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19 Best Responsive News Website Templates 2020


If you are searching to create a news site or updating your old one, these impactful news website templates can help you create a page to make your stories and messages go viral.

Sharing yesterday’s news today becomes an old trend now. With the exceptional growth in the telecommunication sector, the news is shared almost instantly. The news website for the current generation needs to have some extra features than just posting and sharing the news.

To give your selection more freedom, we have listed both HTML and WordPress news templates and themes in this list. These will help you rapidly speed up the process of establishing your online magazine or newspaper website. You can use them for anything, from niche topics to creating the next big general news platform.

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Free news website templates give you only limited features and sometimes follow a bit outdated look. However, when it comes to premium alternatives, they are updated periodically to meet the current web standards.

The website templates build on HTLM5 use modern design elements, mobile responsive layout and also acts light on the server. But WordPress themes go a step further, offering you all the necessary in one bundle coupled with a codeless site-building method.

Best news WordPress themes


divi news website template
Sharing stories, news and other useful information on the web is a piece of cake with Divi. This all-around web design tool is ready and set for you to establish all and every page you fancy. If we are speaking about newspaper, online magazine and blog websites, you can do them all speedily. With the very many ready-made website packs, you will quickly find the look that suits your taste best and go from there. Now, you can employ the web design that sparks your interest as is or you can put into play Divi’s builder and make a difference.

Your news page will also run smoothly on all devices and browsers, as well as load super fast. Of course, Divi is also optimized for search engines and in tune with retina screens. With the outstanding customization features, make something special out of Divi – a news site that will stand out a mile.

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jevelin news website template
Get your stories and other news articles famous with Jevelin. This news website template is a pack of web design goodness that gets things going on the internet sooner rather than later. After all, you will notice all the material ready-made for you, available to put it to use out of the box. But you can also brand and personalize Jevelin to your likings with the easiness of WPBakery drag and drop page builder. With no need to be a professional web developer, you can now start spreading the word out with the magnificent Jevelin.

Needless to say, Jevelin is a modern, professional and sophisticated layout with all the technical aspects sorted out. With Jevelin, you are readier than ever, to create the online presence you desire. Whether niche or general news site, you can make them both and then some without a hassle.

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stein news website template
Stein is a beautiful and contemporary news website template for all your compelling and adventurous stories. If you would like to start your own online journal, do things the right way with Stein. Kick things off by choosing one from three predefined demos and get things moving forward like a pro. By the way, you can expect the author to release even more sample material with upcoming updates. Speaking of updates, they are free and last a lifetime.

Some other functionalities of Stein are post views counter, different header and footer styles, slider, sticky header and sidebar, dark and light modes, Instagram feed and MailChimp integration. You can also translate Stein to any language you want. For your information, Stein is also based on the Tailwind CSS what instantly differentiates it from the masses.

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The Issue

the issue best news wordpress theme

Running a news website will require a particular format that will ensure smooth regular updates of information. One of the best news website templates is The Issue. With this theme, you have up to seventeen layouts for you to make a choice. Moreover, you can expect even more samples to come your way in the near future.

The Issue is easy to install with the one-click process, and it has the features to enable the style that meets yours precisely. After all, it is coupled with the drag and drop page builder for quick customization without coding.

An excellent system to ensures the smooth operation of your news platform and keep you always online. You can easily set up categories on your news platform, and visitors can navigate comfortably to find their desired content. Enjoy access to all the amazing amenities and bring into fruition your news platform quickly with The Issue.

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squaretype blog website template

If you are looking for a suitable theme for your blog or magazine, check out this modern tool. Squaretype gives you the freedom to change the settings of your blog without disrupting the content. Checking out a live preview when you are changing the demo to see how your blog will look like before actually changing it will speed things up even further. In short, you can fully edit and fine-tune the appearance of Squaretype and tailor it to your liking.

The Squaretype is a suitable news website template for those with no knowledge of coding. You can also create a store with this platform to market your products and services with its WooCommerce compatibility. Are you looking for a theme you can utilize for a swift website realization? Squaretype is the answer for you to start your magazine and take your project to new heights.

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sitka personal blog wordpress theme

Nowadays, with many easy to use WordPress themes, it is straightforward and fast to create your website. One of the news websites templates that can guarantee you the ease of use regardless of your experience is Sitka. You can get your platform running with one click demo setup, using any of the available sample layouts. The cleanness and creativity of Sitka will knock every visitor’s socks off.

The theme provides you with so many options, taking care of your new news website to the very last detail. And with these opportunities, you can easily make the final decision and forge the page of your dream. Additionally, with the WooCommerce plugin, you have the option of promoting your products and services as you pursue your passion. You can use Sitka for a wide variety of niches and industries, such as travel, clothing, news and so on.

