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21 Top Bootstrap Real Estate Website Templates 2020


Show your elegance, professionalism, and talent online with Bootstrap real estate website templates and create a matchless web presence.

We all have a stereotypic image of what a realtor should like. Perfectly dressed and groomed, with manners to match. You cannot afford to be anything else, when attempting to settle people into their next home. This professionalism and graceful conduct must survive the transition to a digital format.

Nothing is limiting the design, or style of your page. However, you must make sure that its quality is obvious. With a basic understanding of web development, any user can create an incredible site using Bootstrap templates. They act like enhancement kits, promising to improve both the aesthetic design and the functionality of real estate websites. In addition, most templates are relatively cheap. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best Bootstrap real estate website templates.

Best real estate website templates to date


divi real estate website template
Divi is the most popular real estate website template available today.

Starting things in the online space should not be too much of a hassle once you gain access to the right tools. Nowadays, even when speaking about building a real estate website, you do not need to start from scratch. You simply pick up Divi and all the rest becomes history. In the bundle, you get all the layouts and elements you need when it comes to realizing a striking page for a real estate firm or an agent. If you would like to shine online, look no further and dive into the creation of a nifty website with Divi.

Divi also ensures a 100% mobile-ready layout, which is also compatible with browsers and retina screens. What’s more, you can swiftly and effortlessly make modifications to Divi and make it follow your requirements and wants to a T.

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webify real estate wordpress theme

Webify is a creative and modern real estate website templates build for WordPress.

Making a strong and lasting first impression is a piece of cake with Webify. This superb real estate website building tool is all you need to bring your real estate business online. Whether you run a real estate agency or you are a realtor, Webify is for everyone. After all, with the ready-made demo and drag and drop page building technique, you can alter the web design without a hassle. In fact, you never need to touch a single string of code. Meaning, even a complete beginner can create a top-of-the-line real estate website.

Of course, Webify follows all the latest trends and regulations of the modern web. It rocks a responsive and mobile-ready layout that instantly acclimatizes to all web browsers and retina screens. With all the available content, you can expect a live page in little to no time.

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While Jevelin is not a dedicated real estate WordPress theme it is a very flexible one with dozens of layout and comes with drag and drop page builder to build a completely unique real estate website.

When crafting a real estate website, you do not really need to be an expert web developer. At least not in the modern era, we live in! Once you get yourself familiar with Jevelin, you will instantly understand the simplicity and sophistication. With one web design, you can now hammer out the page you always wanted to sport. Just with the predefined demos, you have loads of options and solutions. However, Jevelin also comes with a convenient and newbie-friendly WPBakery page builder, which allows you to customize default settings according to your taste.

More features include but are not limited to child theme, social widget, parallax effect, portfolio, contact section and smooth scrolling. Jevelin also comes updated regularly, as well as includes documentation and a team of experts. When building a real estate page with Jevelin, you will never feel lonely.

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homepress real estate website template
HomePress is a dedicated real estate website template with a whopping collection of ten demos. Out of the box, HomePress treats you to several different variations that cover a broad specter of tastes. On top of that, you can always fine-tune and alter the default sample and make it follow your style precisely. But this is just the beginning to all the amazingness HomePress has in store for you. There are a ton more features and functions that will do you and your business well.

What every real estate website needs is solid navigability and HomePress sorts it out with dope search function. It offers autocomplete search option, as well as radius and geolocation search. Other goodies contain mortgage calculator, listing comparison, statistics, 360-degree virtual tour and drag and drop page builder, Elementor. It is all ready to go, perfect for a quick real estate page fix.

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dinso real estate wordpress theme
Dinso is ideal for single property and apartment websites with a modern and stylish look. Needless to say, with the right online presence, Dinso will help sell or rent your property quickly. This classy real estate website template has everything you will need as you can fully customize and modify it to suit your rental or sale. You get two home pages and nine inner layouts to list your property, presentations, realtor services and more.

You can tailor the sites look to include any brand color, as well as other specialties, thanks to the Elementor page builder. Additionally, the template comes with support to help as you build your page, so you never feel lonely. Dinso offers a simple, economical way to make a smart-looking real estate site that gets users to engage with its content right from the get-go.

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rehomes real estate wordpress theme
This is a luxury style template to sell or rent your property or promote any real estate business you would like to. Rehomes is designed to meet those needs with ease. It has a high-end style that ties together four entirely customizable home page samples. This stylish real estate website template includes Elementor drag and drop site builder, so you will never need to touch a single line of code. Your site design will be flexible with the plugins and all the other elements you need.

Moreover, you can go with customized pre-set color themes or choose your own for branding. Get as creative as you like. The site content will load quickly, allowing visitors to view your page flawlessly across all platforms and devices. Excellent filtering, property plans, blogging and Slider Revolution are just some of the extras that you also get with Rehomes.

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homeo real estate template
As a dedicated real estate website template, Homeo is a spectacular solution that will turn heads. In the kit, Homeo treats you to ten main samples, as well as many more page layouts. Also, Homeo works with Elementor drag and drop page builder, so working on customizations and whatnot will be a little breeze. In short, Homeo takes care of all and everything, no need for extra extensions; just enjoy the goodies that Homeo brings to the table.

