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20 Best Free Directory Website Templates 2020


To build an online platform where like-minded people gather to browse and submit, these free directory website templates are a perfect fit.

After looking deeply into the world wide web, we managed to collect a number of different items for crafting your own or your client’s directory website. We made sure they include all the mandatory necessities so you will not lack features. From Google Maps and registration forms to pricing tables and front-end submission, too, in some of the cases.

The tools you find here are suitable for listing jobs, events, real estate companies, restaurants and similar. Visitors will easily find what they are after and enjoy the offers all in one place.

Quick access: Skip straight to free website templates.

With some tweaks, you can also adjust the desired template to a whole other niche. Sometimes, changing images and fonts is all there is you need to do.

While some come with more goodies, the others offer you a distinct look and a more unique approach to online directory websites.

Whether you, the owner, are the one adding the listings or letting members do the work for you, whatever feels right for you, you can do it with these free templates.

If you are in need of launching a fully featured online listings site, start with the best WordPress directory themes. Or you can even go with premium responsive HTML5 directory website templates for businesses.

Best free and premium directory themes and templates

Divi (Premium)

Kicking off your own directory website is way easier than you may think. First, you need to know that the process of actual realization of such a page does not require advanced web development and design knowledge. In fact, even as a beginner, you will still manage to sort out a professional and sophisticated directory or listing web platform.

But there is a catch.

To make your life as easy as it sounds, you need to get your hands on a tool. And one such solution is Divi. This versatile and adaptive web design is enriched with a broad array of predefined layouts and elements. With this in mind, you do not need to even start from scratch when building a page.

Divi takes care of the majority of work for your convenience. On top of that, you will also find a drag and drop page builder for when you would like to perform additional tweaks and improvements. Of course, with no need to touch code. Start on the right track with Divi and get yourself involved in the online space with a bang.

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Jevelin (Premium)

There is no need to invest huge amounts of money if you would like to start a directory or listing website. All you need is a feature-rich web design and possibly a plugin and you are ready to rock and roll. That is what you can expect with Jevelin. The features and options this site skin brings to the table are, in short, very many. Right off the bat, you get a striking collection of thirty and counting samples, all creative, modern and appealing to the eye. From home and internal page layouts, you get them all in one bundle.

Moreover, Jevelin also contains over forty ready-made shortcodes for quick integration and customization. Speaking of customization, thanks to the WPBakery drag and drop page builder, you can modify Jevelin’s samples to your taste precisely. Last but not least, every Jevelin user also gets video tutorials, extensive documentation and an opportunity to speak to the support team.

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Direo (Premium)

direo directory website template
Direo is an excellent directory and listing website solution with a contemporary look and an all-around demo. With Direo, you can go after building either a general or a niche directory, the options are there, at your fingertips. Whether a listing of restaurants, famous tourist places, cinemas, stores, museums, coffee shops, you name it, start your online project easily and quickly with Direo. While Direo keeps things relatively simple and user-friendly, it is still packed with awesome amenities and features.

Direo supports unlimited custom fields, allows uploading files, awesome monetization features, advanced search function and OpenStreetMap integration. Tons of widgets, front-end listing submission form, King Composer page builder, SEO-friendliness and WooCommerce plugin compatibility are a few extras worth mentioning. For a specific web design that dedicates its heart and soul to directories and listings, Direo is the solution for you.

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Best free directory website templates


Listingo Free Template
Building a directory website happens much faster when you have access to predefined tools. And Listingo is one of such that will take care of the design part, as well as a bunch of practical features. Whether you plan to make a more niche or a general listing, again, with Listingo, you can make it happen right from the get-go. Whether it’s pubs, shopping centers, cinemas, hotels, restaurants, you name it, Listingo is for everything.

What’s more, Listingo also ensures that your newly established platform operates flawlessly on all devices, from smartphones to desktop computers. It is also cross-browser compatible and in tune with retina screens. Some other goodies include sticky navigation, drop-down menu, testimonials and social media buttons. Save yourself time, energy and money and go with this free solution that will make a difference for sure.

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Browse Free Template
Browsing the web to find what you are looking for can be a tedious process. Sometimes, the results are on the fifth page! That said, if you would like to help people find and get what they need, create a directory website with a free template, Browse. It is a modern and sophisticated site canvas that comes with a broad specter of useful goodies that will do you well. Keep in mind, you can employ Browse for all sorts of intentions, whether it’s just concerts or a whole bunch of different events, places and other whatnots.

Browse can manage it all.

