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14 Best WordPress Themes for Language Learning Schools to Invest Today 2021


Since the pandemic has woken people up to the challenges of teaching, the education industry has changed. Struggle to get your course off the ground? Today, WordPress has opened countless opportunities for teachers, coaches, or tutors to make money online. The list of WordPress themes for language learning schools would be right up your alley. It is a perfect choice for those who want to share a passion for online education. Sure, premium WordPress themes are popping up every day claiming to offer the best of services and features. Yet, finding a needle in the stack is always a tough gig. That’s why we are here to help.

Thanks to the WordPress power, building a website of any kind. The coolest thing is that it requires no longer coding skills. All in all, your ambition is the only limit. All you have to do is to find the solution that fits your needs and scale your business to the level. The list of WordPress themes for language learning schools includes only the best options. Create a language learning website on your own and become your own boss today. Design your pages to fit your specific needs and have no coding issues. Showcase your expertise and grow your customers’ base day by day. At the end of the day, you will get a website that looks great on any device.

ProLingua | Translation Bureau & Interpreting Services WordPress Theme

The design is always the first aspect of an education website. If done right, it captures the attention and keeps it there. ProLingua is a modern specimen of the best WordPress themes for language learning schools. As such, you can use it for a translation agency, linguist firm, freelancer, or language courses. Jam-packed with the WPBakery page builder, it makes the site-building work a smooth track. So, create new page layouts like a pro and have no headache with coding. To make your website noticeable and more engaging, make the best use of the Revolution Slider. Thus, place your best-selling products or services on your homepage sliders and get the attention you need. Also, ProLingua is a WPML solution, so let your users enjoy your content in their native language. Do not forget to be creative with your header & footer areas.

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Translang | Translation Services & Language Courses WordPress Theme

Without a doubt, students would find it easy to navigate through your website when you choose Translang to design your website. Stylish and clean, it’s the other specimen of WordPress themes for language learning schools. Crafted with care, it fits also translation services, language courses, freelancer business, and the like. Are you a beginner? A set of powerful blogging tools and an extensive collection of plugins is here to help. To spoil your users with convenience, Translang features several translation application forms. Besides, Translang is a versatile solution so you can customize it as per your liking. Start with pre-made pages, make any changes you need, and grow from there. Those who’d like to build a tutoring service website should take advantage of the custom post type ‘Classes’. It’s a surefire way to display your language courses more appealing to your website. In fact, it supports the WPML plugin.

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Lingvico | Language Center & Training Courses WordPress Theme

Planing to step into an eLearning niche? Build a helpful website for students, parents, and everyone seeking to acquire information about training courses. Lingvico is a great choice for anyone in the education niche. As such, it works for the education center, training courses, tutoring services, and so on. Integrated with the custom post type, Lingvico is a perfect option for different types of courses and classes. The thing is Lingvico is compatible with the Elementor page builder. The result? Well, you skip a lot of the time-consuming developing work from day one. As such, you create new page layouts on a go and save time. Also, Lingvico comes with a plethora of custom shortcodes, premade pages, and blocks. Thus, you speed up your site-building process. Finally, to get to the top of the popularity on the web, Lingvico is coded in line with the best SEO practices.

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Language Center & Online School Education WordPress Theme

Imagine you are an eager 18-year-old looking for a place to grow and learn, an online school would be a great way to go. A stylish and modern WP template would be right at home for anyone in the education niche. It serves a language center or tutoring services best. But who said you can’t use it for a university, institute or academy website? In fact, it’s the other specimen of WordPress themes for language learning schools that come with custom post type integration. The list of the benefits included in this theme abounds. To add even more, you get the freedom to customize the themes as per your liking. And the best part is that you don’t need to learn how to code. Thus, create new page layouts, customize header & footer areas, and manage appointments like a pro. Responsive and Retina ready, your education website will be competitive.

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Education Center | Training Courses WordPress Theme

Education Center sits high among the best WordPress themes for language learning schools for a reason. It gives you the help you need when getting started. All in all, with a whooping of 1.8K of downloads, Education Center is definitely worth exploring. First, it fits education establishments both online and offline best. Second, it comes with a whole host of customization options that you can be daunted by its number at first. Yet, no need to worry. One favorite thing about Education Center is that it lets you create a website without anyone’s help. Sure, your website represents your education establishment, and also a lot more. It lets you make profits online. The letter option is possible thanks to the WooCommerce plugin. The list of benefits includes also the LearnDash LMS plugin, WPML support, and GDPR compliance. Now go and simplify the site-building process from day one.

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Are you a novice with no experience in website designing? Fret not. Bookshelf can help get you started. It stands out from the other WordPress themes for language learning schools for its versatility. It is a perfect choice for an online bookstore, modern online library, literature blog, or online courses. Bundled with the WooCommerce integration, it lets you sell media products, electronic books, music or micro-courses online — quickly and with no headache of coding. Besides, Bookshelf is compatible with the LearnDash LMS plugin. As such, you can create courses, lessons, or quizzes like a pro. Say, if you plan to build a literature club, the Events Calendar functionality would be a huge help. Aside from that, Bookshelf is a GDPR compliant solution that means your website is built in line with the modern web design rules. Engage your users right from a home screen and see your popularity grows.

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Juno | Kids Toys & Games Store WordPress Theme

Like most WordPress themes for language learning schools, Juno comes with a clean layout. It uses bright colors and makes your website look elegant and beautiful. Cute and attractive, it fits kids’ toy online store, kids fashion, or children’s educational blog. First, it is a GDPR compliant and Gutenberg ready solution. As a result, you create new page layouts on a go. Second, integrate with the WooCommerce. So, waste no time and launch your online store within minutes. To tell the story about your brand, make the best use of pre-made pages. Sure, the inventory of your products or services abounds, that’s where the mega menu would help. Besides, showcase your best services or products on your homepage sliders. When it comes to your gallery, organize it in grids to gain the attention you need. Finally, Juno is a multilingual WP template that lets you skip multi-language problems.

