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21 Best Responsive Graphic Design Website Templates 2020


Creative individuals and agencies, help yourself build a website with the best graphic design website templates. If you are in the design business, any kind, it is crucial to have a solid online presence.

Without one, you might be missing a whole lot of amazing business opportunities. Avoid the unwanted, construct a website and raise the glasses high for new successes.

To help you on the journey, we collected a variety of graphic design website templates to cover as many tastes as possible. With these, you are able to put together the essential site which might become the foundation of your creative business.

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No need to wait any longer, pick your favorite now and you can have your web appearance sorted out today. Who knows, you might already take the first client order tomorrow. You only need the right visitor to your page and all might change for you.

For newbies who do not have any coding skills and professionals, these graphic design website templates are for both. Powerful enough to take care of the pickiest users, yet simple to work with and customize to your likings for the novice. Use the one you fancy out of the box or feel free to modify it per your or your client’s interest. End products will be top-notch, responsive and follow all the modern web trends. Let your artistic mind lose and discover your real potential.

Best graphic design WordPress themes


divi graphic design website template
When creating an online space for your graphic design services, all you need is one website template and all the rest becomes history. With Divi, you have it all in one place. Once you unpack the box, you will find it all and everything bundled together in a complete solution for forging any website you fancy. Whether this means putting together a super clean and minimal web design or something that is rich in animations and effects, Divi suits every taste without a hassle.

Tons of layouts, elements, complete creative freedom, what else you need? Just dive all in and enter the online space with a banging online portfolio that will push your works and services to new heights. You also do not need to worry about any of the technicalities, as Divi sports them all out of the box.

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jevelin graphic design website template
There is almost no need for an introduction to Jevelin. This spectacular and multi-purpose website layout is an excellent solution for graphic designers and agencies. For an outstanding web presence, Jevelin ensures predefined sample material which will put your right on track instantaneously. And if you happen to be new to building websites, WPBakery drag and drop page builder will be of tremendous help. After all, with the software, you code visually, which makes Jevelin very newbie-friendly if you will.

To get familiar with Jevelin, do yourself a favor and watch video tutorials first. This will also give you a better understanding of how simple getting things going in the right direction actually is. In short, anyone can do it! Jevelin is also optimized for top-notch performance and SEO, as well as in harmony with all devices and web browsers.

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maree graphic design website template
To create a page that will easily differentiate you from the masses, Marée is the answer you need. With this nifty, innovative and creative web design, you will easily stand out a mile. There are several outstanding demos to choose from, all original and out of this world. Of course, you can also introduce your creative style to Marée and make it yours in a snap of a finger. It all comes down to dragging and dropping when you decide to customize Marée and make it follow your branding regulations.

Other goodness includes pricing tables, coming soon page, many portfolio styles, blog section and even an online store. If you would like to sell your masterpieces, you can do that, too, with Marée. Four headers, several shortcodes, child theme, smooth scrolling, parallax effect and the list of features goes on and on. Marée is for everyone who is in need of something different; something that will take them to new success with creativity.

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manon graphic design website template

Creating a website to showcase your work means that it must respond well and bring attention to your skill. You need to be able to offer a representation of the depth of talent you have to offer. Manon is a modern, stylized solution that can do that. This graphic design website template offers you over thirty portfolio layouts to make sure your work and skill are seen clearly and with style. In addition to that, you also received quite a bunch of main demos that you can put into play in a click.

Manon offers you to start on the internet in a contemporary and professional manner, exactly how you want. You get premium plugins, tons of features and an array of components that call for a quick portfolio page realization. For instance, you get WPBakery and Slider Revolution, both offering you a codeless process of editing and enriching your website to meet your liking. Have your site go live quickly with a wonderful look.

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lekker graphic design wordpress theme
Creating a powerful and striking online exhibition for your graphic design work is a piece of cake with Lekker. This remarkable WordPress theme is not only pretty to the eye, but it includes many exceptional features and functions. Of course, it all begins with beautiful predefined samples and internal page layouts. These are many, so you can choose the right styles that fit your purpose and go from there. But you do not have to stick to these looks precisely; you can modify them at any time.

Lekker is also full of shortcodes and widgets for quick integration. Use and reuse these however you want; you do not need to perform any coding to make adjustments. The layout of Lekker is completely in tune with mobile devices and web browsers for an always smooth performance. Make an online portfolio that will pop.

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ohio creative theme
Ohio is a graphic design WordPress theme that will suit everyone and anyone. With the array of ready-to-use material, you need to perform very little work to establish your online portfolio. But if you are creating a website for an agency, you can use Ohio, too. Ohio has a ton of front and inner page layouts, heaps of widgets and shortcodes, as well as comes perfectly in tune with Elementor and WPBakery page builders. You can even decide to go with the one builder that you prefer more right from the get-go.

With a single click, you get to import the demo that you fancy and with a tiny pinch of effort, you can have a full-blown outcome ready to roll. Various menu styles, practical admin, optimized for fast loading speed and an option to sell products on your website, all this and more is what Ohio treats you to.

