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20 Computer Mockups (Desktop, Laptop, iMac, iPad)


Do you want to showcase your website design work on a high-quality computer screen in a real-life setting? Then you must choose a good mockup to do things easily. With an excellent computer mockup, you can have a virtual preview of your site design on a computer device’s screen with realistic effects. 

Today, in this post, we have gathered 20 best computer mockups that enable all webs designers, bloggers, and social media influencers the chance to present their design work on the screens of various devices, like desktops, laptops, tablets, iPad, iMac, and more.

So, let’s get to know about these mockups.

Multi-Device Mockup

Showcase responsive website design in a realistic setting with this multi-device mockup scene. It gives you choices of 4 devices – desktop (iMac), laptop (Macbook), phone (iPhone X), and tablet (iPad). There are also a variety of background textures, colors, and customization options available. In this mockup pack, you get 1 PSD file and 13 premade scenes. You can easily customize the whole thing n Photoshop and present your website design on different devices. Even you can choose the color of a device so that it matches your website theme and design perfectly.

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Minimal Computer Mockup

Are you looking for a mockup that can help you showcase your design work in style and with simplicity? This minimal computer mockup is the perfect option for you. And the best thing is you do not have to an expert in Photoshop to use this mockup. Editing this mockup’s layout is very simple. Smart layers make the customization process quick and easy. The mockup has a photorealistic and elegant appearance. You can showcase your design on the computer screen. The additional elements in the background will add an aesthetic touch to your final presentation.

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iPad Pro Mockup Set

Now you can present amazing design presentations with this iPad Pro mockup set. The mockup shows iPad Pro from 4 different angles. It has high detalization and superb resolution to add a fantastic touch to your final work. It is a pack of 4 PSD files, all are fully editable and easy to use. You can change the colors as well. So, get this mockup set now and show off your branding and logo design with complete professionalism.

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Realistic iPad Mockup

This iPad PSD mockup has a realistic appearance and high resolution. It features an iPad screen, female hands, and a rustic table. The rustic background has added an elegant touch to the overall appearance. Editing it is really easy. Simply double-click the smart layer to copy and paste your designs. It will automatically add the perspective effect to fit the iPad screen picture. So, get this useful mockup now and use it to showcase your website and graphic designs effortlessly.

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Tablet Mockup with Christmas Scene

This mockup features a tablet held in hand, having a Christmas themed background. You can easily place your design on the tablet screen and showcase the work in high resolution. The background adds an additional realistic and colorful look to the final presentation. Use this mockup to showcase any website or graphic design. Also, if you want to promote something holiday-themed branding online, that also can be showcased on the tablet here. The background will simply add a perfect touch to such a branding presentation.

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Horizontal iPad Pro Mockup

As the name suggests, this is an iPad Pro mockup, featuring an iPad placed horizontally on a white desk. There is also an Apple pencil beside the iPad. It is a photo-based mockup which also includes a Photoshop-compatible PSD file and a PDF help file. Furthermore, the realistic lighting and shadow effects add a warm mood to the overall appearance. So get this mockup now. Insert your design with smart object layer in Photoshop, hit save, and your job is done. Within just a few clicks, your final presentation with impressive appearance will be ready.

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Christmas Themed Computer Mockup

Are you looking for a perfect holiday-themed mockup to present your website and branding design on a computer? This computer display mockup is perfect for you. This is a unique and realistic mockup, featuring Santa Claus using a computer. The background also gives a Christmas vibe. You can easily place your design work on the blank computer screen and present the artwork with photorealistic effects.

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Laptop Mockup on Desk

This is another holiday-themed mockup, displaying a laptop on a desk filled with lights, Christmas decorations, and a couple of gift boxes. The colorful and bright layout design looks simply beautiful. So, if you want to impress your clients with a fantastic design presentation and convert them into customers, use this laptop mockup. Enjoy customizing.

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Christmas Holiday Themed Laptop Computer Mockup

The holiday season is knocking on the door, which means many designers are neck-deep in Christmas themed design projects. If you are among such a designer, this mockup is perfect for you. It is a premium quality PSD mockup of a laptop on a desk with holiday decorations. The whole appearance of the layout sets a perfect tone of Christmas mood. Use this mockup for your holiday-themed marketing campaigns and projects. You can easily impress your audience with impressive presentation work.

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Christmas Computer Display Mockup

This mockup features a compact illustration of a computer display on a desk with some wonderful holiday decorations. The design and decorations visible here are usually associated with the Christmas season. The mockup is professionally crafted with perfect compositions and details. Therefore, with this mockup, you can showcase your holiday marketing promotions or any other designs with a bright and festive Christmas vibe.

