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19 Best Free WordPress Video Themes 2021


Kick-off your online project with style by choosing your favorite web design from this list of the best free WordPress video themes. Create a website for self-hosted and embedded videos without breaking a sweat.

What is marketing? We hear this word so much that its mention has become like background noise. In reality, marketing is the science of presenting your product or service to a wide variety of people. Although it is not directly tied to science, it is a highly scientific pursuit. A lot of things must be considered, with demographics, human psychology, economic knowledge and good old-fashioned charm and humor, being involved in the process. It is about making others see your product or service through your own eyes and convincing them of its quality.

Since the advent of the internet, this whole process has entered a digital age, where websites as just as important as calling cards once were. The problem with online profiles is that despite their quality, they truly are a dime a dozen. As consumers, we often experience things through our emotional filters, so presenting a feature list of your product may not be enough to attract customers.

Enter WordPress, and its vast community. A very talented development, these will find plenty of opportunities here in designing beautiful themes. These themes give your page its own unique look and layout, a canvas of creativity through which the user can not only market his content, but express his creativity. From this, it is only a small step to incorporating videos on your website. Videos are proven to attract more attention than any other form of media, so let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress video themes:

Best free WordPress video themes



If your goal is to design an interesting video-sharing website, be sure to check out Shapely. This high-quality WordPress theme will never disappoint, as it offers a broad selection of useful features. Most free and premium plugins are supported iThemes Security, Contact Form 7, WordPress SEO, Jetpack and many more. WooCommerce is no longer considered a premium plugin, so you can get it free of charge. This makes it very easy to construct personal online stores and eCommerce websites. This theme is also translation-ready, enabling the creation of multilingual websites. Making it easier to appeal to foreign demographics, as you attempt to distribute your videos.

The theme is highly customizable, as you get to design a page that perfectly matches your vision. Every website element or theme can have its color changed with a single click. Owners are able to implement Hero Images in order to shine a spotlight on their best content features. Shapely has a one-page design and a layout that is responsive to all devices. Regardless of the client’s screen size, he/she will be able to view your website. High-resolution Retina displays are also supported.

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Newspaper X

Newspaper X is a WordPress theme of solid dedication to news and magazines. Storytelling and the latest gossip are its topics of strength. Newspaper X uses the Bootstrap framework and it is very customizable. Moreover, it has an awesome header that serves to insert the headlines for the day! You get grids for image and text posts and integrated ad banner management. Furthermore, the Sidebars, a topbar with a search bar, and footers are also featured. Lastly, play along setting its recent posts pages, its contact page. You can even divide posts into 4 cool types/topics sections. Start using this amazing theme and get what you are looking for! Get Newspaper X!

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NewsMag Lite

newsmag-simple-free-magazine-themeNewsMag Lite is a well-designed magazine WordPress theme. It comes with self-hosted and embedded video support. You can share videos from websites such as Youtube, Vimeo and many more. Moreover, this is by far the most flexible magazine WordPress theme available today and it is surprising that developers are giving away it for free. Finally, try NewsMag Lite yourself too. See how well designed and coded this theme is.

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Pixova Lite

Pixova Lite is an eye-catching modern WordPress video theme. It has a simple and smooth concept and counts with a high quality built. You will get it with great loading speed performance and 100% responsiveness. All of this while being completely free! You get to use pie charts, survey results, analyze your top product sales, and more. Pixova Lite has a clean code that has been made for fast loading. It also provides retina-ready picture displays and awesome project showcase posts. Customize the looks on your text posts with Google Fonts sets. Icons and widgets, to get a simple and intuitive design, are also featured.

Pixova Lite comes with a powerful live customizer and animations. It is made as a one-page scrolling theme with a Parallax effect. You will find blog pages, contact pages and custom support completely available too. All possible commercial transactions are made with the WooCommerce plugin in no time. Set amazing shops with carts, product preview and more. Pixova Lite is a theme made to have all the beginner tools and more! Get custom support too! Make a good time out of building a website with the possibilities this edgy and up-to-date theme gives you. Try Pixova Lite!

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Are you planning on sharing a ton of video content on your website? If that is the case, save yourself time and energy with Antreas. This modern, clean and trendy site canvas is a free tool that calls for a quick solution to your magnificent ideas. In other words, let Antreas take care of the manifestation of the desires you have for your online presence. Antreas sports a single-page layout that perfectly adapts to any screen and device. It is 100% mobile-ready and responsive, as well as optimized for search engines and speed.

