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20 Best Science WordPress Themes 2021


A collection of the best and most sophisticated science WordPress themes that fit very many different objectives.

Knowledge is power! Indeed! Science impacts many great aspects of man’s life. Without science, the world we live in is not as convenient as it is now. Moreover, advanced and modern technology in many aspects changes the way we live. In terms of medicines, there have been countless medications that serve as effective treatments for different diseases.

Furthermore, through science, there are limitless inventions that currently makes human lives more comfortable. If you’re working with a scientific company website, you must consider how WordPress theme can handle such business. In addition, if you want to spread awareness of something very important, this list of science WordPress themes are indispensable.

WordPress themes have always been powerful when it comes to creating and building websites. No matter what type of business groups or individuals are trying to promote, having online presence makes a big difference. With WordPress themes, you can build modern, secure, fully functional and user-friendly websites in no time!

If you wish to create a magazine that features news about scientific discoveries, covers breaking scientific news or want to create a business portfolio you must see these amazing science WordPress themes we’ve handpicked.

In this list, you can find different ways to promote your science website. From WordPress blogs/magazines, company portfolio, landing page, all of these themes are truly unique and creative. All of these themes have a user-friendly interface, excellent functionality, and an amazing layout that you can hardly find on other collections. Scroll through the list and pick the one that suits your needs.

Best Science WordPress Themes


bridge science wordpress theme

Want to build a portfolio website for a laboratory or scientific company? Why not consider Bridge as your effective and powerful bridge to success? Bridge has numerous 376+ demos that are ready to use and can be easily imported. It features a beautiful modal video on the hero section, making the homepage more attractive and captivating. Bridge theme makes use of a clean and minimalist design in building this science niche theme. Which of course, utilizes a cool color combination to enhance the look of the website.

Bridge is fully optimized for SEO. That’s why businesses who use this theme wouldn’t have to worry about search engine rankings. Also, this theme is responsive and retina ready so potential clients and business partners can access your website using diverse devices without compromising the look and feel of the website. For sharing news about your company’s latest projects, Bridge allows you to post your stories or articles on the blog section in a nice and beautiful manner. It also comes with a newsletter function as part of your marketing strategies.

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Medical Diagnostic Laboratory

medical diagnostic laboratory science wordpress theme

For a website to stand out, it must have an excellent design, functional, robust and innovative. In order to achieve that goal, a WordPress theme is an exceptional solution. Here’s Medical Diagnostic Laboratory that’s one of the awesome science WordPress themes we’ve collected. It is ideal for medical laboratories, pharma companies, research center or testing labs. It has a clean and professional design with two demos that you can choose from.

The two pre-built sites have the elements you need to complete a science website. Both sites have good UI that will surely make your content exceptional and attractive too. Medical Diagnostic Laboratory is compatible with WooCommerce so in case you decide to sell items or services in your website, it would be easier to implement. It’s also fully responsive so mobile users can still access your website anywhere using their devices other than desktop for 24/7.

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BeTheme science wordpress theme

The internet has been a great source used by many people in finding the best brand, company, events or business to trust. So, consider these science WordPress themes if you’re working with a science company website. Here’s BeTheme, a feature-rich theme perfect to use for any business you use it with. Specifically, BeTheme has created a website that lets you showcase the company’s portfolio, events for a science fair and other contents pertaining to the science-related company.

As of now, this multi-purpose theme comes with huge 400+ pre-built websites. This intuitive theme can definitely help you improve your business without touching codes. Moreover, BeTheme understands the need for a perfect header to represent the logo, company name, font, and color so it included massive types of a header to suit your needs. This theme is also compatible with WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, BuddyPress, bbPress and The Event Calendar.

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jannah news science wordpress theme

Need a theme to publish concise, accurate articles for scientific researches? Why not pick from these science WordPress themes that we’ve carefully handpicked for you. Here’s Jannah, a newspaper and magazine WordPress theme that you can utilize for your science-related contents. It has a fresh, responsive design that can be installed in just one click. With this theme, you can implement ads on the ad spaces, full page takeover ad, while it fully supports AdRotate plugin.

