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21 Best Joomla Business Templates 2020


Is it that you are looking for the best and most compelling Joomla business templates? Are you finally getting ready to take things to the next level and create a website?

In this day and age, it should not even be a question whether or not you should have a business website. The answer is obvious; it is a big (and fat) yes. Not only should you have a thorough online presentation, but it should also be fully responsive, too. At the end of the day, we are all using mobile phones and tablets way more in comparison with the good old desktop.

While there are many Joomla themes out there, we dug deep to find only the top templates suitable for business owners. Not many years ago, creating a website was something only professional coders and designers could do. It is not the case anymore.

With powerful platforms, like Joomla is, pretty much everyone who knows how to use search engines can build a stunning web page, too. And in case it happens that you run into an issue, either flip through the in-depth documentation or simply contact the theme developers. They are always happy to offer you help and support you at your (first) website development.

Many business templates also come with free demos which will turn you into a real website building expert. Not only that, but you will have your business website launched in a super short amount of time. You truly will be surprised how much can you achieve with any Joomla business templates listed below.

Most flexible Joomla business templates


hepta joomla business template
Increase your online presence and charm more prospects with Hepta. Specializing in various fields, this is certainly one of the best Joomla business templates you can find. It takes a step ahead of its competitors by merging creativity and conversion. First, it provides solutions for any brand, taking care of your company’s longevity. Build an impactful, functioning website without the need to start with a blank canvas.

With the power of Hepta’s platform under your leverage, your website becomes a powerhouse. Another thing you can get from this template is the practical knowledge that focuses on entrepreneurship. Drive more traffic, convert more readers and effectively sell on numerous channels from a single location. It is Hepta that takes care of the visual aspect of your online space, making sure you reach the success levels you want to attain.

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riyaqas joomla business template
Creating a professional website requires a solid Joomla business template, and that’s when Riyaqas comes into play. It is a versatile and feature-rich solution that will put you right on track. With that in mind, there is no need for you to do anything from the ground up. Front and internal pages, as well as all the other necessary elements and components, are at your fingertips. With the quick setup process, you can start working on your online presence pretty much in the snap of a finger.

Riyaqas has a clean and creative design that appeals to a very broad audience. With this in mind, there is no need to change anything other than the color scheme to brand it accordingly. Various UI elements, contact section, blog pages, three headers, sticky header and many great customization functions are available to take to your total advantage.

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A Future

a future joomla creative business template
With the multi-purpose approach, A Future is a powerful Joomla business template that will do you well. You can use it for pretty much whatever you can think of, agencies, gyms, electritians, constructors, medical institutions, you name it, A Future covers it. In the bundle, you will find a collection of over twenty full-blown demos to utilize as is or fine-tune them further. Some other stats that will get you hyped for A Future are over 230 page layouts, more than 460 add-ons, 19 slider styles, and a collection of 1650 and counting free icons.

Moreover, A Future practices all the latest trends and regulations of the web, so the performance of your website is always on point. In short, you have all the necessary to start with the process of expanding your business to new heights with a brilliant website.

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dynamic joomla multi-purpose business template
As the name suggests, Dynamic is a very vibrant and energetic business template for Joomla that will get you hop on the web waggon sooner than later. After all, you do not really need to undergo any of the tedious tasks, as that’s what Dynamic took care of already. That said, even if you are a beginner, building your very first website, you will still succeed at it with Dynamic. You do not need to work with code, as the SP Page Builder offers you to perform customizations visually.

With Dynamic, you have an option to go with either a boxed or a wide layout. Thanks to the four ready-made homes and multiple more preset color skins, you will quickly find the look that matches your business directions best. However, don’t stop here, if you would like to beautify anything, please do. Manage and maintain a business website like a champ with Dynamic for years to come.

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Wood Works

wood works joomla business template
Focus on mastering your craft and leave all the technical aspects of web design to Wood Works. As the best Joomla business template, you know you are getting a ton of goodies that will serve you right. As the name suggests, Wood Works is best for any wood-based business, as well as carpenters, handyman, repairing and other ventures you would like to scale.

Whether you are a pro or a beginner in this journey, this template’s features will suit your needs. Start by selecting from various ready-made layouts which you can quickly customize for your convenience. Integrate other elements to make your site stand out and fine-tune it according to your regulations. Wood Works includes drag and drop page builder, Revolution Slider, supports eCommerce and comes with full and detailed documentation for ease of use.

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buckle joomla business template
For a web design experience that does not require you to know the ins and outs of complicated coding, Buckle is one that stands out from the masses. It is a multi-concept Joomla business template for all types of projects you plan to start. Everything is built with SP Page Builder Pro, so all you have to do is drag and drop the elements you want to use.

Yes, it is that simple.

Buckle is super customizable and will have you finish the work before you know it. In the amazing kit of site building tools, you will find ten unique demos which come in a wide variety. Pick up the one that suits your needs best and personalize the look that you go with to meet your requirements. If you would like to do it fast and easy, there is no better option for you than Buckle template.

