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19 Beautiful and Free WordPress Wedding Themes 2020


Here we present a hand-picked list of the best free WordPress wedding themes for business websites, event organizers, couples pages, blogs and magazines. These beautiful themes are made for simplicity and ease of use.

Weddings are one of the most important days of our lives. Anyone would strive to do their best to keep it that way. People tend to immortalize this memorable event through photos and videos. They would even showcase them online for everyone to see. If you’re someone who wishes to have this done in a beautiful and professional manner, then you would most probably want everything to be perfect – from the smallest of details to the most extravagant aesthetics.

In these terms, choosing the perfect theme for your page might be a crucial decision. And that is why we made this collection. Here we have gathered a wide variety of free wedding themes to form a comprehensive and helpful list. Hopefully, one of the themes mentioned here might be of great help for you to create that one-of-a-kind memento of that once-in-a-lifetime event.

If you couldn’t find the theme you were looking for, you might want to check this list instead.

Powerful & Beautiful free WordPress wedding themes


unite ultimate wedding theme
Unite is a modern, clean, responsive and highly customizable WordPress wedding theme designed and developed for simplicity and ease of use. Inspired by lavandula, Unite features unlimited color options that you can change via the simple one-click color picker. Other aspects of this theme include typography, links and other elements, all of which can be tweaked to your liking. Unite also offers premium quality and functionality, all completely free. This theme is among the few themes on this list that are fully responsive and built using the best framework available – Bootstrap.

To learn more about Unite, you can try out its demo. But overall, this is the right theme if you are looking for full control, premium support and the best design possible. Unite will make your website memorable and compelling.

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Owning and writing for a blog is a very rewarding experience. Imagine how even more amazing it would make you feel if you were to write about your own special day. Shapely is here to help you with just that: for you to put yourself out in the world and share your thoughts, experiences and memories. This theme is extremely user-friendly, meaning it doesn’t require extensive coding knowledge for you to craft professional-looking blogs that are sure to stand out. Within minutes, you can enjoy a fully functional site with a one-page standard format and a simplistic and flat layout.

Your main purpose of turning to online blogging is for you to be seen. Fortunately, Shapely is SEO-ready, promising a swift climb to those hyper-competitive search result rankings. This directly translates to more exposure and views, as you blog will be closer to the top of the Google page. In addition, you can implement hero images and rewrite the footer copyright information. You wouldn’t want your memories to be stolen and used by someone else, and Shapely assures just that.

To learn more about this lovely theme, you can view the detailed documentation source, which comes along the pack.

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Activello is a thoroughly customizable yet minimalist WordPress multipurpose theme. It has been carefully crafted with attention to detail in every single nook and cranny to ensure a visually cohesive identity – perfect for your special day. Activello is brimming with a set of powerful tools, features and shortcodes for you to quickly set up your website within minutes. All of these are well-documented so you can truly make up the most out of them.

In addition, Activello is very user-friendly and is compatible with tons of WordPress plugins. Through this, you can further expand its base functionality, from eCommerce to portfolios and even more. It is also compatible with most browsers on most screen sizes and orientations, so you can rest assured that your site will look and run smoothly anywhere. Bring Activello’s pixel perfect minimalist presentation to your website, now!

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Blaskan is a WordPress theme dedicated to blogs and writing. With it you will get a clean, smooth and minimalistic concept. Blaskan uses a boxed design for layout, and uses 3 columns to post to. In it you can write an Authors’ Bio and feature sections for Recent Posts and used tags. You will also get an elegant topbar and various menus, content pages and a search bar. Furthermore, Blaskan has integrated social media icons and a calendar area, amongst its many useful features. Discover the many perks of this theme, and give a try. Discover Blaskan!

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Newspaper X

Newspaper X is a multipurpose WordPress theme that is oriented to news and magazines, but can otherwise be utilized for a wide range of fields and industries. The best part of this is that it is completely free and available for download. Newspaper X is also Bootstrap-based and is easy to modify on the spot with the WordPress Customizer. To garner extra profit for your efforts, it comes with a versatile and stylish AdSense manager and social media sharing integration. You can even organize your content through various categories and header/footer customization. This crafty theme is simple, but goes right to the point. Get Newspaper X now!

