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24 Best Free & Premium Membership Website Templates 2020


If you are interested in creating a membership site then these membership website templates will help you create an effective one comfortably.

Who doesn’t like the concept of monthly income? Membership model not only benefits you with monthly income, but they also help the user to get updated product periodically. When Adobe moved from a software selling model to a membership subscription model everybody thought it was an ambitious move.

But now nearly 80% of Adobe’s income is from the membership plans.

The membership model is not only used by the software companies, the early adopters of membership plans were newspapers, magazines and fitness clubs. But in this digital era, the print and publishers do face difficulties in membership plans and paywalls, but The New York Times was the only publisher to run the paywall services successfully.

In this membership website templates list, we have included templates of all famous niches with membership options.

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Before getting to the tools, we need to mention that you get a pinch of everything, WordPress themes, as well as free and premium templates.

For some, you need very little work to bring your membership website to realization, while for all the rest, you need to invest some extra time to activate them.

Alex Ivanovs has written a detailed post on the best platforms for membership sites, we recommend you to read it to select the best platform for your site.

Best membership WordPress themes


To build a membership site, you do not need to understand rocket science to do it. In fact, even if you are new to web development and bringing together websites, you can still do it. One of the solutions which unlocks a whole new specter of possibilities for you is Divi. This terrific site canvas comes with a horde of ready-made layouts and components which will do you exceptionally well. Even when it comes to building membership sites, whether offering free or paid membership plans, realize the concept with Divi.

What’s great about Divi is how customizable it is. In fact, you can edit and adjust it to the very last detail. On the other hand, you can also use the web design that suits your taste best out of the box. With Divi, the outcome will be phenomenal and all your members treated right.

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Instead of doing the hard work from scratch, losing yourself in the code, or hiring a web developer, build a membership page yourself. As you will soon notice, it is not that hard actually. To be frank with you, it is easy.

For as long as you have access to the right set of tools, you can start the project immediately. Not just that, in a few short moments later, you will have a functional online presence all set up and ready to accept new members.

Jevelin is a marvelous website template with tons of features and samples which will put you right on track. It is also compatible with all the modern and popular plugins for easy integration. With the extension and by introducing your signature style to Jevelin, you can establish the exact membership page you want.

Moreover, the layout of Jevelin is also responsive and mobile-friendly. The final product will also acclimatize seamlessly to all web browsers, as well as load super fast.

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easybook membership website template
EasyBook is an all-in-one product for creating a directory and listing websites. Out of the box, EasyBook comes with a built-in membership system, which will save you all the additional time and energy. Just go with the web design as is and start attracting new users in a snap of a finger. Indeed, with everything predefined for you, EasyBook offers you the opportunity to speed up the process and appear online like a champ even if you are establishing your first such page. Nowadays, you do not need to be a master coder anymore, to design and craft a sophisticated website.

EasyBook also includes tons of booking types, recurring payments, several home demos, drag and drop page builder, Elementor, currency switcher and six different listing styles. Just install EasyBook with a single click and you can already start playing around with all the amazingness it brings to the table.

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cera community website template
Building, managing and maintaining a membership website with Cera is quick and straightforward. Anyone can do it as you do not really need to have experience with it. After all, Cera unlocks access to an array of page layouts and other exclusive components for getting things moving forward right from the get-go. On top of that, you also get extensive documentation and can talk to a professional and friendly team of experts, too. What else you want?

You know already that the collection of features is vast. To kick things off in style, Cera offers you four modern, clean and creative demos. You can choose between dark and light modes, as well as improve and modify the appearance further. Without the need to do the coding work!

Other specialties of this effective alternative contain user dashboard, private messages, activities wall, private content, paid and free memberships and plenty more.

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vultur membership wordpress theme
If you are particularly interested in diving into the online education space, Vultur is the way to go. You can easily and comfortably utilize this tool to create a membership-based website, as it requires little to no time to make it work to your advantage. With ten homes and over sixty predefined page templates, you have all the necessary layouts to start on the right foot. But it does not end here. You can fully style and beautify Vultur to your needs and regulations, too – without coding.

Other specialties of Vultur are building online courses, profile pages, custom-made shortcodes and the list goes on. Vultur also fully integrates with the BuddyPress plugin and Zoom. Needless to say, you can further expand your online education platform with Paid Membership Pro (it does not come included).

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beehive membership wordpress theme
Beehive is an exclusive WordPress theme that will help you sort out your very own social network. If you would like to start your own niche thing, this is the tool that will get you moving in the right direction. Even though the first thought of building a social media platform was probably very intimidating, it’s not quite like so. Beehive is here for everyone, whether you are a beginner or a professional web developer.

Everything is predefined and ready for you to put into play.

