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20 Best Nextjs Templates For Your App 2020


With the best Nextjs templates collection on the web, you can build landing pages and admins a lot faster.

These allow you to keep away from making a new project from scratch, ensuring you a speedy and spectacular outcome.

Tons of page layouts and other reusable components are at your disposal to enjoy a quick-start hassle-free. Why complicate things if you do not have to? Also, these tools do not limit you in any way, shape or form.

Sure, you can stick to the default settings, but you can also go the extra mile and make adjustments and improvements according to your liking and project regulations.

Every Nextjs template is fully flexible and extensible, so you know it will fit your project whether you are just starting out or rock an established build. It is all possible once you have the right tools and solutions at the tip of your fingers.

Of course, the templates for Nextjs are enriched with all the latest trends and technologies of the modern web.

For your information, even if you are just starting out, with the right Nextjs template, you can learn on the fly and come out with a powerful and impactful web application, without anyone knowing it is your very first creation. Let machines do the work for you.

Best Nextjs Templates For Any Application


pickbazar react template
If you are in the process of realizing an eCommerce project, enjoy a quick-start with Pickbazar. With this remarkable and flexible template, you will speed things up rapidly. Let’s face it, there is no need to start building an online shop from square one anymore. Of course, Pickbazar sports all the latest trends and regulations of the modern web, ensuring spectacular performance across all devices and web browsers.

Moreover, Pickbazar is built with beginners and experts in mind, so both get the most out of it without a shadow of a doubt. With multiple different demos, you can start pushing pretty much any products you want. Pickbazar also includes internal page layouts, checkout system and all these other specialties that will do you well. The design is also clean and minimal, making sure all the items come into view stunningly.

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shoponix next template
Shoponix – hence the name – is a Nextjs template for an eCommerce store. Along with the front-end, Shoponix also includes a full-blown admin panel for your convenience. If you are ready to get an online business on feet with a lot less effort, Shoponix is the way to go. You can freely mix and match the available material and have an outcome ready to roll sooner rather than later. Indeed, if you would like to introduce your creative touch, you can do that, too.

Some of the amazing features of Shoponix include Stripe payment integration, six demos, Bootstrap 4, login, pagination, orders and product management, to name a few. Shoponix is also SEO-friendly, lightweight and retina-ready. The code of the tool is well-commented for effortless editing and customizing. Fast and friendly support is also at your disposal for an even smoother project building process.

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vurox nextjs admin template
Vurox is an impactful, yet easy to use React Nextjs admin template with heaps of practical assets. There are different samples to choose from, coming both in dark and light modes. While each of the options works fantastically well out of the box, you can also take things a step further by implementing your custom tweaks to it. With this, you are welcome to use Vurox for any type of project or web application you can think of. Analytics, product management, sales, it’s all possible with Vurox.

Vurox is built on the latest technologies, ensuring a high performing outcome that is just around the corner. Data tables, Google Maps, invoices, chat, shop pages and three chart styles are just some of the highlights of Vurox. You also receive updates, which are free for a lifetime.

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livani nextjs template
In this collection of the best Nextjs templates, you will find all sorts of alternatives. With this in mind, it is a guarantee that you will get the one that resonates with your idea best. When setting up an online shop, Livani is the tool that comes in exceptionally handy. Various samples come part of the bundle for you to take them to your total advantage right away. Not just that, but there are other layouts that are necessary to build a successful eCommerce website. No need to build anything from scratch when it comes to Livani.

The list of features is vast, still, we will mention just a few. They include smooth transition effects, video support, Google fonts, search engine optimization, Stripe payment and product quick view, amongst many more in between.

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tripfinder nextjs template
As the name implies, TripFinder is a React hotel listing website template, which works with all types of accommodation businesses. In short, if you are looking to create a directory website for hotels, TripFinder is your best bet. From home to internal page layouts, TripFinder rocks them all for your convenience. The appearance is also very light an eye-catchy, easily fitting different tastes and liking, even by using it as is.

Search feature with Google maps, map marker, user profile, sticky navigation, full-screen slider and pricing plans, all this and then some is readily available for you to benefit from. Make a listing website for accommodations and manage and maintain it comfortably with TripFinder. You can also get in touch with the friendly support team and flip through the documentation, which together ensure a smooth sail.

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inst nextjs template
Inst is a creative Nextjs template with a beautiful design that appeals to a broad audience. The tool is optimized and powered by the latest technologies to work with your application butter smoothly. Also, Inst comes in dark and light mode. Some of the technical features of Inst include BaseUI Design, React Hooks, React Context, Next Optimized Images and Glide for slider.

