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23 Best Responsive Coming Soon Page Templates 2020


With coming soon templates, you can keep your online presence intact or start the hype for something new early. Use these if you are redesigning your current website or you are about to launch a new online project.

Keep users aware of your existence and let them know exactly when you go live. With an awesome countdown timer, you can create outstanding coming soon and under construction pages and get the excitement going.

If you are already driving a decent amount of traffic to your website, you surely do not want to miss all the new unique visitors due to site maintenance. With this in mind, it is wise for every site owner to introduce a subscription box to the coming soon page.

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Not only will they know exactly when is your website ready for the launch, you can also use their emails for marketing. Although your site is down at the moment, it does not mean all the traffic is lost.

For new online projects, you can use coming soon pages to briefly tell and display what users can expect from your work. It is a great approach to get them intrigued and mark the date to make sure they do not miss it. Create buzz for your startup in advance and gain popularity without a product. With a strategic approach, you can start growing leads with nothing but a coming soon page.

Inform folks about what you are up to ahead of time with the best coming soon templates. A small investment can keep your website alive even when under construction and keep guests electrified.

There is a considerable diversity of templates we have ready for you to meet any type of business.

Best coming soon WordPress themes


divi coming soon template
To increase the hype for a new project, a coming soon page comes ideal. It is also useful to add a coming soon page if you are redesigning your existing web space. Divi is an all-in-one website template with just about any page layout you need. Along with offering you to build a complete website with its available material, Divi also ensures a coming soon page. You do not really need to use a separate website template just for a coming soon page when a tool like Divi sports it all and then some.

Divi also guarantees complete flexibility and responsiveness, making sure your page works flawlessly on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Fast loading speed and search engine optimization are also fully sorted out for you to not bother about any of the technicalities. With the out of the box Divi, you can expect speedy and spectacular results.

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jevelin coming soon template
Just another killer web design with a multi-purpose approach; meet the amazing and impressive Jevelin. Along with building the complete online presence, you can also employ the coming soon page that Jevelin has carefully packed in the bundle. Instead of waiting all the way to the launch date, you can now start making some traction early. With a coming soon page, not only can you announce the exact date of the page release, but you can also introduce a newsletter subscription form and start capturing leads already.

Jevelin truly sorts you out with all the must-haves for a banging final product. It also comes with WPBakery drag and drop page builder, to give you a chance to edit and modify Jevelin to your needs and requirements. Brand it, personalize it, well, you know how to story goes – get the most out of Jevelin today!

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berserk coming soon template
Businesses, agencies, freelancers, online stores, you name it, Berserk is a multi-concept solution for all sorts of different projects and intentions. And, of course, it also contains a wonderful coming soon page which you can effortlessly employ as is. To top it all up, every Berserk layout is entirely customizable and editable with the simplicity of the drag and drop technique. Nowadays, you do not need to be an expert in crafting a website anymore. In short, even someone who is a complete stranger to building pages can do it with Berserk.

In the package, you get WPBakery page builder, Revolution Slider, Contact Form 7, child theme and various header styles. If you would like to start on the web like a professional, make things happen with Berserk and enjoy the outcome.

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raga coming soon wordpress theme
Raga is an all-around, modern and impactful tool that you can use for anything creative-wise. Whether a freelancer or an agency, with Raga, you can now materialize a sophisticated and striking online presence that will take you business to new heights. Also, you can start the hype early with the use of the coming soon layout.

There is all and everything in the Raga bundle, making sure you start on the internet as quickly as possible. You get to choose from well over ten home page demos and all these other practical layouts that will do you well. Not just that, but Raga also comes with the WPBakery page builder at no extra cost. Meaning, you can style and improve the look without the need to touch a single line of code.

Some more specialties include five menus, fast loading speed, tons of UI elements, blog pages and Contact Form 7, amongst many more in between.

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somo coming soon wordpress theme
Somo is a bold and impactful creative theme that offers every user an array of special layouts that work strikingly well out of the box. And if you are looking for a coming soon template, you will find it in the Somo bundle, too. The dark look of Somo makes sure that it captures everyone’s interest right away. In short, with Somo, you will establish a memorable first impression undoubtedly. And if you would ever want to perform additional modification to the default settings, feel free to make it happen. Thanks to the drag and drop page builder, everyone wins the game of building an online portfolio with Somo.

Install the sample of choice with a single click and go from there. You can experience to go live in little to no time, as Somo has it all ready-made for you. Even if you would like to sell your works online, you can do that, too, with the integrated eCommerce pages.

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ottro coming soon template
There is a whole bunch of stuff going on when it comes to Ottro. It is a multi-functional WordPress theme for building a stunning portfolio. But if you would like to start the hype early, you can also use the integrated coming soon layout. And this is what we are here for in the first place.

Ottro is 100% mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible. It also follows other regulations, like fast loading and SEO optimization. Ottro is no joke, treating you to a broad selection of useful material that helps you start immediately. Of course, you will never need to deal with the code, as it is all about dragging and dropping.

