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15 Outstanding Premium Zen Cart Templates 2020


ECommerce website building just became a whole lot easier with the help of Zen Cart templates. These allow you to build any type of online shop with ease.

Due to its extreme user-friendliness, this open-source shopping solution gives everyone a chance to get as creative as he or she would like to get. The only limit you are faced with is your imagination.

Even those with little to none web skills, you can, too, put together professional looking e-stores with relative ease. Not to mention, you will be ready to press the big red “Launch” button in a ridiculously short amount of time.

Making the eCommerce world simple and uncomplicated is what keeps Zen Cart going strong. Countless options and features make this software stand out from the competition. You will be surprised and left in amazement once you start putting any of the Zen Cart templates listed below to use. It is all due to the wide specter of customization options and features. Modify the theme you fancy to your likings and create a unique final product that will help you start taking fresh orders once you release it to the online space.

Sometimes, things sound so complicated, yet they are not. It is only a matter of building up courage and taking action. From then on, it all comes together easily.

The best Zen Cart templates


alto zen cart template
Alto is a powerful premium Zen Cart template with a whopping thirteen home page layouts and counting. Besides, Alto also has five different headers, two footers and four beautiful image styles. You install the demo content with one click and start editing it immediately. In the shortest space of time, you can have ready online shops for fashion, flowers, home decor, accessories or any other. The web design is clean and minimal for a shopping experience to remember.

Daily deals, infinite product scroll, mega menu, Slider Revolution and quick view are just some of the amazing features of Alto template. Without the need to load a separate page, users can add items to their cart and view the additions using the slideout cart layout. From the demo installation to the launch of a freshly crafted eCommerce website, Alto makes sure little time passes.

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yourstore zen cart template
ECommerce entrepreneurs, your lives just became a whole lot easier and less stressful. You stumbled across a solution for your online project which unlocks all the possibilities and helps you scale things up easily. It is updated and improved YourStore Zen Cart template what we talk about. Hard to decide where to start with the features but let give all the newer ones some extra shine.

Since the developers are always working and grinding behind the scenes and are open for suggestions, they managed to make features come true. To go along the already amazing menu and help visitors find what they are looking for, the search bar got the instant search suggestion function. You type and YourStore shows.

Moreover, the page loading speed has been improved. This calls for an even better user experience especially for all the smartphones using shoppers. Indeed, your shop will work beautifully on all screen sizes, even the retina-ready displays.

YourStore has a ton of features and spices things up with even some premium ones. It comes with a variety of predefined layouts for you to speed up the building process. Plenty is ready for fashion stores, as well as car parts, electronics, and tools.
Unquestionably, YourStore is the template which will meet and fulfill all your needs.

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Fresh Food

fresh food zen cart template
Organic stores specifically, but other online shops, too, Fresh Food sorts out in a snap. We all need to thank the handy mixture of ready-to-use material. From four index pages to stunning list and grid views, wishlist and even blog pages. With the latter, you can attract more organic traffic with well-thought-out content marketing. It is all carefully packed into the Fresh Food kit which you will enjoy unboxing.

The marvelous Zen Cart template has a modern and elegant web design for foods to appear even more delicious. It has a strong attention to large images which, unquestionably, need to be of the highest quality. For the quickest solution, it is more or less assembling the elements together and adding your content. All the rest, Fresh Food has at your disposal.

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marcus zen cart template
Do you want a look that is astounding yet not too gaudy? Why not try Marcus, a Zen cart template for anything under the sun? This charming tool is built with a responsive design, making websites appear magnificent on all devices and browsers. You will never need any technical skill when designing with Marcus either. With a plethora of templates, icons, fonts and other components on its arsenal, you can come up with almost unlimited design combinations. Couple the ready-made material with your creativity and the options you have all of a sudden become endless.

Marcus has a dedicated support team that can address your concerns almost anytime. You could also expect new features to arrive with updates that will improve and increase your website’s value over time. If you are ready to start pushing different products online, Marcus is the one solution you should not skip.

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luxury zen cart template
Nothing should be stopping you from crafting the ideal e-shop with Luxury ZenCart template. A super simple to use tool which brings to the online space professional websites quickly and easily. Not only that, you also have the power to manage and further improve the site when sales start coming in. Benefit from all the practical features Luxury comes with and finally realize that business idea.

To create the ideal, there are 7 front page variations available. Pick what you find the most fitting. Use it as is or personalize it and make it look more original. The category page is a stunning web design which has just the right amount of everything for a flawless shopping session. As for the products themselves, the details page gives two options. A fullpage view with right sidebar or a view with product carousel. Showcase the items in a way so others will find it useful and appealing to the eye.

