preview. Experience all the goodies that Applab has in store for you and stand out from the masses. You do not need to do all the hard work anymore, thanks to the ready-made demo.

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shopmax free template
When pushing products online, you would want the design of the website to be as simple and minimal as possible. After all, let the website put all the focus on the goods, not the special effects and whatnot. At the end of the day, it is making sales that is important. With Shopmax, you can now achieve striking results in the eCommerce space. Whether it is selling apparel, accessories, shoes, bags, furniture, you name it, with Shopmax, you can make it happen like a pro.

Some of the features of Shopmax are multi-level drop-down menu, functional contact form, Bootstrap structure, fluid layout and compatibility with web browsers. Due to the magnificent layout, you do not really need to make customization tweaks, as Shopmax works with various projects as is. Stuff it with your content and you can already start the journey to success.

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Seogo Free Template
For a marketing and SEO agency, Seogo is the fine free simple website template for getting on board much quicker than starting from scratch. With the look for a website predefined and ready to go, you completely avoid the process of brainstorming the design. Seogo has it all set and ready for you to use it in just a click. The layout is, indeed, responsive and mobile-ready, reshaping to any device with ease. You can hit the download button right away and start seeing quick results shortly after.

What you will find exclusive about Seogo is the clever mixture of creativity and sophistication. For promoting your services online, trigger everyone’s attention by employing Seogo. Experience a terrific end product that will move your business forward. You can also use the blog section and implement content marketing to get more business deals going.

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Me Free Personal HTML Template
For professionals who are looking to expand their reach, Me is the free simple website template for you. Designers, creatives, developers, writers, job seekers, I mean, anyone can profit from Me for sure. It is a nifty solution that works great for building a one-page website with all the information you would like to share. From your experience, portfolio and services to testimonials and clients you worked with, make it all visible for others to examine.

Indeed, Me has a responsive and mobile-ready layout which operates like a dream on all devices. The tool is also compatible with web browsers and retina screens for smooth operations. Additional amenities include sticky navigation bar, working contact form and social media icons. Get the most out of Me and hammer out an online presence that will bring in more business opportunities.

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Mighty Free Template
Mighty creates a fantastic atmosphere with its clean and simple web design. It is a free website template for agencies but works for freelancers fantastically well, too. Instead of wondering on the design part of your website, you can simply go with Mighty, and all the rest instantly becomes history. Mighty also makes sure the outcome will run without a hitch on all devices, web browsers and retina screens. That is not something you need to worry about, as Mighty makes sure to cover all the tech aspects out of the box.

Along with the home page, Mighty comes with other internal pages to complete the process of building a fresh page as soon as possible. Speaking of other pages, you get a blog section and a contact page with a functional form, too.

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Ionize Free Travel HTML Template
Everyone who is looking to get involved in the blogging space will love Ionize. This free simple website template delivers an original and creative web design that will set you apart from the competition. No need to get things moving forward from scratch anymore, as Ionize rocks a beautiful layout that you can put into play right away. Ionize also confirms flexibility and extendability, making sure the website adjusts to any screen instantaneously.

Ionize has strong attention to detail, sticky sidebar menu, slider, loads content on scroll and supports video content. There is also an about page and a contact section with form and Google Maps. In short, if you would like to create a blog or an online magazine that does not follow the traditional look, Ionize is the best option for you.

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comport free job board template
We bring you a collection of free website templates that are both simple on the outside and simple on the inside. They have clean and neat web designs while using and working with them is quick and straightforward.

Let’s kick things off with Comport, a free job board website template. It is a Bootstrap Framework site skin that rocks a fluid layout which perfectly adjusts to all devices, mobile and desktop. Needless to say, Comport also works in tune with web browsers and retina screens and ensures outstanding performance.

Offer job seekers to find their dream job quickly and efficiently. List employment by categories and unlock an option to search by keyword. There is also a filterable job portfolio section for full-time and part-time jobs, but you can use it differently, too.

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Lifeleck Free Template
Lifeleck is a free simple website template, which is the best fit for those who would like to start a lifestyle blog. However, with the flexibility of the tool, Lifeleck also works with other niches, like fashion, food, travel, DIY, sports, etc. Use your imagination and get the most out of Lifeleck without a hassle. This page canvas is simple to use, ideal for both beginners and advanced users. Have in mind, Lifeleck is an HTML web template.

Of course, the layout of Lifeleck is 100% responsive and mobile-ready, which means that your blog will run seamlessly on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. It is also cross-browser compatible and in harmony with retina screens. If you would like to capture their emails, Lifeleck also has a preset newsletter subscription box. Enjoy the prettiness of Lifeleck and start spreading your word out.

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Pexcon Free Template
For construction companies, Pexcon is a free simple website template with a clean and minimal look. The layout makes sure your works and services are beautifully displayed on all devices, from handheld to desktop. Pexcon is a Bootstrap Framework tool, after all, guaranteeing full flexibility and extendability. You also do not need to worry about stuff like cross-browser and retina screen compatibility. Pexcon sorts things out for you out of the box anyway.

Extra goodies of Pexcon contain animated statistics, testimonials slider, call-to-action buttons, about and services pages, blog segment and a working contact form. Increase your potential with a banging online presence and give yourself an opportunity to scale your business through the roof. With a website, a ton is possible and you can even introduce content marketing which, if done right, can bring in a ton more business.

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Uptown Free Template
Uptown is an exclusive free simple website template for real estate agencies and agents. With the completely ready-made web design, you can now capture everyone’s attention without the need to start from scratch. Uptown has you sorted out with all the goodness that you need when starting your thing on the web. Also, if you would like to refresh your existing online presence, you can do that, too, with the use of Uptown. Nothing is holding you back, download Uptown with a click on the mouse and start experiencing the world of amazingness.

Uptown features parallax effect, on scroll content load, multiple inner layouts, beautiful single property pages, blog and contact form with Google Maps. You are closer than ever to launching a new real estate website with the use of the fantastic and up-to-the-minute Uptown.

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Sunshine Free Template
Sunshine is a lovely and free simple website template for weddings. Instead of sharing your story with everyone over and over again, take a different approach and build a page. There, you can tell all about how you met, your love story, beautiful gallery, as well as the information about the big day. Sunshine delivers a clean, minimal and creative design that will wow everyone. See the live preview of the template first and experience it yourself.

