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22 Top Creative HTML5 Travel Website Templates 2020


Awe-inspiring pages are closer to realization than ever when you take any of the top HTML5 Travel Website Templates to your advantage.

Every smart business owner understands that the travel industry represents a trust-based economy. Marketing and even word of mouth recommendations reign supreme, when it comes to business or pleasure trips. A bad reputation can ruin you, and you must make sure that your site reflects your professionalism. Physical travel agency locations are vestiges of the pre-digital age. The customer’s first impressions will always be made online.

If you are tech savvy, it will be easy for you to create an impressive travel page. However, many business owners will need to hire third-party companies in order to develop their websites. In order to avoid that cost, you can always purchase an HTML template. These are basically online makeover kits that enhance every aspect of a standard site. They bring both functional and aesthetic improvements, and they are very easy to use. This convenience and affordability may seem too good to be true, but that’s the whole point of the internet.

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best HTML5 Travel Website Templates:

Best travel website templates


divi travel website template
Are you an adventurist? Would you like to start your own travel project but you just do not know where to begin? If that is the case, Divi is the solution for you. This all-around tool is full of excellent layouts and features that will help you create a page without a sweat. Even if you are building your very first website, you can make things happen like a pro with Divi. First thing’s first, Divi does not require you to have any coding knowledge. In other words, you can be an utter beginner and still realize your dream page.

Moreover, Divi also comes with tons of demo material to suit every user. And if you do not find a sample that matches you style out of the box, you can effortlessly edit it accordingly. Divi’s customization capabilities go through the roof for your convenience.

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jevelin travel website template
If you are interested in diving into the travel space, do it in style with Jevelin. As far as the website part of your project goes, Jevelin has you sorted out completely. In fact, a page might be the main part of the project anyway. Well, with Jevelin, you can now make it happen like a pro even if you are bringing into being your very first site. No biggie as Jevelin has loads of ready-made material at your disposal to put into play right away. Even as someone with zero experience, you will still witness great success with Jevelin.

Furthermore, Jevelin follows all the latest trends and regulations in web development. Your page will operate smoothly on all devices, from handheld and up to desktop. Moreover, Jevelin is also speed and SEO optimized, compatible with all modern web browsers, as well as retina screens.

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vasco travel website template
Blogging for a living and traveling the world, that is a dream job for many individuals out there. If you would like to start your own thing, you can now get things going forward with Vasco. It is an exclusive tool for establishing travel blogs. While the out of the box version of Vasco works fantastically well already, you can also fully customize and personalize the web design. It is the Beaver Builder that will help you edit and modify Vasco according to your taste – without any coding.

Vasco supports all types of content to ensure the creation of a truly compelling blog. This will lift up your potential, growing your blog over and beyond. With a striking blog with steady growth, you can become a digital nomad, visiting all corners of the world and documenting your adventures for others to enjoy, too.

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House In The Wood

house in the wood wordpress travel theme
House In The Wood is a fantastic travel website template that will get the ball rolling right away. Keep in mind, this tool has it all ready-made for you to take to your total advantage. Instead of coming up with a website from scratch, use House In The Wood instead. Nowadays, you do not even need to pay a hefty fee to hire a coder, just go with House In The Wood, as it also comes with professional support that will be of great help along the way.

Launch your journey into the online space with any of the two predefined homes. You install it with a single click, and the majority of work is already done. From then on, it is more or less performing customization tweaks, as well as adding your custom content, what’s necessary. Indeed, building a travel website is a piece of cake nowadays.

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harmuny travel magazine theme
If you are interested in getting started in the blogging industry, you can kick things of with Harmuny. And if you are particularly looking for the best travel blog theme, by all means, get your hands on Harmuny and make a difference. With the stunning design and all the very many features, Harmuny promises a speedy and spectacular outcome. Its official statement actually guarantees you to start your own blog in less than three minutes. Yes, that’s 3!

Pick the demo, install it with a single click, modify it if necessary and you are ready to roll. It actually is just as simple as it sounds. On top of that, you will also never need to do any coding work. With Harmuny, you just mix and match the available, personalize the default look and start publishing compelling content just like that.

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grafton magazine wordpress theme
Here is another extraordinary travel blog tool that will do you well. Meet Grafton, a powerful and practical template that comes with all the must-haves and an array more goodies. In short, you need not do anything from scratch, as Grafton delivers it all anyway. To top it all up, you can also fully modify and alter the look of Grafton with the use of drag and drop page builder, Elementor. You have complete control over the appearance, making it your way to the very last detail if you fancy.

