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25 Best Free Hoodie Mockups & Templates 2021


With our collection of the best free hoodie mockups, you can put your designs on display for everyone to enjoy. These come in handy for both a designer and an apparel brand owner. Either way, you get to see how the final product would look like and get a better idea of the actual artwork that needs any additional refinements.

On the other hand, if you use a print-on-demand service, a mockup is crucial for marketing purposes. After all, unless you do not order the item yourself, you might never get a chance to have it at hand. Without the item, you cannot really take proper product photos. That said, pick up a hoodie mockup, add your designs and you are done.

Simple, yet highly effective.

You are left with a photo-realistic template that better displays your designs to your audience. Instead of featuring the amazing design only, take the extra step and add it to a piece of apparel and form a neat final product. They will have a much better idea of how fantastic it looks, and your sales will only go uphill.

By the way, if you are just starting out in the online space, you can sort things out with a convenient WordPress clothing store theme or a Shopify fashion theme. Add your items and you are ready to start taking fresh orders and get your brand to a new level. Or you can even sort things out in their entirety with a sophisticated and modern website builder for online clothing stores.

Best PSD Hoodie Mockups

Mockup Featuring a Woman Wearing a Customizable Full-Zip Hoodie

mockup featuring a woman wearing a customizable full zip hoodie

For when you need a mockup to present your zipper hoodie design for women, you should not miss this one of a model leaning over a fence. This one works excellently well for streetwear brands but can work purely for promotional intentions as well. Needless to say, just like with any other Placeit mockup, you will find this one a little breeze to use, too. After all, the entire procedure of improving the default appearance happens in-browser. No need for Photoshop. Upload the design or the logo from your computer, crop and reposition it if necessary and have it appear on the hoodie in a click. Moreover, the mockup allows you to change the shade of the garment, too.

Heather Hoodie Mockup of a Woman Riding a Bicycle

heather hoodie mockup of a woman riding a bicycle

While this hoodie mockup features a female model, you can still use it for creating a life-like demonstration of a unisex hoodie design. The lady just went for a ride around her local park wearing her favorite full-zip hoodie. As it turns out, this same hoodie happens to feature your design in the front, which you slide indirectly from your computer. The working area is of 750 x 750 px dimension. Keep in mind other sizes work, too, as you can edit the design further by cropping and repositioning it. Alter the shade of the garment, add a text/call-to-action and even attach a graphic if necessary, all this over on Placeit.

Pullover Hoodie Mockup Featuring a Man with Sunglasses

pullover hoodie mockup featuring a man with sunglasses

A lifestyle hoodie mockup of a man walking down a staircase with his glasses on. It is a classic hoodie with a kangaroo pocket in the front, a somewhat essential piece of clothing, similar to a tee. Thanks to Placeit and its effortless in-browser customizing, everyone can profit from this photorealistic template. Once you have the design or the logo ready, using the mockup does not require any skill and experience. In just a few clicks, you can now upload your artwork, change the color, as well as add text and graphics. Due to the quick process, you can also come up with all sorts of combinations, even before opening your wallet.

Beautiful Hoodie Mockup

If searching for different hoodie mockups, you are in luck, as we have multiple available for you to put into play. This one features a lady, fixing her hood while staring at an object at a distance. With a few quick clicks, you can edit both the color of the hoodie, as well as add the design. That is pretty much all the work you need to do when over on Placeit. The website is a breeze to use, as it does not ask you for any design experience. Also, you do all the editing and customization in-browser.

White Hoodie Mockup

To sort out the presentation of fresh hoddie design, do yourself a favor and head over to Placeit. There, you will find a vast collection of hoodie mockups that you can take to your total advantage right off the bat. Without the need to use a photo editing software, you can now create a life-like presentation that will amaze everyone. Due to the enormous collection of available material, there is something for everyone, regardless of how picky you are. With quick few edits in-browser, you can create multiple different variations of your design sooner rather than later. Step things up and enjoy the creative process.

Mockup of a Man Wearing a Pullover Hoodie

mockup of a man wearing a pullover hoodie

A superb hoodie mockup featuring a bearded man standing in front of his red truck. For a photo-realistic presentation, you can enjoy using this layout and make it follow your branding regulations to a T. You can change the color of the hoodies, as well as upload the design in just a click. Once you import the image, feel free to lightly edit it by cropping and repositioning before you insert it. With the design ready, the whole process of establishing a life-like demonstration of your hoodie design takes you seconds. Hit the upload button, pick the right shade from the color picker and you are done. In addition to that, you can also append a text overlay for a call-to-action.

Hoodie Mockup of a Woman Posing at Sunset

hoodie mockup of a woman posing at sunset

Emphasize beach vibes with this next hoddie mockup and make a difference. If you are running a streetwear or surf clothing brand, you will surely find the mockup of fantastic use. Knowing how little work you need to do to experience a realistic outcome will hype you up even more. With the predefined hoddie design, you do not need to be a pro to use Placeit to the fullest. The platform even allows you to create multiple different variations speedily for you to find the winner much easier. With that in mind, don’t waste any more time and get original.