There are very many features and elements that decorate Sunshine, making your website pop. From countdown timer and sticky navigation to wedding schedule and an RSVP form, it is all there, available for you to put to use. Google Maps are also integrated into the web design to show the exact location of the event.

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Ideal Free Template
Interior designers and architects, Ideal is an exclusive and attention-grabbing free simple website template. The tool delivers a super simplistic look that puts all the shine on your content first and foremost. To ensure a great experience browsing through your works and services, Ideal sure is one of the best solutions you can currently get your hands on. I bet many of you will find it so appealing to the eye, you will want to use it as is.

Moreover, Ideal also comes with a full-width slider, call-to-action buttons, on scroll content loading and a flawless about page. To build customer trust, share testimonials with the nifty slider that Ideal has integrated into the design. If you would like to share the process of your work and other whatnot, you can also start a compelling blog.

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eventalk free template
Eventalk almost does not need an introduction. As the name suggests, Eventalk is a free simple website template for event, conference and other meeting-type websites. The item is fully organized and easy to use, making sure you are able to adjust it to your needs and requirements effortlessly. On the other hand, you can also use it out of the box, introduce your details and you are good to go. As simple as that!

Core features of Eventalk are countdown timer, parallax effect, sticky nav bar, event schedule and speakers page. Of course, this is not all that you get with Eventalk. You can also start a blog and announce all the additional news that will help you get even more attendees on board. Use Eventalk to create a professional website that will popularize your forthcoming event.

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uza free template
Avoid complication and keep things simple and straightforward. As a business owner, the last thing you want is to create a website full of animations and other types of disturbances. Sure, they might work to some extent but keeping things clean and minimal will always do the trick. If you do not know how to approach web design, Uza is the free simple website template that will get you moving forward.

Uza is a template for businesses and agencies and could work for freelancers as well. It practices all the latest tech and web regulations to make sure your page runs without a hitch. It is 100% mobile-ready, SEO-friendly and in harmony with web browsers. Improve the web design with your custom content and make it fully compliant with your branding. Uza is here to stay.

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Transcend Free Template
Perfect for creative agencies, but ideal for freelancers, too, Transcend helps you hammer out a stunning page. It is a free simple website template with loads of innovative and modern touches to it. Full-screen banner is the first thing every guest gets hit with. Transcend allows you to edit it per your likings for the strongest first impression ever. But it might be all due to the parallax effect why they will keep on browsing your page and enjoy your expertness.

Moreover, the content loads on scroll, the text is big and clear and the icons add a distinct look to the web design. Transcend also has a neat portfolio section, testimonials slider, animated statistics and social media icons. Scroll down and back to top buttons and newsletter subscription are also cool details of Transcend.

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Ararat Free Template
Ararat is a wonderful, modern and free simple website template for everything architectural-related. If you are looking to speed up the creation of your website, do yourself a favor and pick Ararat. This tool equips you with all the necessary for a swift and straightforward realization of a refreshing and business-driven website.

In the package, you get loads of different contents and elements which will do you well. From slider and call-to-action buttons to sticky navigation, drop-down menu, testimonials and working contact form, it is all available at your fingertips. Ararat is also 100% mobile-friendly, in tune with web browsers, as well as compatible with retina screens. Enjoy the outcome that will move mountains and scale your business to new success levels.

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Thelook Free Template
TheLook is a magnificent free simple website template for art galleries, photographers and other creative individuals. If you would like to spread the awareness of your project, do it the right way with the outstanding and creative TheLook. This remarkable solution rocks a clean and minimalistic web design which beautifully puts an extra shine on all your works and masterpieces. The first thing everyone will notice is the massive slider. Use this section strategically, introduce extraordinary imagery and compelling call-to-actions for an increased chance of winning them over.

TheLook is also a Bootstrap Framework template which ensures complete flexibility. In other words, your page will operate without a hitch on all devices and browsing platforms. Retina screens, too! In addition to that, do reach a broader audience by starting a blog and give back to the community.

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Noxen Free Template
If you would like to take things to the next level, enjoy Noxen, free simple website template, now and make a difference. Regardless of your agency’s main objective, with Noxen, you can now start on the web like a professional. Have in mind, this is an HTML template which needs extra knowledge to turn it into a functional and practical website which will deliver supreme performance. Everyone visiting your page will enjoy the smooth flow, whether using a handheld or a desktop device.

Other amenities of Noxen contain parallax effect, featured content slider, newsletter subscription form, testimonials and blog pages. The latter works great to share your knowledge with the world and use it for content marketing. Without a shadow of a doubt, you are now a lot closer to realizing your dream online presence, thanks to the amazingness of Noxen.

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kanox free template
With its minimal appearance, it is no secret that Kanox is a free simple website template. Moreover, it is the usage of Kanox that is simple and user-friendly, too. Out of the box, Kanox is an ideal tool for building websites for agencies. You use the web design to present your services and a remarkable portfolio on the web like no one else. Feel free to utilize Kanox out of the box and speed up the process of establishing an impressive agency page. On the other hand, brand and personalize it according to your regulations and make a custom version of Kanox.

Additional characteristics of Kanox are responsive and cross-browser compatible layout, unique animations, drop-down menu and sticky navigation. Popularize your agency with a website that will turn heads, thanks to the convenient Kanox.

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Fitzone 2

fitzone2 free template
Fitzone 2 is a fitness-oriented free website template with a tidy and modern approach to web design. With a website based on Fitzone 2, you will impress all and everyone who visits your online presence. Use it to create an in-depth presentation of your courses, introduce your personal trainers and share other useful information. With Fitzone 2, you can also start a blog which you can use for content marketing, too. You have very many options once you gain access to Fitzone 2. And it is entirely free of charge, meaning, you have nothing to lose.

Extra goodness includes full-width banner, transparent navigation which sticks to the top while you scroll, call-to-action buttons and testimonials slider to name a few. There are also body mass index calculator, subscription form, social media icons and a working contact form.

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Innova Free Template
The majority of the web, as you probably noticed, keeps things simple and to the point. Why? Because it works. Instead of over-complicating things with all this fancy stuff, stick to simplicity and minimalism. As a creative business or agency, you will surely enjoy studying Innova further. This free simple website template is all set up for you to put it into play without giving it a second thought. Feel free to use it out of the box and have a page up in little to no time. Of course, performing additional tweaks is possible, too.

From full-screen banner, parallax effect and scrolling animations to portfolio, testimonials and call-to-action buttons, Innova rocks it all and then some. The contact section is also ready-made for you, equipped with functional form. Start on the web with a bang and utilize the terrific Innova.