In the bucket of features, Browse brings a whole bunch of specialties for you to shine online. From typewriter effect and parallax scrolling to multi-level drop-down menu, accordions, call-to-actions and blog pages. There is also a contact section with a fully functional form for ease of use.

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Mondy Free Template
Mondy is a free directory website template that focuses on real estate 110%. It works as an ideal tool for real estate agencies with a huge portfolio. In addition to that, Mondy also offers you to create a directory for agents and realtors. Of course, you can also mix things together and create one solid resource of everything buildings, houses and apartments-related. Let users search for properties that are up for sale or rent and even pick by the property value. In short, with Mondy, you have plenty of options and possibilities to hammer out the ideal platform for your project.

Transparent header, modern and minimal design, ready-to-use inner layouts, news section and a contact page are all the different features that you get with Mondy. With the news/blog, you can also execute rewarding content marketing and scale your business accordingly.

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Listco Free Template
Listco is a pretty versatile free directory website template that you can use for an assortment of different intentions. Whether it is travel, food or shopping-related, you can make it happen with Listco. In fact, you can go entirely against the norm and use it for something super niche or go general – Listco is here for you.

The layout of the template is fluid, working on smartphones, tablets and desktops butter smoothly. It includes many great traits for you to take to your total advantage. From the floating menu and back to top button to social buttons and listing details page, you get it all in the Listco package.

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Directing Free Template
Directing is another all-around free template that helps create online directory and listing websites. Avoid the idea of building it from the ground up, when you can save yourself plenty of time with Directing. Pushing any type of service on a local or global scale is possible with Directing. But creating an industry-exclusive directory is also an option.

Filters, testimonials slider, about page, video support, Google Maps and contact form, Directing is all set to start right away. The code of this HTML template is also neatly structured to get the gist of it comfortably.

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CityListing Free Template
As the name implies, CityListing is a remarkable alternative that creates beautiful directories for travel destinations. However, if you switch on your creativity, you can easily alter CityListing for something entirely different, if this is the design you would like to use. At the end of the day, it’s the content that you publish that will define the niche/indusrty.

Transparent header, sticky menu, back to top button, animations, hover effects and newsletter-ready form are all the different peculiarities of CityListing. You can make it yours with a click on the button and put it to use right away for an instant difference.

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travello free template
As the name suggests, you can use Travello to build a modern, clean and sophisticated travel directory website and help people discover new destinations they have not yet visited. Nowadays, the adventure and the next big trip start online. It’s the website that displays the available dates and unlocks a whole new specter of possibilities. Browsing a website, you might find places you did not even know existed. With Travello, you can bring into being a page that will do just that.

The design is there, at your fingertips. You now need to put it to use, enrich it with your branding and content and have a functional website up and running sooner rather than later. Home, about, news and contact pages are predesigned for you to get things moving right off the bat. Download Travello for free and start crafting the website that will realize all your ideas.

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jobstart free template
Jobstart is a free directory website template to create job websites without hassle. It brings to the table a dope look that will amaze all your visitors both employers and job seekers. You can now create a platform to connect the two and offer businesses to grow and candidates to land fresh gigs.

Since the template is based on Bootstrap Framework, your website will work on mobile, tablet and desktop devices like a dream. Jobstart is also optimized for search engines and high performance. Ensure a fantastic experience and help those in need. Enhance your page with parallax background and different animations, built user loyalty with testimonials and go on a more personal level by starting writing a blog. All this and more is possible with the fantastic Jobstart.

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educature free template
In our collection of the best free directory website templates, we bring you all bunch of different tools to suit even the pickiest tastes. Besides, you need to know that all our templates are also entirely customizable and easy to use. If you are looking to launch an online courses platform, it is Educature that will do the trick for you. With a vibrant and attention-grabbing design, Educature will spark curiosity in every visitor and your potential new students.

Educature has cool animations that make browsing the content more fun and engaging. Other core features of the page skin are responsiveness, sticky navigation, on scroll content load, testimonials and unique back to top button. Push your courses with beautiful internal pages and start writing a blog as well. Create an impactful and unforgettable experience that will grow your platform to new heights.

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jobfinder free template
Jobfinder is exactly what it says it is, a free directory website template for people to find their dream jobs. You can now create an entire web platform that will list down most wanted jobs and link employers with employees. The layout is there, ready and set for you to employ to your heart’s content. You can use the default settings, or you can take the extra step and modify it according to your regulations. The options are many so do your thing and see a big difference.

From parallax effect and advanced search function to sticky navigation, recent and featured jobs sections, video support and multi-level drop-down menu, you have it all at your disposal. Kick things off in style and fashion and start your new online venture professionally from the very beginning.