Pullover Hoodie Mockup of a Woman with a Dog in a Park

pullover hoodie mockup of a woman with a dog in a park

Dog lovers will definitely enjoy this hoodie mockup. And if your hoddie design has something to do with pets, well, that’s even better. Use the template for whatever objective you fancy, note this: the outcome will be a life-like presentation which will help you push your work over and beyond. If you are working with a client, impress them with a nifty demonstration. On the other hand, if you plan to use it on social media, get the hype going strong and boost sales through the roof. With a catchy design and a nifty presentation, you can witness spectacular results.

Fashionable Hoodie Mockup

free mens hoodie mockup psd

A neat and stylish free men hoodie mockup which you can use with ease. It comes with front and back view so make sure you take full advantage of it. What’s more, aside from adding your designs to it via smart object layer, you can also change the color of the cord, hood and the main garment. Play around with different styles and see what works best for you and your brand. You can keep things simple and minimal or you can add a large design both on the front and on the back of this zipper hoodie. It is always great to have a few variations ready before you send it out for print.

Men’s Hoodie Mockup Freebie in PSD

Free Mens Hoodie Sweatshirt Mockup PSD

Along with a T-Shirt, hoodies are probably the second favorite piece of clothing among men. It just fits every occasion; whether it is a sports event or you go to the cinema or even attend a dinner, with a hoodie, you can never go wrong. And if you get hot quickly, it is even better for you to go with a zipper hoodie. As a brand offering such clothing items, you should first test things out with a hoodie mockup and see how well your designs do. You might use only some text, a brand logo or a full back piece, whatever the case, with this practical template, you can try all sorts of different variations to see what fits best.

Men Hoodie Mockup in PSD

free hoodie psd mockup

For as photo-realistic results as possible, you better consider using this next zipper hoodie mockup. First and foremost, it is free of charge so there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to get your hands on it. Secondly, the end product will be a sophisticated one, helping you promote your work in a distinctive way. You can easily use this one for social media campaigns and entice even more potential buyers. Besides, along with sliding in your design, you can also change the color of the hoodie and alter light, shadow and saturation effects. There is so much you can do with this mockup for killer results.

Free Cool Mens Hoodie Mockup

Free Men’s Hoodie Back Mockup

School, universities, sports teams, fashion brands, you name it, they all have at least one if not many hoodies to offer. Let’s face it; men love hoodies. It is a comfortable piece of apparel that always works. And if it is a minimalistic one, you can also use it for special occasions, and no one will look at you as not being dressed properly. After you download this free hoodie mockup, you get a chance to decorate front and back, as well as front/kangaroo pocket. Get creative and experiment with a bunch of different variations – it is easy and quick in Photoshop.

Free Men Hoodie Mockup

free download hoodie mockup

Since all the hoodie templates you find in this collection are free of charge, I see no reason why you wouldn’t want to download all of them. Create a collection of the best free hoodie mockups that you can use at any time and boost your workflow through the roof. With a fully customizable mockup, you can do a ton for your brand. You can showcase it in the best possible light with a great attention to detail. This following template actually comes in three different variations; front, back and side. Moreover, you can edit nearly anything you would like. From the main garment color and hood to sleeves, cuff and pocket, everything is editable. You can also adjust the background to best resonate with your design.

Free Women Hoodie Mockup

women hoodie mockup

While men might be more hoodie-oriented, women like wearing them just as well. It is definitely a comfortable piece of clothing that you can wear in the colder days of the year. For brands and other projects, it is a fantastic way to spread their message out. People become their walking billboards and it is a win-win situation for both of them. If you are currently working on a new line of women hoodies, this mockup template will help you out with the designs. It is a free item that works with Photoshop and comes effortlessly to use thanks to the smart object layer. There are three different variations so you can show your apparel as detailed as possible.

Free Pullover Hoodie PSD Mockup

Hoodies are meant to comfort a person from cold weather. And to keep you lively and comfy during those days, hoodies are created not just to provide comfort but for fashion too. To give you a fabulous look despite the cold weather, various clothing brands manufacture stylish types of hoodies. If you’re looking for a hoodie mockup to test your branding designs, this Free Pullover Hoodie PSD Mockup will serve as a perfect guide. It features a white pull-over hoodie in a perspective view available in PSD file. With the use of the smart object, inserting your own logo in the hoodie is easy and quick. It also has a nice shadow and highlights effects to make the logo even more realistic.

Free Zip-Up Hoodie Mockup

Hoodies keep the body warm and cozy on the cold seasons. But sometimes, they can be worn for a fashion statement. If you’re creating a hoodie design for a client, you can make it more appealing and stylish when you use hoodie mockups upon presentation. This way, clients can see what the final design would look like in a photorealistic manner. Here’s a Free Zip-Up Hoodie Mockup that will serve as an effective guide in crafting your project. This free mockup comes with a photorealistic hoodie that is fully customizable. Specifically, this mockup lets you add your branding or logo on the hoodie and change its color too. This way, you can check if the color scheme you use is seamless and attractive.