From news feed, groups and likes to notifications, live chat, online shopping, forums, well, you get the gist of it. All the necessary elements and components, plus an array more, await you and your project. Beehive is also easy to modify and alter to your needs and regulations, but if the out of the box version fits your style, go for it.

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kruton membership wordpress theme
In case you are interested in forging a more niche membership website, you can do it with Kruton. It is a solution for baking and cooking classes. If that is something that you would like to start, you can now do it pretty much immediately. With just a few clicks, you can be closer than ever to completing a nifty new website for a dope online food project. Kruton also ensures that you get all the must-haves and quite a bunch more. Instead of doing the work from scratch, you can now get it going with Kruton and see it all come together swiftly.

Kruton is 100% responsive, cross-browser compatible, retina-friendly, SEO-ready and fast loading. In short, this design takes care of it all, so you need to undergo barely any time for a quick start of something refreshing. Get things going and start growing a loyal community of soon-to-be chefs with Kruton.

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seeko membership wordpress theme
Seeko is a jaw-dropping and easy to use community and memebrship site building tool that comes with Elementor page builder and BuddyPress. These are just two of the core features of Seeko – you get a horde more!

First and foremost, Seeko includes two dedicated demos, one for building a mentoring and one for dating page. Bear in mind, with upcoming updates, you can expect even more solutions to drop for you to take to your total advantage. I wonder what those will be, but I know they will be spectacular.

Moreover, some of Seeko’s features contain a matching system, advanced search, efficient filtering, fast loading speed and Bootstrap Framework. You get complete creative control over Seeko, enjoying customizing it to the very last detail with the process of dragging and dropping. Make your membership website shine on the internet with Seeko today.

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Best free membership website templates


Classic free template

Classic is a fresh new creative agency website template from us. With the full-width design and clean layout, you have plenty of space to explain your services elegantly to the users. The logical design of this template helps the users to understand your services at a glance. Being a one-page template we have made the homepage long enough to accommodate all the important segments. The animated web elements and other visual effects will engage the visitors. We have provided you the option to create membership registration and login options, but you have to manually integrate your login form and the registration form. The flat design of the membership pricing table gives you enough space to explain the features in each package.

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Appy free landing page template

Appy is a free colorful modern website template for mobile applications. This website template is also from our team of designers and developers. We make sure you get premium quality templates for free, Appy is no different to that. It is also a one-page website template designed exclusively for mobile application and other software based websites. Since many SAAS companies and even startups are adopting membership plans, in this template we have provided you the option to mention your membership pricing and user login option. All you have to do is to add few pages if you need and integrate this template into your preferred membership platform.

More info / Download

CA App Landing

CA ap landing is a free website template built with present-day trends in mind. The web elements are designed in a way to improve the user interaction and also to provide a pleasant user experience. The full-width design of the template gives you enough space to add more screenshots of your software or application. This one-page website template includes all the necessary segments of a business website properly arranged. CA App landing template is also designed in a way to improve your conversion rate. At the top bar you have a call to action to button to signup and select a membership or you can collect the leads easily with the registration form in the header section. The CA App landing page website template uses HTML5, CSS3, and latest Bootstrap framework.

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Colid is a free material design based flat website template from our team. In the header section, you can give an interactive intro about your mobile application with the image slider. The parallax effect gives a lively visual effect to the site visitors. Line icons help you to explain your product features elegantly to the users. We have provided you pricing table option to explain your membership package. The call to action button given in the pricing table will take the user directly to the membership registration form.

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Susan is free a one-page website template. This template is full of vibrant colors and soothing visual effects. It is a feature-rich website template with all the modern web elements you need to create a professional looking website template.

Susan comes with two demo variation which you don’t get in free website templates mostly. It is a pixel perfect HTML website template with clean design and subtle animations. In the header section, you have the option to include a call to action button. From where you can take the user to the pricing page. Adding a registration form and user dashboard will make the Susan template a perfect membership website template.

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Best premium membership website templates



Citybook is a directory website template by default. But the features included with this template and design of the template make this premium listing site, where people have to join the membership to unlock the full features of the website. Since it is a listing site the template uses a full-width design, so you have plenty of space to add more places and information about them.

On the clean white background, the modern line icons and trendy fonts are clearly visible. It is a complete package you get a user dashboard, login and register page, single-user page and membership pricing page. The member login and registration form use social login options to make the login and registration process simple. The pricing table is designed like a card and the recommended pricing is highlighted elegantly by making it protrude a little from other cards.

More info / Download



JobHunt is a job seeking website template. Another online industry which is successful with the membership plans is the job search websites. Jobhunt is a complete package, where you get all the features and the options in working condition. The clean design and the cool color scheme of this template manage to attract modern web users. Visual effects and other animation effects on this template are also clean and simple. To run an effective membership site this template provides you user login and register pages. A separate page is given for the membership pricing. By adding user profile page and settings page this template will become a complete membership website template, but it is up to us to add those two pages.