Last but definitely not least, blog section. You can implement it into your store for a variety of reasons. Promote your products, announce new collections and, most importantly, use it for content marketing. Create incredible pieces and share them with the world. After all, you are the expert in your niche.

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goodwin zen cart template
Goodwin is a Zen Cart theme that you can employ for nearly any eCommerce website you can think of. There is a collection of thirteen and counting home page demos that you can take to your total advantage. Out of the box, you can use Goodwin for online fashion, sport, furniture, nutrition, electronics, toys and watch stores, to name a few. But to be honest, the options and possibilities go way beyond that.

What’s more, Goodwin also includes thirteen headers and footers, dark and light modes, RTL layout, reviews, mega menu and newsletter pop-up. Needless to say, the design is mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible, as well as optimized for search engines and loading speed. Enjoy all the goodies that Goodwin brings to the table and manage and maintain an online shop like a pro, even if you are with little to no experience.

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pilotx zen cart template
Something very niche, yet very powerful and practical. A theme dedicated to flight and other pilot oriented online eCommerce businesses. Are you one of those who keeps on wandering the web to find the perfect solution for his or hers online project? If so, that, my friends, is about to end now. Whoever is passionate about everything planes and flying and would like to start a business off of it, Pilotx Zen Cart template is the instrument you need. You might not know it yet, but you just created yourself an online store. Not literally but you are just so close to realizing it you will later know what I meant.

Above the fold, Pilotx features a beautiful and clean full screen slider which you can use for hooking visitors and selling them special offers and new products. You can use the slider to promote anything you want or just to amaze the shoppers with visuals. Sometimes going against the grain is a great path to take. You choose.

Take to your advantage the amazing functionalities of Mega Menu and create the best website navigation. While in the category, let visitors filter items by manufacturers, alphabetically, etc. They can also choose between grid or list views. The latter provides a little more info about the product itself. The product detail page is also full of useful features and supports video, too.

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Real Estate

real estate zen cart template
Like you can already guess it from the name, Real Estate Zen Cart template is perfectly suitable for real estate agencies (and even individuals). The clean, stylish and responsive design gives you everything you need for your business. Add new listings, promote special deals, coupons and more in different columns from the drop-down menu. The robust menu also supports banners and text so you can pre-sell the potential client.

Real Estate features an astonishing slider where you can showcase different houses and properties. To add more to the amazing photos, the item information is placed on a transparent block. Moreover, eye-catching banners promote the properties you are selling and give visitors an excellent quick overview of what is available. Different blocks can be added to improve front page navigation and get them to what they are after faster.

Add to cart button appears only on hovering the photo while a short description and pricing are at the bottom of each photo at all times. This allows you to create a great first impression and quickly notify users about the amazing deals you offer. Each item has a thorough product detail page where you can provide more information about the property. Add different options for the buyers to pick and even add a mind blowing video presentation.

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Spare Parts

spare parts zen cart template
Many folks have a thing for cars but not that many are turning their passion into a business. To open your mind and show you how easy it is to start an online car store business, check out Spare Parts Zen Cart template. With very little time invested into the modification of the template, you can have your first spare parts online shop ready for the clients. At first glance, the template might look very minimal and basic. It is this clean layout what makes a great shopping experience, yet the functions of Spare Parts are beyond amazing.

From multi currencies and multi languages support to a handy menu and full responsiveness, your online shop will look phenomenal with Spare Parts. Great categorization (with subcategories) and a nice way of displaying products ensure a distraction-free look around. Aside from the price and name, each product also features short info while still browsing the category section. Speaking of the products, you can have them presented in a grid or in a list view.

You might just found the perfect solution to start making money off of your hobby. You probably know more about cars and parts than the majority of the population. Bring that knowledge to the online world and show everyone what you are expert at.

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housewares zen cart template
Selling kitchen utensils with Housewares Zen Kart template, Kuki, is easy, fun and professional. You do not have to be a chef nor a coder or a designer to start an online eCommerce business in this industry. More or less, having an entrepreneurial spirit is more than enough. All the rest is Kuki’s work. This complex template is the main ingredient which will help you cook the tastiest web designs. Add your personal touch of creativity to it and you are marching toward success.

The theme is built on Bootstrap for full extensibility, as well as ultimate customization variations. It also comes with an integrated online chat for immediate help to customers in need. The admin panel is very user-friendly and helps you modify different sections of Kuki template comfortably. Your site will not be missing mobile friendliness and retina display readiness. Speaking of which, your site will work smoothly on all types of devices and screen resolutions. There are also many social options to make your online store sharable, so it spreads organically. You also will not lack organic traffic due to Housewares template’s search engine friendliness.

Selling to experienced chefs or home cooks, with Kuki you can launch any type of store.