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elvo joomla business template
If you are looking for an easy to use website canvas that lets you customize just about anything, ELVO is a fantastic Joomla business template for you. From fonts to the colors and the layouts, everything is up to you. You can create a page that you want and that your users will flock to. Enrich it with your individual touch for a cracking experience and a notable web design.

Regardless the business you run, ELVO will instantly adapt to it. You can hammer out just about any kind of website with it to push your services and your talent and reach clients on a global scale. You can also choose from several different blog syles and keep your customers up to date with everything that you have got going on. To truly make something that is unique and professional, download ELVO today and start developing the site you deserve.

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futurico joomla business template
There are never any coding skills mandatory when you use any of these best Joomla business templates. Futurico has everything and anything that you need for the creation of your page of dreams and more. It is a multi-purpose template that comes ideal for any type of corporate website. There are multiple front pages to choose from, as well as many other inner sections and elements. Tell your potential customers exactly what you have to offer them and have them hooked.

Futurico works with simple drag and drop principles which lets you visualize what you want and see it right away. Visual composer and Slider Revolution are two premium plugins which you can use to quickly craft an expert page. Futurico is also in tune with WPML plugin what enables you to make multilingual websites. And for all the targeted organic traffic, Futurico is search engines optimized for you to get recognized and ranked higher quicker.

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xprime joomla business template
Fully responsive and retina ready, XPRIME is the best Joomla business template you can use for your web presence. The immense offering has over sixty demos ready to use to get your point across. No doubt, you will find the one that fits your brand best out of the box. From then on, you can use it as is or you can tweak it to your likings. Whatever you do with XPRIME, it will look great across all platforms. You even get to choose the type of header you like best!

Furthermore, XPRIME’s mega menu gets your users exactly where they are supposed to be with just a few clicks. Incorporate all other inner pages and find the best mixture of goodies for your final web creation. XPRIME is a fast and effective website design solution that will look fresh and modern for years to come.

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yto joomla template
YTO is a Joomla business template for all sorts of different businesses and projects. There are three different home pages and several more additional practical layouts for you to mix and match and start your thing sooner rather than later. The look of YTO is also very appealing to the eye, ensuring a comfortable experience browsing through your details, information and services regardless of the devices and web browser. Indeed, YTO has a flexible and fluid layout that operates smoothly at all times.

Some of the features include slider, animated preloader, page transitions, fade effects and drop-down menu amongst many more in between. You will also find Google Maps, slider, sticky navigation, countdown timer and back to top button. Get your name out there and start marketing your business the right way with YTO.

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archmvz joomla template
For architects and interior designers, Archmvz is the ideal Joomla business template to consider. With the four available home page design, you can quickly find the ideal look that you would like to sport with your firm. There are also all these extra page layouts and different slider styles for you to take to your total advantage right from the get-go. You can simply mix and match what you find available in the Archmvz bundle and have a full-blown page all set in close to no time. That’s how easy it is when doing the work with Archmvz.

Moreover, there is still a lot more to Archmvz. Google fonts, owl carousels, sticky menu, working contact form, hover effects, back to top button, blog, you name it, Archmvz has a ton of stuff that will benefit you greatly.

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Beauty Spa

beauty spa joomla template
Beauty Spa – hence the name – is a striking and beautiful Joomla business template for salons, spa, wellness centers, massage, health and other similar beauty intentions. The tool is also super versatile and highly adaptive, easily catering to your needs and wants. In other words, you can employ Beauty Spa for just about any beauty-related business that you have going on over on your end.

There are five beautiful home page designs at your disposal, readily available to put them into practice. What’s more, Beauty Spa’s package also comes with Slider Revolution, ten different headers, predefined footers, color skins, pricing tables and CSS3 effects. If you are ready to impact your potential clients with a lovely website positively, do things the right way with Beauty Spa. It is all possible, even if you have little to no experience.

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recover joomla business template
Recover is an epic Joomla business template for small, medium and large enterprises. It is a solid item that you can use for businesses, like construction, transport, dental, beauty, education and gym. Besides, if you dig the look so much but you plan to run an entirely different project, worry not, Recover will adapt in an instant. On top of that, it is 100% customizable for you to manage and maintain it with ease.

Amazing slideshows, enticing hover effects, testimonials slider and a functional contact form with Google Maps, yep, that is all in the Recover kit. To be candid, there is a lot more you receive in the download file so make sure you use Recover to its full potential. Loads of header and footer styles, twelve custom widgets and a whopping three hundred template options, Recover is ready for all your innovative business ideas.

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fac3heat joomla business template
Fac3heat is the best Joomla business template to expand your web presence if you are in the factory and industry field. The tool is effortless and very straightforward to use what makes it super friendly to newbies. It also follows all the modern trends and keeps your outcome of the highest quality. Fac3heat is responsive, mobile-ready and fulfills all your needs. No matter what the people use to check out your site, they will always have a smooth and error-free experience.

Out of the box, Fac3heat comes with nine color skins and you can create unlimited other color variations with ThemeMagic. The template is compatible with RTL languages and comes with detailed documentation to make sure you never have any issues. If you want a website to sell your industrial, power, rails, oil or any other business, Fac3heat is definitely for you.