The whole structure is 100% responsive, working on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers flawlessly. You also get charts, calendar, to-do, Firebase CRUD, shop pages, pricing plan and chat bot feature. Even if you are a beginner web developer, you will still witness great results with Inst and all the goodies that it sports in the bundle. Take your project to new heights from the very start and enjoy growing it to the extremes with Inst.

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crema nextjs template
Building an admin panel does not need to be complicated, at least not with Crema. With tons of layouts, elements and components at your disposal, you can have it all set and ready to rock and roll speedily. Ten navigation styles, five built-in apps, various color combinations, over one hundred widgets and code splitting, all this and more is what Crema treats you with.

With the three ready for use dashboards, Crema takes care of CRM, crypto and analytics. Of course, the possibilities do not end here, as you can modify Crema and go entirely against the grain. There are also three different modes; dark, light and semi-dark. Additionally, Crema is compatible with various languages, including RTL. Once you decide to work with Crema, you can expect an express outcome that will move mountains.

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jumpx nextjs template
Jump-start your project with Jumpx now and make an immediate difference. That’s what to expect from a versatile and resourceful tool, like Jumpx. But first, feel free to check out the live preview demo and see all the options and possibilities that are available in the bundle.

Jumpx is a Nextjs template for startup businesses and marketing agencies. However, to be entirely candid with you, once you modify the layout, you can also employ Jumpx for something altogether different. You get a kit of five starter demos, RTL layout included, as well as very many other amenities and traits that will do you well.

Without a shadow of a doubt, you can be 100% certain that the outcome will follow all the latest trends and regulations. Jumpx is compatible with mobile devices, web browsers and retina screens. Not to mention lightweight and SEO-ready.

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bariton nextjs template
As you see, not all the Nextjs tool on this list are for admins. Bariton is another excellent alternative that assists you at establishing an online presence for an IT and machine learning project. It is a pretty niche template with a nifty home page and several inner page layouts, including a coming soon page. Bariton is solid enough to cater to your taste, no matter how meticulous.

Thanks to the amazing documentation, Bariton makes sure you witness a smooth execution, even as a newbie. Needless to say, you can also get in touch with the support team in case of any questions you may have. A few other highlights contain smooth transitions, back to top button, floating menu, testimonials and pricing plans, to name a few. You can even start a blog and introduce a content marketing strategy that will help grow your business through the roof.

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slabo nextjs template
Slabo is a Nextjs template that helps you bring to fruition excellent admins. The tool includes two main dashboard samples and multiple other pages, along with over one hundred components. Slabo truly comes as an outstanding pack of practical material that will help you start working on your project right away.

Moreover, some of the features contain React Hooks, SSR, Google Fonts, fast loading speed and compatibility with devices and browsers. You can start your journey to success immediately, Slabo brings multiple goodies to the table, including a predefined front-end template design. For a small investment, you save a lot of time and energy.

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dboard nextjs template
D-Board will not shy away from any project ideas and applications that you have on your mind. It is a powerful alternative that helps with building resourceful admin panels. D-Board is a Nextjs admin template that rocks an array of ready-to-use page layouts in dark and light modes.

You have an option to choose from multiple variations out of the box. But you can also introduce your creative touch and fine-tune D-Board according to your project directions. It sports various apps, forms, tables, notifications, UI elements, you name it, D-Board has it available. In short, D-Board makes sure that you experience a quick admin creation.

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appion nextjs template
Appion helps you with the establishment of an impactful landing page website. If you would like to sort things out on the web for your project and create a solid promotion, you better not miss the amazing Appion. Every web developer will have a blast when working with Appion, as the process will be a little breeze. No more heavy lifting and performing any of the tedious tasks. Instead, let Appion do the hard work for you, while you focus on the finishing touches primarily.

The package is full of predefined material for you to mix and match. You will also have no trouble customizing this clean and creative Nextjs template, making it follow your regulations to a tee. Appion rocks a pixel perfect design, supports the latest SEO practices, includes many reusable components and ensures complete flexibility.

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pungent react template
Startups and digital agencies will find all the necessary in the Pungent kit to start online like a champ. With a whopping collection of sixteen demos, you know you will find the right look for your business. By the way, with upcoming updates, you can expect even more samples to come your way. At this point, you can either employ the design’s default look or go the extra mile and customize it per your request. The options are endless with Pungent.

Several additional practical inner pages await every Pungent user, too, like services, about, portfolio, pricing, team and contact. A few other extras contain owl carousel, Google fonts, WOW animations, smooth transitions and W3 valid code. For a small investment, you can save yourself plenty of time and energy when coming up with the right online presence for your or your client’s project.