Jannah contains widgets too that adds beauty to the theme. Basically, it has social widgets for displaying social pages, latest shares, etc. It also has a social counter that you can exhibit in 12 different styles. For your users to find amazing stories, this theme allows you to post articles on the blog. Lastly, this theme lets you highlight the trending articles within your website along with the beautiful slider on the homepage as well.

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soledad science wordpress theme

As much as possible you need to pick the right theme for your business. In this way, you can achieve your business goals without coding skills required. Here’s Soledad, a multi-concept blog/magazine/news WordPress theme that has a massive 5000+ homepage demos. The live customizer is definitely an effective aid as it allows you to view result instantly and doesn’t need to have the skill in coding. Soledad is also compatible with AMP, WooCommerce, BuddyPress and bbPress for a more powerful theme.

As it is more easier to finish your content through drag and drop, this theme is crafted with Visual Composer plugin. Meanwhile, if you wish to showcase multiple contents without consuming much space, Soledad has 36 beautiful sliders to do as you desire. As this theme supports AMP, your website will load 5x faster than without AMP compatibility. That’s not all, the mega menus still works beautifully to arouse the user’s interest.

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Due to its multi-purpose approach and high adaptability, you can effortlessly use Handel as a science WordPress theme. In fact, it even has a full-blown demo available for everything science and laboratory related. That said, if you need to create extra exposure, build a solid web presence with the convenient Handel. And if you fancy the demo, you can effortlessly use it exactly as is. But improving it and making it follow your requirements also will not be too big of a deal. Hint: coding knowledge is not required.

As far as the features go, well, it is hard even to decide where to start. Yes, Handel is a package full of amazingness that will put you right on top. From over two hundred content blocks, loads of internal page layouts, neat headers and premium plugins (at no extra cost), Handel has it all and a whole bunch more.

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novalab science wordpress theme
NovaLab is an exclusive science WordPress theme for researchers and laboratories. Kick-start your project with the available samples and start online sooner than later. NovaLab is packed with beautiful designs and heaps of perks that will do you well. Along with that, NovaLab also offers a page builder, so if you would like to alter anything, you can do it – without coding.

Some other features of NovaLab are parallax effect, customizable footer, smooth transitions and mega menu support. You have it all at your fingertips to present your services, studies, researches and laboratory to the masses.

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labpeak science lab wordpress theme
Labpeak – hence the name – is a special lab and science WordPress theme that assists you in establishing your dream website. Nothing needs to start from the ground up anymore. With Labpeak, you mix and match the available material, enhance it if necessary and that’s it. Yes, it truly is just as simple as it sounds. However, documentation and support are also at your disposal, just in case.

Multiple demos, a lifetime worth of free updates, a 30-day money-back guarantee and over thirty custom elements are just some of the treats of Labpeak. Make it yours and shine online with your science-related website.

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newsblock science news wordpress theme
If you are particularly looking for a WordPress theme that will help you create an online science magazine, that’s when you need Newsblock. It is a modern, impactful and very easy to use tool that unlocks tons of options and possibilities. You can start with the samples’ default configurations, but you can easily step things up with modifications, too.

Newsblock comes with many cool features that will make your online mag stand out from the masses. Dark mode toggle, AMP support, lazy loading, video backgrounds and multi-author posts; Newsblock has it all and then some. Needless to say, it is also fully monetizable.

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avada science wordpress theme

Science is a way of helping the brain find new knowledge. That’s why there are many geeks that always hunger for scientific knowledge. In consequence, there are also companies that wants to quench that thirsts. If you’re one of them, you should look at Avada. It’s a multi-purpose WordPress theme with a bunch of pre-built websites. With Avada, you can create a 100% fully responsive website with easy to customize elements. The powerful admin panel of Avada lets you control the elements you want to appear on the website.

