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24 Best Students-Friendly School Website Templates 2020


With our hand-compiled collection of the best school website templates, you can swiftly establish a site for any educational institution. Recruit more students with a well-thought-out online presence.

Right from students’ admission to exam results can be done on the websites now. It is a must to have a modern website for an educational institution. WordPress education themes give you the advanced option of having a learning management system on your website.

Some of you may not need such advanced features for your site. If you need a site only to showcase your infrastructure, your courses and to get inquiries, HTML school website templates will do the job for you.

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HTML website templates have their own pros and cons. Of course, they cannot provide you with as many features as the WordPress themes give you. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use an HTML website templates. Once you installed the HTML school website templates with the contents you want, that’s it you are all set to go.

You no need to think about template updates and other security updates for the HTML templates. If you are going to maintain a passive site in which you are not going to update contents a lot you can choose one of these best school website templates.

Best responsive and easy-to-use school WordPress themes


divi school website template
It is all possible when you gain access to Divi. Today, you do not need to hire a web developer anymore to build you a website. Regardless of your skill level, even if an utter beginner, with Divi, you will succeed at it any time. This practical solution for all your page ideas is stuffed with amazingness.

Of course, when it comes to crafting school and education pages, you can do those, too, with Divi. There are even several different demos available for you to put them into play right away. With that in mind, you can be confident that the outcome will be ready to go in close to no time.

Divi also follows all the latest trends and practices of the current web. It is 100% mobile-ready, responsive, cross-browser compatible, retina screen friendly, SEO optimized and fast loading. Of course, with Divi, you will also not need to code as it comes with its own integrated builder.

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jevelin school website template
If you would like to welcome on board even more students, a website is an absolute must. With Jevelin, you can now establish one quickly and professionally. Whether you are an experienced coder or a first-timer, with Jevelin, anyone can bring into being the desired page. After all, the majority of work is already done and ready to use. All you need to do is to choose the appropriate demo, fine-tune it and that is basically it. Jevelin also contains WPBakery page builder, unlocking a codeless coding experience. It all happens visually with some dragging and dropping.

Complete creative freedom offers you to alter and modify Jevelin to the very last detail. There are additional forty shortcodes preset for you to integrate them however you fancy. Jevelin is also SEO-ready, fast loading, in tune with all devices, as well as compatible with all popular plugins.

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educlever school website template
Hence the name, Educlever is an educational and school web template with a collection of eight marvelous demos. With Educlever, you can build a page for kindergarten, university, home school, online education and more. The options are there, just put them into play and realize your project in a snap. Have in mind, all the samples are also editable and customizable with a simple technique of dragging and dropping. With that in mind, you need to have no experience with web development and still hammer out a school page with Educlever.

Extra specialties of Educlever contain nine headers, three blog styles, LearnPress LMS plugin, WPBakery page editor, Slider Revolution, sticky header and smooth scrolling. Educlever is a complete solution for your educational project out of the box. Make it yours, brand it and welcome new potential students to join the club.

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pallikoodam school website template
Creating a site that looks professional and bright should not be an issue. Not in this day and age anymore. The Pallikoodam template is great for getting your content looking perfect and going live in the shortest time. Using this school website template will let you showcase your educational content in an easy to access way, allowing you to post-course details, profiles, testimonials and other material efficiently. Kindergartens, universities, colleges, online instructors, well, you get the gist of it, everyone can profit from Pallikoodam.

Powerful and feature-rich plugins and predefined page layouts will make your site not only look great but make it a little breeze to employ and user-friendly as well. Its great layout options and inner page choices will bring your website alive so that it will stand out in a crowded online world. You have all the right to modify and improve the appearance of Pallikoodam, so it fits your style best.

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valer school website template
Websites that look elegant and modern are a great way to introduce your educational content online. Using Valer will help you go live without a lot of effort. And if you would like to differentiate from the masses from the very beginning, Valer will surely do the trick with ease. As you will see, it is a tool that does not follow the traditional design of education websites. With that in mind, Valer is ideal for private schools and smaller universities. However, you can go entirely against the grain, too.