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holleta coming soon template
Holleta is a creative word play of the word of hotel. Anyhow, it is a remarkable tool for the accommodation business. Holleta includes very many page layouts, front and internal, with additional coming soon design. Whether you are building a new page or redesigning the existing, keep everyone informed that something big is coming with the coming soon layout.

The coming soon design is pretty and simple. It features background image, text, hotel location information and a countdown timer. You can also use the built-in pop-up for capturing leads that you can later promote to.

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facmaster coming soon template
Facmaster is an industrial-inspired WordPress theme with heaps of goodies. If you are searching to use a coming soon page when setting up the main page, that’s something Facmaster takes care of out of the box. Activating the coming soon layout will be a little breeze as it is not necessary to do any coding work. Just plug and play.

What’s more, of course, you can also create a full-blown website with Facmaster. It rocks it all, even the smallest details that you are searching for. But you can also fine-tune and customize it if necessary. Spread the name out there with Facmaster now.

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kano coming soon wordpress theme
For those of you who are on the search for a coming soon template that is entirely dedicated to creatives, Kano is the way to go. Actually, this is a full-blown theme that covers the complete creation of your first-class online presence. For your information, the design of Kano is very clean, minimal and creative, easily catering to your taste out of the box. But you can effortlessly make improvements with dragging and dropping, tailoring Kano to your meticulous taste.

Like all the other alternatives on the list, Kano’s layout is fluid, reshaping to handheld and desktop devices seamlessly. It also ensures outstanding loading speed, search engine optimization, cross-browser compatibility and stunning operation on retina screens. If light, bright and vibrant appearance is what you are after, look no further and enjoy the excellence of Kano.

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Best coming soon templates


pinak coming soon template
When in search of a multi-purpose coming soon template, Pinak should be included in your list. Well, we have it here so there is no reason why you would not want to check it out. It is a killer one! Pinak was put together with flexibility, ease of use and high performance in mind. Since it is a multi-functional tool, Pinak suits various categories or user-intent including maintenance, countdown, product launch, as well as for business and personal purposes.

After you download the powerful Pinak, you will be greeted with its feature-rich interface that contains numerous handy and valuable features. Speaking of which, you get an active contact form, countdown clock, Google Maps and well over twenty predesigned demos. To get your word out early and start the traction, pick Pinak template.

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bayya coming soon template
If you are building a cryptocurrency blog or any other project in the coin market, look into Bayya. It is a Bitcoin and crypto tool with a dark and light layout, as well as many other banging features and assets. Since best coming soon templates are our topic, Bayya offers you a nifty and attracting one for you to utilize. Bayya also allows you to switch the style from wide to boxed and change the color by choosing one from three schemes. Other than that, Bayya is keeping things fairly simple and to the point.

Why complicate, right?

Instead of designing something on your own, pick a layout that is already optimized and refined for the industry. This way, you will save time which you can invest in bringing your project to life even quicker. No need to wait, take action now and have it all in complete order and under control with Bayya.

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wildon coming soon template
Isn’t it exciting to look forward to the next big thing? If you are pushing through a viral platform for your audience, then you can rely on Wildon. This coming soon template is the real deal in terms of driving potential clients into your soon-to-be website. Regardless of what your final product will be all about, Wildon is ready and set to get the hype going early. FYI, Wildon is an ideal fit for all creative fields, but you can employ it for something else as well.

Wildon is built with a responsive design, powered by Bootstrap Framework. Your masterpiece will work beautifully on all devices and browsers for an always seamless experience. Wildon lets you easily customize each element that you put into the site. With eight style variations, five content pages and unlimited design options on its arsenal, you can come up with anything under the sun. Wildon has a dedicated support team that can address your concerns anytime, too.

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blex coming soon template
Are you sick and tired of boring templates that lack user experience? Move on to Blex and you will never regret it. This coming soon template has everything you need to excite readers or viewers through its impressive graphics and backgrounds. The page canvas features a powerful fullscreen background video and imagery making it a perfect choice for talented creatives. You get to choose between four main styles to quickly find the look that best resonates with you.

Jawn is also powered by the latest technologies so expect rapid construction of your “under construction” site 100% of the time. With Blex, it will be a small breeze creating a strong impact on all your visitors and pre-sell them. Blex is versatile and highly adaptive, ready for your projects of all sort. This opportunity is not something to pass up.

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imbue coming soon template
Timing is essential when building something great for your future customers. Save your precious time by choosing a dependable coming soon template to modernize your site creating process. Introducing Imbue, a specialized service provider that is perfect for businesses with an artistic side. With this template, you can commence operations in the time you specified. The developers don’t believe in instant gratification, especially if the end product turns out to be half-baked. With Imbue, you will get everything without mishaps and errors.

Choose a design and customize it without hassle. Speaking of designs, Imbue has twenty demos, two color skins and two types of different layouts. The options are there, you just need to take action and make one of the samples yours. Add different features, modify the default look and tailor it to your branding requirements.

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huge coming soon template
Huge is a multi-purpose coming soon template that you can use for all sorts of aims and intentions. It contains many great and handy features along the fluid and flexible layout. Huge is as versatile as possible, to suit all your needs precisely. Even the pickiest users will find good use in Huge. After all, the template comes with over 120 pre-build demos for nearly any niche. Beside the classic coming soon looks, there are also niche layouts for pizzerias, spas, flower shops and restaurant.