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Miniblog Free Template
As the name suggests, Miniblog is a free simple website template for bloggers, heck, even online magazines. If you like things minimal and tidy, Miniblog is the one web design you should consider using. First and foremost, the template is just a click on the download button away, without any hidden fees. And second, you can employ it out of the box and experience spectacular results in a snap of a finger. Moreover, you can brand and personalize the default layout of Miniblog accordingly and make it yours.

Just like all the other layouts, Miniblog is also responsive and flexible, instantly reshaping to smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. The outcome also acclimatizes to all modern web browsers and displays content stunningly on retina screens. That’s that, enter the blogging space with an extraordinary, yet simplistic, blog that will move you in the right direction.

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Plataforma Free Template
For events, conferences, forums, gatherings and meetings, Plataforma is the free simple website template to choose. If you would like to boost your potential and inspire even more prospective attendees, create a solid online presence with all the necessary information and details about the event. Plataforma ensures a striking space which will help you sell out the upcoming conference you host. Regardless of the subject, Plataforma caters to all sorts of different objectives with ease.

You will experience tons of different goodies, like a countdown timer, contact and registration forms, conference schedule, gallery and pricing plans. Build trust with testimonials and go on a more personal level by kicking off a blog. With a call-to-action (CTA) in the navigation menu, you raise your chances of selling even more tickets.

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etrain free template
As the name suggests, Etrain is a free simple website template for online courses. However, you can also employ this fantastic and highly adaptive web design for other education-related projects without a hassle. Alter the default settings and you unlock yourself tons of new options and possibilities.

The look of Etrain is clean and up-to-the-minute, easily adjusting for different purposes. Besides, you also do not need to worry about stuff like mobile-friendly and cross-browser compatible layout; Etrain sports it both and then some. It is also lightweight and fast loading for an always smooth experience regardless of the device they use to browse your content.

Other features and functions involve animated statistics, sticky menu, testimonials slider, blog section, Google Maps and a working contact form. Avoid starting from the ground up by getting things moving forward with the outstanding, premium-like Etrain template.

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Cohost Free Template
Even if it comes to something like web hosting and domain registration, you can still use a free simple website template. After all, simple can mean many things; whether the design is simple, the use is simple or both. In our case, it is both. And Cohost is the cracking page skin for hosting companies that proves it right. Not only is the web design simple, but it is also very minimal and sophisticated. Besides, you can employ Cohost for crafting both one- and multi-page websites without a hassle. As far as the appearance goes, Cohost has you covered in full.

When it comes to features, Cohost practices all the latest trends, like mobile-readiness, browser compatibility and retina-friendliness. Also, you will find a domain search function, on scroll content load, sticky menu, animated statistics and neat hover effects. Cohost does not miss pricing plans, testimonials and blog section either.

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Yogafun Free Template
Yoga instructors and yoga studios, Yogafun is the free simple website template for you. That’s it, as far as the web design goes, Yogafun has all the necessary and then some to push your services, classes and more. Additionally, you can also start a yoga blog with Yogafun and share all sorts of tips and tricks related to yoga, health, fitness and wellness. The options are there so use Yogafun wisely (read strategically) and take your project to an entirely new degree.

When skimming through the live preview of Yogafun, you will immediately fall in love with the cleanness and professionalism that Yogafun brings to the table. There is also a newsletter subscription form to start building your email list straight away. Make a difference in the yoga space with Yogafun and establish a spectacular website.

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dingo free template
When it comes to restaurant and food-related pages, you want to pick a free simple website template. Dingo is one fine, modern and very tasty solution for your business. With a neat and tidy presence, you can showcase your delicious food imagery professionally and uniquely. With pictures alone, you can capture their attention and start the experience strong. Little do they know, they are already filling out the reservation form which Dingo has included in the design, too.

Moreover, Dingo is a terrific template if you are looking to hammer out a one-page website, too. It supports videos content, comes with sticky drop-down menu, filterable food menu, date and time pickers and testimonials. You will also find social media icons, newsletter subscription, Google Maps and a working contact form. Spread the word out, attract even more customers and have your tables full all the time.

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Balita Free Template
When in search to find the best free simple website template to start a blog, Balita will be the best decision you make. It has a clean, minimal and light look with a smooth scroll and plenty valuable elements for you to bring something interestingly fresh to the table. Balita is no stranger to adapting to just about any niche you would like to write about. It can be food, travel, lifestyle, fashion, gadgets, even something entirely different, Balita manages it all.

You will find social media button in the top bar, as well as in the footer to show the world how sociable you are. Moreover, widget rich footer and sidebar allow you to spice up the experience and get them quick access to the hot topics. In the Balita bundle, you will also find a neat about me page and a contact section with a functional form.

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Balay Free Template
Balay is a modernistic and attention grabbing free website template that best serves interior designers and architects. It comes with a ton of amazing assets that you can greatly benefit from. Right off the bat, you will get hit with a massive slider and a simple left sidebar navigation. Everyone will get intrigued to learn more about what you do and what you have to offer them.

The content loads on scroll for a fantastic experience that will bulge everyone’s eyes. Along with the spectacular home page layout, Balay also delivers other inner pages to cover your projects, services, contacts and even a blog. If a blog is all you need and you truly enjoy Balay’s web design, by all means, use the blog part of this free simple website template only.

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Webmag Free Template
Launch an online publication website aka an online magazine with WebMag. This free simple website template is based on Bootstrap 4 what gives you the flexibility you need for your website. After all, if it is not mobile-ready, it is almost like you do not exist. I know, the modern-era, we live in, is asking for a lot. Well, do not get intimidated by it. Our tools are all responsive and compatible with all browsers so that is something you do not have to worry about at all.

WebMag has a very tidy and straightforward look that displays your content in the best possible light. Readers will definitely be interested in coming back for more of your compelling content. What’s more, you can also monetize your page with WebMag’s pre-set ad spots and grab guests’ emails with newsletter subscription widget.

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Unicat Free Template
If you offer online education and have loads of fantastic courses to share with your students, Unicat is the best option to create a learning platform. This free simple website template is all you need to start something new and provide all the necessary information and help those in need. It does not matter what type of courses and education you specify in, Unicat is ready for anything. Be it cooking, language learning, mathematics, business, marketing, you name it, Unicat handles it all effortlessly.