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arlo creative theme
Arlo is yet another WordPress theme that any creative individual and agency can use. For the most part, all the material is available out of the box – you activate it with a single click. It is a very convenient way of starting making your website. However, the whole process will take you barely any time. You can even stick to the default look, brand it with your color scheme and call it a day. Thanks to the drag and drop technique, doing improvements and enhancement is a little breeze as well. Why code if you do not have to.

Other specialties of Arlo are pixel-perfect design, support for Contact Form 7, full-width layout, headers and video embeds, to name a few. Like in the true fashion of any premium tool, you get documentation and access to the friendly support team, too.

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zugan graphic design website template

Sometimes you can use a little to show a lot. A tool like Zugan can create a website that makes you stand out in a crowd. It is versatile for those looking for a website template that will create an online hub for their masterpieces. Zugan comes with thirteen original homepage options and more than 36 portfolio layouts. In short, this minimal and enticing site canvas offers you all and everything to start on the web like a champ from the very beginning.

Plugins like Elementor means you can customize the default look until it meets your heart’s content. This theme was designed with SEO in mind, so it will let you get all the benefits of organic search traffic. Moreover, you can even sell your work online, thanks to the integration of WooCommerce and predefined eCommerce pages. Some more specialties include three headers, five footers, a blog section, a free lifetime worth of updates and a child theme.

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boldlab graphic design website template

The creation of a bold, stylish website for your business becomes comfortable with Boldlab. Hence the name, Boldlab promises the establishment of a striking and impactful outcome that will spark everyone’s curiosity. This theme is perfect for those looking to make a page for their agency or freelancing business. Its ability to help you create an original, contemporary look is thorough and accessible. Not only does Boldlab come prepared with a broad horizon of page layouts and features, but you also get WPBakery page builder.

What’s more, Boldlab is fully responsive and retina ready, as well as looking fantastic on any modern web browser. You can push your creativity and professionalism with Boldlab, letting you engage with users and potential clients right from the get-go. If you are ready to make your online presence pop, you are all set to get things going with Boldlab.

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Best graphic design website templates


lester graphic design website template
Lester is a gorgeous, creative and absolutely fabulous graphic design website template. The tool is versatile enough to serve loads of different projects you are working on. Designers, creatives, artists, you name it, Lester works and adapts to all niches and industries fairly quickly. If not out of the box, you can alter Lester however you see it fit best by performing different customization tweaks.

This responsive and cross-browser compatible template comes with several different home page styles and numerous other inner sections. In short, Lester is a complete solution for your web space. All you need to do is utilize its full potential and create something genuinely inspiring out of it. A sophisticated website is another proof of how professional and knowledgeable you are. Make the most out of, stand out from the crowd and push your creations and skills to the next level.

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clarity graphic design website template
Take innovation to the next level by getting your outstanding work to the internet by utilizing Clarity. This graphic design website template definitely fits any purpose or field. Clarity is fully responsive and retina ready, expected to be viewed with crystal clarity on any device or browser. Of course, Clarity follows all the latest trends and regulations, making sure your final product works seamlessly for years to come.

Moreover, Clarity offers loads of customization options for you to benefit from greatly. Indeed, Clarity has a super minimalistic look that will spark everyone’s curiosity thanks to its originality. Of course, you can personalize Clarity on the fly and tweak it to match your creative purpose. Clarity also has other features like CSS animations, OWL2 carousel, Magnific popup and Font Awesome icons to name a few. This results in a gorgeous, easy-to-browse website.

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xcent graphic design website template
Xcent is a creative, modern and sophisticated graphic design website template that will get you going swiftly. The tool is very fitting for freelancers, photographers and just about any other creative individual who is in need to get his or her web space sorted out. In addition, you will get a fascinating collection of four Hero templates, icons, animations, fonts and other convenient features once you begin working with Xcent.

It exemplifies a Bootstrap-oriented design that gives your page the much-needed flexibility and responsiveness. Focus on establishing your website’s foundation instead of brainstorming for hours on designing and conceptualizing. All files are well-commented and documented for a more systematic organization of content. With Xcent’s amazingness, you can expand your online visibility efficiently. You can now start your journey comfortably thanks to the goodies you gain access to once you unbox Xcent.

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agenci graphic design website template
Superbly attractive, Agenci promises to demonstrate the best representation of each website. This graphic design website template provides easy customization in countless ways. Choose from a selection of demos (sixteen home pages!) to start your adventure with the right foot forward. Modify everything by dressing it up with your unique content. You can publish a personal website, a landing page or a photography portfolio with Agenci. What’s more, Agenci also has over twenty section layouts, animations, working subscription and contact forms, as well as in-depth documentation.

There’s no limit to your creativity here. Grow your brand by utilizing video backgrounds and capture everyone’s attention. With all the modern tools and components, starting your own online portfolio website becomes a piece of cake. Visit Agenci’s live preview page and make it yours.