Excellent map integration, Slider Revolution, MailChimp, PayPal, Stripe, powerful dashboard and 360 virtual tour are just some of the materials you will find in the bundle. Your website will also operate seamlessly on mobile devices and present visual content with crystal clarity on retina screens. Of course, Homeo also accepts front-end submissions and practical property management.

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nestin real estate template
Nestin is a stunning real estate and single property website canvas for you to start on the internet in the snap of a finger. Whether you are starting a new business or reshaping your existing website, whatever the case, you win the game with Nestin. Not to mention, it does not matter how much skills and experience you have, even if a complete beginner, with Nestin, you will build your dream page easily. Kick things off with any of the available demos and you are closer than ever to completing the task without a sweat.

Some other treats of Nestin contain Google Fonts, nine header style, child theme compatibility, time-limited content, RTL support and harmonious with WordPress Multisite installs. Before you dive in, take a peek at the documentation for a smoother sail. Still, if you ever need any additional assistance, you can always get in touch with Nestin’s support team.

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rentex real estate theme
If you run a real estate agency, renting and selling properties, Rentex is the solution to sort out your online presence with style. Never lack a first-class website, especially in the modern era we live in. Thanks to Rentex, you can now get the ball rolling right away – in just a click! After all, you can import the demo material (10 demos) with a single click on the button and go from there. Keep in mind, even if you do plan to tweak Rentex’s default settings, little work is necessary to make it look how you want.

Great search function, favorites, comparing properties, awesome listing styles and fully customizable footer and header sections, it’s all part of Rentex. But really, this is just a tiny segment of all the contents that Rentex treats you to. Developing a spectacular real estate website will be a piece of cake with Rentex, and that is a guarantee.

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abolire realtor wordpress theme
The clean and classy design of the Abolire is perfect for selling or renting your property. Its six home page demo layouts with many inner pages offer everything you might want to show off your property. You do not need to craft a page from the ground up anymore. Instead, just go with any of the predefined samples, fine-tune it further and you are ready to rock and roll.

This professionally styled real estate website template is responsive, so anyone can view it on a laptop, desktop or mobile device. Abolire offers mapping, appointments scheduling, floor plans and beautiful pictorial showcases. Its unlimited themes let you customize fonts, color and backdrops to make the site look just as you wish. Last but not least, Abolire comes with premium plugins and professional support to get your site ready to go live and sell in the snap of a finger.

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haven real estate website template
Haven provides nine first pages to give you a nice selection of possibilities for a quick start. Your real estate website is treated carefully with a lot of elements and necessary characteristics. In a snap, you can have the final web design ready and set to go live with Haven Bootstrap real estate website template. Welcome visitors to your world with large slideshow, showcasing eye-bulging homes and apartments. They can use different types of search boxes or enjoy the handy mega menu. The experience of finding the ideal property will be just as pleasant as moving in.

Make sure you treat each potential customer right with an outstanding website. It is Haven template which will help you out doing most of the work for you. A total of 50 and counting HTML pages, twelve color schemes and close to twenty shortcode elements, give yourself a taste of Haven by hitting the live preview.

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realand real estate website template
When it comes to a real estate website, it is important that its focal point is images, while all the rest comes second. Sure, the usefulness of the search option, the overall site performance, and other details are crucial, too, to see the utmost success online.

With ReaLand Bootstrap real estate website template, there is nothing you need to worry about. The product is sophisticated, modern and clean with a user-friendly and elements-packed code. Fantastic typography options, widgets and the fact how customizable ReaLand is will spark interest in you. Different index pages, headers, footers, contact, and subscription forms, it is all part of the ReaLand bundle. Sell houses, rent apartments or even start a real estate listing websites, all with one solid template.

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uniland real estate website template
Uniland is a pixel perfect HTML5 real estate website template with nine first pages and 55 total files. For the most part, all the elements are predesigned for you to put it into play straight away. With a modern and featured-loaded template, you are closer than ever to launching the must-have website. It is just a matter of taking action, all the rest comes naturally. If you truly commit, you can have the cutting edge real estate page live as of today.

PHP contact form with validation, retina displays approved, cross-browser compatibility and all in between is what Uniland takes care of. You see, it does not require much work on your end. Add the content, the info and other usefulness and that might just be it.

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nest real estate website template
With one HTML5 real estate website template like Nest, you can make different pages for different clients. Or maybe it is you who runs several online projects and would like for each to have a different web design. No need to be purchasing several templates when one already has five different variations at your service. On top of that, Nest has twelve color presets and three different property pages. You have the right to choose whichever combination you fancy. But most importantly, you can, at any time, customize the template and incorporate your branding into it.

Nest template has WOW animations, carousel slider, quintessential drop down menu, pages for agents and two contact variants. You can utilize Nest as it comes out of the box or perform adjustments where needed.