Now let’s quickly look at some of the features. Unicat has a full-width slider, advanced search option, register and contact forms, Google Maps and is entirely blog ready. The blog part of Unicat is actually so amazing, you might even use it to build an educational blog with it. To each their own.

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Original Free Template
To really see the best results on the interweb, you need to be as original as possible. Whatever you plan to do on the web, make sure you add your individual touch to it. People will notice your peculiarity and that is something that might be the tipping point of your online project. But first, create the blog you always wanted with the cool free simple template, Original.

The site skin has a carousel slider, minimal and elegant web design and offers excellent performance due to its lightness. You will also find an Instagram feed slider integrated into the layout, social media icons and a back to top button. For the smoothes navigation, Original uses multi-level drop-down menu which gets readers to the desired location in just a click. At this moment, it is time to take action and kick off the blogging adventure.

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Philosophy is a simple and free blogging website template for you to start publishing enticing articles quickly. You can use Philosophy for any type of online journal. You can start a fashion, travel, politics, foods, nutrition, health, you name it, blog quickly and effortlessly. The template comes with a gorgeous grid layout which loads your content while you scroll.

Header section comes with a handy navigation while footer is widget-rich. Philosophy supports all blog types, standard, video, audio and gallery, for the freedom of posting you need. In the Philosophy kit, you also get access to different elements which you can add or avoid adding to your website. Different buttons, alert boxes, functional contact form and Google Maps, it is all at your service. Get your blog up and running as quickly as possible with Philosophy.

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For a modern and web-based business that needs a web space, Zeta is the free simple website template you will benefit from greatly. It sports some truly amazing features for your convenience. From a full-width slider and parallax effect to animated skillbars, testimonials slider and call to action buttons. The navigation is a sticky one for a user to jump from section to section much faster.

Along with the tempting front page, Zeta also has a services page ready to use and tons of elements, like accordions, loaders and milestones. Besides, do not hold yourself back and start blogging with Zeta, too. You will discover a clean blog within the Zeta kit which you can do two things with. First, you can execute content marketing with it or second, you can use it as a standalone page.

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Saas free template
In this collection of the best free simple website templates, you will find an item to make pretty much any page you would like. In this case, SaaS is the ideal solution for service as a business type of projects. It is clean, neat and carefully designed and developed to offer you all the needed and then some. You could not find yourself a better template to make your product and company known.

Organized and sophisticated, as well as mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible, that is SaaS. We invested all the hours into the design and development of this great product so you do not have to. Instead, you can start using it straight away and turn it into a working website, grabbing the attention of those in need of your offering.

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Startup free template
Give your startup all the extra shine it deserves in the online space with Startup free simple website template. It is our own product that you can use for both personal and commercial use. Not only that, we give you complete permission to edit and adjust it so that Startup template meets all your requirements. You better look into it if you are a small fresh business looking to gain some extra recognition. After all, in this day and age, without a website, you are pretty much a no one.

That is where we come into play.

There is no need to go through all the struggle of creating the web space all by yourself. Do it with our free tool, like Startup. The template is based on Bootstrap Framework what provides flexibility and responsiveness. All your websites will instantly adapt to any device and work seamlessly on all popular web browsers. Startup is ready to advertise your services, your talent and whatever else you pride yourself on.

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winkel free template
Winkel is a free simple website template for online clothing stores. Whether you are starting a general apparel shop or you would like to build a page for your brand, Winkel sorts you out with cracking web design. It sports a stunning layout which will spark everyone’s interest. Very likely, you will not even want to change the default layout much and use it out of the box. It is definitely a modern and minimal looking template, ensuring a smooth shopping experience.

First and foremost, Winkel welcomes all your potential customers with a massive split-screen slider with text and call-to-action buttons. It also includes animated statistics, sticky navbar, drop-down menu, newsletter subscription form and social media buttons. You will also find cart and checkout pages included in the bundle what will save you even more time.

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dealers free template
Dealers is another spectacular free simple website template perfect for everything fashion and apparel related. It is an eCommerce web design that you can use for online clothing, shoes, bags, glasses and accessories stores effortlessly. Besides, if you dig a minimal look, Dealers will surely be the right solution for you. Dealers comes with a clean, elegant and trendy layout that will beautifully display all your items and push them right in front of your visitors.

With the full-screen banner, you can market your latest drops or special deals and start banking. Moreover, Dealers also includes product slider, subscription widget, multi-level drop-down menu, functional contact form and handy filtering features. Like that would not be enough, Dealers is also quick and straightforward to use, ideal for both beginner and expert users. Get your online business rocking the online space with Dealers’ amazingness.

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toothsy free template
As the name suggests, Toothsy is a free and simple website template for dentists and dental clinics. In short, whatever dental-related you have going on on your end, let Toothsy push it on the web with a refined and sophisticated layout. Toothsy is powered by Bootstrap Framework, fully responsive, in tune with web browsers and compatible with retina-screens and search engines.

What’s more, Toothsy has a single-page website layout which is becoming a more and more common practice in professional websites. You only need one page to present your entire business online what is definitely very convenient for the end user.

Additional goodies of Toothsy include but are not limited to animated stats, video support, testimonials, contact form and blog. You can also capture your potential patients’ emails with the integrated subscription form and use them for future marketing campaigns.

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Appy free landing page template
Appy provides comfortability that you are in need of when it comes to setting up your first or tenth website. It is a free app landing page website template with a simple and nifty web design. The features that Appy sports are almost identical to those that premium templates bring to the table. However, to get the best sense what is possible with Appy, you better check out its live preview page and be impressed.

From awesome banner above the fold to sticky menu, video support and killer features section with industry icons, Appy is ready to take your service to the next level. Let your users speak about your product and showcase what they have to say using the integrated testimonials slider. Pricing tables are also included as well as accordions for, let’s say, frequently asked questions. It is all in one place with Appy.

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Medisen Free Template
With a broad collection of all sorts of different free simple website templates, you can go after creating all sorts of pages. Regardless of the business, you operate or plan to start, we have a free web design for you. And if you happen to be in the medical field, Medisen is the one solution you should not miss checking out. The layout is as clean as it could get, perfect for displaying all your services and introducing your doctors. Everyone will immediately notice your professionalism and seriousness. On the other hand, the contemporary and trendy look will keep the engagement at the highest level.

