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17+ Best Laravel Admin Dashboards in 2020


Instead of starting the creation of your web application from scratch, use Laravel admin dashboards instead.

Regardless of the web design that you decide to go with, it will save you heaps of time, as well as cost. Avoid the heavy lifting and focus on the refining touches instead.

Each and every tool that you find in the collection below is packed with an array of predefined materials. There are custom-made main dashboard designs, endless UI components, page layouts and other apps and plugins that you can freely use and reuse.

Of course, every Laravel admin dashboard is 100% editable per your request. That said, freely alter it according to your project’s needs, whether building it from “scratch” or integrating it into another project.

The options are endless.

For everyone who is new to Laravel, it is an open-source PHP web framework that aims to simplify the process of building and managing web applications. The Laravel ecosystem consists of very many tools, like Vapor, Forge, Valet, Cahier, Echo and Envoyer, to name a few.

If you are ready to avoid the hassle, you better stick to a ready-made admin dashboard instead. Keep the workflow of the highest degree while still achieve striking end results that will amaze everyone.

Best Laravel Admin Dashboards


vito admin dashboard template
Vito is a powerful and highly versatile Laravel admin dashboard for building all sorts of apps. In the bundle, you will find heaps of predefined dashboard layouts, pages, components and fully functional applications. In this day and age, starting from the ground up seems very old-school. After all, with Vito and all the other templates on this list, you can save yourself plenty of time and energy.

Vito is 100% compatible with all popular mobile devices and web browsers, as well as comes with a complete RTL design. Agora video call, social login, nifty theme customizer, global search and contact form are only a small segment of all the very many features that Vito has in store for you. The author also thought of creating both a dark and a light layout to meet even more users’ wants and desires.

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bordash admin dashboard template
With a massive collection of reusable UI components and layouts, Bordash is creme of the crop when it comes to Laravel admin dashboards. A powerful template that caters to all sorts of different aims and intentions without a hassle. Of course, you can also fine tune and adjust the default settings of Bordash, tailoring it to your liking precisely. On the other hand, if you fancy the look as is, by all means, use Bordash the way it comes out of the box.

Five dashboards, five apps, over seventy pages, Google and vector maps, simplistic design and tons of additional elements, that’s what’s up when it comes to Bordash. A solution that will help you out on your journey tremendously. You can also get in touch with the author in case you have any additional questions or in need of support.

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soyuz admin dashboard template
If cleanness and simplicity are your cups of tea, you will definitely enjoy the amazing Soyuz. This Laravel admin dashboard is all set and ready for you to put it into practice. With a broad horizon of practical treats and material, you can now speed up the process of setting up the admin for your app or website. In the kit, you will discover three demos, more than one hundred page layouts and a collection of 75 and counting widgets. That’s right, Soyuz is a serious deal when it comes to building next level admin dashboards.

Some more features come in the form of form validation, excellent documentation, UI kits, cross-browser compatibility and RTL design. The entire structure of Soyuz is also lightweight and well-commented for everyone to get the most out of it with ease.

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nobleui admin dashboard template
Once you have the right tools at hand, everything else becomes that much more simpler. The same is with building an admin dashboard using Laravel. NobleUI is the resourceful canvas that will get you going in little to no time. Instead of doing all the heavy lifting yourself, let NobleUI take care of it instead. There are many different demos and applications at your disposal, both in light and dark looks. Also, NobleUI comes with other handy pages for profile, error, pricing and authentication.

Needless to say, the layout of NobleUI is fluid, working on smartphones, tablets and desktops like a dream. The customization procedure is also a little breeze, so you get to modify it quickly. Every user also gets a lifetime worth of free updates, as well as access to the professional support team.

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poco laravel admin dashboard
If you are searching for an admin that does not follow the traditional look, go with Poco. This exciting and unique Laravel admin dashboard template comes as a pack of outstanding features. From tons of page layouts and an array of goodies to compatibility with all modern devices and platforms, Poco is here to do everyone well.

In the kit, Poco treats you to ten applications, four cards and 42 ready-to-use components. In total, it comes with a whopping collection of over 170 pages, making sure it has something for everyone. If you are ready to make a difference, you are ready for Poco.

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midone laravel admin dashboard
Midone does not shy away when it comes to building advanced apps and projects. This all-around Laravel admin dashboard includes many practical components that help you start right away. One of the quickest ways would be to just mix and match the available and go from there. However, thanks to the amazing code structure, you can also introduce your creative touch and take things to the next level.

Midone rocks over fifty pages, HTML version, dark mode, three menus and several working applications. Boost your workflow and start working on something big with Midone now – the tool is down for any challenge.

