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20 Stunning Free Bootstrap 4 Carousel Examples 2019


Display slides of images and text in a striking way with our carefully developed Bootstrap 4 carousel templates.

A carousel is a good component for showcasing products, portfolio items, testimonials, and other items on your website.

The slides of a Bootstrap 4 carousel change automatically. So the user just has to sit and watch, which means that without putting any effort, the user can see the contents of all the slides. There are arrow icons. So the user can go to the next or previous slides by clicking them.

Some carousel examples also allow the user to go to a particular slide by clicking an icon. You will see this kind of example in this blog post.

This article takes you through the best, free, Bootstrap 4 carousel templates which you can add to any website.

Best Free Bootstrap 4 Carousel Templates

Carousel V01

carousel 01
Carousel V01 does an amazing job if you are on the hunt to add a FULL-SCREEN slider to your web application. What’s cool, it works both for sliding images and sliding text individually.

You can use both or choose just one – it’s entirely up to you. This just shows that Carousel V01 is capable of more than just one thing for you to take to your total advantage. Also, sliding either happens by dragging slides manually, but it rolls automatically, too.

More info / Download

Carousel V02

carousel 02
Showcasing your PORTFOLIO with a carousel is easy once you opt for Carousel V02. This neat Bootstrap snippet is free of charge and comes with a user-friendly code. Beginners and professionals, you are welcome.

Moreover, Carousel V02 also comes with left and right pointers and a click effect that displays a clickable icon. This is great if you’d like to link each carousel to different sections of your online portfolio or website.

More info / Download

Carousel V03

carousel 03
Carousel V03 is a modern image carousel based on Bootstrap Framework. You can integrate it into your website or blog quickly since the widget rocks a beginner-friendly base.

The organized code also allows you to make swift improvements and tailor the final design to your liking. Different screen sizes display different numbers of carousels.

For instance, there are three on desktop, two on tablet and one on a smartphone. But you can test it out yourself – just access the live preview below.

More info / Download

Carousel V04

carousel 04
Different website require different elements, but testimonials can be BENEFICIAL in many instances. Carousel V04 is a great Bootstrap 4 carousel that helps you add client feedback to your website.

Whether it’s for products, services, apps, you name it, Carousel V04 works for all of it.

The design is also very minimal, so adding it to different site themes and branding regulations will be a little breeze. Another cool feature is the client/customer avatar section, which makes it more personal.

More info / Download

Carousel V05

carousel 05
Carousel V05 is great if you are using a colored background, as it will pop beautifully. It’s a carousel for featuring client feedback or even short reviews.

Along with the main text area, there’s also a section for avatar, name and occupation. And in true Bootstrap snippet fashion, the layout is fluid, working on all modern screen sizes without a hitch.

Adding a testimonial or feedback carousel to your website, blog, online portfolio, you name it, has NEVER been easier.

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Carousel V06

carousel 06
Carousel V06 is a larger split-screen design slideshow that allows you to mix a text area with an image area beautifully. You can employ it for an assortment of purposes, so it’s YOU who will define its usage.

The design is pretty flexible, so you can quickly do alterations and make your version out of it. Keep in mind, even on mobile, both sections remain, just that the image comes first and then the text section.

More info / Download

Carousel V07

carousel 07
If you run a blog or any other website that has a blog section and would like to promote featured posts, pick Carousel V07. In fact, even if you’d like to showcase your latest articles or category-specific news, you can do that, too.

This free Bootstrap 4 carousel features sections for date, image, title, text, read more button, author and comment number. It runs smoothly automatically, but you can switch manually as well.

More info / Download

Carousel V08

carousel 08
Here’s an amazing example of how you can make client testimonials pop on your website. Carousel V08 is a bold and creative way of displaying any feedback or review of your customers, clients, users, you name it.

Along with the neat split-screen design, Carousel V08 also features a cool transition effect that will GRAB everyone’s attention. You don’t need to work on adding testimonials to your page from scratch – just go with Carousel V08.

The tool ensures an immediate difference which you oh so much deserve.

More info / Download

Carousel V09

carousel 09
For all of you who would like to feature only images in a slideshow, our very own template, Carousel V09, is the right decision you will make. Everything runs so smoothly, unlocking a soothing experience that everyone will enjoy.

It is a fantastic solution for photographers, designers, bloggers, displaying portfolios and the list goes on. With any of our Bootstrap carousels, there’s no need to stick to the default configuration exclusively.

Instead, you can always switch things up and introduce your creative touch.

More info / Download

Carousel V10

carousel 10
Carousel V10 is somewhat similar to Carousel V09 just that it’s completely different. Does that even make any sense?

Anyhow, it’s a fantastic widget that focuses on showcasing your image masterpieces to all your users.