Other crucial assets of Huge are SEO friendly code, mobile and retina ready scheme and weekly updates. Amazing speed, solid performance and a lot of advanced material to pre-sell yourself, get things going way before you launch your page with Huge and stand out a mile.

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lana coming soon template
You do not have to be an artist nor a creative individual if you would like to use the modern and creative coming soon template, Lana. This particular website skin offers a great deal of elements and features that will surely make the use of such template easier even for beginners. Intended for a website of any kind, be it professional or personal, Lana can surely deliver both functionality and beauty. And you will have a fun time bringing into being the web space you require.

Lana was purposely put together and carefully crafted to provide an expansive customizable interface for its users. Lana comes with a whopping forty HTML files and seventeen remarkable backgrounds. It is powered by Bootstrap and other modern technologies to ensure an always stable and smooth experience. MailChimp integration and both a contact and a subscription form are also part of the package.

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waye coming soon template
With an under construction and coming soon template, you can do two things. You can avoid losing all your existing users when doing a site redesign or you can start selling your products and services before you even go fully live. Waye is a tool that can help you do both without the need to dedicate it too much time and effort.

How is that possible?

The cutting-edge Waye comes with 37 demos that you can profit from. From image and slider to YouTube and self-hosted video, as well as all sorts of different cool effects, the choice is yours. It only requires three simple steps to have your coming soon page all set up. Download Waye, edit and modify it and upload files to your server and you are done. It is just as simple as it sounds since working with Waye is very straightforward.

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The One

the one coming soon template
For creative individuals and photographers alike, The One is the template for you. With sixty pre-made styles, you will easily find the web design that best resonates with you. Along with numerous index pages, The One also has many coming soon templates at your service. Instead of waiting to finalize your main online portfolio, have a space up first and fast with The One’s coming soon demos. Tease and entice your visitors with your works while simultaneously announce the time of the official launch of your website.

The One is fluid and mobile-ready to work on all devices smoothly, delivering the same amazing experience regardless of the size of the screen they are looking at. Mobile and desktop devices, The One works on both. It also does not shy away from displaying your content in an eye catching way no matter what browsing platform they use. Some of the cool assets of The One are contact form overlay, newsletter subscription and fully translatable.

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socifly coming soon template
SociFly is, as its name suggests, a website template for creating your own private or publish social network. Depending on the long-term goals you have for your project, SociFly can serve your extremely well. Besides, it also has a coming soon page in the kit to announce that you are coming soon with a countdown timer and a newsletter subscription form. Also, feel free to link your coming soon page with all your social media platform and show the world how sociable you are.

Moreover, SociFly is responsive and retina ready, compatible with browsers and optimized for speed, performance and SEO. It comes with ten different color schemes, multiple other front and internal pages, a 404 page and congruous with RTL languages. If you are bringing something fresh to the community, you better further investigate SociFly.

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jonny coming soon template
Whoever wants to build a lead generation type of business, Jonny is probably one of the best solutions for you. It is a contact page for lead gen, as well as a coming soon template. Bear in mind, Jonny is not limited to any niche or industry. In fact, it even comes with eleven different demos which you can use for a bunch of different businesses. For instance, Jonny has a demo for hotel, restaurant, event, mobile app and lessons projects to name a few.

Other than the predesigned demos, Jonny provides twelve different icons and twelve different color schemes. In a pop-up, you can display more information about what you are up to or simply display a stunning gallery. Jonny is put together with a mobile user in mind so responsiveness and retina readiness are of the highest quality. Date and time picker, social media, SEO friendly and simple and quick to setup, Jonny helps you skyrocket your leads.

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stomp coming soon template
STOMP is a unique coming soon and teaser template for getting people interested in what you are up to in an instant. There is enough action going on that achieving that will not be a problem at all. Create short videos which end with a fantastic coming soon page. STOMP is a typography landing page for announcing big launches in style. If you would like to distinguish yourself from what the majority is doing, then STOMP is the template you should go with. It is “more than an intro.”

Four demos and counting, smooth animations, subscription popup and about section, STOMP does not lack anything. For customization, the template comes with easy to use STOMP generator. Change and replace the text and add images and you are ready to shine. Sometimes, it is wise to go against the grain and craft something extraordinary.

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selene coming soon template
Selene is a clean and elegant template that takes care of your coming soon pages in every creative field. Businesses and agencies, even if you are a freelancer, you can all build with Selene. You can choose between three backgrounds, six color skins and benefit from the countdown timer. As far as backgrounds go, available are image, image slider and YouTube video backgrounds. You have plenty of options but you can always do your own improvements and add your personal touch to it.

With Selene, you get straight to the point with announcing when you are launching or re-launching a new page. It is a one-page template to briefly tell about what they can expect from you with an option to subscribe to your newsletter. Connect it with your social media accounts and let guests check what you do on a day-to-day basis.

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Colorlib Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode (Free WordPress Plugin)

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