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25 Best Free Fashion Website Templates 2020


You do not have to look any further to find yourself the best free fashion website templates.

After investing a good chunk of time to discover what is hot and trendy out there, a list of most promising templates is here ready for you to start using them.

With a passion for fashion comes an idea to launch your very own website relating to it. That could be a fashion blog or an online store selling apparel and jewelry. Footwear, too.

If you already brainstormed it and forged a plan how you will execute your business plan, just a tad more work and effort and you have a website live. That is when a ready-to-use template comes exceptionally handy.

Note: Skip straight to free HTML fashion templates.

Sure, you can build something custom and spend a lot on hiring a coder and designer but that is not really what you came here for. If you are tight on budget, free fashion website templates will be of immense help.

Responsive and great in features free tools for any type of fashion page are at your service. Download the desired one right away and use it to build a marvelous fashion website with it. Even if you have only the basic knowledge of website development, the end product will still be of the highest standards.

If you are ready to proceed, there is no more time to waste. Jump in with both feet and start using your preferred fashion template to construct an amazing website with it. You are closer than ever to realizing your plan and turn it into something noteworthy.

Divi (Premium)

divi fashion template
Fashion brands or online clothing stores, you are all welcome to employ spectacular Divi. But if you would like to start a fashion blog, you can do that, too.

This massive website canvas comes with a horde of predefined designs, layouts and elements. Knowing that Divi comes with over one hundred complete demos pretty much tells you more than enough about the tool. In other words, Divi is for everyone. No matter how picky your taste is, you will find a ton of value in Divi. And if you do not find the sample suit your taste out of the box precisely, you can edit it with the integrated builder. Coding is so old-school, enjoy the drag and drop technique instead.

Divi comes with a complete solution for successfully running an online store. Thanks to WooCommerce compatibility, it will be a breeze pushing all sorts of items online.

More info / Download

Jevelin (Premium)

jevelin fashion template
Let’s continue with another fashion website template alternative, Jevelin. An all-in-one site skin for starting your page in a snap of a finger. In the bundle of ready-made samples, you will find all the must-haves and then some. For fashion eCommerce sites specifically, Jevelin comes with a nifty sample which works fantastically well out of the box. Additionally, Jevelin supports fashion bloggers, too. And you need to have no experience in web development to have a chance to realize your website.

With the WPBakery page builder, making moves online happens swiftly, as you will not need to do the programming work. With quick visual editing, you can see instant results and come up with the ideal web design almost immediately. Add your items and other details and you are all set up to start banking.

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Nexio (Premium)

nexio fashion website template
Nexio is a dedicated eCommerce site canvas with a whopping collection of twenty home designs. Of course, Nexio suits fashion and accessories stores just as well. With its multi-purpose approach, you can expect Nexio to quickly and easily cater to your needs. There is a good chance you will not even want to make any edits and customization tweaks, rather use Nexio out of the box. Still, with the drag and drop method, you can brand and personalize Nexio to your wants speedily.

Additional amenities of Nexio include instant search, multi-currency support, product quick view, 360-degree product view, Instagram shop and pop-up size chart. For your information, there is a whole lot more to Nexio than we are able to mention here. With that in mind, start investigating Nexio in great detail and let it take your idea to new heights with all the outstanding features.

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Best Free Fashion Website Templates


Shionhouse Free Template
Shionhouse is a clean and superb free fashion website template for you to start working on your project right away. It is a great alternative both for online stores and apparel brands. Shionhouse has a 100% mobile-friendly and cross-browser compatible layout, as well as a lightweight structure. The online shopping experience will be top-notch with Shionhouse.

Slider, floating menu, on scroll content loading and back to top button are just a few of the goodies. Shionhouse also comes with Google Maps and a functional contact form. And if you would like to introduce a content marketing strategy, you can do that, too, with blog pages.

More info / Download


Fashion Free Template
Ashion is another exceptional free template that contains heaps of features. No need to start from scratch anymore, use Ashion instead and make a difference. Ashion has a user-friendly structure, so you know the coding work will be a little breeze. That said, even as a beginner, you will easily create a first-rate outcome with Ashion.

Furthermore, Ashion uses only the latest technologies to guarantee an enviable performance. Some other traits include text slider, countdown timer, social media icons and different predefined internal page layouts. It even comes with awesome filters, so you do not need to work on those yourself.