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Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Mockup

This mockup lets you showcase responsive websites and other graphics designs on desktop, tablet and smartphone. Each device visible in this template is available on an individual separate layer. Thus you can easily turn on or off any item you want if needed. Moreover, thanks to smart layers, you can easily replace the content on the devices screens. The layout also has a transparent background layer to help you change color or add any background image if needed. Get this PSD mockup and display your responsive design work effortlessly.

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15 Devices Mockup Scene

This is another computer mockup that allows you to showcase responsive website designs on 15 different devices. From smartphones to MacBook, desktop to tablet, you can showcase your artwork on multiple devices at once and impress your audience. This is a pack of 20 re-made PSD files, all are equally easy to customize. Other than placing the design, you can also change color, adjust shadows and effects as per your need and preference. The high resolution of the mockup will add fantastic touch to your final presentation.

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iPad Mockup on Glitter Background

This mockup is perfect for photographers, clip art artists, illustrators, scrapbookers, sticker makers, digital artists, card makers, graphic artists, etc.  who want to showcase their design work in a  superb way. The best thing is, If you have knowledge about software that can handle images, such as Photoshop, Canva, PicMonkey, Gimp, Word, MS Paint, etc., you can easily work with this mockup. Simply add text, images, and other design elements on the iPad screen and display that on social media, bog, website header, and other marketing materials.

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Realistic Tablet & Computer Mockup

This mockup includes computer monitor, notebook, tablet, laptop and smartphone, letting you showcase your design work on different devices screens in a simple yet realistic setting. Customizing this EPS file is super easy. The complete layout is layered and well-organized. So, if you want to display your design work in a simple white background and let your clients know how it would look in different devices at once, choose this mockup. Enjoy editing.

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Realistic MacBook Pro Mockup

This is another realistic mockup, showing a woman working on a MacBook in a cafe. The pink background has added a warm and simple touch to the overall appearance. You can easily showcase your website design, blog design or any other design work on the MacBook screen in a realistic setting. The mockup is very easy to edit, thanks to smart objects. Moreover, its high resolution adds a fantastic touch to your final work. So, get this mockup now and create a flawless presentation.

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Colorful Desktop Mockup

This computer mockup has beautiful design layout and is perfect for showcasing website design and marketing promotional announcements. The kit includes iMac computer, silver unicorn bookend, a few  novels, illustrated floral notebooks, tape dispenser with paper tape, lip gloss, reading glasses, ruler, keyboard, water cup, paperclips, box, carnation flower arrangement, pens and pencils in pencil cup. The whole appearance of the layout is very pretty, bright, and colorful.  You can use this mockup to showcase your design on a website header, across social platforms and as desktop computer wallpapers.

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MacBook Air Mockup

This is a fully layered mockup, featuring a flowing MacBook air design. Place your design on the screen and show the presentation to your clients and customers. This excellent quality mockup has easy-to-edit PSD files that work perfectly in Photoshop via smart object layers. Replacing the screen of MacBook Air with your own design is just a click away. So, do not wait further, get this mockup now to create awesome presentations.

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Desktop Computer Mockup Template

This computer mockup is a pack of 10 high-quality PSD files, all are equally easy to edit. Here you find high-quality 3D rendered images with detailed shadow effects, reflections and multiple angles. You can place your design on the computer screen. Also, you can edit the background color and adjust shadow effects. In other words, with this mockup, you can create a design presentation just the way you want.

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Pro Desktop Mockup

Create a realistic and flawless design presentation with this computer mockup.  This mockup has an advanced setting and includes high-class compositions with detailed designs. You can easily customize this high-resolution mockup, thanks to smart objects and well-described layers. With this, you can create 6 photorealistic presentations of your design work and showcase that  on computer screens. This way, your clients and customers will have a realistic preview of your work. For any guidance, go through the help file that comes with the pack.

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Abstract Mac Pro Mockup

Use this mockup to showcase your designs on an iMac Pro from different angles. It includes 5 high-resolution PSD files, each having photographic filters. You can easily customize the whole thing with smart objects. Other than placing the design on the device screen and editing it, you can also change the colors of any additional objects, background and the screen. You can show or hide an object of your choice as well. So, if you think this mockup will be perfect for your next design project, get this right now and start customizing. 

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Final thoughts,

No matter which mockup you pick from the above-shared list, each one will help you showcase your design on a computer in an impressive way. So, pick the one that you think will be the best fit for your next project requirement, and start editing.

Here are some more computer mockups and templates discussed in our platform to help you in your next design project.


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