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homy real estate website template
Homy is almost too adorable of a name for an HTML5 real estate website template. But, indeed, it is not the name you should rely on when selecting the template for your agency. It is the functions, the features, the elements and the appearance what matters most. With Homy, you get it all of the top-notch levels and that is something you are already familiar with.

But why to go with Homy? The reasons are many so we will go through only a few. First things first, Homy offers four homes and lots of other pages, AJAX contact form and charming animations. Homy is also mobile-friendly, in tune with modern browsers and rocks parallax background effect. To truly get the best feeling of Homy, check out live preview.

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ourland html5 real estate website template
Make a homely impression and create a welcoming vibe for your website with Ourland. It is a Bootstrap real estate website template that enables you to create a professional website and manage your blog at the same time. It includes a good collection of skins that appeal to brokers and property watchers. This entails that this template takes its best foot forward when dealing with clients.

Customer satisfaction is also a top priority for Ourland. That’s why it practices SEO features to boost your online presence and establish your web presence. Ourland is also entirely mobile-ready, compatible with web browsers, as well as sports a clean and organized code for ease of use. You can now create your own real estate web platform faster and better thanks to the ready-made template that provides a ton of useful elements and components.

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moison html5 real estate website template
Secure a surefire deal with your customers by leading them to a site made by Moison. This Bootstrap real estate website template specializes on the field, enabling brokers to brandish their expertise without the sweat. Select from various eye-catching templates which are, by the way, also responsive, flexible and extendable. Core features of Moison include Google Maps integration, SVG map search, RTL support and so much more.

With the available material in store, your customers can find prospective properties easily. New to the industry? Worry not, as Moison has unlimited resources to guide you on your journey. You are backed with a topnotch support team, too, so you will never get lost and experience a successful launch of your online space. Sell and promote houses, apartments and other properties like a professional on the internet from the very start.

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kutumb html5 real estate website template
Kutumb is an established HTML template that ensures greatness to anyone who wishes to be successful in the industry. It is a real estate website template based on Bootstrap Framework to upraise your site to the next level. Kutumb is very easy and quick to set up, thanks to its organized and well-commented structure. On top of that, Kutumb also follows all the latest trends, like mobile-friendly features, cross-browser compatibility and search engine friendliness.

You get a lot of original demos as well, all of which are done beautifully and professionally. Its powerful features let your clients find the most suitable property for their needs swiftly and with style. Boost online presence with realistic, yet captivating, portfolios and grab their attention. This adds an element to user experience, which is why Kutumb is the way to go.

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bauhaus real estate website template
With a little creativity, you can use Bauhaus template to showcase your properties in a unique way. It might not be exclusive for a real estate marketplace but for luxury apartments and homes, Bauhaus might be more than ideal. Whatever you plan on doing with the template, the final piece of web art will be a phenomenal one. You can play around with what is available and improvise. Adjust the elements, add your content and create a one-of-a-kind online presence. Everyone stumbling across your real estate page will be astonished.

Bauhaus has three homes and sixteen other pages, additional PSD files at no extra charge and functional contact form. Translation-ready, social media icons and an out of this world look of Bauhaus call for an incredible alternative.

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LeadGen is a resourceful and responsive HTML marketing multipurpose website template. It lets you put together impressive modern websites without breaking a sweat. Users across the board can find in LeadGen a solid partner. 32 deliberate demo websites can be deployed with a single click. You can customize them with ease using the built in premium page builder. LeadGen excels at presenting businesses and projects to the world at large. Powerful admin panel settings let you deploy one page websites within instants. Thorough customization is easy and approachable for webmasters from any background.

Over 300 custom elements are at your disposal to deploy anywhere on your website. LeadGen provides unparalleled freedom and flexibility for crafting fine websites. Bloggers, photographers, creatives and artists love LeadGen. But so do businesses, agencies, firms and corporations. LeadGen’s unmatched flexibility allows you to market your products and services. Reach the whole world and engage massive audiences in style. Customizing and branding LeadGen websites is effortless and intuitive. Niche and general applications find in LeadGen a solution to all their needs. Responsive and cross-compatible, LeadGen lets you reach a broader audience. Every browser, device and platform will enjoy your website in perfect presentation. Try LeadGen today!

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If you want to construct a high-quality real estate website, look no further than ESTATO. This incredible Bootstrap template can be used to improve the pages of realtors, rental agencies, and developers. There are 8 different property pages, 8 real estate home pages, and 5 agent pages. Every real estate website must be able to showcase the properties in question. A Google Maps function allows for swift orientation, guiding clients to their new homes. It should be mentioned that every Google map will have specialized Icons, Info Boxes and a navigation option. ESTATO incorporates many niche-oriented features, each implemented in order to expand your page’s capabilities. For example, users can benefit from a loan calculator tool. There are also featured listings and advanced property searches. With this template, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

There are multiple forms, available for all customers. You will gain access to Contact Forms, Working Contact Forms and Newsletters, Registration and Login Forms, Front Editing Forms, and forms for extended searches. The design of this template is modern and appealing, featuring a slider that is powered by Owl Carousel. There are multiple sliders which can be easily personalized. In addition, ESTATO has multiple color variations and 14 distinct styles for drop-down menus.

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