Some of the goodies of Medisen include sticky header, testimonials, video support, hover effects and a full-blown contact page with Google Maps and form. In the Medisen kit, you will also find blog pages for when you would like to expand your reach and grow your business with compelling articles.

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raptor free template
Raptor is a simple, convenient and distinct landing page website template for web hosting firms. While the tool costs you nothing, that does not really mean Raptor is half-baked. In fact, it is very premium-like, full of amazing features and functions. Also, Raptor is 100% responsive Bootstrap layout with full browser and retina screen compatibility. With all this in mind, you know the performance will always be outstanding, ensuring your users a seamless experience.

From a catchy slider and domain search feature to pricing plans, animated statistics and testimonials, Raptor is a pack full of handy and valuable amenities. Newsletter subscription, social media icons, blog and contact form are all included in the gem, too. Skip the idea of starting a web hosting and domain registrar website from scratch and choose Raptor. It provides all the necessary for a quick launch.

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Craft Free Template
Designed and developed with agencies and freelancers in mind, Craft is a free simple website template for boosting your online presence through the roof. You can now have a breeze creating a complete web space for your business, services and portfolio. Craft unlocks a comfortable atmosphere which emphasizes your projects first and foremost. Utilize the full-screen parallax banner strategically and even let them play a video to capture their attention. First few seconds matter the most.

Furthermore, Craft’s layout reshapes to all devices and screens instantaneously. After all, it is a Bootstrap Framework template. Also, it does not matter which browsing platform they use, Craft makes sure it keeps the level of performance at an ultimate high all the time. Spread the word out with Craft by creating a sophisticated page which will win you over new business deals.

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With Drimo, building a dream website is very likely to happen. What’s best, it will not take you much time to realize the goals you have for your page since the majority of work has already been done. Drimo is a contemporary website making masterpiece that focuses on products and services. The features the template offers make Drimo a class of its own. Out of the box, you get to pick from eleven predesigned home pages. On top of that, it also has blog pages and an error page pre-made for you to enjoy using right off the bat.

Whatever you plan on creating, you can do it with Drimo. The page you are about to bring to reality will be one that will spark everyone’s interest. Expect great things to happen for your business once you go live and start driving traffic to your freshly crafted web space.

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Robotics free template
No matter how advanced and scientific your creation is, it is Robotics that helps you bring it to the online space with ease. Go as innovative as you would like and shake the internet with something extraordinary. Robotics is a website template based on Bootstrap Framework for a final web page design to be pliable and simple to manage. While you can use it exactly as you see live preview be, you can still take an extra step and perform various tweaks. Meaning, Robotics is highly customizable so make sure to use it to its full potential.

If building robots and drones is what you specialize in, then Robotics is clearly the winning template for you. Give it a test run by visiting its live preview page and see how much you can do with it.

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CallCenter free business website template
Although it feels very outdated, for some reason, communication services are still doing extremely well. If you run a communication center, you better look into CallCenter free website template this very moment. Have an up to date website that works smoothly on any device for potential clients to turn into loyal customers due to your overall professionalism. Thanks to CallCenter, you can achieve all that without a single drop of sweat.

The layout of CallCenter is responsive, retina ready and compatible with all modern and popular web browsers. No matter the device and platform they use, your website, using CallCenter, will always work without a hitch. Market your valuable services, give them a better idea why you are the best and they will not mind getting in touch with you using the included contact form. New business deals are just around the corner.

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Creative Agency

Agency free agency website template
Creative Agency is a free simple website template for all digital and web agencies out there. You can use it to push stuff as design work, marketing and even your freelancing business. In fact, go entirely against the grain and use Creative Agency for something as creative as possible. The template costs you nothing but the features and assets it offers you are priceless.

Full-screen banner with parallax effect is something that will impress every site visitor. Introduce some text and a call to action button and have them clicking and considering working with you. However, it is all due to the other sections of Creative Agency why they will pick you over the competition. Creativity has no limitations and nor does Creative Agency template.

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It is time to finally put together that site you were postponing all until now. On the other hand, take the needed action today and redesign your old page and make it trendy.

But there is a catch.

You do not have to do it all by yourself. Sure, some experience is helpful and will allow you to do great things on the web. However, when you download Fancy, you will notice how much work we already did for you. Instead of doing things from the ground up, pick this free simple website template and alter it to your demands.

Fancy is an ideal solution for creative and marketing agencies in need to sort out their web space. Have a solid start of something extraordinary and wow all your potential clients with a page appealing to the eye.

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Security free template
Instead of adjusting another template to your niche, we have a broad selection of free simple website templates to cover loads of businesses and projects. Security is the professional template for firms offering security services. No matter what you do, make sure you have a highly functional website ready for those interested in working with you to check. With a website, you instantly expand your potential and show the world how serious you are about what you do.

Waste no time and start establishing an online appearance for your project with Security. You are about to witness the simplest process of constructing a website thanks to the ease of use and the beginner-friendliness of Security. Make your security services pop, grab visitors’ emails and even start a blog. There is a ton you can do for your firm with one simple template which just happens to be free.

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Sierra free template
Give your projects and services all the extra recognition they deserve by building a website using Sierra. This free simple website template is powered by Bootstrap 4 and makes all its content display gorgeously on any device. That said, Sierra is mobile and retina ready, as well as perfectly in tune with all web browsers. The user experience it delivers is an exceptional one.

Sierra provides startups all the necessary material for a butter smooth website launch. Full-width slider, hover effects, solid attention to detail and an amazing page for services, Sierra stands the test of time and will never get old-school. In the kit, you will also find a handy contact form and Instagram widget. If you are in need of a contemporary template with an urban feel to it, Sierra is undoubtedly the best option for you.

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Mosh free template

Mosh is a clean and smart free website template for startups and small businesses. All agencies can count on Mosh and its greatness. It is a tool that all of you will find extremely simple to use and customize. However, in many cases, you will want Mosh to make your website look exactly how the live preview of the template looks. If that is the case for you, you only need to edit it with your content and you are ready to roll.

For a great start of something excellent, look no further than Mosh. You are closer than ever to realizing the website you always wanted to build. Now you can! And it costs you nothing.

Mosh has all sorts of goodies available for you to put to use. Get the most out of it and make your online projects one of those that everyone talks about. Do I hear someone saying viral?

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Suitcase free template
What is the first thing that comes to mind when you read and see the screen of our free template, Suitcase? If business and entrepreneurship is the thing that pops first thing, you could not be more right. Suitcase is a free simple website template for agencies that offer web design, development, digital marketing and other creative stuff.