The editing process happens in real-time, without the need to go behind the scenes and change the code. This means Antreas is very newbie-friendly, perfect for all users. Antreas also comes with frequent updates and a team of experts who will help you out on your journey to building a banging page.

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Activello is a professional, very modern, deeply flexible, visually stunning, and highly responsive WordPress multipurpose theme. A theme that incorporates all the latest and most advanced web development technologies available, elegantly coordinating them into a cohesive and visually coherent whole that is engaging and relatable to a broad spectrum of users across all demographics, due to its simplified, free-flowing, aesthetically pleasant nature.

Perfect for tons of applications, but chiefly among them, it stands out as a spectacular and refined video blog theme. If you are in need of a website that can receive your incoming traffic, whether it is from apps, marketing campaigns, coupon redemptions or any sort of massive user temporary home on the web, Activello is a theme that can pull this off in style and grace every time. Activello is both expansive and light. Additionally, it is a perfect fit for the mobile era with features such as custom built configurable sliders and infinite scroll with dynamically loaded endless content. And with its deep-running Boostrap roots, Activello is, of course, natively responsive across all devices, browsers and screen sizes. Try Activello today!

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Blaskan is a WordPress theme specialized in lifestyle, light-weighted topics. Additionally, it is excellent for blogs and magazines. You will get a clean, minimalistic and simple concept. Blaskan aims for posts to stand out with pictures and elegant writing. Also, it features a section for recent posts and social media icons. You will get a top bar and footer, an author bio section and a boxed layout. Blaskan is crafty, modern and girly. It uses a visible menu at the top and a banner. Have people all over subscribing to it! Get it for free and start setting up your page! Use Blaskan.

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Ascendant is a versatile and easy-going multipurpose WordPress theme. It comes with a responsive design in all senses. In order to adapt to any scenario, a designed layout will be provided. Page and posts can handle endless countless customizations and use many shortcodes. Ascendant is WooCommerce compatible to set up premium quality shops of any product. You will get customizable sidebars, color pallets, and more than 100 Google Fonts. This is a friendly modern-looking theme made to adjust to your needs. Get this awesome theme now! Get Ascendant!

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Portum Material

Portum Material follows all the latest trends and regulations of the modern web. With its cleanness and sophistication, Portum Material ensures that all your content is beautifully displayed on all devices and platforms. It is a free WordPress video theme with an up-to-the-minute design that will operate all the time seamlessly. And if you dig the layout as is, you can experience the fastest page launch, avoiding building it from scratch entirely. Heck, you will not even need to perform any coding.

A full-width slideshow is one of the first things all your visitors will see. You can use it to grab their attention and push the hottest content or the latest news. Portum Material also comes with call-to-action buttons, portfolio, animated stats, and newsletter subscription form. Portum Material is always ready to take charge and make a difference.

More info / Download More info / Download

Travelify – Awesome Travel Theme

Travelify corporate travel theme

Search for any countdown of the best WordPress themes, and Travelify you most likely be featured there. Additionally, its versatility allows it to fit any category and satisfy any need. Be it business websites or personal blogs, Travelify has you covered. Furthermore, it has a responsive design and a featured slider. It is also optimized to be retina ready.

There were incorporations of multiple layouts and some awesome plugin support. If you wish to sell your service or product, the WooCommerce plugin will allow you to do so in a controlled and reliable environment. Support for this theme is provided for free via the Colorlib official support forum.

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Sparkling – Free Flat Design Theme

sparkling photography theme

This theme was built using the famous Bootstrap 3 Framework. It has a clean, sharp look that is sure to impress any website viewer. A front-end design was included, making it perfect for tablet and smartphone displays. Any respectable theme must be able to project itself seamlessly on any device, regardless of what browser is used, what is the resolution of its screen, or what manufacturer it has.

The developers have also released a demo, so you are able to test this theme, without the need for a download commitment. Play around with the limitless color palette and find what works best for your page.

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marketingly free wordpress video theme
When building a marketing agency website, you may want to introduce all types of different content, including video. If that is the case, you are in safe hands with Marketingly. It is a free WordPress theme that contains tons of material for you to mix and match. It is also a tool that costs you nothing, yet it promises an outcome that will move mountains. Whether you are building a new website or redesigning the existing one, you can always count on Marketingly.

Upload custom logo and favicon, hide or show the sidebar, include custom background image or solid color and more. Marketingly is also optimized for SEO and fast loading, and it acclimatizes to all popular mobile devices, too. If you are unfamiliar with how you do a particular task, just check the theme landing page, which clears it all for you.

