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19 Free Magento Templates For Your eCommerce Sites 2020


For a quick start to your eCommerce project, we conducted a list of the best free Magento templates for you. With these, you will have an online store up and running in an instant.

From the initial idea of start selling products online to actually doing it will not pass much time. You only need a solid and user-friendly template and you are ready to go. Plus, you need no prior coding or design skills, most of the work is finished and ready for you to take advantage of.

Magento is a popular CMS software for online shop solutions which already powers thousands upon thousands of e-shops. This open-source platform, in combination with a valuable template, will provide all the needed to realize your business idea.

To be frank, it is no easy process finding a Magento template which will meet your likings. Instead of spending countless hours browsing the web, we save you a lot of time with this best free Magento templates. We thought about your needs and covered a variety of niches. Still, most of the eCommerce templates you find below, you can use for a number of different industries.

Pick the one you fancy, add the images, the info and further customize the layout if needed. Depending on the size of your webshop, the time of finalization varies from minutes up to several hours. Needless to say, it is still way quicker compared to outsourcing it. And it is free.

For those of you who already run an online store on a free template and would like to step it up, we put together the best collection of premium Magento themes for you.

Best Free Magento Templates


vigoss free magento template
Vigoss is a versatile and multi-functional free Magento theme which you can use for a number of different online stores. For instance, with Vigoss, you can build online fashion, accessories, bags, shoes, furniture, glasses and fitness stores to name a few. Of course, you can go entirely against the grain and create a custom version of Vigoss that will place you right on top.

With its mobile-ready layout, Vigoss works seamlessly on all devices, from mobile phones to tablets and desktop computers. It adjusts to any screen resolution in an instant for your convenience. Other features of Vigoss are brand logo slider, Ajax cart, product quick view and image gallery. With what you have available for free, you can create a striking eCommerce page for your online business that you could now finally take to the next level.

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Clothes Store

clothes store magento template
A free template which comes packed with premium features for crafting awesome online store. Here is Clothes Store template which will have you sorted with all the needed to bring your online project to realization. Instead of going from scratch, the design is ready to put to use. From your end, you only need to upload product pictures and details, shop info and you are ready to go. Sure, along the way, you can do different improvements to further customize the look and make it tailored to your needs. But more likely, you will not need to do much work since the clean and minimal look of Clothes Store is very appealing to the eye.

Visitors will get to enjoy browsing your site from all devices due to template’s full responsiveness. Moreover, the parallax effect gives your site a distinct look and video background additional entertainment. The sliders are full width and there is a portion of animated pictures, too. The usefulness of Clothes Store free Magento template will be of great benefit for you, the site builder, and the customer. The awesome effects add up to the overall design of the template and make your web store look even more professional. Get things going.

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fitbody magento template
Whoever is passionate about fitness and healthy living, FitBody template is the perfect choice for you. However, being a sports oriented template, you can easily use it for other niche e-shops and even go outside the industry. An extendible template is a fit for all of your needs and requirements. If the look of FitBody template is something how you would like your online shop to be, then you just found the tool you need.

FitBody is a modifiable and organized theme, loaded with Bootstrap features which translate into a functional eCommerce website. A perfect product for all of you who are new to web design and Magento and would like to expand your knowledge. Even if you are just starting out and got familiar with what Magento actually is, you can, as well, build a fantastic store for your online project. No barriers and no challenges can stop you with FitBody template.

With list or grid category view, you ensure guests a great browsing and shopping experience. Moreover, retina readiness, parallax, sticky navigation and the lazy load effects only make it for an even better shopping spree. Plus, FitBody is SEO optimized so the search engines will love your page and get it ranked fast. One last thing and we are out. For the local businesses, FitBody is also translation ready what pretty much speaks for itself.

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softonne free magento template
Softonne is a clean and modern Magento template that costs you nothing to utilize. It still comes with many great features and functions to employ and create an electronics eCommerce website. You do not always need to pay a fee to start working on your online business. Of course, you can always later upgrade the tool if more features are necessary.

Product list, catalog page, impactful product page and configurable swatches are only a few of the amenities that Softonne treats you to. The layout is in tune with mobile and desktop devices, too, as well as compatible with popular web browsers.