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Illdy is a mobile friendly and highly responsive free WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. It is definitely a masterpiece, crafted with dedication and excruciating attention to detail, just as your dream wedding must be. Illdy empowers webmasters of any skill level or experience to easily and seamlessly put together incredible, high quality websites of all sorts.

This theme is peculiarly powerful when deployed as a theme for blog websites. Illdy features the WP Customizer, which puts all the power of dozens of shortcodes and widgets and hundreds of icons and font icons in your hands. It also includes beautiful Parallax loading and scrolling technology for an avant-garde engaging user experience. All these features will surely keep your audience dazzled and impressed. What are you waiting for? Start blogging away with Illdy, today!

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VW Wedding

vw wedding free wordpress theme
If you would like to go against the norm and make a difference for your upcoming nuptials, VW Wedding is the free WordPress wedding theme to go with. It offers you a magnificent surface to work with when you would like to tell your love story, share information and announce the big day in a unique way. Why sending invitations when you can surprise them with a beautiful website that you are about to bring to reality with VW Wedding.

VW Wedding is a free theme based on Bootstrap Framework to ensure flexibility and ease of use. Also, VW Wedding is 100% mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible and retina-friendly. It is also optimized for search engines and speed to guarantee a striking performance. Of course, you can also personalize the layout according to your taste and spread your love in a distinctive way.

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Catch Wedding

catch wedding free wordpress theme
Catch Wedding is a resourceful free WordPress theme that ensures a lovely yet impactful website. It comes with all the necessary features and functions to take your idea to the realization sooner rather than later. Of course, it all begins with the beautiful design that Catch Wedding sports. Very appealing to the eye with great attention to detail. The layout is also 100% responsive, making sure it adapts to smartphones, tablets and desktops instantaneously. On top of that, it is in-tune with web browsers and retina screens, too.

In the bundle, you will find plenty of features, like featured slider, social media, accommodations, scroll up/scroll down and more. Create a wedding website for the upcoming nuptials that will start the hype early. With Catch Wedding, magnificent things are possible, so take charge and make a difference once and for all.

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Wedding Bells Lite

wedding bells lite free wordpress theme
When you are in the process to create a website for the D day, you better get things moving in the right direction with Wedding Bells Lite. Needless to say, this free WordPress theme covers all the necessary to start on the internet swiftly. Like with other themes on this list, in this instance, you will also not need to do the coding work – ever. Wedding Bells Lite is very user- and beginner-friendly out of the box. With the beautiful and engaging home page, you will have no problem triggering everyone’s attention.

Slider, CTAs, awesome animations, love story timeline, even schedule and heaps of other traits are predefined for your convenience. There is even an integrated RSVP form that will save you additional time. Also, create a gallery with stunning photographs and announce news and other content via the included blog section.

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bridal free wordpress wedding theme
With Bridal, you are all set to create a full-blown online presentation of the upcoming wedding event. All the necessary is at your fingertips, only needing a tiny pinch of your attention and you are ready to go. That’s it, the demo is fully functional as is, including tons of practical features and elements. Just enrich it with your details and imagery and you can be done already. Do not forget, you can also perform a few improvements here and there if necessary to tailor it to your meticulous taste.

With the slider, you can create an awesome welcoming that will amaze everyone. There are also all these other specialties that will boost your online presence to level eleven. But first, enjoy yourself the live preview, and all the rest will instantly become history.

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photoway free wordpress wedding photography theme
If you offer wedding photography services, you should not miss Photoway. This free WordPress theme helps you reach a broader audience and promote your business in a professional away. Whether taking photographs is more of a hobby for you or you are an established photographer, either way, step up your game with a sophisticated website/online portfolio. This is when Photoway comes into play.

Even though a free tool, you can expect quite some features that you can activate. The first thing you would want to do is pick your best images to include in the massive slider. You can also link each slider to any of the pages on your website that you want. Keep in mind, if you would truly like to keep your page as minimal as possible, you can even use Photoway for building a single-page website.