Valer has lots of layout options along with the necessary design features you will need. Elementor is part of this school website template so that you can quickly tailor it to your desires. This, plus other premium plugins, will build an authoritative and visitor-friendly site. High-grade customer support is always close by in case of need. But the luxury of creating a page without coding means you will probably have little need for it.

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maxcoach school website template
MaxCoach is a versatile school website template based on WordPress that you can use for an assortment of different intentions. There are well over ten striking samples at your disposal for all sorts of online education and schools. However, all these concepts are also fully editable so that you can make your variation with ease. MaxCoach comes with an Elementor page builder and an additional forty and counting widgets to work with. The tool is also optimized for SEO and fast loading speed, as well as compatible with all modern web browsers.

Some other unique features of MaxCoach are Zoom video conferences, Duotone icons, Stripe and PayPal payment gateways and quizzes, to name a few. But really, you will find whatever you look for in a school website to sport – no need to use any extensions and whatnot.

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ecademy school website template
Hence the name, eCademy is a perfect alternative for e-schooling, with a full-blown learning management system. One tool is all you need to start online in the snap of a finger. Even if you are of meticulous nature, you will find great use of eCademy. Let’s face it, while you can comfortably work with the out of the box version, you can also customize eCademy to the very last detail.

Some of the core amenities of eCademy are Elementor, Learn Press, WooCommerce, Tutor LMS and an assortment of front and internal page layouts. Other goodies come in the form of one click demo data installation, events manager, RTL compatibility, MailChimp subscription and child theme. Make your educational website without a sweat, thanks to the highly resourceful eCademy. Managing and maintaining your build will also be a little breeze, whether you are a newbie or a professional in the space.

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turitor school website template
Turitor is a top notch school WordPress theme that includes tons of material to offer you a quick-start. No need to be doing anything from the ground up. Heck, you also do not need to hire a professional to build a website for you. Turitor is perfect for someone who is creating their very first website due to its intuitive admin section and user-friendly page builder. However, the amazing predefined demos work wonders by default, so you know you can forge amazing stuff in little to no time.

Note: with upcoming theme updates, you can expect even more features and layouts.

Furthermore, Turitor treats every user to comprehensive documentation and friendly support, making sure the process will be as smooth as butter for you. Make a difference now, it will take you just a few minutes, and you can already be closer than ever to launching a school website with Turitor.

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briny school website template
Different types of educational and school promotions require a website that highlights the great specialties you have to offer. Having a functional, contemporary style is needed, and Briny provides that. Its customizable features offer lots of options as you build your site. It is a spectacular alternative if you are running a scuba diving school – actually, any other water sports school, as it will cater to your needs out of the box.

This school website template is completely compatible with all the modern devices, browsers and popular plugins. You can set up a website that will allow equipment rentals, course sales and more in a matter of minutes. For any additional modifications, activate the drag and drop page builder and style the look of Briny accordingly. Some more treats of this site skin include Instagram feed, blog, shop, light and dark modes, Slider Revolution and four ready-to-use headers. Get your school public with Briny.

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Most powerful school website templates

Edulearn Education

edulearn school website template
No matter what you are teaching, you are going to need a solid school website template to help you build your website. Edulearn Education comes with five amazing home pages to choose from and an addition of four header variations to share the information your students need. All this calls for a quick start of your enticing web space that will attract more and more visitors and help them gain the knowledge they are seeking.

Edulearn Education is fully responsive across all platforms and looks great regardless of the device that they use to visit your site. Keep everyone up to date with the included courses pages and provide your teachers with a space of their own to talk about their fantastic classes. The blog and all other inner pages are perfect to let your students know what is coming up on the campus.

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juniorhome school website template
JuniorHome is for all the juniors out there or should I say, their parents. It is a daycare and kindergarten school website template based on the well-liked Bootstrap Framework. It provides the flexibility and fluidity your website needs to smoothly and instantly adapt to all mobile devices. In this day and age, every page should be mobile-ready – it is a must!

In the JuniorHome bundle, you will discover five index pages, each with a unique and clean design. While you can use JuniorHome solely for your kindergarten’s online presence, you can also use it to forge an online store. Or maybe you would want to mix the two together into one grand web space. Besides, you can also start a blog and use it to share additional information, tips and all the rest that parents could find of benefit.