Suitcase sports a wide layout with a great focus on your content both visuals and texts. All the content you plan to feature on your page loads on scroll and you can push your latest creations by using the full-width slider. Everything that Suitcase does, it does it with optimization and great performance in mind. Meaning, with the template, you will always feel safe and secure that it is performing at the same expert level all the time.

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Dup is a simple and stylish website template which brings a ton of joy to building your first or thirteenth website. No matter how many you create, Dup will never cost you a dime. It is a free simple website template which you can use for all sorts of intentions. However, it is best suited for digital agencies and small businesses. But you will not face any issues if you plan to use it for a personal website. It is all possible with a beautiful theme like Dup is.

A one-page template where you will find all the necessities to present business in the shiniest light. Make sure your online presence is not lacking quality, ever. That is something you do not have to worry when building and designing with Dup. But there is not much of the latter needed. Dup is a gorgeous tool that will help you skip doing it all from scratch. Let Dup share your achievements, your services, a video presentation and your portfolio with a cool slider. For those willing to stay in touch, the template also comes with an eye-catching subscription box. Moreover, if you are actively engaging on Instagram, make sure to connect your Insta feed with Dup, too.

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Although it was built with simplicity in mind, Boxus is one of the most unique website templates you have seen so far. You will not be able to stop scrolling up and down the preview page. Why? The way how the menu moves with your scrolling and how it highlights each section is superb. It truly is very innovative. And maybe it is all due to this outstanding feature why you will pick Boxus template for your website. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then Boxus is definitely the way to go. Hey, it is free after all. All it takes is your time and effort to put things in order and set it live on the web.

With Boxus, you are able to promote your skills and expertness, showcase your portfolio and tell more about your company. Integrated into the template is also a fully workable blog and contact form. The former will help you share your story and write about news and other whatnots. With contact form and Google Maps, you can get those interested in your industry to get in touch with you straight away. Let the bright colors and experimental web design bring your business to an entirely different level.

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If you are thinking about the sport, nope, that is not what this Bobsled is all about. It also does not necessarily need to be for something to do with bobsled in the online space. But use your imagination and make Bobsled work for you. Anyhow, to finally get to the point, Bobsled is a free and minimal website template perfect for creating landing pages and one-page websites. From startups, creative individuals to all sorts of other firms and companies, Bobsled is here to treat you right.

The simplicity of the template plays a big part in achieving success with your page. No clutter and not too much animations and special effects is definitely a good path to take. Especially when you are starting out. If you do not know what would work best for your site, just go with something simple and clean and you are good to go.

Bobsled, along with all the required goodies, also comes with a working PHP contact form. You do not need come up with your own design, you do not have to build the contact form and on top of that, Bobsled is free. What else do you need?

Download  Preview


To test the waters and see how far you can come with a proper website, free Glint template will help you create one. There is no need to pay a premium price when amazing free tools are available with which you can achieve expert levels, too. Although the footer credits will reveal it, no one will notice your page was built using a free template upon the site load. They will be inspired by the relatively plain design but still with just the right amount of life to it. Speaking of which, animations are present throughout the whole website for some additional entertainment.

Glint offers you to display stats in a lovely animation and so do other section appear smoothly on the scroll. An elegant portfolio section advertises your work with hover effect and opens images in a popup. You can then click back and forth to check other work or exit by clicking anywhere on or outside the image. Display the clients you have worked with, share customer testimonials and connect your page with social media accounts. Regarding visitors getting in touch with you, Glint’s working contact form will take care of them.

Download  Preview


Boldness and brightness are a big part of the Dinomuz free template design. You get hit with beaming colors and crisp clean layout which comes ideal for forging the most creative websites. Take advantage of each sector of the template and get the most out of it. From the nice introduction section to services and works, Dinomuz attracts the visitor in a pleasant way. There is no need to be scrolling to find what the company is all about. With Dinomuz, you can have your website get the guests familiar with what you do straight away. All the rest comes as a pleasant addition that will help you convince visitors to pick you over the competition.

Share your story and get on a personal level with everyone interested in your services. Show that you care and put extra effort into each and every project you successfully finish. Use Dinomuz free creative business template to bring your website to the top of the list of the best businesses in your industry. It will help you show your professionalism and expertness. Isn’t that something you strive towards?

Download  Preview

Go Crepe

It sounds so tasty and delicious, yet the only thing you can feed with Go Crepe are your hungry eyes. It is a simple, creative and free website template to cover all your artistic needs. At least when it comes to building a website for your online projects. You will not have any issues using Go Crepe for sites for mobile applications, search engine optimization agencies, local businesses and a whole bunch more. Perform quick few tweaks and you can have Go Crepe tailored to your needs just how you fancy it. With an interactive slider, there is no question whether or not your visitors will be intrigued by what you do. To cut a long story short, they simply will be, period.

Who would have thought that you can cover it all with one simple page? Tell what your business excels at, share your incredible works and persuade potential clients with a compelling story. Add logos of the brands you work with and place a beautiful image as a background. Plus, capture everyone’s email who is eager to get your business updates with an awesome subscription box. And you can do it all with a free and ready-to-use template that goes by the name, Go Crepe. How luscious does that sound?

Download  Preview


The things you can do with MobApp free mobile app website template is not solely limited to, well, mobile applications. However, hence the name, we will focus on these only. MobApp is a free and fully responsive website template for technology websites. If you are developing apps for iOS, Android, Mac and other PC software, this template is the ideal tool you need. After all, once you want to further promote your much-needed application, you need to build a website for it. Tell all about why mobile users need your app and how it will benefit them. Showcase app screenshots, tell them how it works and features pricing tables if it has premium plans available.

The simple, yet bright and vivid, free website template has all the necessary call-to-action buttons with one located in the menu section. Due to the sticky menu, users will get a chance to click the download button at any time. Or access it at the bottom and get redirected to Apple App Store or Google Play. The experience of browsing and checking different content of a website built with MobApp template will be an unforgettable one.

Download  Preview

Creative Agency

The name speaks for itself. Creative Agency is a free website template for everyone in the creative, digital and media fields. Building websites for agencies in the mentioned industries will be a breeze. Still, if you find the web design of Creative Agency template to your likings but you have nothing to do with creativity, feel free to use it anyway. You do not have to feel limited. You can always go against the grain and make things your way. The flexibility of Creative Agency allows you to build one-page websites for a variety of companies.