Avada has the features that are ready to create a stunning look to your website. It has sleek elastic sliders for simple and beautiful images which are also responsive. If you wish to make your website have a boxed or wide layout, along with the color, image or pattern on the background section, it’s easy to edit with the advanced admin panel. Avada is also integrated with WooCommerce so selling items in your website is quick and possible to implement.

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WP Industry

wp industry science wordpress theme

Out-of-the-box designs truly stand out. For websites, you might want to create something that is beyond the usual. If you want to have the finest science website, you can check out these science WordPress themes. Here’s WP Industry that can reveal your personality as a powerful scientific company. This theme has a clean, slick and elegant design. Apart from that, it’s very easy to customize, and lets you finish the pages through drag and drop.

WP Industry has 15 page builder blocks, 11 custom widgets, and shortcodes. This theme lets you exhibit your latest projects through the use of the slider. Therefore, a beautiful array of your successful works will easily attract a visitor on your website. The blog section is another awesome tool to help you explain how your business begin and how it become popular. On the other hand, if you wish you could sell any stuff in your website, that’s just very easy to implement. WP Industry is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin that makes the task possible and easy.

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xamin science wordpress theme
Xamin is a powerful and practical data science and analytics WordPress theme that offers you complete control over the design. With the three main homes and several more niche designs, you can quickly find the right style of Xamin that serves your intention. Along with index layouts, of course, Xamin comes with very many internal pages, too. In short, you have it all and everything at the tip of your fingers.

With the drag and drop page builder (WPBakery), you can quickly make customization tweaks to Xamin and tailor it to your exact needs. Needless to say, you will never need to touch a single line of code when working with Xamin. Benefit from all the numerous goodies and start on the web with a strong and impactful website. The killer presence is just short moments away.

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aculia science wordpress theme
Aculia is a science WordPress theme that anyone and everyone can use for their laboratories and other research institutions. With the five dope samples, you can now start on the world wide like a pro from the get-go. Why coding the entire website from scratch when you can profit from a striking tool that will take things to an entirely new degree. Aculia is a solution that requires no experience with establishing pages.

Along with all the demo content that Aculia brings to the table, it also comes coupled with King Composer builder. To be entirely candid with you, by using Aculia, you can literally have a full-blown website all set and ready to rock and roll within minutes. Can you imagine? What’s best, the end product will be outstandingly professional and advanced.

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academix science wordpress theme

If you do scientific researches, offer scientific services or lab tests, Academix can be one of your top choice. It’s one of the best science WordPress themes we’ve handpicked for you. Academix is professionally designed for research groups and professor academic websites. It’s also a WordPress theme built to give the perfect solution on multiple research groups. Moreover, it has all the features a researcher need to improve their credibility, professionalism and creativity. Basically, it makes use of researcher group introduction, quick summary, highlighted projects, video summary, fun facts and more.

With Academix, you can fully finish a website without a hassle and in just a few minutes. As it is SEO optimized, you can create awesome content and let this theme get you to the top on search engines. This theme also has events page where upcoming scientific events can be advertised and raise awareness of that coming events. If you have publications, books, journal articles, you may also exhibit them into your website without difficulty.

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labora science wordpress theme

Clutter-free websites create a great impact on the online business world. If you haven’t got the right theme for your scientific website, you better check out these stunning science WordPress themes. Here’s Labora, a business, laboratory, or pharmaceutical WordPress theme with clean, organized and elegant website design. With Labora, you can truly enjoy building and managing your own website. It has truly a clean design that focuses on the compelling content. Also, the widgets, bunch of shortcodes, and plugins will never fail to do their vital roles. All of these tools contribute to the quality and success of your website.