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raxr nextjs template
You are closer than ever to form a website for your new project. With Raxr, a Nextjs template, you can now bring into being a page for anything data science and analytics-related. It is a niche tool, if you will, still, very versatile and adaptive. The modern and creative design ensures that everyone will have an unforgettable experience browsing through your content. Thanks to the available four demos, you have more than enough options to find the best solution for your particular intention.

Moreover, the code and the entire structure of Raxr is organized and neat. Meaning, editing the default settings will be as easy as pie. Catchy animations, drop-down menu, call-to-action buttons, hover effects, testimonials and diverse internal pages, Raxr does not hold back with goodies. Last but not least, thorough documentation and support are also part of the package.

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taiker react next template
Taiker is a tool that any agency and startup will find great use of. With nine and counting demos, Taiker offers you several designs to choose from, each modern and eye-catchy. You can also employ Taiker for a landing page, promoting apps and software. Like all the other Nextjs templates on this list, Taiker is also in tune with all popular devices and web browsers for smooth operation, as well as fast and lightweight.

The entire procedure to modify Taiker is also a little breeze due to the amazing organization and neat structure. Various internal page layouts, animations, sticky header, team section, video support, shop page and pricing, all this and more awaits you in the Taiker bundle. Taiker even comes with Stripe integration and RTL version. Also, with frequent updates, you can expect even more features to drop for you to put into practice.

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coinage nextjs template
As the name implies, CoinAge is an ideal solution for ICO and cryptocurrency. A Nextjs template for a landing page with heaps of great traits that will do you well out of the box. You can utilize CoinAge for an array of different objectives, like trading, exchange, consulting, whatever. The web design comes packed with all the latest technologies and tools for everyone to get the most out of it. That said, CoinAge is effortless to use regardless of how skillful you are and how many experiences you have. In short, CoinAge is for newbies and pros.

CoinAge uses Bootstrap 4, React, Redux and Nextjs, free fonts, fixed header, timeline and a contact form, amongst many more other goodies in between. If you would like to start a blog, you can do that, too, with the included page layouts.

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tuam nextjs template
Tuam is another great niche template for office space, co-working and rental. If you are in the process of starting a new project, promote it on the internet with solid web space. Thanks to Tuam, you need to begin building it without starting from square one. Let this template take care of the major part of the work instead of you. You can only focus on branding and personalizing it while keeping all the rest intact. The web design already has a very strong wow factor to it, which will save you plenty of time and effort.

With three different demos and more to come, you can enjoy yourself a kick-start to something novel. Even though you are free to perform any customization tweak you want, you can also go with the design exactly as is. Tuam indeed practices all the latest web trends, which make sure the final product is high performing at all times.

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eleven nextjs template
Eleven offers you a plethora of options and possibilities for establishing the right admin for your project or web app. It is a resourceful Nextjs template that actually comes in four different versions (Angular, Hugo and HTML) blended into one remarkable tool. There is something for everyone, and that is a guarantee. You also have different color options to choose from, as well as dark and light mode. On top of that, you can always perform additional customizations if necessary.

Everything is straightforward to tweak and improve according to your liking, so there is no need to stick to the default settings precisely. Online and offline documentation, support, entirely responsive layout, the list of features goes on. Forms, tables, charts, internal pages and all these other practical UI components come part of the kit for you to enjoy speedy realization of a powerful admin dashboard.

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haiper nextjs template
Haiper is another non-admin template for online banking and payments. A niche web design, if you will. If you are in the financing space and need to sort out a striking website, you better go with Haiper immediately. This alternative equips you with a set of amazing features and functions. You get four different home pages and many more inner layouts to mix and match according to your liking. Every predefined element is also fully adjustable, so you can modify it at free will. You can approach the process of establishing a solid online presence with an open-minded – no limitations.

Other amenities of Haiper are owl carousel, Font Awesome icons, Google fonts, back to top button, animations and other special effects. The enticing design will capture everyone’s attention right from the get-go. Enter the industry with a bang, thanks to Haiper.

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neemo react next template
Finding Neemo might not be the best start, but still. However, you will sure find a ton of useful material in the Neemo kit for building an SEO and IT agency website. Modernism and resourcefulness are two of the core characteristics of Neemo. On top of that, the tool is also easy and quick to work with, for a speedy and spectacular outcome. Even if you decide to work with Neemo exactly as it comes out of the box, the final build will be extraordinary. Still, you do not need to limit yourself in any way, shape or form – go full tilt and make Neemo your own.

Neemo is optimized for all the modern devices, web browsers, SEO and fast loading. It has two home variants with several more internal pages. This Nextjs template covers all and everything that promises a jump-start to something impactful.

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