A big, full-screen photo with text and CTAs greets visitors and arouses their curiosity. It makes them scrolling to get familiar with what you do and how they can benefit from your creativity. Creative Agency has dedicated sections for portfolio, services, prices and even team members. Clean and basic blog section also comes with the template which users will be excited to read. When they know your business and talent are the one, they can get in touch with you directly from your website. Meaning, CA does not lack a 100% working contact form. All in all, Creative Agency is the premium template with all the features to construct the best business page.

Download  Preview


Are you looking for a solution to build your online brand image others will envy? BBS is the free simple website template for small businesses and one-man-bands, too. BBS might be the abbreviation for Big Bold Succeeder, or maybe that is something I just came up with. Nevermind, what is important is the ultimate features BBS template treats you with. At some point, you will start to wonder if you are really looking at a free tool. It feels so premium. That is how BBS rolls. Free of charge, yet the characteristics are like they would be of a paid template.

To describe BBS template in the shortest way possible, it would be: Simplicity mixed with sophistication. That is exactly what you get when you download it. In the modern age we are living, the online presence of your business is highly important. Make it poor and you might not see the kind of success you would when using BBS. If your page is outdated, refresh the layout with BBS template or pick it for building your first page. Your final site will be organized and optimized to the T. Start driving in more deals and scale your company.

Download  Preview


Creatives and everyone that has something to do with their artistic minds, your online appearance just got sorted with Datarc. This is a full-screen template that helps you bring your work and services to the web space. Digital agencies, tech-oriented startups and pretty much any business in between can build with Datarc template. The first thing that appears in front of your eyes is a big image. That’s the feature which you can use to impress visitors. In one or two sentences share what your startup is all about and add a call-to-action button. If this gets them scrolling and checking out more about your services, you are on a good way to score yourself a new business opportunity.

Datarc template is broken down into different sections where you can add all the additional information you would like to share. Of course, services and portfolio are two of the crucial ones. Moreover, introduce your hard working team members, start a blog and provide pricing tables. They might not even need to use the fully working contact form rather pick the plan they find beneficial right away. Grow your business above and beyond and become the leader in your field.

Download  Preview

Ca App Landing

Mobile app developers, to showcase your work in the most refined way, Ca App Landing template is the ideal option for you. No need to do the web design from the bottom up. You already have it all available for the fastest online presentation solution possible. Before we continue, you do not have to be an app developer to use Ca App Landing. It is still quite a flexible free simple website template for various other technology sites. And the modern and colorful look will surely convince you to start downloading it without giving it a second thought. Dive in and start building the required website now.

OK, let’s briefly talk about what Ca App Landing template brings to the table. First things first, the big image of your app with a short description and a CTA. The first few seconds are of utmost importance. Further down the page, tell what is distinctive about your product and why it will help others. Does it solve a problem? Make sure you mention it. State the excellent features and implement the promotional video. Slider for screenshots, pricing plans and get-in-touch form also come part of Ca App Landing. And if you would like to link it with your social media, you can do that, too.

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Labs will make any website in any industry an outstanding one. It has all the modern elements, as well as uses all the finest technologies what makes the template flexible and looking sharp. From the header to the footer, everyone browsing your newly crafted website will have a great adventure. Labs features a big slider which is connected to three boxes which you can use to highlight your services. With just these two sections alone, you can get visitor aware of what you do and what you are the expert off. But with your site development, you do not end here. You can use the free simple website template, Labs, to go in-depth, almost on a personal level with your potential clients. Heck, why wouldn’t you want to be as personal as you can be?

Build company trust with testimonials, and let others do the talking. People like to read what others have to say about you. Some even decide whether to pick you or not solely on testimonials. Expand your three main services with a comprehensive list of features that will be hard to resist. Labs template also has a team section and a functional contact form. You will find Labs bright in colors with a great deal of features to cover many business sites.

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Give yourself a reason to shine online with Pemodule free simple website template. If a single page layout is what you dig the most, Pemodule is one of the best options for you. Of course, we have more such tools in store for you, but let’s dedicate some time to Pemodule. The web design is framed with a great selection of vibrant colors to attract as many visitors and potential new clients as possible.

Furthermore, Pemodule is a Bootstrap 4 template for the ease of use and flexibility that you strive toward. You get a nice assortment of tools that will take your web presence to the next level. Especially if you are a photographer, Pemodule will do magical things for your pictures and services. It creates an overall marvelous experience no matter the device and platform they use to browse your first-class web space.

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Photographers, you are welcome. Yaseen is a one-page black and white free HTML template for everyone which photography is his or hers passion. But you do not have to be a professional to use it. Everyone in the photosphere who wants to showcase the marvelous work can do it now and have a website setup quickly and efficiently. Even if you are taking photos as a hobby, who knows, maybe someone stumbles across your work and is so impressed by it he or she wants to do immediate business with you. A few extra $$$ never hurt anybody, right?

Yaseen template reaches your requirements and goes beyond expectations. It is all in the simple and to the point web design which helps you realize the photography website you always dreamt about. That said, start acting ASAP and little do you know, your page will be up and running in no time. Use the Yaseen template out of the box or do a tweak here and a tweak there. But for the fastest solution, bring Yaseen into play as is. As you will see from the live demo, it is very eye-catching and comes with a bunch of cool features. Two different sliders, contact form, social media icons and all the other mandatory stuff. Just the right amount of features photographers need to share their work online and bring it in front of future clients.

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Maze is another lovely product that will help you create stunning and enticing websites with little work involved. This is a free simple website template with a clean look, fantastic colors and clear typography. When you need a quick solution to make a page that will display your talent and inevitable services you offer, then you sure do need to consider Maze. Editing and customization are both manageable tasks that nearly anyone can perform.

You can easily modify Maze and make it follow your personal brand exactly how you fancy. Add your content and express yourself in an impressive way using a neat page that is just short moments away from getting you online. Maze also includes a newsletter subscription widget to start grabbing everyone’s emails for future marketing promotions.

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There is a lot you can do with Impact and building a simple and clean website with it is one of them. In general, Impact is a free and multi-purpose template for bringing into being just about any type of website. You can choose between one- or multi-page layout and start from there. From animations to large images and plenty different sections cover all the aspects of your website. Share images of your work, testimonials, start a blog and take to your advantage the cool animations. Impact uses Bootstrap what makes it fluently adapt to any screen size instantly.