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comport free template
Job listing websites are quite popular, and it seems like there are very many out there. If you would like to start your own, you can do it effortlessly by utilizing the powerful and practical Comport. This free directory website template offers you to create niche job listings or a serious platform that covers all industries and then some. Regardless of the idea you have, Comport creates an outstanding final product that will get things moving forward strong.

Comport has a clean, minimal and light look that ensures a fluid experience, searching for the right job. Let them browse by category, location and keyword to find the right job they are looking for as quickly as possible. You can also gather their emails with the newsletter subscription and send them new offerings on a regular basis.

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jobportal free template
Online directories are of all sorts of different intentions, and job portals happen to be one of the most common ones. You can start your own thing right now by downloading a free directory website template, Jobportal. This allows you to build a website with the ready-to-use design that will quickly put you right on top. When users search for their ideal jobs, they do not want any distraction and other interruption. That’s where Jobportal wins the game.

With a mobile-friendly and loading speed optimized website that you are about to create with Jobportal, you can ensure job seekers to hunt for the right employer regardless of the device and platform they use. Waste no more time and put the tool to use and see the magic happen. Jobportal gets you going strong right off the bat for the success you would like to attain.

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homespace free template
Are you a real estate agency or an agent who is looking for a way to push properties over and above? If that is so, Homespace is the free directory website template that will display homes, apartments and other estate professionally. With all the features and ready-made layouts, you will have a breeze setting up the website you wish to run. Homespace has the content that you need and it is just a click away.

Different functionalities of Homespace make it a must-have page template. Besides, it is also fully organized, easy to use and practices all the latest web trends and tech regulations. That said, Homespace is a Bootstrap template what tells you more than enough. Indeed, it is responsive, flexible, cross-browser compatible and SEO ready. Make it yours and stand out from the masses.

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listing free directory website template
While Listing is a free and simple directory website template, it does not necessarily mean it is poor in quality and performance. As a matter of fact, it is the complete opposite. You get way more premium characteristics than you ever thought you could get with a free template. The item is a perfect fit for all sorts of listing and directory websites, like hotels, flights, events, restaurants and the like.

The design of Listing template keeps things simple and straightforward for a flawless search. It allows users to both browse listings and submit their own to your rapidly growing platform. Furthermore, the directory website building tool has an option to expand your page with a blog section which you can use for content marketing. There is so much you can do with one simple template so make sure you take it to your advantage.

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JobListing free templateLike the name already suggests, JobListing, is a template which is perfectly suitable for job board sites for guests to find the desired jobs and gigs. It is fully responsive with a modern and elegant design which guarantees great user experience. While it comes as a premium template, there is also a free version available as a JobListing Bootstrap HTML5 template. Perfect option if you are interested in testing the waters of the whole listing websites game. Needless to say, you will still sport a fully working and professional page to attract job seekers.

This fantastic job portal website template covers all the niches within the marketplace and even comes ready for other industries. With easy customization, you can quickly perform adjustments and have a different look to it. Some of the key features of JobListing template are many available inner pages, different home pages, combined flat and material designs and even premium extensions. You will have your platform organized, easy to use and most importantly, from your end, easy to maintain. Start putting it to use and see what you can do with it. At any time, you can upgrade your popular online directory and go premium. But use the Lite version for as long as you want if it has enough of everything.

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Dorne is a fantastic free directory website template that will give you a quick-start on the web. Whether you use it as a listing for hotels, restaurants, travels or shopping, Dorne is here to serve you right. Of course, you can also create a generic directory website template that covers multiple niches and offers. Choose your own path and get online with a bang by using the cracking and easy to employ tool, Dorne.

Like all the rest in this collection, Dorne is mobile-ready and in tune with retina screens and modern web browsers. It comes with a beautiful home design and a batch of other internal pages that will complete building your platform even faster. Sticky and transparent navigation bar, animations, cool search function and social media icons, Dorne has it all and a whole bunch more.

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Listed Free Template
Hence the name, Listed is a free listing and directory website template for travel websites. Of course, you can also make adjustments and modifications and utilize Listed for a completely different niche. The choice is yours, Listed is powerful enough to suit almost any industry you operate in. Listed will help you create the must-have online presence faster and simpler. It is a great shortcut to take to attain professional levels, avoiding building your website from the ground up.

Listed rocks parallax background, simple search tool, hover effects, widget-rich footer and a blog section. You also do not need to build a contact page with form all by yourself since Listed has it included in the kit for your convenience. For a travel directory, Listed is one fine solution you should not miss – and it is free of charge.

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