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minible laravel admin dashboard
With its clean design, Minible make sure to help you establish an admin that will display all the stats and details beautifully. At one point, you may have so much stuff going on that it may become very overwhelming. Well, not with Minible. This tool handles it all with ease.

In the Minible kit, you will find dark, light and RTL modes, working authentication and chat application. The layout of Minible is also 100% fluid, adjusting to different screen sizes smoothly. Choose the demo that fits your style best and start making moves in the right direction.

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metrica admin dashboard template
With all the various layouts available, Metrica is a Laravel admin dashboard that you can put into play with little energy. Let’s face it, with oh so much material predefined and ready to go, you can experience a speedy and spectacular outcome that will turn heads sooner rather than later. Metrica is also 100% compatible with all modern devices and platforms for an always smooth performance.

You get all sorts of ready-to-use apps for analytics, crypto, eCommerce and hospital, to name a few. What’s more, Metrica also contains a working authentication, horizontal and vertical layouts, light and dark modes, form validation and invoice with a print-ready button. The appearance of Metrica is stunning and striking out of the box, making many want to change nothing and use it as is.

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baston admin dashboard template
Baston and its massive collection of UI come perfect for loads of different applications and projects. This Laravel admin dashboard follows all the latest trends and regulations of the modern web. In other words, Baston is 100% compatible with all popular devices, as well as instantly acclimatizes to different web browsers. It also uses all the latest technology to ensure outstanding performance and adaptability.

In the collection, you will find all sorts of different plugins, over eighty pages, vertical and horizontal layouts, Google fonts and authentication pages, to name a few. You can also choose between dark and light layouts out of the box. Now take action and turn your idea into a reality with the powerful Baston now. It is easy to use so that you can expect fast results undoubtedly.

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metorik admin dashboard template
Metorik is a four-in-one admin dashboard template that supports HTML, Laravel, Codeigniter and Nodejs. As for Laravel, you will discover a collection of five fully functional apps/modules that are available to put into play right away. Different dashboard, user profile, calendar, chat, booking and pricing layouts are all at your disposal. In short, Metorik comes with all the necessary and an array more for you to take to your total advantage. Of course, you can also additionally modify and adjust Metorik so it fits your project ideally.

Some more specialties of Metorik include hover effects, Google maps, clean code, free updates and access to a friendly yet professional team of experts. The appearance of Metorik is also very modern, catering perfectly to the current mobile-first design. Feel free to head over to the live preview page first and go from there.

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ubold admin dashboard template
With regular updates, clean and up-to-the-minute design and many great features, Ubold promises a striking outcome. If you are on the hunt for a Laravel admin dashboard, Ubold is another terrific alternative that will do the trick. Right away, Ubold offers you to choose between six light and six dark layouts. All are 100% flexible and adjustable for you to tailor the one you fancy to your liking easily and quickly. Or maybe it even works well as is – you just use and reuse some of the elements and call it a day.

The highlights of Ubold are very many, offering you and everyone else to find precisely what you are after in one kit. There is also a landing page included in the package for your convenience. Last but not least, every Ubold user gets a sample CRM and eCommerce applications as well.

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mendy admin dashboard template
You will immediately notice Mendy’s modern approach to the design it sports. Indeed, very appealing to the eye. With the stunning looks and complete flexibility, everyone will have a blast using the newly built admin dashboard, regardless of the device.

In the resourceful package, you get three main Laravel variants, as well as six additional demos, which you can customize at free will. Thanks to the CRUD builder, you can make improvements and whatnot in just a few clicks.

You can build custom forms, utilize Mendy for eCommerce intentions, create beautiful charts and introduce a chat app, all this and more with the amazing and always improving Mendy.

Of course, the features do not end here, there are just so many we have a hard time hammering them all down here. Once you start to investigate Mendy further, you will be in awe, and that is a good thing.

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huma admin dashboard template
The cleanness of Huma will hook everyone in the snap of a finger. Before you take action you can, of course, examine Huma in great detail by heading over to the live preview page. Believe me, once you see Huma in full effect, you will not want to go back. Why would you? Everyone that uses Huma greatly benefits from its amazingness when building a Laravel admin dashboard. And now, you can, too!

With Huma, you can start with a completely new project using Laravel in under five minutes. Layouts, dashboards, handy navigation, over one hundred UI components, charts, you name it, Huma delivers it. There are all sorts of other highlights at your disposal as well, to ensure you are equipped with all the necessities and then some. No ifs, no buts, no maybes, Huma is here to get you rolling like a pro.

