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20 Best Colorful WordPress Themes for Blogs 2020


Here you will find the best and most colorful WordPress themes you can start using today.

Websites are not a side project you should take lightly. Any responsible business can understand that in today’s internet-based age, your best asset is your home page. However, odds are that you will not be the only one to realize this. Your competition will be anything but scarce. You must make sure that you can overcome all the challenges that your rivals posed. From a consumer standpoint, there is a sea of websites and companies, and it can be hard to pick the right one. Mediocrity is a trait that clients prefer to avoid, as they attempt to secure the best services and products.

There are many things that can improve your site. Setting aside the complex marketing strategies and trend analysis, you can also rely on a tried and true crowd-pleaser:

A E S T H E T I C S. The fact that pretty and appealing things attract people is not a secret among business owners. If you lack the budget to hire industry-leading web design companies, you can always rely on WordPress themes. They provide a cheaper alternative for a start-up that wishes to make a name for themselves. These themes allow for an unparalleled degree of creative freedom. As the user can design and customize his colorful website using these bright and colorful WordPress themes.


Colorful WordPress blog theme

Gillion is a WordPress theme made for magazines, blogs, and story writing. You will get it with 7 amazing demos and many customizable layout designs. Furthermore, with WPBakery Page Builder built and an Unyson base, customization becomes a walk in the park. Gillion is a theme that runs smoothly and easily with speed optimization. It also includes language translation options to advertise your site all over the globe. What’s more, you will get unlimited colors, custom widgets, and social media integration. Furthermore, you will get documentation with tutorial image and one-click install system. Use the Google Analytics-supported theme and enjoy! What are you waiting for? Try Gillion today!

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Colorful WordPress theme

There is a massive variety of WordPress themes, but few can match the quality of Divi. It is a versatile and smart theme, giving the customers access to an unlimited number of customization options. With Divi, you will be given complete creative control, resulting in a page that accurately represents your vision. Brand recognition depends on your ability to create a stand-out product or service, and market it using an awesome website. The creation and customization process might be daunting when using other themes, but Divi greatly simplified everything. In fact, you do not need to possess any coding knowledge whatsoever. This is due to a revolutionary Divi Builder.

Divi incorporates 18 eye-catching layouts, available free of charge. In addition, you can also customize and improve them. Divi is entirely responsive, regardless of how you choose to personalize your page. Its elements will be displayed on any device, including smartphones and tablets. This can accommodate a large demographic, and facilitate the growth of your franchise.

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Colorful WordPress themes

As you can see above, Jevelin demo is meant for spa beauty salons. However, with over 60 other demo variations available, it can be used for other industries and categories. Therefore, make sure to check it out in more detail. It is one of the most popular WordPress themes out there and its brig colors are what make it stand out between the rest.

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Colorful WordPress themes

Crane is a WordPress theme for agencies, architects, artists, photobloggers, or freelancers. With Demos with one-click installation provide multiple choices. Furthermore, the menu customization is also easy with both Mega Menu and Groovy Menu. Moreover, the elements of the layout include options for multiple headers, sidebars, and blogs. This beginner-friendly and intuitive theme is responsive on different screens and browsers as well.

Furthermore, no coding required! Crane uses a WPBakery Page Builder with its drag-and-drop features. It also has a lot of ‘A E S T H E T I C S’ elements to showcase your main product, service, or work. Blogs, portfolios, and galleries are available. Set amazing slides with Slider Revolution and/or Layer Slider. Use WooCommerce to check the business aspect of your page. You can also connect with potential clients through ConvertPlus. Furthermore, this theme has additional features such as: Massive Addons, 150 layout variations, and 25 stock images for free, Check out its detailed documentation, or try our custom service and get started!

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x theme most popular theme

X is a truly remarkable theme for WordPress. It can improve even the most mediocre sites, using its wide array of features and stunning design elements. This theme tries very hard to be accessible, as it has simplified and streamlined all options. This wonderful theme is not made for expert programmers or web developers. It is for everyone, regardless of their expertise. It is refreshing to find such a user-friendly experience that caters to a very broad demographic. Its front-end interface handles all changes that you wish to make.

X respects your time, and your resources. Although many do not think of it as such, screen space is one of the most important resources for a site that needs to run on smaller mobile screens. This theme eliminates all the page clutters, assuring a smooth experience for both laptop and smartphone users. Content text can be edited quickly, with just a click of a button. This theme earned the praises of the vast majority of customers, as people are impressed with its overall quality and attention to detail. Basically, this is a bundle of completely unique designs, presented as a single product. It incorporates many innovative WordPress premium plugins for free, each tailored to work perfectly with X.