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BB Wedding Bliss

bb wedding bliss free wordpress theme
BB Wedding Bliss is a super versatile free WordPress theme for couples, weddings, wedding planners and other marriage-related projects. The tool rocks an eye-catchy layout which you will have a small breeze utilizing and fine-tuning. Even if you are a couple who is dealing with web development for the first time, you will still succeed at it. Not only do you have all the content ready and set for you to put into play, but with BB Wedding Bliss you will also not need to code.

Some of the features of BB Wedding Bliss include countdown timer, stunning gallery, RSVP and a section for starting a blog. The options are there to distinguish yourself and make a strong impact on all your potential attendees. Alter the web design of BB Wedding Bliss to your taste and shine online with a spectacular wedding website.

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Wedding Band

wedding band free wordpress theme
Wedding Band is another marvelous free WordPress wedding theme for couples, events, bands, organizers and other wedding ventures. No doubt, you can expect a very eye appealing look that flawlessly adapts to all devices, retina screens and modern web browsers. In addition to that, Wedding Band is also enriched with SEO and outstanding loading speed performance.

To keep things as simple as possible, choose the layout, install it and employ it as is. Of course, do not forget to add your details and images but that could already be it. Indeed, with little work, you can now have an active and functional marriage page up and running.

Wedding Band comes with social media integration, widgets, Google Maps, contact form and lovely sections to tell more about your adventurous story. Get the hype going strong and prepare everyone for the D day with a cracking website thanks to Wedding Band.

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Nikah Wedding

nikah wedding free wordpress theme
Nikah Wedding is – hence the name – a free WordPress wedding theme with an elegant, simplistic and sophisticated look. One thing is for sure, everyone who will visit your freshly crafted page will be in awe. The design itself is already spectacular, not needing any additional improvements. In other words, once you start working with Nikah Wedding, you only really need to add your custom content, details, information and other whatnot and be ready to go sooner rather than later.

Before you find yourself wondering what to do if you know nothing about coding and design, note that Nikah Wedding offers a codeless experience. With that in mind, you can now approach establishing the best couples website for your upcoming wedding like a pro. By the way, if you would like to localize the experience, you can do that, too, by translating Nikah Wedding to any language you want.

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zengardenwedding free wordpress theme
If you would like to create a simplistic wedding website, do yourself a favor and choose ZenGardenWedding. Instead of starting from scratch, you now have the web design ready and set for you to kick things off like a champ. Bear in mind, if you will ever find yourself in need of even more features and functions, you can always upgrade ZenGardenWedding and go premium. But that is something you can do with the majority of themes you find in the collection anyway.

ZenGardenWedding comes with a slider, animations, multi-level drop-down menu, sticky header, widgets area and Font Awesome icons. You also do not need to worry about any of the technicalities of your soon-to-be wedding website. ZenGardenWedding is responsive, optimized for search engines, cross-browser compatible and 100% translatable. Spread the word out with ZenGardenWedding and an attractive wedding website you will hammer out.

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match bridal wordpress template

Match is a fresh and clean WordPress theme that you can use for publishing wedding-related websites. This simple yet modern website template comes with great features that allow you to post your upcoming events. It also serves as a chronicle of your preparation for your upcoming big day. Match’s main framework is fully responsive and adapts efficiently on any type of device. It also allows you to publish your content using Post Formats.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of its featured images to pique your friends’ and relatives’ interest. With its Custom Menus feature, you can set up and organize a group of links for faster and easier navigation. Match also allows you to highlight certain posts in your website through its “Sticky Posts” feature. Customize your background by uploading your own images and picking colors that best suit your style yourself. What’s more, Match is suitable for personal, portfolio, travel and photography websites.

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travelify travel wordpress theme
Travelify is a clean, modern and fully responsive WordPress theme designed and developed for travel and photography blogs. However, you can tweak and use it for wedding blogs and websites. It is a versatile WordPress theme with dozens of awesome features such as a featured image slider, several layout options, blog templates and much more. Furthermore, this theme comes with detailed documentation and free support.

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