More info / Download


Malefashion Free Template
Even though MaleFashion aims toward male fashion and apparel brands, it works for other objectives as well. With a few quick tweaks, you can use this free fashion website template for all sorts of projects in the fashion industry. The look of it is very gorgeous and pleasant to the eye on all screen sizes. MaleFashion is also fast loading, browser compatible and retina-friendly.

As a free tool, MaleFashion has many features to work with. From slider and top bar to countdown timer for special deals and hover effects, these and a whole lot of other goodies are part of the MaleFashion bundle.

More info / Download


Fashi Free Template
Launching an online fashion store requires knowledge and time. However, there are tools and equipment that help you skip the idea of starting from square one. Take Fashi to your total benefit and enjoy the beautiful and up-to-the-minute design that it sports. This free fashion website template is a solid alternative that calls for a breathtaking end product. Whether you are starting a brand or an eCommerce business with Fashi, you can now make things happen like a pro.

There are all these goodies that Fashi brings to the table, which will create an outcome much faster. From slider and call-to-action buttons to different inner pages, countdown timer for special deals, Instagram-ready feed and social media icons – Fashi rocks it all and more. You can also start a blog and introduce content marketing for raising your potential even higher.

More info / Download


Instylr Free Template
Fashion brands, you are more than welcome to get your hands on Instylr and profit from it tremendously. This free website template is full of amazingness that will place you right on top. Instead of making a website for your business from scratch, you can now get things moving forward with a remarkable design. Instylr also works flawlessly as is, meaning, you can save yourself even more time. But if you fancy branding it, by all means, do it.

Above the fold, Instylr sports an impressive slider and social media icons. This alone offers you to trigger everyone’s curiosity and get them hooked on your professionalism and must-have items. Lookbook/portfolio, hover effects, Google Maps, contact form, blog section, well, you get the gist of it. Instylr is a pack of greatness for you to shine online with a fresh project.

More info / Download


shopmax free template
If clean and minimal look is your cup of tea, Shopmax is the free fashion website template to consider. Why over-cluttering the design and distracting your shoppers with all these special effects if you do not have to? Instead, keep things simple and to the point, pushing your outstanding items right in front of their eyes. Shopmax does the job for your convenience. Due to its tidiness, you will want to use the template exactly as is. This way, you get to stuff it with your items and other details and have a page up and running swiftly.

Additional features of Shopmax include a multi-level drop-down menu, product slider, contact page, massive banner above the fold and newsletter subscription form widget. It’s now or never, so take action and start with your business once and for all for a bright future ahead of you.

More info / Download


mona free template
If you are running a model agency, Mona is the ideal free website template you should consider using. With its clean, attractive and creative web design, you will push your professional models and help them score new gigs on a regular. Present your services originally and wow everyone who ever visits your website. Have a site as your number one online brand ambassador and take your business to a whole other level.

Mona has a unique slider that suits best to present your models and use call-to-action buttons to link them with their portfolios. Moreover, Mona has a ton of other internal pages, as well as a blog and a fully working contact section. It is all there, at the tip of your fingers, ready and set for you to stuff it with your content and details. Make Mona your own and thrive.

More info / Download

Little Closet

littlecloset free template
Little Closet is a modern and free fashion website template that will help you start your online business with a spectacular web design. With Little Closet, you can create generic online apparel store or you can focus on accessories, bags, shoes, glasses, hats, you name it. The options you have with Little Closet are very many. In short, the potential is there so make sure you take all Little Closet’s features and assets to your benefit and do the right thing.

Little Closet has an off-canvas menu, sticky navigation, newsletter subscription box, social media buttons and an inviting full-screen slider. Shopping cart and checkout pages are also part of this gem for your convenience. Pretty much, Little Closet has all the necessary and loads more at your disposal for you to profit from and start your online fashion business strong.

More info / Download


hteplaza free template
When you are designing your online fashion store, you need to take into consideration to keep the web design as simple as possible. Sure, some special effects and neat animations can be helpful, however, as clean and minimal as you keep it the better will be. ThePlaza offers you the right look that will keep your shoppers engaged for longer. You will hook them with the full screen slideshow which you can use for new drops or special deals.