Besides the image part, you can also add text/title, which quickly describes what it’s all about. At the bottom are also rounded THUMBNAILS that offer a quick glimpse at each slideshow.

Does it work on mobile? Of COURSE, it does! But you can test it yourself first.

More info / Download

Carousel V11

carousel 11
Carousel V11 is a large Bootstrap slider with one main objective – images. You can now easily spice things up on your website, blog, or even online store. You can use it for showcasing portfolio highlights, too.

The free widget features different ways of moving from one slide to another so that everyone can pick their own preferred option. Activate the user-friendly code, introduce your photographs and impress everyone with a great image slideshow.

More info / Download

Carousel V12

carousel 12
As you see from the image, Carousel V12 works for online stores out of the box. It allows you to showcase any item you want and link the carousel to the product page. These could be the latest products, best sellers, or whatever else you want.

What makes Carousel V12 different from the other similar Bootstrap carousels is the two-toned background. And this same style stays as-is even on mobile, just that it displays only one carousel/slide.

More info / Download

Carousel V13

carousel 13
The core specialty of Carousel V13 is the vertical layout that it sports. It’s not something you would see others use too commonly, but that’s one of the reasons that you can make your web application stand out.

Why do things like anyone else does if you can always go against the grain with YOUR own creative TWIST? And there’s another cool thing about Carousel V13 – it’s free.

But all our other Bootstrap carousels come without a fee as well.

More info / Download

Carousel V14

carousel 14
If you are considering dedicating one part of your website to testimonials, realize it with Carousel V14. This excellent, modern, minimal and flexible carousel widget is all set to put it into PLAY right away.

For everyone who digs the style, you win big time, as you save yourself plenty of time and energy. And. Money.

Add the images, the text and you are all set and ready to roll. But for all of you who always find ways to improve things, go for it.

More info / Download

Carousel V15

carousel 15
But you may not even need to improve the previous template because you can use Carousel V15. It’s similar to some extent, but the boosted design makes it somewhat more engaging.

It features a colored background where the text area is and thumbnails, showcasing images of your customers/clients.

Create a testimonial section that everyone will have a blast viewing and reviewing. Adding client feedback is always a smart decision, as it can help build trust in your soon-to-be customers.

More info / Download

Carousel V16

carousel 16
Minimalism at its finest – that’s what you get with Carousel V16. It is a fantastic Bootstrap carousel for testimonials, feedback, short reviews, quotes, well, all sorts of different stuff.

Carousel V16 comes with a circular avatar, name and text sections, with a design that is easy to integrate.

The adaptability to different branding directions of this snippet is on level eleven.

It can work with anything and everything!

Go ahead, give it a shot, test the waters, you know, the GOOD STUFF.

More info / Download

Carousel V17

carousel 17
Carousel V17 is a landscape or a horizontal slider widget with a vertical transition effect. Yes, I know, it’s a little tricky, that’s why we have a live preview to demonstrate it for you.

Even though the design is almost identical to some other variations above, it’s the effect, animation or however you want to call it that makes it stand out.

The widget also focuses only on the images, keeping the text and other specialties out for a smoother experience.

More info / Download

Carousel V18

carousel 18
Carousel V18 is something a little different compared to the other Bootstrap carousels. It has a split design, an image on the left and a text area on the right.

However, what’s UNIQUE about it is the tabs or the navigation that comes above. This makes it easier to switch between slides – even on mobile.

Speaking of mobile, the tabs stay as-is, but the split design goes from horizontal to vertical. If you’d like to create a carousel with a contemporary look, here is the perfect snippet that does the trick.

More info / Download

Carousel V19

carousel 19
Our Bootstrap carousels come in many different styles, but if you’d really like to stick to simplicity, you can feature just the text.

Carousel V19 is fantastic for quotes, testimonials, reviews and other messages you would like to display.

Since the design is as minimal as it could be, you can almost COPY and PASTE the code to your web application and call it a day. Add the content you would like to share, and that’s it.

More info / Download

Carousel V20

carousel 20
Carousel V20 is not your everyday Bootstrap carousel. Due to the original design, you can easily and quickly make a split-screen slideshow that will WOW your visitors.

Note, the design changes whether viewing it on mobile or on desktop.

On mobile, the text overlays the image section, not appearing as a split-screen anymore. Additionally, Carousel V20 features title, text and CTA, which you can activate without a sweat.

Moreover, the transition between slides doesn’t happen horizontally but vertically.

More info / Download

Final words

This article explained 20 stunning free Bootstrap 4 carousel examples. I have described them in short. But to know more about them, you have to see a preview of them and you need to see the source code of these templates. Not all of them will be suitable for your website. Depending on your requirements, you have to choose the one that will not just look good on your site but will also be useful for your users. All of these examples mentioned in this post are free and fully customizable. So feel free to customize them.


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