Labora highlights the beautiful layout, clean and readable typography, perfect color combination. In addition, the flex slider, custom slider, unlimited sidebars, and many other features make the theme more interesting. If you wish to post a video, image, link, gallery, etc., you can do it with ease as Labora allows publishing such contents. Labora can take your scientific business to the next level! Apart from that, the call to actions which are very important, gives you the chance to direct your reader’s actions, grow audience and increase sales in the long run.

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labtechco science wordpress theme

With today’s advanced web technology, the web development process has somewhat become easy and fast. Here’s LabtechCO that lets you create the pages of your website without coding skills. It’s a laboratory and research WordPress theme that has a super elegant and professional design. Since it is important to have your business color scheme when you build your website, LabtechCO allows you to change every color of the elements you utilize. Just access the options panel and you can do the customization with ease. However, if you do not have the talent in color combination, you don’t have to worry as this theme has color presets that can be applied with just a single click.

LabtechCO is fully responsive and is mobile ready so your business can be accessed 24/7 all over the world regardless of the devices used with high-quality, pixel-perfect images. This theme lets you choose from the 3 beautiful pre-built websites. Each of these have a unique layout, but have the same purposes, to make your scientific website stand out!

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pharmaton science wordpress theme

Before the medicines released to the market, they have been keenly processed by experts. And if you’re a designer working with a website for such companies, you should see this collection of science WordPress themes. Here’s Pharmaton, a medical and pharmacy WordPress theme with intuitive and classic design. Pharmaton is built to give scientific, pharma-related companies the solution for having an online presence. It also has multiple pages essential for such websites. These pages include departments, pipeline, management, careers, shop, etc. Of course, you can always change them into your own preferences.

This theme is compatible with WooCommerce plugin so anytime you decided to sell online, Pharmaton will always be your asset. It also features the blog section where you can publish articles regarding your latest achievement in medicine, laboratory, experiments and more.

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clariwell science wordpress theme

Have you been looking for the right theme for your scientific website? Well, you just landed on the right place. Here’s Clariwell, one of the science WordPress themes that stands out. It’s a medical laboratory and research WordPress theme with highly customizable features. It’s 100% responsive so your website is highly visible on all devices and will have a visual appeal. Furthermore, it comes with 5 amazing full website demo that can be installed in just one click. Each of these demos have clear and user-friendly UI designs.

Clariwell is SEO optimized. Therefore, you should get your website ready to rank in search engines. Well, getting your website ready for that won’t really give you a headache as you can change and customize all areas without touching codes. It also comes with shortcodes, plugins, that are ready to give you infinite possibilities. This theme is also speed optimized to boosts audience retention.

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The Scientist

the scientist science wordpress theme

If you want to cover the latest scientific events, publish articles behind the developing world, you might consider utilizing The Scientist. It’s a science and research magazine theme that is ideal for scientific magazines, research blog or innovations lab. It has ample widgets, dozens of shortcodes and plugins that makes the website stand out. This theme is easy to customize and is responsive, allowing your website visitors to access your contents even using mobile devices. That’s not all, The Scientist theme can help your website be visible on search engines as it is SEO optimized.

With the WordPress live customizer, you can easily and immediately see results with ease. The Scientist is compatible with AccessPress, to exhibit the number of social accounts fans, subscribers and followers. It also has the Instagram widget to help you display current posts on Instagram that can add credibility to your website.

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Scientific researches gave birth to various medicines that extends human lives. If you’re one of these scientific companies, you should let the world know that you exist through an online presence. Here’s Medicare that we’ve handpicked to be a part of these awesome science WordPress themes. It is a medical and health theme with 12 amazing pre-built websites. All of these themes have a clean, modern and innovative design. They are all ready to help you create a good website in an instant.

Medicare has a laboratory pre-built website that will definitely improve scientific companies, pharmaceutical companies, research, general hospital and other related websites. It has the timetable, online booking, WooCommerce integration, and other outstanding features. This theme is also responsive, has shortcodes and plugins tailored to showcase your content nicely and elegantly.

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