In the collection of many features, Grafton delivers mega menu, Instagram widget, child theme, Contact Form 7 and lightbox amongst many more in between. The layout is also optimized for fast loading and SEO. Save time and energy with Grafton now and get on board in little to no time.

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Star Travel

star travel website template
Star Travel is an HTML5 travel website template for a wide range of businesses within the industry. For hotels, tours, flights, car rentals, you name it, Star Travel is ready to take any challenge. To avoid the majority of work and have the most fun constructing your travel page, Star Travel comes with seven unique home pages. Besides, you get all the necessary inner pages, twelve color skins and other fantastic features. Star Travel template is structured in a way that will help you turn random visitors into loyal clients.

The layout of Star Travel smoothly adapts to any screen resolution and works flawlessly with any web browser. The code is organized, so those using and editing the template are enjoying every step of the process. Even for beginners, using Star Travel template will feel very natural.

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newsedge travel website template
When speaking about travel industry, it does not always need to be related to agencies, hotels and similar. You can also be a blogger or one that is about to launch a blog relating to the travel niche. Do it quickly with NewsEdge news website template. With seven predesigned index pages and different post and post detail pages, launching an online travel magazine calls for loads of joy.

NewsEdge template follows all the modern website trends to deliver a great experience to both webmasters and end users. While you can use each element out of the box, do not hesitate and improve it with personal touches. NewsEdge is easy to customize and extensible to suit a broad specter of users with different tastes.

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wanderland travel website template
Are you an avid traveler looking for a way to start your own blog? Wanderland is the travel template that will do the trick. It is a solution with heaps of great design, front and internal, as well as comes with many other excellent features and functions. You can work entirely with the default material, but you can also step things up and modify Wanderland to your liking. You get access to the drag and drop technique, which instantly unlocks unlimited options.

Moreover, Wanderland includes multiple samples, Slider Revolution, an array of custom shortcodes, parallax sections, mega menu and the list goes on. Even as an utter beginner when it comes to building travel blogs, you can pretty much learn on the fly with Wanderland. The tool is effortless to use, comes with documentation and you can even get in touch with the professional support team.

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tripster travel website template
Why just travel around the world, when you can document your things and potential earn a living with a blog? But money should not be your main motivation why even starting a blog. It’s about having fun and enjoying yourself, all the rest comes later. With Tripster, a travel website template, you can start your project within minutes time. Thanks to the predefined demos, you will quickly find the right web design that fits your style perfectly. However, you can also configure it further if necessary – without touching the code.

Some other goodies of Tripster contain an online store section, shortcodes, one click demo data import, social media integration and ready-made headers, to name a few. The layout of this site canvas is also fluid and flexible, ensuring a great experience whether on a smartphone or a desktop computer.

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tripo travel website template
Tripo is a dedicated solution for travel agency and other tourism businesses. Instead of hiring a coder and a designer to build you a website, you can now make it comfortably with Tripo. Keep in mind, you do not need to have experience with site establishment, that’s why Tripo is here in the first place. Anyone and everyone can have a travel business website all set and ready to attract potential customer sooner rather than later.

In the bundle, Tripo contains eight homes and seventeen additional inner page layouts. Other specialties come in the form of owl carousel slider, CSS3 animations, sticky menu, hover effects and back to top button. Enter the industry with a stupendous page that will move mountains. You have all the necessary at your disposal, ready and set to make an instant difference.

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News 24

news 24 travel website template
Let it be that you like telling stories about your own adventures or you like to be informed about travel related news, have you thought about bringing your passion to the online world? Do it easily with News 24 HTML template. The name tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the product. It is an online magazine website template which you can use for travel industry with ease. It is fully adaptable and allows performing almost any kind of modifications.

Four niche demos and a winning collection of generic ones await you upon unboxing News 24 template. More features, you also get, are Google Maps integration, cross-browser compatibility, different headers and various page layouts.

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star hotel travel website template
Do you run a 5 STAR HOTEL? No matter if it is a boutique hotel in a tiny village or a chain of hotels, you should consider a website. It will help you a whole bunch with additional promotion even if you are already successfully using only 3rd party platforms. Get on a personal level with the guests and form an unbreakable bond with them.