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opinion colorful wordpress theme
Along with sophistication and professionalism, Opinion is also a colorful WordPress theme, ready for all sorts of different blogging and magazine projects. It is an adaptable and extendable page canvas which will easily alter to both niche and generic topics. Whatever idea you may have for your new business, or even if it is just a hobby, Opinion is here to help you realize it. Bring into being your dream page and start a new chapter in your life.

The list of Opinion’s different features is vast to make sure even the pickiest users are fully sorted out. Instead of continuing the hunt for the best web design, chances are, it is lying right in front of you. Do yourself a favor and take a peek at Opinion’s live preview page. Warning: you will be amazed and impressed by the amazingness it has to offer you. Get your page up and running ASAP and start publishing enticing articles and curiosity sparking content and thrive.

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TwoFold is a theme built from the ground up with a single priority in mind: Expertly handling all the gorgeous, high-resolution photography in its entire full-screen glory. It includes an amazing set of modern power tools capable of taking care of any demands you may have of your photography website or blog. From expansive customizable Albums in six different styles, each with a plethora of options for you to carefully fine-tine, going over 6 different Gallery layout styles, a whole Light and Dark iteration for every permutation of TwoFold, and three different Blog style layouts for you to choose from. Furthermore, it is easy to understand how thorough TwoFold developers have been in providing a creatively free work environment for your photography collections.

Perfectly responsive full-screen layouts look crystal clear and Retina-ready across all devices and browsers, regardless of screen orientation. And with TwoFold Collection pages offering you customizable filtering for you to craft your own picture-perfect, curate selection of your best material classified and filtered by criteria of your own choosing. Talk about the right frame for the right picture!

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Anemos is a multi-facet solution to myriad different blog related website applications and their needs and requirements. It is an effective communicator of both visual and textual content. Furthermore, with fine-tuned typographical choices optimized for readability as well as legibility on top of a deft and dexterous HTML5 codebase.

With tons of amazing gallery options and multiple customizable post options and styles make Anemos a natural when it comes to servicing the needs of travel-related websites. This theme has all the features you need to successfully set up a wonderful travel website. Furthermore, the WPBakery Page Builder, as well as the Redux Framework allows you to further tinkle with every element. This is the real deal, try Anemos now!

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webify colorful wordpress theme
To make a pleasant experience, browsing through your site content, a colorful WordPress theme will do the trick. One such web design is Webify. A highly adaptable tool that will easily capture everyone’s attention and spark their interest.

Out of the box, you have twenty modern and professional demos to choose from. All are completely customizable, but feel free to use the one that best resonates with you as is, too. All the demos are working pages which only require a few clicks to get them live. Webify offers a single-click demo data import which gets you going right away.

But there is a ton more to Webify.

From internal page layouts, headers, footers, shortcodes and parallax effect to a horde of modules and blocks, Webify is a serious deal. With little work and no coding, you can start attracting the online audience swiftly.

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bridge colorful wordpress theme
With Bridge, you can truly create any type of page you want. If you are looking for a colorful WordPress theme, Bridge is one of those, too. After all, you can introduce any kind of color to the web design you want and create a vivid web space that will intrigue everyone visiting it. Out of the box, Bridge comes with a whopping 376 and counting demos. I know, right? That number is almost absurd, but it just shows you how many options you have to find the right look for your business or personal project as quickly as possible.

What’s more, you can also modify Bridge to resonate with you best, implement a variety of colors and stand out from the masses. The outcome aka the fantastic, neat and impressive website can be tailored to your likings precisely.

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Stash is a free and fun creative WordPress theme. Built as a multi-concept tool that relies on visual appeal and customizations. However, it still offers incredible pre-built options for all layout elements. Try any of its 48 available demos with a quick one-click setup! This is definitely a theme that radiates creativity and diversity. It supports customizations on all kinds of posts and backgrounds. Make incredible color of your own and get inspired with Slider Revolution available for multimedia galleries. Furthermore, it also gives you a cool Google Fonts and Font Awesome icons to play around. The Texts are fully translatable with both WPML and RTL support. Moreover, with Mega Menu and SEO optimization to help you.

Stash is both responsive and fast with speed-loading optimization. Integrated plugins to use includes Minimal Form and Essential Grid. Documentation for everything will guide you all the way.

With 5-star ratings by 8,000+ happy customers, would you still doubt this beauty? Get it now with regular updates and a child theme! Get the colorful Stash!