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grandsale free magento template
GrandSale is a versatile Magento template for an eCommerce wholesale website. Instead of doing all the heavy lifting from the ground up, pick a predefined tool and go from there. GrandSale is an impressive and powerful template, even though it may cost you nothing. One thing is for sure; the outcome will not be half-baked, and that is a fact.

From home to internal page layouts, GrandSale rocks them all by default. It comes with a multi-level drop-down menu for great navigability, social icons and a top bar. Start selling goods online with GrandSale now.

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allybike free magento bike template
As the name implies, AllyBike is great for an online bike store. Whether you would like to sell complete bikes or bike parts, heck, all together, you can now make it happen with AllyBike. You do not need to invest too much thought into it, as AllyBike took care of it already. Just focus on the finishing touches, importing items and you are good to go.

Banners, back to top button, navigation and search function, it’s all at your fingertips. For your information, if you grow so big, you will need more features and functions, that’s when you will want to upgrade and go with the premium alternative.

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ketty magento template
Ketty is a free clothing store Magento template which follows the modern trends both in web design and fashion. Sites built with Ketty quickly adapt to all screen sizes for the best UX. Images and texts are flexible and readjust accordingly to the screen size of choice. Don’t lose all the mobile shoppers and even online buyers on the go. Don’t be limited regarding both the audience and the online shop performance.

Trendy and stylish template, Ketty, is cross-browser compatible. Pre-tested, you do not need to worry about whatever changes you make to your page. Your stunning webshop will always look pretty and professional no matter the browser the visitors use. As for the search engines, they will, too, be very fond of your online apparel store due to the template’s SEO friendliness. Free organic traffic will keep on growing and with it your business.

Ketty sports a beautiful slider which you can use for extra promotional purposes. Whether you have a special deal running or you would like to announce the new season drop, use a slider to bring it in front of your buyers. To boost your sales, configurable color swatches are a must-have for your e-store. Have as many options as possible for the users to choose from without leaving the product page.

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startelectro free magento template
StartElectro is a free Magento template that works for building an array of different eCommerce websites. You can employ the tool for selling electronics, fashion, accessories, shoes, glasses; the options are endless. Not just that, you can go niche or general with StartElectro, as you can easily create different categories for different types of products. Moreover, the structure of this dope, clean and modern site canvas is fluid and flexible, working on all devices butter smoothly. StartElectro is compatible with retina screens and web browsers, too.

Excellent and highly practical inner pages, configurable swatches, newsletter subscription widget and a contact section are all the different treats that you get with StartElectro. Instead of paying a hefty fee, you can now start with an online store pretty much immediately. Get the job done with StartElectro now.

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stereocar free magento template
StereoCar is a niche free Magento template that you can use for, well, selling car audio and other types of sound accessories for vehicles. Still, if you fancy the minimal and up-to-the-minute appearance, you can also employ StereoCar for something entirely different. Yes, feel free to go against the grain, marketing products that do not even relate to the car businesses.

The choice is yours.

Moreover, StereoCar sports all the latest trends and regulations of the modern web. The layout is 100% mobile-ready, running smoothly on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Along with the index page, StereoCar also includes many inner page layouts that cover the whole creation of a sophisticated online store. You can now start the process in just a click of a button, without the need to spend a single penny. Quick-start your web business with StereoCar and enjoy the fantastic result.

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magetique free magento template
Out of the box, Magetique is an ideal free Magento theme that you can use for your new lingerie store. Heck, even if you are starting a new lingerie brand, you can employ Magetique to sell your products online. With the nifty and eye-catchy design, Magetique creates an outcome that will be very appealing and engaging at the same time. You do not really need to change anything, in fact, you will not want to. Why? The setup is already first-class as is, so why complicate things?

Magetique guarantees a spectacular shopping experience on all devices, from handheld and up to desktop. The performance will also be on point, making sure that you are not left with a ton of abandoned carts. Drop-down menu, back to top button, social media icons, comfortable filtering and an array of inner pages are all set and ready for you to benefit from.