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apparel zen cart template
Eva comes ideal as an Apparel Zen Cart template for a fashion project you always dreamt about starting. Now you can become a real online store builder even if you do not come even close to one. The simplistic approach to crafting a site is very convenient with Eva. You will be amazed by how much you can accomplish in a super short amount of time. Without any prior knowledge about setting up and launching a page, of course.

Eva is decorated with a superb full-width slider with which you can promote outfits, new arrivals, sales and more. The front page of your online fashion store will luxuriate shoppers with a minimal design. All the info, like deals, prices and product names, will only appear on mouse hover. Until then, it will all look very basic, smooth and pure.

In the helpful menu, you are to create, you can also dedicate a whole section to the brands you carry. They will appear in a cool drop-down with logos. A little additional entertainment, if you will. With Mega Menu, you can really go above and beyond by creating a navigational experience no one has ever witnessed. Do stand out from the crowd and add a ton of value to each individual who visits your store as a gratitude.

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Electronics Store

electronics store zen cart template
You do not need much of introduction to Electronics Store Zen Cart template. It is responsive, features Mega Menu and comes packed with a variety of features you can use to your advantage. If you need a quick solution for your online project that involves selling gadgets and electronics of all kinds, this is the theme for you. Even if you plan to have many categories and a ton of products, this Zen Cart template will handle it all for you. You can call it whatever you want but Electronics Store sure is elegant and easy on the eye. Plus, it is straightforward to install and open to your needs. A great option if you would like to upgrade your existing e-store or directly launch your first ever eCommerce project. It will do good to all of you.

Advanced search gives a visitor a chance to search by keyword, price range, date, as well as limit the search to category or manufacturer. For a mega store with hundreds if not thousands of products, a thorough search option is a must. But you can also give everybody to browse your electronics-stacked market via a nifty menu. A products-first template brings a ton of possibilities to both the owner and the customer.

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medic zen cart template
Unquestionably an evergreen industry where one can make a ton of money in. Everything medical related is definitely a great idea for an online business. Selling expensive medical equipment, nutrition, wound care or whatever else is very possible with Medic Zen Cart template. On the other hand, you can redesign the whole responsive layout and build a store in any other niche, too. The compatibility and the extensibility of the template are level 11.

An eye friendly color scheme, an uncluttered layout and an option-rich menu cater for a delightful buying session. Bring all the necessary information right in front of the potential buyers and persuade them with beautiful images. Front page slider helps you promote your items and any hot sales you intend to run. The header shows shopping cart, search bar, company logo and helpful links. From the top right corner, users can access their accounts and further investigate your offerings as members.

Advanced menu supports both texts and images and even gives shoppers quick introduction to different site information and things like shipping and delivery terms. Feel free to also add the quick links for all those who missed their primary location right at the top of the website.

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Antique Store

antique store zen cart template
Are you collecting and reselling antiques for a hobby? Do you have knowledge about all those ancient items? If so and if you are interested in launching an online business related to your hobby, Antique Store Zen Cart template is a product you should consider. Mix the modern technology with the antiques and craft an eCommerce marketplace where you will offer the most incredible collector’s items. Instead of spending time on other platforms, create your very own one and be in complete control of every piece you add to the collection. The boss of an antique store? Sounds pretty darn cool.

Hero image above the fold showcases your latest items or even use it to push a discount. Different blocks allow you to guide like-minded people to the desired location on the page. But the best way to bring them to the products and categories they are interested in is with a convenient navigation.

Antique Store template is cross browser compatible, has plenty social options, comes with newsletter subscriptions and more. For those of you who are not comfortable building an online store, do yourself a favor and follow the included documentation folder. Avoid the struggle and enjoy the designing process.

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cycling zen cart template
I have been involved in different two-wheel sports for over 15 years now, meaning I am very excited to bring in front of you the Cycling Zen Cart template. Combining your passion for bike riding with an entrepreneurial mind can turn into a flourishing online business. Since you already know your industry well, why not turning it into something that will help you avoid the 9-5, right? To stop wasting your time and get to the point, it is the Mega Menu ready Cycling template which will help you make it happen and bring the project idea to life. Or better said, to the online space.

The template has everything you need to ensure cyclers to have an enjoyable race from the moment they start browsing to the moment they complete the order.

Full-width slider wows the visitors with prominent photographies and advertises products and new arrivals. Right above the slideshow is a menu which will take them to the needed items and feed them other useful information.
You can also put in front of the audience things like “Free shipping” in the header and get them hooked immediately. Needless to say, you should also give it your best to retain each unique visitor.

Product pages are full of helpful features for the buyers to comfortably decide whether or not the item is the right pick for them. Once adding products to cart, they can be viewed and modified in the header’s drop down cart.

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