If you are building a fresh page or redesigning the current one, investigate STAR HOTEL template. It is elegant and modern with all the necessities and a few extra features to escalate your website. Slider, video and image homes along with landing page layout and an additional restaurant web design all come with STAR HOTEL template. Unlock its full potential and let a website help you grow your business.

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matex travel website template
With a multi-purpose website template based on Google’s Material Design, you can do great things. One of such items is Matex. An enormous website template with more than fifty different homes and over 150 inner pages. Of course, there is no need for you to create a travel website you are after starting from zero. Matex has an exclusive layout at your disposal that will be of great advantage. Very straightforward, promoting your services, rooms, restaurant, travel destinations, you name it, all can happen.

Matex is an all-in-one web template with over 200 shortcodes and 300 UI blocks. Building and customizing with Matex will be comfortable with very little time required to complete the project. The next travel experience can be an adventurous one, starting with your website.

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arcon travel website template
If it is creative, then it must be something to think about, right? It is definitely the case when it comes to Arcon template. The product is based on Bootstrap Framework and ready to adapt to a wide specter of niches. For a travel agency, Arcon has a special front page layout available and ready to be put to work. It makes site development a breeze and your agency ready for new business opportunities.

It all begins with a full-screen banner with text, title and a call-to-action button. The navigation bar is transparent and transforms into a sticky one on scroll. Parallax and hover effects, animated statistics, contact form and “reveal” footer are goodies that will decorate your beautiful website.

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Alpha Dot

alpha dot travel website template
Bootstrap Framework powered multi-purpose website template, Alpha Dot, is here to take care of your travel pages. Specifically, travel agency websites. For these, Alpha Dot comes with a classy one-page layout. Every site visitor first gets hit with a full-screen banner which you can use to showcase an outstanding travel destination image. Add a bit of text and call-to-action button to it and that might be enough to persuade them. More proof why to choose your agency over competition they get when reading more about your company. Advertise your special features, tell your agency story and share jaw-dropping pictures from trips. At the bottom of the funnel, guests will rush getting in touch with you using the neat contact form.

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Sunset Hotel

sunset hotel travel website template
Just as beautiful and awe-inspiring as sunset at the beach is, so is Sunset Hotel HTML5 travel website template. It is an item best for hotels, resorts, rooms for rent and other types of accommodation websites. With the available, you are about to assemble a website that will pick up your business to the new successes.

Sunset Hotel supports four homes, default, image parallax, slider version and video background. After selecting the right option for your business, add other sections like rooms page, room detail, reservation and gallery. You do not have to develop any of those pages yourself, Sunset Hotel has them all part of the kit. There is also a coming soon template in case you would like to announce the launch early. Or maybe you are redesigning the current page and would want to let users know that something fresh is coming.

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Travel HTML

travel html travel website template
With any of the Travel HTML website template gems, you can develop and design high standards following online presence for your businesses and projects. Best suited for travel agencies but Travel HTML template works for other types of pages undoubtedly. For the quickest solution, you can always go with the apt content and do not even bother making adjustments. However, all HTML5 travel website templates are entirely customizable. With their greatly structured codes and in-depth documentation, improving them won’t break a single drop of sweat.

The first step to successfully launching a travel website is to take action. From then on, all feels way easier than it seems. Go ahead and get the movement going. Exploit these remarkable templates and have desired sites finished quickly.

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LeadGen is an intuitive and responsive HTML marketing multipurpose website template. It is a resourceful framework for creating impressive modern websites. LeadGen is a platform honed for mass-appeal projects, lightweight and fast-loading. It performs well across all traffic scales and audience sizes. Businesses love LeadGen because it provides them with a wealth of ready-made tools. Powerful plugins allow for meaningful customization in a matter of minutes. You don’t need to know a lick of coding to make the most out of LeadGen. Simply deploy one of 32 perfected demo websites with a single click and get going.

Customization is fast and easy with LeadGen at your side. A powerful built-in HTML5 builder lets you customize your websites at will. Travel industry webmasters love working with LeadGen because it’s so flexible. Optimized for conversions, LeadGen lets you increase your business and revenue overnight. LeadGen is the perfect solution for hotels, motels and hostels the world over. A powerful commercial framework allows you to market your services through your website. Book the room and make the sale today, with LeadGen. Awesome portfolios let you showcase your finest yours and vistas in style. Give LeadGen a go today, and see your travel business soar!

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