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newsblock news wordpress theme
Newsblock is an all-in-one news WordPress theme that easily covers any topic, niche or industry. Whether you would like to focus on something exclusively or create a general news website, it’s all possible with the use of Newsblock. There are many excellent samples at your disposal, waiting for you to experience their full potential. But the potential is pretty much limitless, as you can modify and adjust the available samples to your heart’s content effortlessly.

Front and internal pages, dark mode, AMP support, lazy load, video backgrounds and autoloading, all this is just a small part of the many practical features of Newsblock. It also has a live search function that will help users find desired content much quicker. Social sharing, opt-in forms, reading time and awesome reviews are a few extras that Newsblock also treats you to.

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suga magazine wordpress theme
Suga limits you in no way, shape or form. This powerful and straightforward news WordPress theme is perfect both for blogs and magazines. There are multiple samples that you can use, edit and improve according to your liking. They are all modern and impactful, ensuring great reading and content examining experience. Speaking of experience, Suga works on all devices and web browsers, as well as loads fast, so you know the performance will always be top-notch. In short, it uses only the latest technologies.

Some of the features that save you even more time are header and footer styles, mega menu, search engine optimization, sticky sidebar and integrated reviews. Suga also uses the BKNinja Composer plugin aka drag and drop pag builder. Nothing is missing in the Suga package of greatness for you and everyone else to get the most out of it with comfort and confidence. All you need is one tool to make a news website.

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ceris news wordpress theme
In this day and age, thanks to WordPress themes, establishing a news website is a child’s play. Everyone can do it, whether you are a beginner or an expert. Let’s face it, there will never be need to change code and do any of the challenging tasks. Like with any other WordPress theme, Ceris also promises codeless editing via visual customization (thanks, BKNinja Composer). But there is oh so more to Ceris that it almost becomes ridiculous – in a good way, of course.

The list of features is endless, so we’ll mention just a few of the highlights. Let’s start by mentioning that Ceris has over forty samples to choose from. Indeed, there is something for everyone. Ceris also rocks AMP support, progress bar, emoji reactions, adjustable modules spacing, two review styles and social media integration. Managing and maintaining a news website will be easy with Ceris.

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Best news website templates


primeface news website template
Be the most reliable media platform as easy as 1 2 3 with Primeface. Loaded with revolutionary features, this news website template can provide you only the best amenities you can find. This template shoulders the complexities for you, making the experience super beginner-friendly and straightforward. You only need your own ideas and plans and watch Primeface do the magic for you.

With the original, unique and creative web design, chances are, you will want to employ Primeface out of the box. With Primeface, you will absolutely find the winning design combo for your striking ideas and hammer out a high-quality news page. Multiple headers, sticky navbar, smooth scrolling and parallax effect, Layer Slider and engaging details are some of the goods you get access to with Primeface. Primeface is content-driven, so expect top of the line user experience with its approachable interface.

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maca news website template
Just when you think your media outlet cannot get any better, Maca launches its site-building platform to elevate your platform. This news website template has a complete, specialized platform that allows you to run your blog or magazine smoothly. Whether you are a novice or an established writer or journalist, the tools are here to support your endeavors. With Maca, you can create as many pages as you want, each looking one-of-a-kind.

Upload custom images and videos to deliver your content smoothly and effectively. Update your readers or viewers regularly with your easy to access platform that will work seamlessly on mobile devices. Indeed, Maca is a mobile-exclusive news and magazine template that you can take to your full advantage. You can choose between dark and light layouts and incorporate your signature style for a more personalized feel.

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tri-o news website template
Guarantee a satisfying user experience by choosing Tri-O. With its multi-purpose approach, you can effortlessly utilize Tri-O as a news website template and start your venture strong. It employs a structured platform for your online portal, letting you focus on the topics at hand instead of the complicated web designing. You could even choose a target age group or a market with similar interests and go 100% niche with Tri-O. Whatever your heart desires, Tri-O is here to realize it and bring it to fruition.

Build your own extraordinary design by combining your style and concept and modify Tri-O according to your requirements. All pages are accessible on all devices, so the artistic value stays intact and will never be an issue. Just add and edit your unique content and inspire a horde of new readers.

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newspoint news website template
Do you want a fresh way of publishing your articles on the internet? If so, you should consider using Newspoint news website template since it was designed and developed specifically to meet that need. Newspoint is a modern tool with three index pages, three headers and eight lovely color presets. One amazing and jaw-dropping feature about Newspoint is the fact how fast it loads, thanks to the lazy load function. For your information, it ensures that your site content loads only when needed.