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casely graphic design website template
With Casely, you can quickly set up a page and start pushing your graphic design work with the global audience. Let everyone to experience your creations and those interested in working with you get in touch straight from your page. Casely sports plenty original and banging features that will make you appear on the web like all the established brands do. And there is no need for you to have loads of experience with building pages and whatnot.

Casely comes with different home styles which are all easily modifiable. They support video, particle effect and slideshow but you can create different looks, too. Casely spices things up with solid animations and great transitions between sections. It also includes a newsletter subscription box, as well as contact and registration forms. If you are looking for something a tad exotic, Casely is a great option for you.

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skylith graphic design website template
If you have not found the perfect graphic design website template just yet, Skylith might be the right answer for you. It is a multi-purpose HTML template with close to unlimited possibilities and several different options to sort you out with a trendy page. This killer tool comes with over thirty predefined demos, more than twenty portfolios and loads other inner page styles. In this immense bundle, you will find just about anything and everything that you need for your page.

Skylith is a serious website template for personal and business websites of any niche and industry. You can easily do things your way and have complete control over your online appearance with Skylith. Some of the extra goodies of the scheme are Instagram and Twitter feeds, smooth animations, parallax effect and AJAX contact form. Expand your potential with Skylith.

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showkase graphic design website template
With a steep competition on the internet, it has become necessary to create that perfect portfolio that truly stands out a mile. Showkase is a graphic design website template with a pleasing and contemporary look that highlights your works and outputs for the world to see. Showkase has eleven awe-inspiring home pages and well over ten stylish portfolios. In total, Showkase comes with more than forty pages and a ton of handy UI and UX elements.

Each and every page and section of Showkase is fully optimized and mobile-ready across all devices. The minimalist and tidy, yet elegant, web design is a surefire way to make a cracking and professional portfolio for your project needs. And that is something you get with Showkase and all the predesigned material it comes with. Keeping things simple is always a wise decision to make.

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pofo graphic design website template
Pofo is a template for just about anyone who is willing to create a website. Regardless of your niche and industry, Pofo gives you the freedom you deserve to forge the precise page you would like. If you are a graphic designer, not only will you surely find a ready-to-use demo out of the box but you can also customize it however you fancy. With the assets the tool delivers and your creativity, you can do magical things on the web.

Over 210 HTML files, 25 and counting index page styles, 150 web elements and plenty more traits make Pofo one spectacular website template. There is literally nothing you cannot do with it. Whatever your heart desires, Pofo will encourage you to realize it and help you create a success story out of it. Take action, download the template and get busy bringing into being the website for your graphic design projects and services.

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pixies graphic design website template
Standing out from the masses is never a simple thing to do but with the help of Pixies template, breaking out could only be one click away. Ideal for an online portfolio, this graphic design website template pushes your works and showcases it in an expert manner. Pixies delivers seven amazing portfolio layouts, four original about pages and a blogging system. When you would like to distinguish yourself from the crowd, Pixies equips you with all the stuff you need to make it happen.

There is more.

Pixies is also entirely responsive, mobile and retina ready, optimized for search engines and compatible with modern browsers. Pixies keeps your website intact no matter the device or browsers it is viewed from. If you would like to own a site that is one step ahead from the rest, you better consider using Pixies.

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oliver graphic design website template
While Oliver might be a photography website template by default, no one is saying you cannot use it with your graphic design services. Retina displays will absolutely adore your page that uses Oliver template due to the SVG graphics and Font Awesome icons. The effects and animations that decorate the dark layout are very appealing to the eye. Still, there is just the right amount of movement that does not overwhelm the visitor rather make them indulge in it.

Over thirteen distinctive pages and several peculiar features make Oliver an instant yes or a no option. There truly cannot be the maybe option. You like it or you do not. But even if it is not to your likings, you still have many first-class graphic design website templates at your fingertips. Be the daring one and do not look back.

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Martin Luther

martin luther graphic design website template
Martin Luther is a graphic design website template with an enviably beautiful and minimal design. If portfolio or online resume is what you plan to built, do it with Martin Luther. You have all the elements, features and other whatnots for a complete web presence of your experience and skills. Not only that, use the categorized portfolio to showcase your work and skyrocket your website with an enticing blog section. A well-thought-out page for your talent can take you to the land far, far away.

Parallax scrolling, six color presets (green and black included!) and sticky menu are all goodies of Martin Luther template. In the ML bundle, you also get documentation to make your lives even simpler. No more excuses, it is time to craft a website once and for all. Nelson Mandela would say, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

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rubrash graphic design website template
With designers and creatives in mind, Rubrash is one fine graphic design website template that fully covers web design of your forthcoming page. It all begins by picking one from six ready-to-use demos. They vary from video header and banner background to particle header and dark background. From then on, you only need to edit the about, services, portfolio and other sections and you are ready for the rock’n’roll. By the way, if the default color is not really to your likings, eight other color schemes are available. You might need a purple or an orange one, who knows.

Rubrash is mobile and cross-browser compatible, keeps the navigation present with a sticky menu and sports a well-structured code. It is an easy to modify product with a swift professional support.

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