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Burst makes extremely effective use of a series of advanced graphical, visual and navigational elements to entice and engage users across a wide demographical spectrum, with bold and brazen visual language and expression that is unparalleled across the web. It also includes a huge slew of functions and features, ranging from custom MegaMenus and Parallax sections to the premium LayerSlider WordPress plugin, the potent WPBakery Page Builder, Interactive Pie Charts, Parallax Zoom effects, Fullscreen menus, tons of incredible icon hover effects, Icon Sliders, Text Sliders, Video Background sections and so much more it’d make your head spin! Bursting at the seams with functionality, this powerful theme has all that it takes to take your website well into the next century and keep it there. What are you waiting for? Burst into action!

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bryson wordpress theme
Bryson is a wonderful and colorful WordPress theme that will spark everyone’s creative spirit in an instant. Once you see it in action, all the rest becomes history. Bryson is best for building online portfolios for artists, illustrators and other inventive individuals. If you are one of those, but you have no idea how to create a fully functional website, well, you are in luck as you are the perfect candidate for Bryson. Coding knowledge is not necessary and you are also treated to extensive documentation and support.

Change colors, modify elements, implement your signature style and start on the web with an innovative and one-of-a-kind website. It is Bryson that does the majority of the work for you anyway. Go ahead, take action now and impress everyone that enters your world of amazing works with the original Bryson.

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byra wordpress theme
Byra is a responsive, adaptive, flexible and extendable WordPress theme for agencies and freelancers. This colorful web design is great for crafting a nifty online portfolio page which will easily separate you from the masses. If you are ready to create a page with a distinct touch, you better look no further and go with Byra. It truly is that easy. Like that would not be enough, Byra also offers you multiple predefined demos which are effortlessly customizable with the drag and drop builder, Beaver Builder.

A feature that you will definitely find of great value is the 30-day money back guarantee. You can literally test out all the perks and goodies of Byra first and only then decide whether or not to stick with it. Of course, once you study Byra in great detail, there is no turning back.

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sann wordpress theme
Sånn makes things easy on the web for you. With that in mind, and knowing that coding knowledge is not involved, everyone out there can comfortably approach the establishment of a striking, innovative and creative online presence. Sånn is a colorful WordPress theme that will help you make a difference without a hassle. Even if you utilize the demo content exactly as is, expect outstanding results without putting in much work. On the other hand, WPBakery page builder ensures anyone to make tweaks and alter the original look of Sånn to their taste.

Tons of predefined shortcodes, mobile-ready layout, infinite scroll, six headers, social media integration and mega menu are just a few of the features that Sånn has in store for you. No doubt, there is a whole lot more to Sånn that you will have a ton of fun exploring yourself. Sånn will increase the excitement and get you hyped up to hammer out a page that will keep your business up there, in the sky.

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lebe colorful wordpress theme
Lebe is a colorful WordPress theme for everyone looking to build an eCommerce website. It has a multi-purpose approach with twelve different demos, offering you to use the tool for building all sorts of online stores. Selling items online is the easiest in this day and age. You can use Lebe for fashion, accessories, bags, shoes, glasses, gadgets, toys, furniture, you name it, the list of webshops you can make with Lebe is endless. It is the creativity and the cleanness of the tool that easily caters to tons of different tastes.

In the kit, you will find all and everything that an eCommerce website needs. From all the required page layouts to all the other elements and components. You can expect a quick realization of a banging online store that will turn heads undoubtedly.

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blo colorful wordpress theme
Even if you are delving into the business and professional space, spice things up with a colorful WordPress theme. One of the tools that will do the trick is BLO. This nifty solution comes with six different homes and tons of other inner pages that will get you rolling without breaking a single drop of sweat. While you can employ BLO as is and stuff it with your content and details only, you can also put into the next gear with the use of Elementor. The latter unlocks complete creative freedom even if you happen to have no experience with building websites.

BLO comes with regular updates, guaranteeing you freshness and stability at all times. Other specialties include mega menu, over two hundred preset blocks, more than forty add-ons, custom header and footer, as well as MailChimp integration. With BLO, you can take your online presence to an entirely new degree without a hassle.

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carrino colorful wordpress theme
As a blogger, you would want to make a strong and lasting first impression on all your visitors. Thanks to Carrino, a colorful WordPress theme, you can do it easily and effortlessly. To save you a ton of time and energy, Carrino already comes with nine samples outside the box. Each demos is very creative, clean, modern and appealing to the eye, making sure to deliver a pleasant experience for everyone who is reading through your compelling content.