Due to its ease of use and simple customization, you can utilize Newspoint for a wide range of topics such as business, technology, fashion and entertainment. Newspoint is compatible with all devices and browsers, SEO optimized, features enticing parallax effects and Revolution Slider. Regardless of your outcome, Newspoint guarantees the look and the performance will be top-notch.

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cryptex news website template
Depending on what you plan to originate, you can actually become part of the cryptocurrency world relatively quickly. If it is a web magazine you would like to build, you can do it fast and reliable with Cryptex news website template. The crypto madness is real so there is a ton of content to write about the topic. And if you have a ton of experience trading, investing and other whatnot, you can use Cryptex for publishing how-tos and other tricks and tips, too.

Cryptex has two main index pages which you can use for entirely different purposes. However, since news sites are our current topic, only one will be applicable in its full capacity. There are also other internal pages ready to use and go from ICO and event calendar to services and additional blog section. Two headers and two footers, owl carousel, shop-ready pages and loads of shortcodes for customization are also part of the Cryptex bundle.

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znews news website template
Are you planning on building a news, magazine or blog site? Are you an enthusiastic writer and content marketer who would like to put his or her skills into play and start his or her own project? Then you are in luck because ZNews is the news website template that will serve you well. This is the perfect solution to come up with a wonderful web space where hungry readers will relish returning to. ZNews is also perfectly suited for all sorts of different purposes so do not limit yourself.

ZNews has all the mandatory elements for you to create a website that is clean, professional, sophisticated and unique. You can make something super niche or you can create a large platform, whatever you are after, ZNews is ready for the challenge. Customizing ZNews is also made extremely comfortable. The tool is 100% responsive to work with all kinds of devices. With ZNews, you will always be on the right track.

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Blog Master

blog master news website template
No matter what niche or industry you are the master of, let Blog Master news website template do its thing and take you to extreme heights. As the name suggests, Blog Master is perfect for creating blogs of all topics. That said, you can use this neat and tidy site canvas for food, video, lifestyle, DIY, travel and even general blogs. There is a total of sixteen HTML pages you can use of which five are cracking home designs. Each is unique in its own way and will help you stand out from the crowd.

Other pages you also get access to are about, contact, 404 error, FAQ and others. When speaking of features and assets, Blog Master delivers many. AJAX contact form, pixel-perfect layout, unique sliders, multi-level drop-down menu, newsletter subscription widget and an enticing full-width Instagram feed. Start your dream blog today!

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webster news website template
No matter how many ideas you have for different online projects, you can craft them all with Webster. You are about to witness a really large template with numerous predesigned material. Make sure you sit tight so it does not blow you away.

Webster has over 540 layouts, more than seventy home demos and six hundred reusable UI components. I know, right, that is hard to process. However, once you see how greatly organized and user-friendly it all is, you will instantly want Webster to become your partner in crime. Let it do all the hard work for you while you keep on growing and expanding your business.

In close to no time, you can have a functional news website ready to attract new readers and spark their curiosity. Top be frank, it is no point in me telling you all the goodies Webster has in store for you. I encourage you to experience this template behemoth on your own by visiting the live preview page.

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newsedge news website template
In this day and age, building and crafting a cool news page is not a hard task to complete. The only downside (or upside?) is the fact that there are numerous tools available. It might be hard for you to know which to go with. That said, we have compiled only the best news website templates for you to consider. There is one for every taste available in this collection, even if you are of pickier nature.

NewsEdge is a fantastic, modern and advanced template built on the latest Bootstrap Framework. It will surely give your news page the edge over others. Moreover, NewsEdge is also set up so customizing and editing it will be a breeze. You can make changes to it at free will.

With seven home pages and more coming your way in the near future, along with all the necessary internal sections, you are closer than ever to bringing your idea to fruition.

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News 24

news 24 news website template
Establishing a website these days has been simplified and made easy. One of the ways that website creation has become more user-friendly is with templates. there is a page canvas that you can use for every type of website that you want to make. That said, if you have plans to construct a website about news and stuff, then you would want to use News 24 news website template. From now on, you can keep on releasing news, articles, tricks, tips and whatever else you like to write about 24/7.

News 24 is designed by practicing CSS3, HTML5 and Bootstrap for the flexibility and ease of use. You can bet that it has all the web elements and a solid assortment of assets that you need for customizing your site however you fancy. News 24 makes sure that your website will look good and perform well on all devices and platforms.

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Which Template Will You Use?

All the news website templates mentioned in this list uses modern web elements and fits for today’s online user needs. The HTML website templates help you create a news website with the modern web elements. But the WordPress news website templates also help you form a community for your site and also help you effectively manage the community. Which template are you going to use for your news site? Share your favorite news website template below in the comment in the comment section.


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