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memozin school website template
Contribute to the world by spreading your valuable knowledge with Memozin. This school website template lets you jumpstart with your teaching career easily and freely. Schools, universities, teachers, online courses, you name it, Memozin handles it all without hassle. Showcase your all-in-one website confidently as the visuals are very responsive, which means your page will look functional on any device.

With Memozin, you can save yourself a ton of time and effort when it comes to designing the ideal website for your upcoming project. You can freely use the tool out of the box and have the look ready almost instantly. But do enhance it with your branding and creativity and make Memozin offer students an experience like none out there. Simply download Memozin now and start playing around with its vast collection of features and components.

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kingster school website template
Your imagination can do so many wonders with Kingster. Highly sought after by educators, headmasters, trainers and other experts, this school website template is definitely second to none. While it has a massive collection of ready-made material to guide you, you can still enrich it with your own artistic approach. However, Kingster comes with a stunning array of fifty HTML pages and two home designs to get you started.

You are free to use any style for different pages to let out your individuality. This opens a wide scope of opportunities to those who dream of exercising their creative freedom while portraying a respectable brand image. All Kingster’s designs fit well with any mobile device due to its responsiveness. You deserve a professional and sophisticated educational website that will skyrocket your business after all.

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edubin school website template
Get your website working efficiently with Edubin. This school website template caters to all pros who wish to showcase all things related to learning and teaching. Edubin is undoubtedly one of the best templates you can currently find on the market for many reasons. To start with, you should know that Edubin is based on Bootstrap Framework what gives it the necessary flexibility.

You can gain access to its multiple page layouts that go along with color schemes and background elements. After choosing your ideal home page (there are three), you can kick off your website establishment process without the need to kick it off from the ground zero. You can add and manage custom content, online courses, links and even start writing a blog if you prefer. The options are there thanks to the powerful and convenient Edubin.

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Education Master

education master school website template
Education Master is a fantastic school website template for all types of educations, universities and colleges. Whatever there is you would like to bring online, do it with Education Master and forget about the rest. It is an all-in-one package of goodies to hammer out the exact website for your school that you always wanted. You will enjoy building the platform while students will take pleasure in browsing your page and selecting the right courses for them.

From student profile and courses booking to exam timetable and login and register forms, Education Master has it all. But this is just a small percentage of what you get with this solid website canvas. Education Master is also 100% mobile-ready, search engine optimized and comes integrated with social media. Besides, it practices all the modern web technologies to keep your page steady and secure.

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smart school website template
Just as much as it is important to have a cutting-edge front-end so is important to have a handy back-end to run an online platform successfully. Smart is an admin dashboard template exclusively created for schools, universities and colleges. There are eight different layouts at your service, from dark and light to wide and boxed and then some. Pick what you dig and start editing it with your details.

Smart uses Bootstrap and Material Design what makes the layout flexible and appealing to the eye. It also rocks just about any and all the pages you need for a complete admin dashboard. This means you get predefined pages for professors, students, courses, library, you name it, it is all there. Smart also sports killer UI elements and loads of practical widgets. If the dashboard is what you need for your school, Smart is the right option for you.

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shiksha school website template
Shiksha is an HTML5 school website with a grand web design that entices everyone that ever visits it. Your page will become a web destination where new and returning students will enjoy hanging out. Create a remarkable experience for each and every single one of them and bring your school, university or college to a completely other level. What’s best, you do not have to put countless hours of work into it to bring it to realization. Shiksha has the stuff ready and set for you to use it right off the bat.

Two homes, about, courses, event and blog pages await every Shiksha user. It also has a login and a register page, a full-width slider and a widget-packed footer section with newsletter subscription box. Shiksha also includes a back to top button, social media icons and supports video presentations. On top of that, you, too, get comprehensive documentation that will help you make the page you are after.

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udema school website template
For a slightly different look and a powerful website that offers every feature that you need, look no further than UDEMA. The school website template is equipped with five spectacular homes that kick-start the process of creating the much-needed website. Furthermore, it also has two different menu styles to create the look and feel that you are in need of. Besides, UDEMA is also fully modifiable for you to tailor it to your requirements to the T.