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wicon joomla business template
When you want the best for your business in regards to web space, you want to gain access to the best Joomla business templates. However, you do not have to dive into the sea of available items. We did the hard work for you and picked only the best currently available on the market. For building and construction businesses, you need to use WICON to put it all together.

This impressive package has everything that you need to build your online community and grow your project. Three different index pages hit you strong, as well as plenty of product detail areas to fully explain what you are all about. WICON comes packed with all the necessary pages that you can use however you fancy. Select between dark and light looks, incorporate the enticing slider and benefit from twelve unique UI elements. WICON is here to make your site a famous destination on the internet.

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decorators joomla business template
A name like Decorators already gives you an idea of what this Joomla business template is all about. It is a site skin that comes ideal for architecture and interior design websites. You can expect a clean and trendy web layout with great attention to detail and loads of amazing features. From a full-width slider and a neat drop-down menu to nice hover effects and to the point filterable portfolio.

In the Decorators box, you get a premium page builder and Layer Slider for free. You can hammer out almost any type of website with it so make sure you use Decorators to its full capacity. Not only that, enrich it with your personal touch and make it follow your branding accurately. Decorators fully support eCommerce and offer you to read through detailed documentation first. Still, for any exclusive ideas you may have, you can always hit up the team of experts.

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transporter joomla business template
For transportation, logistics and cargo businesses, Transporter is your best Joomla template option. No need to start something from scratch when such tools have it all at your service. Not only is the web design of the expert level, Transporter is also super simple to use. Meaning, you might be a complete beginner and still be able to hammer out a professional page with Transporter.

Wide and boxed layouts, nine color presets, six background patterns and an array of predesigned inner pages, Transporter is a convenient tool to sort out your business. Launch something refreshing and grab the attention of potential customers and scale your business to the Moon. Transporter also comes with several blog layouts for content marketing and even has an online store section available for when you would like to expand to new territories.

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We Finance

we finance joomla business template
Whether you want your site to be fully customized or ready to be published within minutes of seeing the demo, you need We Finance. This powerful and impressive package is the best Joomla business template available on the internet. It works with the convenient SP Page Builder Pro so you never need to know any code. All you have to do is drag and drop the elements wherever you want them to go.

It could not be easier!

We Finance guarantees you to set yourself up with a new website within minutes. You can introduce any color you want and change setting easily due to the powerful template options. By the way, We Finance is powered by T3 Framework what gives it pliability and SEO friendliness. Get your financial business up and running in little to no time with We Finance and make it pop.

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fontaine reposnive joomla business template
Clean, minimal and very adaptable, Fontaine is a premium Joomla template with the ability to create any kind of corporate site. You name it and Fontaine will deliver it. Still, the middle man is you or any of your team members who likes to have some fun building a business website. Knowing it has been constructed on Warp Framework, you are served with a springy theme which capabilities are limitless. It also comes with five color schemes that you can use right off the bat.

Choosing what has already been built for the users or you can create an entirely different end product. It is up to you how unique and original you would like your business website to be. With countless possibilities, you can use Fontaine to build a specific website that will follow your logo and business theme.

Just like all the rest, Fontaine is a fully responsive template with a retina ready design. Mobile, tablet and desktop users will have a pleasant and crystal clear experience browsing your site. The sharpness of the vector icons, as well as the overall layout, will shine a professional light on your business. Exactly how you want your business to be represented in the online world.

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flex multipurpose joomla business template
The name pretty much speaks for itself, FLEX is, in short, a very flexible Joomla business template. You can stretch it and shift it in whichever direction your business is heading. No matter how complicated your requirements may be, you will get them realized with FLEX. Building and creating unique layouts is easy with a modern backend option of dragging and dropping. It is as fun as it sounds.

Easy to customize and simple to optimize page builder is something that brings real enjoyment to building the site. You can even pick the built-to-use pages and demo examples. They can and they will open a whole new chapter of possibilities that a multi-purpose theme brings to the table.

Personalize the header, add a professional slider with included AP Smart LayerSlider and pick the desired home page layout. With more than 57 add-ons, you create custom pages within a matter of minutes. It also has an integrated newsletter as well as VirtueMart 3.2.2 which turns your website into a beautiful online shop. There is just so much that you can do with FLEX so rather take it step by step so you do not lose track.

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sandal joomla business template
Built to perfection with a clean code and phenomenal design, Sandal “brings a new meaning to business templates.” Fulfilling as many businesses’ needs as possible, Sandal is the best option for finance and consultancy companies. 9 different color styles with a built in customizer get your creative mind racing. You can pick the existing one or create your very own. Make it genuine and adjust it to the color of your logo.

You can schedule your services easily with premium Timetable scheduler which comes for free with the theme. Perfect for scheduling meetings, sessions, consulting and other business needs. Or you can have it regularly updated for others to check when you are available for a business call.

With the quickstart package, you can create a copy of Sandal’s live demo with all the extensions and demo content (pictures are not included). After the installation process is complete, move to the Live Customizer section and begin adjusting different components. Or you can just add your logo, upload images, write business information and leave all the rest as is. Still, it is advisable to modify the demo to your advantage and make it something special.

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