Some more special goodies of Carrino contain sticky header, Gutenberg compatibility, seven sidebar layouts, masonry and grid styles, back to top buttons and social media integration. The layout of Carrino is in tune with all modern web browsers, handheld devices, retina screens and search engines. Whether creating a niche or a general blog, you can get things moving forward with Carrino with ease.

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Kids Life


Kids Life is a powerfully built theme that has been decked out with all the latest and greatest web development technologies in a smooth and functional package, integrating HTML5 elements, a responsive and modular Bootstrap design and amazing CSS3 transitions and animations into an all-inclusive toolkit that can empower webmasters of any skill level to create handsome, effective and popular websites catering specifically to toddlers and children in general.

Expansively designed in luminous colors and with quirky, fun, amusing and delightful visual elements, typographies, fonts and layouts, Kids Life is a truly lively theme that will keep the youngest in the household entirely engaged with a smooth and intuitive navigational experience. 20 gorgeous color schemes have been professionally composed for one-click deployment with Kids Life, as well as four completely unique and kid-friendly gallery masks at your fingertips. A Visual Shortcode Generator facilitates adding features and functions to any of Kids Life’s multiple pre-configured pages or new pages and layouts you may develop yourself. Brighten up with Kids Life!

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olvi colorful wordpress theme
With a creative and multi-functional WordPress theme like Olvi, you can hammer out enticing and interest sparking websites that will impress all and everyone. Olvi is also a colorful WordPress theme that creates a strong first impression on all your site guests. Choose between ten full-blown demos, 31 plugins, 33 practical pages and nine gallery styles and mix and match it with your personal touch of creativity.

But this is just the beginning to the great experience you will have using Olvi.

Other fantastic features of the theme are drag and drop website editor, shortcodes, WooCommerce, fast loading speed and a many contact form options. Olvi is, as well, responsive and retina screen ready, SEO friendly and in tune with modern web browsers. Create your dream website with Olvi and make a big difference.

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val colorful wordpress theme
Val is a colorful WordPress theme for bringing into being outstanding and impressive blogs of all niches. If you would like to stand out from the blogging crowd, boy do you need to go with Val and all the perks and special features it includes. Be it lifestyle, fashion, food, travel or any other blog you can think of, Val can handle it with ease. In many cases, you will just want to stick to the ready-made demos and use them out of the box. Yes, they are that striking!

Moreover, Val is easy to modify even for someone who does not know how to code. Indeed, no coding required when working with Val! Additional unique features of Val are article teaser, post title auto-styling, sticky post and custom category pages. Differentiate yourself with Val.

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amax - fullscreen business theme

Designed by an elite, respectable author, Amax is an outstanding WordPress theme that is sure to impress customers. It boasts an excellent layout, and its speed will reduce downtime to a minimum. If you wish to learn more about Amax and its capabilities, it is best to experience the live theme preview. In addition, a nifty overview video was included, explaining everything that you need to know. It only last about 4 minutes, so it does not represent a huge time commitment.

With Amax, you are able to alter the colors and fonts of your pages. You may pick between several headers, pages, layouts for titles and more. The page creation procedure has been greatly simplified and streamlined. You can create as many as you wish, and it only takes a few moments for the process to finalize. If starting from scratch does not appeal to you, you have the option to use some demo pages. A prolific visual page builder plugin is included, in addition to some extra elements, and every single one of them is styled.

Amax’s goal is to provide users with the best experience possible. It has received very high Google Page Speed scores, and it looks great on mobile and Retina devices.

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voice - colorful magazine theme

Voice is a high-quality WordPress theme that was created in order to enhance magazine and blog websites. It can be used for both personal sites, and online publication pages. However, despite its specialization, its versatility allows Voice to become a multi-purpose theme. Voice has implemented a modern, responsive layout, impressive typography, and an overall focus on readability and user-friendliness. Be sure to check out the theme demo for more information.

A quality web page is useless if nobody can see it. Search engine optimization makes sure that your site has the best chance of getting noticed. SEO-readiness is definitely one of Voice’s best features. In addition, its loading speeds are incredible. This assures that no customers will ever be frustrated by slow website pages.

Considering that online content can be accessed from so many types of devices, compatibility issues may arise. Voice is capable of resizing all site elements, and adapting to the displays of mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. This responsiveness can be turned off, if the site admin wishes. The theme options panel is very intuitive and easy to navigate. It will allow you to configure your site in about 5 minutes. No coding or advanced technical knowledge required at all!

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