ThePlaza is also entirely customizable for you to make it follow your branding needs precisely. The layout of this cracking template is indeed mobile-ready and in tune with modern web browsers and retina screens. ThePlaza ensures fantastic experience when completing purchases, making your customers hungry for more. Keep it fresh and they will return.

More info / Download


look free template
Look is a free model agency website template that caters to the fashion industry ideally. It includes all the ready-to-use layouts to quickly finish the web development process of your refreshing new page. Whether you use it out of the box or you take the extra step and improve it according to your needs, the outcome will be a real masterpiece. With Look, you can offer your models a chance to present them in the best possible light and help them earn new photo shootings and other projects.

Look has a cool feature of loading content while you scroll that is coupled with other goodies like hover effects, testimonials slider and menu overlay. You can also start writing a blog and let them get in touch with you by using the integrated working contact form.

More info / Download


shoppers free template
Hence the name, Shoppers is a free fashion website template for eCommerce pages of a variety of different niches. You can create an online store pushing women or men fashion, shoes, bags, accessories, kids collections and the list goes on and on. Every online shopper gets hit with a large banner that displays what’s hot in store at the moment. You can link the product with a call-to-action button and increase sales.

Other traits of Shoppers are sticky navigation with a multi-level drop-down menu, cart page, featured products slider, subscription form and widget-rich footer section. You can modify the default settings of Shoppers to meet your needs and personalize the experience. Although Shoppers might be a free template, the options and solution it brings to the table for your online business make it very premium-like.

More info / Download


opium free template
Opium is an ideal site canvas for creating awe-inspiring fashion blogs. It is a free website template with an fantastic and eye-catchy design that will help you appear professionally from the start. Bear in mind, you can employ Opium for other projects just as well since it quickly adapts to different niches and ideas. Realize your dream blog with Opium and start the journey like you would be in the game for years.

The list of ready-made layouts and web elements is vast, ready for you to get things rolling. Use Opium exactly as is and have the final product ready for the launch sooner rather than later. Or, do things your way and enrich the template with your creativity and signature style, and make yourself stand out a mile.

More info / Download


Wish Free Template
Wish is a free fashion website template that brings all your ideas regarding selling clothing to reality. It is modern and clean, powered by Bootstrap Framework for flexibility and easy extendability. Your products will find a great space online and your shoppers will love returning for more of the goodies you sell. The situation described is very likely to happen with Wish.

Spark their interest with the enticing full-width slideshow that welcomes every visitor to your world. Wish comes with a sticky and basic navigation so shoppers can always have access to visit the page they want. Moreover, Wish also has excellent sections for your special deals, gallery slider and newsletter subscription box. Link it to your social media accounts and build customer confidence with testimonials slideshow. Download Wish now and start filling it with your content and media.

More info / Download

Coza Store

Coza store free template
With Coza Store, you can start something new in a breeze. The free fashion website template is at your disposal, ready to put it to use to its full potential. The first thing a potential buyer gets is the full-screen slider with smooth transitions and other cool effects. Push your latest drops and promote your special deals and get visitors clicking right away. The slider is equipped with call-to-action buttons, so they do not have to investigate your page further and go to the spot immediately.

We are not done yet.

Coza Store has a very minimal and elegant web design to deliver great user experience no matter the device they are on. Speaking of devices, Coza Store is fully responsive, based on Bootstrap 4, what makes it instantly adapt to mobile phones, tablets and desktops. It has a load more options, back to top button, widget-rich footer and a subscription box.

More info / Download


Karl free template
No matter if you are selling men or women fashion, or even a mix of both, Karl is the free online fashion store template that handles it both. As a matter of fact, you can also introduce accessories, bags and shoes and create a fantastic eCommerce platform selling everything fashion. Awesome header, drop down and off-canvas menus, wide slideshow and exclusive deals and offerings is what they get the moment your page loads.

Karl template has cool hover effects, on scroll content load and a filterable portfolio for your new arrivals. Share what your customers have to say about your in the testimonials slider and let visitors connect with you on social media. Karl is an easy to use sophisticated tool to craft an attention grabbing fashion store of any type.