You can make sure your students are safe with the included password strength checker for new accounts. The courses pages and courses details along with the cart section will let them get everything that they need with just a few clicks. They can get back to learning in a snap. To offer your students everything they want and then some, all you need is UDEMA template.

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Kids Pro

kids pro school website template
For a website that you can customize almost in its entirety and the one that comes with loads of predefined elements, you need Kids Pro school website template. You will not need to spend countless hours on the design in order to create a site that looks appealing to the eye and performs greatly. You have a ton of home page demos at your disposal, as well as full-width, boxed, dark and hot layouts. With your added creativity, the options you have with Kids Pro are close to endless.

With the included premium extensions (no extra fees), icon sets and Google fonts, you can customize and personify your site until it is perfect for the feel you want to convey. Indeed, you can change the colors and incorporate parallax effect, too. Just like with any other websites for school, Kids Pro also shows you how easy web design can be.

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Little Ones

little ones school website template
Little Ones is a cute name for a school website template. But cuteness is not only applied to the name but to the web design, too. Little Ones makes sure you are stacked with all the needed material for a neat and, well, cute outcome. Every parent that will ever visit your page will be amazed and impressed by your professional and clever approach to web design.

Being as powerful as it is, Little Ones allows you to edit all its fun elements and make them follow your branding to the last detail. The template is based on Bootstrap, comes with an active contact form with validation and has four jolly color presets. Speaking of color, you can create your own version effortlessly. Little Ones also rewards you with MailChimp integration, Isotope filterable gallery, as well as boxed and wide styles.

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Martial Arts

martial arts school website template
While some school website templates in this collection are more generic, the others are very niche oriented. Just like Martial Arts. It even has a name that goes straight to the point. Martial Arts is a template for karate, judo and just about any other martial art. Besides, you can also use it for boxing, fitness and other sports since Martial Arts is very adjustable and simple to use.

In the package, you get a ton of ready-to-use homes that go from one- and multi-page styles. There are also samples for online store and magazine in case you have something different in mind. Or you would like to expand and create a large martial arts web portal. Revolution Slider and Menuzod responsive mega menu are two premium tools that you get at no extra cost. Utilize the available and have a page set and ready to go live quickly.

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Children Haven

children haven school website template
Children Haven is a high ranking template with tons of predesigned elements that you can use to make your first-class site. You can customize it and create a space that revolves around what your children’s school or kindergarten has to offer.

The wonderful school website template, Children Haven, comes with over 140 HTML files with loads of demos that help you design your unique page. It is Bootstrap 3 that powers the template and makes it fully responsive and mobile-ready. All this calls is for an always smooth experience no matter the device they use.

Active contact form, MailChimp, shop ready, comfortable mega menu, you name it, the tool has all and everything that you require. With several shortcodes, you can make changes to the look instantly and create a custom version to go against the norm. Proceed with Children Haven and quickly design the site you want.

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educan school website template
Educan is here to make your web design easy with a number of excellent ready-to-use elements that you can put to use right away. There is no need to wait for anyone to do it for you. With Educan, you can do it all by yourself and it will take you very little time and a small investment. Educan has a clean and neat look that is simple to navigate and will always look fresh. It is creative and modern, just like the people you want to bring to your school.

Educan is mobile-ready and will give your users the same terrific experience every single time. And when it comes to first-timers, they will be impressed by the level of expertness you deliver with your page what will encourage them to take action. You will also gain access to a dedicated team ready to help you with any problems and answer all of your questions, every single day.

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academics school website template
Academics is the best value for money school website template. With this template, you get plenty of pre-designed pages. It is a multipurpose education website template, almost covered all types of course offering service-based businesses and also best suits for colleges and universities.

This template provides you four types of homepage variations and thirty plus web pages pre-designed for you. All you have to do is to choose the template that best suits you, add your content and start your education website. By default, this template comes with shop pages, so if you need to sell courses on your site there are ready made shop pages for you. Academics is also a visually pleasing professional looking website template.

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Which One is For You?

These are the best school website templates you can use for your educational sites. Since all the templates mentioned here are premium templates you get customization support from the authors. So if you intended to make some tweaks to the templates make sure the option is available with the author and choose the theme. To get an even better idea before selecting a template for your site feel free to check out our other themes and templates collections.


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