More info / Download



Canvas is a multi-concept and multipurpose website template. Its template collection includes website template design for almost all famous niches. Since it is a multi-concept website template you get plenty of web elements and layout options to choose from.

There is variety of pricing table to choose from. Canvas template provides you shortcode option, so you can add any web elements to your website easily by pasting the shortcode. The template also includes e-commerce website template so you also get shop pages and cart pages predesigned for you. The only feature this template miss is the member dashboard. This template does have member login pages and register page, but you don’t have a separate page for the user profile. This is a minor issue, the Canvas template is very flexible and also provides you an innumerable amount of web elements, so making a custom page won’t be a big issue with Canvas.

More info / Download



The Stack is a clean looking modern website template. Again it is also a multi-concept template, so you get plenty of template collection with the Stack package. All the templates follow the same clean design with lots of white space but with different layout options.

The clean design of the template makes it an easy fit for both professional and personal website templates. The long homepage design gives you enough space to say about your services. Since this template supports Variant HTML page builder you can easily customize the template by dragging and dropping the web elements. You also get a separate plan and pricing page. The pricing table is also designed neatly with lightweight borderlines and bold texts. You also have the option to highlight a table. The user login pages and registration pages are pre-designed for you. Using the Variant page builder you can create user profile page.

More info / Download



Utouch is an SEO agency website template. The template follows a modern icon-based design, where full and full vectors and line icons are used as web elements. Modern agencies and SAAS companies are using this type of design to stay unique from others. The membership model is slowly becoming popular among software companies and the Utouch template is designed for the present-day website needs.

The Utouch template includes thirty-four HTML pages predesigned for you. These subpages include all the necessary pages you might normally need in a website. The template is flexible and easy to customize. Membership pricing table is also designed based on the icon concept, so you get design consistency throughout the website. There is five pricing table variation given in this template. Users can choose between annual membership plans and monthly plans with a toggle of a button.

More info / Download

Cloudhub Hosting


Cloudhub hosting is a modern hosting website template. Hosting companies are the one which holds many creative websites but ironically none of their websites looks modern and creative. Now the trend is changing, the hosting companies are slowly implementing modern web design.

The Cloudhub hosting uses a well thought out web design. Each and every element are designed by keeping the core functionalities of the hosting companies in mind, but these features can be used for other types of websites as well. This template includes all the necessary pages you need to create an effective membership site. It includes pricing tables, user login page, and registration page pre-designed for you. Apart from the user login pages you also get knowledge base page designed for you. The template follows a blue and yellow color scheme which looks attractive on the clean background.

More info / Download

SEO Sight


SEO sight template is also from the authors of the Utouch template mentioned above. You can find similar design styles and the same quality you have seen in the Utouch template. The SEO sight template is also based on the icon-based web design. On the clean white background, the flat colored web elements look clean and appealing. You get plenty of subpages pre-designed with this template, you can use them or customize them to create your page. The SEO sight template includes four membership pricing templates with different styles and visual effects. Hence this template is a complete package, by tuning this template a bit will make it a perfect membership website template.

More info / Download



Hostify is another hosting company based website template. It is a clean subtle website template with modern web elements. This template does not use any visual effects. Instead, it manages to attract visitors with interactive web elements. The use of line icons and modern flat colors made this template even more appealing. The membership pricing table is designed like a three-dimensional card with elusive hover effects. The user also gets a separate full page login page and signup page. In both the login and registration page on the left sidebar, you have a carousel option to add testimonials. Overall a modern and clean looking software company based membership website template.

More info / Download



Sigma is an ultra-clean website template. It is primarily an app landing page template. The super minimal look of the template adds more richness to your product. Minor detailing and effects make the web elements to stand out from the clean background. The mild color scheme acts light on the eyes. The colored web elements on the clean background easily grab the user attention. Visual effects on the elements are subtle and clean. You also get a cost calculator with this template. Coming to the membership part, this template only includes the membership pricing page. The lack of user dashboard and register area make this template fall last on the list. But with pricing itself, you get plenty of interactive designs. By making few changes to the template you can have an awesome minimal-looking membership website template.

More info / Download



BeTheme is a multi-concept website template. It includes more than 300 premade websites. All you have to do is to choose the template you like, add your content and kickstart your website. It is a flexible website template and gives you tons of customization options. You get almost all the pages you need in any website. If you can’t find the full complete template, then you can combine different pages to create a template you want. Even though being a multi-concept template the BeTheme still lacks the user dashboard and other basic pages needed in membership website templates. By default, you have the pricing table and you have to use its customization feature to create other membership related pages on your own.

More info / Download

These are some of the best free and premium membership website templates you can make use of for your membership site. Again all these are just templates, you have to manually integrate these templates into the membership software you like.


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