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15 Best Easy Digital Download WordPress Themes 2021


Grab any of these versatile Easy Digital Downloads themes and expand your online presence over and beyond with your digital products.

Every freelancer, every entrepreneur, and every digital business professional has something to sell. It’s really not that hard to comprehend.

If you are a freelance writer, you might have a book to offer. If you’re an entrepreneur, you might launch an online course. Likewise, graphic designers can increase their earnings by cutting out the middle man. You know, instead of relying on third-party sites for sales, you can just create your own portfolio marketplace. With Easy Digital Downloads themes, it is super easy and fast to do.

Easy Digital Downloads is an eCommerce plugin for WordPress that provides a universal solution for selling digital products. Instead of trying to fulfill the needs of everyone, the EDD platform focuses on streamlining the selling process of digital goods. It wouldn’t be possible without its advanced features though.

For example, a unique shopping cart that can accumulate multiple products. An inbuilt coupon system for you to provide special offers to your customers or business partners. It seamlessly works with popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe.

Your customers can check their purchase history, and download files whenever they want. It becomes so much more powerful when you give it a good theme. And we have prepared some amazing EDD themes that we know are going to catch your attention.

Easy Digital Download WordPress Themes for all Downloadable Products



Are you contemplating to start a digital marketplace for digital goods? You are going to need a decent template to support your idea. DGWork is a custom WordPress theme for digital stores, especially for selling photographs, general digital downloads, and any type of product. The Digital Shop design template bridges a brand identity with clear product outlines. Think of it as a business theme with the capacity for you to make money through selling digital downloads. While commonly used to sell stock photos, graphics designs, eBooks, web templates and code scripts, the use of DGWork can be applied to any type of downloadable product.

The biggest seller for DGWork theme seems to be the product page design. Those designs are not just byproducts of an overall homepage layout. They’re customizable pages with their own identity, ideal for explaining the personality of a product you are selling. You structure them similarly to structuring a landing page for a product outside of digital goods. Each product page can have its custom background photo, with a brief introduction and a video preview. Below the header, you have the option to showcase a pricing table. Sometimes you may want to sell different license types and having pricing tables will help a lot in those situations!

The user account interface has its own design assigned to it. That’s where you and your sellers can manage, like upload and delete their product stock.

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Music is without a doubt one of the leading sellers on the web. Think of iTunes and similar music services that sell individual tracks and albums. With the expansive growth of digital devices, buying CD’s isn’t as popular as it once used to be. Needless to say, artists are always looking for new platforms on which to create their fanbase and promote music on. Sometimes the big platforms can be a bit too demanding with their fees and taxes.

Artists that have a small community surrounding them are constantly looking for new ways to promote their music to a new audience. The SoundBox WordPress theme is perfect for musicians, music labels, but can also be modified to be used for any kind of a marketplace platform that sells digital downloads. That’s the beauty of WordPress themes and the Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

SoundBox features a beautiful mega menu navigation, responsive layout, and free integration of the premium Revolution Slider plugin. Featuring artists is an important part of ensuring that they keep coming back. Because of Visual Composer, you can actually create your own stylish designs. All the components are separated for individual use. Product pages are simple, and you can sell music based on its quality separately. You can use SoundBox to create subscription models as well, the custom pricing tables have a high conversion rate due to their strong presence.

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Olam is a multi-purpose WordPress theme for digital marketplaces and online stores. Customers of Olam have used this theme to create stock photography markets, digital stores for selling plugins and themes, and many other variations of digital products. With a superb documentation file that accompanies the Olam theme, you will quickly learn how to bootstrap your own digital store enterprise! Furthermore, Olam is compatible with popular Easy Digital Downloads extensions. That gives you the freedom to create a true community environment around your digital marketplace.

Are you a web designer or a freelance writer? The chances are that you need a website to sell your services from. Fortunately, Olam caters to the services market as well. It actually has a custom demo layout just for that, a services marketplace. Do you know sites like Fiverr? Well, with Olam you have the opportunity to create your own. Although, it’s totally up to you. You can just use it to create a unique marketplace for your own services. Defining and specifying the type of design work that you carry out can make it easier for customers to understand whether you are the right person for the job.

With Olam, you get three product listing styles. You can choose to display or hide the pricing of goods. The background color of the navigation menu is yours to customize. A recent update has added the support for Easy Digital Downloads Bookings plugin. Now, you can create your own bookings platform! The navigation menu and the logo at the header have various alignment specifications. Video and audio previews for products are also available.