When constructing with Impact, you will first begin with the full-screen image. Sure, the menu is important just as well, but it is the large picture what everyone will see first. If you get them attracted by it, they will also check at the menu and all other parts of your page. Putting extra time into choosing the right visuals is helpful and might even make or break the business deal. The categorized portfolio is easy to navigate through your work and find the exact projects quickly. Pricing tables further vivify the whole experience but that is something you should see yourself. Little time will pass from initial set up and customization to the launch of your new website.

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Since single-page websites are becoming more and more popular – they even tend to perform better – Frame is the free simple website template you will benefit from greatly. It is everything you need to create the finest web presence for your business or project. From a stunning parallax banner and on scroll content load to pricing tables, testimonials and contact page, it is all included in the bundle.

Frame has a professional, sophisticated and smooth web design that instantly adapts to all devices. It is compatible with all screens and browsers and appears stunningly on retina displays. Instead of spending hours upon hours for designing and developing the ideal website, go with Frame and all the rest becomes history. The cutting-edge outcome will always appear in the best light and help you grow.



Trainer is a powerful, yet simple, free HTML5 website template for crafting pages related to activities of all sorts. You may run a gym or you are a personal trainer, whatever you do, Trainer template will handle it with comfort. It rocks the online space with a full-screen banner with parallax effect which is accompanied by light and gorgeous web design. We can call Trainer a real eye candy.

Along with the innovative front page, Trainer also comes with other sections for programs, gallery, about and contact. You barely need to do anything on your own since Trainer has it all ready to use. You do not even need to bother building a contact page since a functional one is already part of this fantastic deal. The features of Trainer are spectacular for your web presence to show your professionalism and expertness.

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Unlock a fresh new horizon of possibilities for yourself with Unlock free simple website template. You can use it for all sorts of different projects including app and service landing pages. Make sure your web space is of the highest quality regardless the devices and web browsers they use for viewing your page. Unlock makes sure that you get the most out of the internet and expand your capacity and get you known.

When it comes to simplicity, it is not only the web design that is simple, Unlock is also effortless to customize. Fill it with your content and individualism and make it follow your branding color and logo wise. You should not be afraid to introduce your creativity to Unlock and make your own version out of it.



For making portfolios to display your works and share it with the world, Pixels is a fine free simple website template. For creative individuals and just about everyone that is after building a portfolio page, Pixels is ideal for you. It is modern, mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible. The features and web design are there, you only need to put them to use and shortly after you can experience the amazing results.

Some of the handy features of Pixels are full-width slider, enticing hover effects, testimonials and back to top button. Footer section is widget rich and reveals no sooner than when you scroll all the way to the bottom. All these details and great performance call for a top-notch user experience and increase in potential new clients. Let Pixels do its thing for your project today.



Creativity has no boundaries and nor does Initial. Let’s further investigate this remarkable free simple website template that will bring your online presence to an entirely new degree. Whether you need a site to redesign or you are crafting a page for the first time, Initial is a great solution to realize your ideas comfortably. Agencies, freelancers, professional individuals and everyone else who wants to push himself, start the journey with Initial.

The look of Initial is very minimal what sparks your interest in an instant. It is the full-screen banner which creates a strong first impression and makes visitors start craving for more of what you do. In just a matter of scrolls, they can get familiar with your business, your process and learn more about your work. Initial also contains an active contact form and social media icons.



Cachet is an all-in-one solution for all your businesses and projects that need extra shine they deserve. In short, Cachet is more than just your average free simple website template. It delivers two variations, a one-page and a multi-page layout which you can utilize straight away. Well, a soon as you download the tool. It is free so go ahead and do it now.

With the vast assortment of features, your web space will become one others will chat about during a coffee break. Thanks to Cachet and all that it brings to the table, you can hammer out a functional page swiftly. Video background, on scroll content load, contact form and even an online shop section, Cachet over delivers, that is for sure. There is no need for you to keep postponing site development, do it immediately, it is way easier than you may think.



Black is a, obviously, dark free simple website template with absolutely phenomenal modern touch to it. It is minimal and elegant which will surely intrigue you and make you investigate it further. Just like you aim your end user to keep browsing your page without leaving it early. And that is something very attainable with Black template. Besides, the website canvas also rocks all the latest technologies, like Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5 and SaaS. All this tells you is that the outcome will be a steady one, performing seamlessly all the time.

The assets and characteristics of Black are outstanding, offering you to craft an enviable website. Slider, pop-up video, newsletter subscription, social media icons, back to top button and Google Maps, you get everything with Black. With as little elbow grease as possible, you can have a customized web design ready to go live thanks to Black.



Not only is it innovative and unique, Connect is also minimal and really appealing to the eye. Let’s together enjoy the amazing split-screen web design of this free simple website template. From now on, you will be looking at websites and everything else that comes along differently. It truly does not happen every day that you get a chance to get your hands on such an astonishing creation. Connect is one of the sweetest treats that will take your web presence but most importantly, your business, to the next level.

Connect displays your works in an enticing way, turning visitors into potential clients with zero trouble. Indeed, it connects people with your talent and that is what matters most. If you need something that will stand out from the crowd, as well as stand the test of time, then Connect is your go-to tool to utilize.



When you would like to format an attention grabbing website that is contemporary and easy on the eye, then you should do it with Format. The free simple website template is ready to make you a portfolio page you always fantasized about. Whether you are a solopreneour or an agency in both cases, you need to find a way how to promote your works, talents and services best. Do it the right way with Format.

The out of the box version of Format page skin is so refined and glorious, chances are, you will not want to modify it much. By all means, just add your content, your information and you are ready to roll. However, you can still do individual tweaks and deploy your own version of Format. Do what’s right and be brilliant.



Nothing holds you back once you unlock yourself access to X-Corporation. This HTML template is packed with amazing features and valuable goodies for you to bring something fresh and novel to the market. X-Corporation is a free simple website template for corporate and business pages. Of course, it only requires a few small tweaks and you can use X-Corporation for startups, agencies and consultancy firms. It is all possible.

X-Corporation is 100% responsive, cross-browser compatible, search engine optimized and based on Bootstrap. Other traits of X-Corporation template are Google Maps, sticky and mega menu, off-canvas mobile menu, smooth scroll and carousels. Whatever you do with X-Corporation, the end product is a fluid one that provides the same experience to each and every user, whether using a mobile or a desktop device.


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