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f2 magento template
Keeping it simple is, in most of the cases, the best option to go with. There is no unnecessary clutter, no distractions, no nothing. Whoever comes to your website has a cool experience flipping through your products and completing the order. A free Magento fashion template, F2, covers all the mentioned, yet it comes packed with features you can use to increase sales. But most importantly, you can construct expert online shops without any special coding skills.

Unique catalog and product pages are the two guests will spend the most time at. They are one of the most important segments of your eCommerce site which will help you persuade them to turn from visitors into buyers. That will not be a problem with a free Magento 2.0 template. Make sure you take full advantage of it and start seeing new sales coming in soon after the official launch.

With great navigation and organized layout, F2 keeps your website clean and practical. Visitors will quickly find the desired products and complete the purchase in a few simple steps. Any type of fashion and apparel eCommerce platform can see the light of the online space at an express pace.

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ebajes magento template
The free Magento template, Ebajes, has a very eBay-ish look to it, making it ideal for your electronics online stores. Although it is a free template, you are guaranteed with many features for a pro-level eCommerce website creation. It works flawlessly on all devices, mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. It’s basic and minimal look calls for fast loading speeds and superb regarding the overall shopping experience. Little in the special effects kills the distractions and places your products right in front of guests’ eyes.

Easily modify home and inner pages’ color schemes and make them follow your logo/branding. With the custom admin panel, you can quickly and efficiently make adjustments and design your website to meet your needs. Have complete control over your store. Cool slider extension allows you to put together a slideshow which will enhance the first impression of your e-shop. There are more than 20 different transition effects that you can test out and come up with the perfect solution for your audience.

With an exclusive widget, you can display your latest products, featured items, those on sale and more. This is an extra attention grabber to sell more. After they add products to cart, they can access it from the top drop-down shopping cart section. It allows you to save space on site and gives the shopper a chance to view the cart from any page. Mentioned leaves you with extra space for additional promotional material.

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bakerop magento template
Bakerop is a tasty and delicious free Magento template for your food-based online stores and businesses. It is ideally suited to building eCommerce platforms for bakeries, cafés and restaurants. With a quick color change and element rearrangement, you can also use Bakerop for other businesses. You just need to put your imagination to use and the template will help you realize it. Almost as simple as it sounds. A lot is possible all due to the easy customization and full flexibility of the template.

Based on Venus framework and Bootstrap, your website will work fluently on all devices and ensure usability and practicality. May the “free” part not fool you. With a solid template blended with your creative mind, you will have a fresh online store ready for your mouthwatering project in no time.

By default, Bakerop template is designed using chocolate colors and sports an attention-grabbing slider. The later you can use to salivate guests’ mouth the moment your page loads. No one will be able to resist your palatable creations. When it comes to food oriented online stores, pictures say not only a thousand words but more like 3750 words. Took advantage of the clean and smooth layout and high-resolution imagery.

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grayscale magento template
Grayscale is a free Magento template which comes packed with all the essential elements for a fully workable e-commercial site. It is clean and minimal in the design with attention to detail what will help you bring in front of the visitors your high-quality products. With five highly convertible grayscale colors, you have most of the work finished. Pick the skin you prefer, gray, green, blue, red or orange, and start making adjustments and adding material to it.

Accessories, gadgets and jewelry online shops are not far away from realization with Grayscale template. A few of the key features of the template are the banner slider on the front page which you can manage in the admin panel. Along with the slider, you get a shopping cart in the sidebar, most popular items, newsletter sign-up and up- and cross-sells. For functional navigation, use the horizontal product and/or categories menu. Ensure visitors to get to the desired product as quickly as possible.

When in need of assistance with setting up the template, Grayscale’s step by step installation guide comes handy. With simple, yet sophisticated, template, Grayscale, your electronics online marketplace could not look better. Go ahead and give it a test run. It is time to do some business.

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kasitoo magento template
In our true fashion, we bring you another option for your innovative online project ideas. Those who see themselves as owners of furniture stores, build one with Kasitoo free Magento 2 template. It is a complete blend of features you need for a modern and trendy store. The Minimal and clutter-free layout will immediately attract visitors and have them stay and look around your shop. Or if they already know what they are after, menu and search bar will take them to the desired location in a breeze. Not only is Kasitoo stocked with all the must-haves for a lucrative online shop, but it also comes with a working blog section. A perfect addition for a store owner who wants to give back to his audience and drive in more search engine targeted traffic.