More info / Download


Persuit free template
Nothing should be stopping you after you download Persuit free fashion website template. If an online shop is what you intend to build, now is your chance to do it and make it popular. Persuit might be a free product, but it has loads of outstanding traits that will benefit you greatly. Once you see the live preview page of the template, you will immediately know what is achievable with it.

What is super special about Persuit is the several home pages it has available. From the simple look all the way to carousel, full-width slider, parallax and boxed. You also get compare and track pages, wonderful blog pages and a functional contact section. Pick what you feel suits your project best and begin improving it. For your information, editing and enriching the look is a simple task when it comes to Persuit.

More info / Download


Store free template
By taking Store to your advantage, you can have an eCommerce fashion site up and running in little to no time. It is not only free, but the material it has ready to use is vast. From neat and professional index page to great shop sections and a compelling about page. Besides, Store also comes with a blog layout which you can use it as a separate page, too.

There is more.

Store might have a very general name but all for one reason: adaptability. You can sell a particular type of garment or you can go broad, offering clothing, accessories, bags and other whatnots. Do whatever you are passionate about and Store will help you realize it. Start the online business you always dreamt about and let all the rest become history.

More info / Download


Shop free ecommerce website template
If Store was not enough, then Shop will surely do it for you! Are you up for a challenge? Then read on and be impressed by our fantastic free fashion website template that goes straight to the point. Bold, bright and light, that is what you get with Shop. And if that is not enough, Shop is also responsive, simple to use, pliable and immediately adapts to your business needs.

There is no right or wrong approach to what to seel online with Shop. In short, you can promote it all. From men and women fashion, luxury brands, watches, bags, you name it, Shop is ready for all. Sticky drop-down menu, cool hover effects, wide layout, countdown timer and Instagram feed, you can use it all for your superior online store.

More info / Download


By default, E-Shop is a multi-purpose eCommerce website template for selling apparel and clothing goodies all the way to electronics and gadgets. It only needs a few tweaks and E-Shop becomes a free fashion website template which you are in search of. Straightforward web-design with a great attention to detail provides you enough space to cover your products and make them shine on the internet.

Awesome product sliders, deals of the day section, latest products and advanced search options, it is E-Shop that has it all. For the comfiest navigation, E-Shop offers mega menu that takes each visitor to the exact product they want to buy from you in a snap. As an icing on the cake, E-Shop is also fully translatable ready for you to localize or globalize your web store.

More info / Download


Fashe has a gorgeous and minimal look to it what hooks everyone immediately after landing on your eCommerce page. Its full-width slider grabs their attention and drags them into your world of fashion. Dresses, footwear, watches, bags and sunglasses, Fashe enables you to sell just about anything. Although it is a fashion first free website template, going against the norm is possible, too.

Have you seen Fashe live yet?

If not, you better go and see it this very moment and be amazed and impressed. Do not hold back and download it right away, after all, it does not cost you a dime. What you surely will enjoy a whole bunch about Fashe is the wide Instagram feed it has integrated into the design. It is pretty, that is for sure! Have a complete solution for your online fashion store you always wanted to own with Fashe.

More info / Download


It could not be more fashion than Fashion. But you might only agree with me after you see this free fashion website template’s live preview. Fashion is a mix of quite some things. It is a blog, it is an online showroom and it does not shy away from being an e-store, too. The template is a charming solution for brands, as well as agencies and fashion designers. If that is the kind of a template you strive toward, then Fashion is the best option for you.

Fashion has a spacious layout, sticky navigation section, bright colors and many valuable elements. It is also entirely mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible and ready for a quick launch of your new project. Create a web presence, send traffic to it and grow your agency or any other fashion-based business above and beyond.

More info / Download


Philosophy is something a little different that you will enjoy to the fullest if a fashion blog is what you plan to start. Start sharing your passion with the world, set new trends and announce the big new drops of your favorite brands. Philosophy is a free masonry grid blog template with on-scroll content load and a trendy web design.

The home page of Philosophy surely will amaze every new reader and make him or her craving more of what you do. It has social media icons, drop-down menu, feature-rich footer and back to top button. Philosophy’s posts support standard, video, audio and gallery styles for you to get the most out of it. Start releasing enticing articles and drive in even more traffic to make your blog known. Philosophy is also search engine optimized for your fashion blogs to receive the wanted Google juice that you are after.

More info / Download

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