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Academee | Education Center & Training Courses WordPress Theme

Teaching online starts with a website that promotes your e-learning space. If your website doesn’t deliver a unified learning experience for users, it needs a redesign. In dire need of something special? Give Academee a check. Modern and professional, it looks awesome on all modern mobile devices, platforms, and browsers. It is a great choice for educational establishments of all kinds. Also, it fits tutoring services, education centers, or training courses. Sure, Academee comes with a set of pre-made pages to help you build a modern website quicker. Yet, you can also create new page layouts on your own. That’s why the WPBakery page builder comes included in the package. To get your website to the top of the popularity, Academee comes with an SEO optimized code. So, your website is more likely to appear as close to the top of the search engine results as possible.

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SmartHead | Tutoring Service & Online School WordPress Theme

Want to stay apart in terms of excellence and learner engagement? Take a closer look at your website. It doesn’t serve your goal? Time to act. Create an eLearning website and share your knowledge with people who’d like to learn from you. Go for SmartHead. Trendy and feature-rich, it ranks high amongst WordPress themes for language learning schools. Thus, it doesn’t only look great but it saves your time. Right off the bat, it comes with so many advanced features that you can even get a bit overwhelmed. Yet, no reason to worry. SmartHead is a great option for tutoring services thanks to the custom post type integration. Also, show your prices for tutoring and don’t make your visitors think. The list of benefits includes also online appointment booking and management. Needless to say, SmartHead is an SEO optimized WP template. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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The usability of your eLearning space can make or break your business. Users will come to your website to study, so don’t distract them. If you are looking for a clean solution, Lorem Ipsum can help. Modern and uncluttered, it fits a contemporary online library, or literature blog. Yet, you’re not limited to your desires. A whole host of customization options will come to your aid. Want to launch an online bookstore bureau? No problem. Take advantage of the WooCommerce plugin. Start selling things like electronic books, music, or video games within minutes. Wish to build a book lovers portal? Make the best use of pre-made pages to represent your brand in a more appealing way. You can also create new page layouts on your own. On top of that, Lorem Ipsum is compatible with the LearnDash plugin for e-learning. Start small and go big with your aspirations.

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Studeon | An Education Center & Training Courses WordPress Theme

Online promotion matters in this modern world. And language learning schools are no exception, too. If you want to promote your educational establishment, do it right with Studeon. Responsive and stylish, it will definitely catch your attention. It works for educational establishments of all kinds. Also, it’s a great choice for a training firm, language center agency, or webinar company. It could be one of the best WordPress themes for language earning schools solutions for you. And versatility is one of its pros. Want to build an educational blog or a news portal? A piece of cake. What about an info magazine? Studeon doesn’t limit you. Thus, it’s compatible with the Events Calendar plugin, so manage your events on a go. Also, it lets you sell things online in a matter of minutes. When it comes to page layout creation, WPBakery saves you a day. Ready to go?

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Hogwords | Education Center WordPress Theme

Interact with students from around the world through your website. To keep your website at the top of the popularity, it needs to be engaging from a home screen. Build a professional website out-of-the-box with Hogwords. Save a ton of time when building a website and enjoy full control to personalize any aspect of it. Modern and stylish, it fits any type of training and remote educational courses. Also, it works for a college, school, or tutoring services agency. To make the site-building work fun and enjoyable, take advantage of the WPBakery page builder. Make any changes you need to keep your website competitive on the web. Enjoy several custom course layouts, dozens of pre-made pages, and a set of beautiful gallery and blog post variants. On top of that, Hogwords is compatible with the Events Calendar plugin. And the list of benefits goes on and on.

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Eduma | Education WordPress Theme

One of the greatest benefits of using Eduma is that it saves you a ton of time. With a whooping of 23K of downloads, Eduma needs to be high on your list. All modesty aside, it’s one of the best WordPress themes for language learning schools out there. Crafted with care, it ensures a hassle-free ability to build a beautiful, professional, and fully personalized website. It’s a perfect choice for LMS, training center, courses hub, academy, or kindergarten. The best thing about Eduma is that it includes the Elementor page builder. For you, that means nothing but a seamless site-building work that saves your time. Indeed, it’s compatible with the number one LMS plugin LearnPress. Also, it supports bbPress and BuddyPress functionality, which is also great. On top of that, you can even integrate Zoom with your website to have video conferencing. There are so many other benefits to try.

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Tabula | Art, Music & Language School

If you want to create your own e-learning website, give Tabula a check. First, Tabula is a multi-purpose solution. That means nothing but extreme versatility right from the start. Thus, you get 3 beautiful demos and 12 pre-designed homepage layouts to choose from. Second, Tabula fits a language school, acting or dance studio, academy, or art and music classes. Next, Tabula comes with a fully responsive and Retina ready layout. So you won’t miss out on any single website visitor. It’s a good rule of thumb to offer a visitor something for free. So, let them know how much your product or services will cost. A highly rated customizable Cost Calculator plugin will let you do that. Sure, it supports the WooCommerce plugin, which is a nice help when planning to launch an online store. Finally, it’s a WPML ready and supports the RTL feature.

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Final Words About WordPress Themes for Language Learning Schools

Building an educational website might be an easy task. Yet, the trick is to find the perfect WP template that serves you best. That can be quite confusing especially with no experience in website designing. That’s why the list of WordPress themes for language learning schools above is worth exploring. It includes only the best solutions that have been already tested by time and users. So, why waste time when we’ve done the hardest work for you? Study your niche market first and it’ll be easier for you to pick the solution that can serve your target audience.


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