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Blog Belt

blog belt free wordpress video theme
As a blogger (or a vlogger), you can focus on publishing all types of content on your blog. With that in mind, have a free WordPress theme that covers it all for you, even sharing videos. Blog Belt is the solution that takes care of all the heavy and tedious work for you. With that in mind, you only focus on the refining touches, altering the default design according to your taste. Indeed, you are welcome to introduce your creative touch to Blog Belt, too.

Blog Belt is lightweight, making sure that your blog loads exceptionally fast. It also comes with custom widgets, Google fonts, a sticky sidebar, back to top button, and related posts, to name a few. Additionally, you can translate the theme and link your blog to your active social media accounts.

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Meditation and Yoga

meditation and yoga free wordpress video theme
Promoting your yoga and meditation classes is a piece of cake with a dedicated free WordPress video theme. Meditation and Yoga is the solution that will get you moving in just a click. Once you import the demo material, you can already start refining it – without the need to code. Even if you aren’t into the design and creative work, you will still make a masterpiece with Meditation and Yoga. But you can also go entirely against the grain and use Meditation and Yoga for other types of workouts, exercises and activities, too – including fitnesses and gyms.

When in need of extra business exposure, alongside your social media presence, make sure you also establish a first-rate website. With Meditation and Yoga, a lot is possible, even for someone who is too busy operating their business. Let’s face it, you only really need to invest a small chunk of your time to have a yoga website live.

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Business Startup

business startup free wordpress video theme
Business Startup is this spectacular free WordPress theme that you can use for building one- and multi-page websites. Agencies, startups, construction companies, medical firms, well, any business can greatly profit from Business Startup. A tool that easily adapts to numerous intentions for your convenience. It is also flexible enough to accept additional customizations for you to tailor it to any branding directions precisely.

Above the fold, Business Startup comes with a featured video banner that instantly captures everyone’s attention. The theme is also compatible with the Elementor drag and drop page builder for the codeless editing process that unlocks full creative freedom. Business Startup takes care of all the technicalities, too, so you know your professional website will run without a hitch all the time. Download now and set things up shortly after for you to grow the business to new heights.

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aamla free wordpress video theme
Aamla is a versatile and highly adaptive free WordPress video theme that you can use for different projects. Whether you would like to create a blog, a business page or even an eCommerce website, you can make them all with Aamla. It creates a stunning atmosphere with an emphasis on your compelling custom content. Videos, audios, images and texts, all look very appealing to the eye when Aamla presents them on the web.

Aamla is fully in tune with the new Gutenberg block builder and all the other modern and popular plugins. With that in mind, you do not need to perform any coding and other tech tweaks to make Aamla your own. Start your online journey strong with Aamla and skyrocket your project. Now is the best time to make it happen because tomorrow, well, you can already start making big moves.

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videostories free wordpress theme
If you like to tell stories through visual content aka vlogs, VideoStories is the tool that will help you create your own web space. Instead of using only YouTube, you can now create your official website with this free WordPress video theme. While YouTube might already be one stream of income for you, create a new medium with VideoStories. You can easily monetize your page later and introduce even more streams of income to your business. Two is better than one.

Besides, even if you are a filmmaker or you plan to launch a video review page, VideoStories is ready and set to realize your idea, too. Start an impactful online space with a ton of outstanding content, which everyone will love to come back for more.

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Pinbin – Beautiful WordPress Theme

pinbin grid style theme

Although most items on our list are good-looking, this definitely stands out as one of the most aesthetically pleasing themes. It manages to keep a clean, streamlined appeal that is sure to work well with any device. You may preview it by checking out the free demo that was made available. The design is fully responsive while maintaining a charming, minimal aspect that is sure to project a tasteful and controlled aura.

There’s a guaranteed full image functionality. The lightweight coding provides a resilient yet simple framework for this charming theme.

More info / Download

More amazing WordPress video themes for you

If you couldn’t find the theme you were looking for in this collection, you might want to look into premium WordPress video themes. Since all WordPress themes do allow you to upload and embed videos, you might want to check other awesome theme collections on our websites. Also, feel free to ask questions about these or any other WordPress themes listed on Colorlib and we will be happy to help.

I am not yet happy with this theme collection because there aren’t many great themes out there that are free and made for video hosting and sharing. We would like to encourage theme developers to release more video themes because the demand for this kind of theme is relatively high but existing themes aren’t competitive. This is not just a problem with free video themes as most of the premium video themes that you can find here are average at best too. There must be some explanation for that, but based on statistics for both of these collections, I can confirm that users are interested in this kind of theme but they leave our website disappointed because they couldn’t find the right theme. Developers, this is a great opportunity for you!.


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