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Stock photography as a market exploded some few years ago. It is our guess that this is due in large part to the immense growth of content publishing on the web. Everyone wants to supplement their content with authentic and unique photographs. Sites like Pixabay provide ample amounts of free stock and vector photography, but they are no match for stock marketplaces. If you are a photographer, or simply wish to dominate the stock photo market, then you have to consider the Stocky theme. It’s a sturdy Easy Digital Downloads design that was created to be used only on stock photography websites.

You can invite other photographers to come and sell on your site, or, you can sell only your own photos. Using Stocky gives you a separate platform from which you can sell and manage your photo library. The photo pages are designed for this purpose as well. Instead of the sale of a simple size at all times, you can sell multiple photo sizes with individual prices. Bloggers and journalists don’t typically need the original images to add to their articles, and a small resolution might do.

Stocky automatically generates your photo galleries for you. It also has a unique feature that extracts the EXIF information from your photos. Now your customers can see what kind of gear the photo was taken with. And last but not least, Stocky comes with a unique plugin that can extract photo keywords that have been specified using Adobe Lightroom. Those keywords can then be added as WordPress content tags.

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aabbe easy digital download theme
Selling digital products is pretty easy these days. After all, you do not need all these special tools and software to make it happen. Instead, you only need Aabbe; all the rest is a piece of cake. This remarkable Easy Digital Downloads WordPress theme includes tons of amazing material that will help skyrocket your business.

From six homes and over twenty internal pages to MailChimp support and fully compatible with multi-vendor marketplace creation, Aabbe is truly an impactful solution. Of course, you will never need to deal with code when working on your online platform with the all-around and flexible Aabbe.

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awam easy digital download wordpress theme
Right away, you will notice that Awam is something a little different. It is a stunning web design for online portfolios, freelancers and agencies with full support for offering digital products. With that in mind, you can flawlessly integrate the Easy Digital Downloads plugin and expand your business to new heights. Instead of just creating masterpieces, sell them, too.

Awam rocks tons of neat features that will raise your potential to new heights. Particle and parallax effects, one- and multi-page support, before/after images, progress bars and portfolio slider are some of the amenities that Awam offers to its users. Make your creative business and items shine online with Awam.

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cognio easy digital download theme
If you are launching a new book and you are looking for an extra boost in promotion, build a website. Don’t shy away from the idea, as Cognio is here to change everything for you. It is a powerful and beginner-friendly Easy Digital Downloads WordPress theme that will help you get more eyeballs on your new book.

With amazing sections, catchy designs and all these special features, you can create a positive and lasting impact. Also, with strategically placed call-to-action buttons, your users can make a purchase quickly. By the way, even if you have multiple eBooks available, you can still push them with Cognio.

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The Business Hub marketplace theme from CactusThemes is another powerhouse of a design choice. You don’t get one or two, but six unique market designs that you can apply to your site. From traditional business layouts, to fully decked out online stores. You don’t necessarily have to use Business Hub for digital downloads alone, either. Though that is definitely the main selling point for this beautiful theme. Quite a few Business Hub users are mobile developers who use this theme as the landing page for their mobile applications.

The portfolio design is divided into two parts, first one for actual collections, and second for project descriptions. What is that you are going to sell in your digital store? Is it artwork, services, or both of them? With project pages, you can outline your previous experience in the field. It will reassure your customers about your credibility and improve your sales drastically. The features, codebase, WordPress plugin support, and customer service have all been emphasized by Business Hub customers.

Do you need an explosive mega menu? Not a problem, it’s already included! Do you want to have a fixed navigation that scrolls with user interaction? That’s not an issue either, just go to the theme options and enable it. Business Hub is a wonderfully rich theme for Easy Digital Downloads marketplaces. Selling your digital products will never be the same, and people will recognize your design from far away.

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Restored is a complete WordPress marketplace solution for selling digital goods. Any digital entrepreneur can build their own digital marketplace at a fraction of the cost if using Restored. Because of Easy Digital Downloads support, you can use Restored to sell your favorite digital items. The significantly abundant documentation does a marvelous job at explaining how to setup Restored in just a few minutes.

Overall, Restored feels professional. You can create product reviews, and overlay products with quick checkout buttons. If building a community is part of your business strategy, you can launch a bbPress forum for which the Restored theme has a custom skin. bbPress is a brilliant way not only for providing support but for creating engaging discussions too. The MailChimp widget helps you collect email subscribers effortlessly.

Any digital seller will tell you that there is a lot of money to be made on the email list. If you invite other brands and vendors to sell on your site, they can have their own profile pages with custom contact forms. It’s crucial to separate yourself from the brands that choose to sell on your site. Restored in that sense is intuitive.