As far as the web design of Kasitoo free template goes, it is concentrated on the products. Big product images with hover add to cart, add to wish list or add to compare are for those who like to act quickly. All the rest in need of more, product page gives you the additional information and specification with extra images. By the way, Kasitoo also comes with included PSD files.

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need magento template
A free theme which is at the same time a premium template for your beautiful store creation. Speaking of nice and free, Need gives you everything you need to hammer out a phenomenal and eye-catching eCommerce website. Are you ready to start building even if you are not really an experienced coder or designer? Build courage, download and install the template and start impressing yourself first. When you get comfortable, you will start influencing the world and, most importantly, the audience you plan to attract and turn into returning customers. With a sleek and compelling website design in combination with first class products, all who click on the URL and wait for a fraction of a second for your site to load will become instant fans.

As you will see it for yourself, Need free Magento template supports all types of products and items you intend to sell. From fashion and skin care to perfume and shoes, online stores of all categories are just minutes away from realization. Start exploring the amazing features of Need and be amazed by the gorgeous layout it luxuriates you with. Tip: Do not set yourself any limitation and let your creative mind start racing free as a bird.

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fasony magento template
With a huge full-width slider, you will not lack attention grabbing factor with Fasony template. The free Magento template is all you ever wanted for an online fashion project. Male or female only, a mix, accessories, you name it, you can sell it all with Fasony. This custom made tool is absolutely phenomenal and does you and your business needs good. Built on Bootstrap 3, the template is flexible and compatible with Magento 2. Ready for all devices and optimized for speed, the user experience will go through the roof. The process of browsing the store and completing the purchase will always be fun no matter if it executed on mobile devices or desktop computers.

The improved New Products list is great for a quick and fast look around what you have fresh in store. Moreover, to create customer trust, smart testimonials are worth including into your eCommerce page. With brand owl carousel, you do not only showcase which brands you carry, shoppers can also click on the logo and be redirected instantly. Shopping by brand made easy. To cut out the unnecessary steps to finalize the order, Fasony template’s fast checkout requires only the obligatory information. You are ready and set for making modifications with the user-friendly administrator which will help you turn Fasony template in the web design you fancy.

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shoppy magento template
Neat in design with parallax effect and magnificent slideshow, Shoppy is a free Magento template which acts very pro-level. Once you start using it, you will notice all the amazing features it comes with. To cut a long story short, you will bring into being an advanced online store in a short space of time. You can have your site look exactly how it comes by default or improve on it where you think needs changes so it will be an even better fit for your store. That is totally up to you. Bear in mind, whatever you do with Shoppy template, the outcome will always look professional.

While it comes jammed with goodies, some of Shoppy’s elements are Mega Menu, Google Web fonts, back to top button, rich snippets, color swatches and multilingual and RTL compatibility. Fast and easy to use, you will have the desired web store ready effortlessly. The template is based on Bootstrap and RWD theme, making it scalable and an all-around solution for online store owners. Not to mention, you will not have a problem attracting search engines aka organic traffic. Shoppy Magento template follows SEO practices for high rankings.

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yume magento template
Yume is yet another mind-blowing free Magento web design which will take care of your online store constructing needs. With a tremendous amount of features and a straightforward and bold look, every challenge is just another opportunity. Customize the template to your likings and kick off your online business with a grand launch. Establishing an online marketplace and keeping it alive will be kid’s stuff. You, being the one who created the website for your store, will manage and maintain it with ease. Release your creation into the online world and start taking orders as soon as possible. A little promotion and you are on the right path to enjoy witnessing your business thrive.

Besides the obvious, responsive layout, Yume free Magento template’s other attributes are an off-canvas menu, ajax cart, Font Awesome, and header link. To show more than just a product thumbnail, item page is treated with an image gallery to add additional views and close-ups. On users’ requests or if the developers feel the need, Yume undergoes improvements. With new update releases, Yume template is upgraded to a newer version, so it always follows the rapidly evolving web trends.
If you are in need of a lightning fast online project launch aka online store, pick Yume template and turn it into a reality.

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