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skote admin dashboard template
Skote is a highly practical admin dashboard template that comes in all sorts of different variations, including Laravel. The kit of goodness includes an array of material that will get you moving in the right direction pretty much straightaway. The design of Skote is also very appealing to the eye, working for various objectives out of the box. However, you do not need to stop here, as Skote offers you to modify it according to your project regulations without a sweat.

Where to even begin with features and functions.

HTML and Laravel with Sketch files, that’s the core structure of Skote. There’s more. Light and dark layouts, RTL and LTR support, authentication, box icons and different data tables are all the varying specialties of Skote. The code of the tool is also organized and developer-friendly so that Skote fits both beginners and professionals.

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shreyu admin dashboard template
Shreyu comes as a complete set of five-in-one admin dashboard versions, including Laravel. The layout of this magnificent web design is compatible with all modern devices, web browsers and retina screens. It also ensures great performance for an always smooth and flawless experience. Moreover, the code of Shreyu is put together in a way that everyone will have no trouble altering according to their wants. You now have all the necessary and then some to build striking and powerful applications.

In short, Shreyu works for anything from web apps and SaaS interfaces to custom admins, CRM, CMS and eCommerce projects. It will boost your workflow, helping you complete your or your client’s project a whole lot faster. After all, you will find nothing missing in the Shreyu kit.
You are now all set for success.

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frest admin dashboard template
Frest is an HTML and Laravel admin dashboard template that stocks you up with all the goodies and then some. Even though you do need the knowledge to work with Frest, you can be an utter beginner and still witness a victorious creation of a sophisticated admin.

Frest does not lack predefined material for you to take to your benefit. There are seven working apps, two niche dashboards, a top-notch design system and many more unique and practical features that will reward you greatly. By the way, whether you are into dark or light layouts, you are in luck as Frest supports them both out of the box.

Other amenities of Frest include comfortable navigation, quick search, bookmarks, color options, RTL support and catchy animations. Alerts, cards, pop-ups, tables, icons, dividers and video player are just a few extras worth mentioning.

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minaati admin dashboard template
For everyone out there who is looking for a clean and minimal Laravel admin dashboard, you can thank yourself that you scrolled all the way this far. Minaati is a magnificent solution that helps you quick-start your app. While some like to stuff their admins with as much fancy stuff as possible, the others enjoy the basics. However, there is nothing really basic about Minaati, as the tool is powerful and practical with its wide collection of features and functions.

First and foremost, Minaati has a fluid layout that works across all popular devices and web browsers like a dream. It rocks both horizontal and vertical layouts, as well as comes with a dark mode and an RTL skin. Ten icon sets, more than one hundred pages, UI kits, plugins and Sass-supported are just a few of the additional treats that you will find in the Minaati kit.

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nago admin dashboard template
When you decide to work with Nago, you immediately know that you made the right decision. This Laravel admin dashboard template comes as an all-in-one solution to build the necessary app or project you are after. What’s best, Nago includes a broad horizon of page layouts, UI components and other great features that will get you started in no time at all. Building a professional and feature-packed admin from scratch is definitely a thing of the past.

Speaking of features, you get Google and vector maps, over eight pages, Google fonts, Sass files, six apps and close to twenty ready-made plugins. Vertical and horizontal variations are also at your service for you to put into practice either as-is or completely redesign them. Finally, Nago is great both for a beginner and an expert web developer, thanks to its simple code and documentation.

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booster admin dashboard template
Boost your admin through the roof with Booster now. An impactful Laravel admin dashboard that you can profit from tremendously. For a small investments, you get all these great features and functions to start with your application immediately. While using Booster out of the box works fantastically well, the tool also allows you to entirely customize it if necessary. After all, you do want to tailor it to your projects directions.

In the bundle, Booster delivers three distinct dashboard layouts, seven modern icon sets, over one hundred inner pages, authentication and more. You can also expect new dashboard designs to drop with upcoming updates. Speaking of updates, they are free and last for a lifetime. A few extras contain top and side menus, 75 widgets, terrific support and Sass compatibility.

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theta admin dashboard template
With the three dedicated and predefined dashboards, Theta suits social media, eCommerce and analytics projects out of the box. There are even more layouts coming your way and you can modify and restructure existing ones to your liking, too. In short, you have unlimited options and possibilities to make Theta operate exactly how you want. With included documentation, you can also get the gist of it first and go from there. Keep in mind, the professional support team is also available to offer you a helping hand.

There are many more specialties that make Theta extraordinary. Different menus, ready-to-use widgets, quality and organized code, fonts and Sass compiler are only a few of the features that you get access to. Now you know where to begin to make an immediate difference.

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