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Do you dream of making a platform like Spotify one day? Well, that day has arrived! And in some ways, it actually has. Musik is a WordPress music platform theme for musicians, music labels, and music driven communities. With Musik, you can organize your music content by genre, released albums, individual artists, events, and music videos. It caters to virtually every single aspect of the music industry. Finding new music with this theme is not only comfortable but convenient and utterly useful for artists themselves.

When you enable Easy Digital Downloads — which this theme supports — you can transform your music platform into a digital sales platform. From thereon, your visitors can purchase albums and songs from their favorite artists. And who knows, they might even discover someone new along the way. You can help readers find music by showcasing leading songs based on the weekly ratio, overall famous artists, and any new songs that have just been released. After all, it is a WordPress theme, so much of these features are based on widgets.

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mayosis easy digital download theme
Mayosis is an exclusive digital marketplace WordPress theme with a modern, clean and superb web design. Starting your own project becomes quick and straightforward with Mayosis and all it has in store for you. Speaking of which, the whole Mayosis experience begins by choosing one from two pre-made demos. Bear in mind, new samples are coming your way with future theme updates so stay tuned.

Other treats of Mayosis are WPBakery and Elementor drag and drop page builders (yes, both!), over twenty custom elements for both builders, full-blown blog and custom header features. Along with the paid digital items, Mayosis also gives you a chance to provide them with freebies for an additional persuasion trick. Whether you plan to sell fonts, icons, UI kits, WordPress themes, eBooks, you name it, Mayosis handles them all.

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Life Coach


Life coaching has exploded as a wellness business niche. It seems like every other person wants to share their life lessons with those who might need help. This, in turn, has motivated WordPress designers to pump out themes related to the topic. Life Coach is a responsive WordPress theme for independent individuals who are ready to launch their business. It is a theme that lets you put yourself on the digital map. It combines modern blogging elements with an online store — supported by EDD — where you can sell your services and products.

Amongst life coaches, the most popular products seem to be online courses and books. But, also services like personal therapy and other types of modalities. This Life Coach theme uses great typography to help you get your point across. The inbuilt Unyson Page Builder is excellent for building new pages on your site, in particular, pages for your products. Because personal life coaches often depend on their email lists to sustain the business, this theme has an integrated MailChimp feature. With a single widget, you can display your email signup form anywhere on the site, including the main header.

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webify easy digital download theme
Webify is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that is fully compatible with Easy Digital Downloads plugin. That said, if you would like to sell digital products, you can make it happen with Webify quickly and effortlessly. There are tons of predefined demos at your disposal, offering you a swift start on the internet. In addition to that, you can also customize and modify each page layout to the very last detail with the use of the drag and drop page builder.

A ton of blocks and modules, lovely galleries and portfolios, mobile-friendliness, dope modular system and unlimited headers and footers, you get the gist of it. Webify is a serious deal when it comes to hammering out websites of all kinds. From simple blogs to advanced business sites, you can make them happen all with one tool – Webify!

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reco easy digital download theme
If you have a lot of freebies going on that you would like to share with the world, Reco is the Easy Digital Downloads theme for you. It comes packed with five demos which vary from minimal, carousels and classic blog to grid with sidebar and one with preset advertising. Moreover, Reco also supports all sorts of content types, like gallery, image, video and audio. Needless to say, Reco’s layout readjusts to all screen sizes at once, offering a flawless experience all the time. Along with device compatibility, Reco is in tune with web browsers and retina screens, too.

Some other practical features of Reco include lazy loading, sticky sidebar, back to top button, subscription widget and more. To create your own online space where you can share freebies and other compelling content, go with Reco and make a difference.

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SEO Rocket


Search engine optimization as a business venture has exploded in popularity. There are marketing agencies, SEO experts, and social media professionals who are all seeking to create their own services-based business. And it’s much easier to do so when you have a WordPress theme to give you the required design context. SEO Rocket in that regard is a satisfying premium theme for launching an independent or agency-based business website. You can show off your services individually, and use full-screen images to discuss services in-depth. You have the ability to display important business data, like how many customers you have or how many awards you have won.

In the SEO business, reviews and testimonials are everything, which is why SEO Rocket includes a separate section of the site just for showing off your projects and previous work. You can throw in custom pricing tables to offer different levels of services, too. And what would an SEO service business be if not without its own blog! You got to show off your ability to back up your claims by having well-ranking content yourself. With SEO Rocket you can start your own professional blog and discuss the latest trends in your industry.

Since it is an EDD powered theme, you don’t need to use third-party services to process your payments. You can just use your SEO Rocket theme to host your own marketplace. Eventually, you may even consider selling more than just services. This theme has perfect compatibility with plugins like Essential Grid, WooCommerce, Translation, Visual Composer, and Swipe Slider.

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