Free Hoodie PSD Mockup

Men and women’s wardrobe isn’t perfect when no hoodies stashed on it. This type of apparel is truly essential in the winter and other cold-weather days. With this fact, clothing brands create remarkable designs and good quality of garments for hoodies to attract many customers. If you’re one of these brands, you might want to consider this Free Hoodie PSD Mockup to achieve the perfect designs you’ve been looking for. This mockup displays the hoodie in a realistic manner as it utilizes a man wearing the hoodie. Specifically, you can add your own designs on the hoodie via the smart object layer. You may also change the color of the hoodie along with the background to suit your preferences.

Hoodie Mockup

Hoodies can also be used as a promotional item for brands who wish to stand out in the tough competition. And if you’re a designer working with such project, you can make it interesting and practical when you pick hoodie mockups that are crafted to remove the flaws in your designs. Here’s another free Hoodie Mockup suitable for branding, marketing or any personal projects. This mockup is fully customizable and easy to edit as it has well-organized folders and layers. It features a man wearing a pull-over hoodie. As the mockup uses the smart object layer, placing your logo on the hoodie is quite easy. Apparently, you have the option to use the white, gray and black hoodie. However, you may also change the color of the hoodie and the string to make the most of this freebie.

Free Hoodie Mockup (PSD)

Hoodie Mockup Front

There is no need for you to take actual product photos when you can simply download a free hoodie mockup template and add your design to it. In brief, the outcome will be nearly as realistic as the actual studio shots you take. However, with a predesigned template, you can save yourself a ton of time and a lot of money. You can invest both saved time and budget to market yourself and start attracting new potential buyers with your fresh designs. You get the front and the back view of the hoodie which you can improve through the smart object. Get your word out with a new hoodie drop and increase your potential.

Hoodie Design Vector Template

apparel designs hoodie mockup
Sometimes, you just want a vector template of a hoodie to play around with and implement with your stunning designs. Besides, you can also use it for inspiration, to come up with all these new variations that will set you apart from the competition. You can use this hoodie mockup free of charge in Adobe Illustrator and get busy doing your thing. Add your logo, a quote, create a new color variation and stand out from the crowd by taking the extra step and modify details. For clothing designs or any other types of project you work on, this zipper hoodie is a great way to speed things up a bit and catch the deadline comfortably.

Black and White Hoodie Design Vector Template

apparel designs 04

Similar to the previous one, this cool and fashionable hoodie vector template is free to download as well. This one is without the zipper, an actual hooded pullover with a full front pocket. It is a cutting-edge design that you can get your hands on at free will. Adjust the black and white look to your needs or even use it as is. No matter how creative you get, you can always return to the original design and repeat the process. In the shortest space of time, you can have multiple variations ready to impress your clients and complete the project sooner rather than later.

Hoodie Template V2

Hoodie template (illustrator)

In our collection of gorgeous hoodie mockups, you can choose between photo-realistic and vector ones. We have something for everyone, regardless of your taste. This is a simple and basic zipper hoodie with a front and a back view. Use it to your liking and create something remarkable out of it. It is animation-inspired for you to use it with your marketing material, on social media and even when sending out newsletters. Approach each design with an open mind, go against the norm and stand out from the masses. You do not really need to spend a lot of time when you have your designs ready and set for the inclusion in a mockup.

Gildan Cotton Hoodie Mockup

gildan g18500 hoodie mockup template

If you already know what brands of hoodies you will use, and if it just happens to be Gildan, you came to the right place. For everyone who uses G18500 model, you do not really need the actually printed hoodie to upload it to your online store or for other marketing purposes. This free hoodie mockup is all you need. It is not just a hoodie, but it makes it a whole lot more realistic with an actual male model wearing it. You can change the color of the hoodie to whichever you fancy and add your designs on the front and on the back of the hooded sweater. Indeed, it comes in two different looks for you to get the most out of it.

Simple Hoodie Mockup

simple hoodie mockup

It might be simple but it sure is modern and elegant, perfect for an everyday user. Another superb and free hoodie mockup that you can use for branding and marketing intentions. The top-notch template comes with two smart objects, allowing you to customize pretty much everything. On the download page of the mockup, you will see a few impressive variations you can make with the mockup. No matter how creative you would like to go, this mockup template will surely handle it all without hassle. You can import different patterns, logo, texts, custom designs, you name it, the hoodie is ready for everything.

Hoodie MockUp PSD

Hoodie MockUp PSD full

A hoodie mockup that includes two hoodies, a grey and a black version, looks super realistic. The hoodies are placed on a flat surface for you to showcase your apparel design beautifully and stunningly. It is a PSD mockup freebie which allows you to attach your works via smart object layer. It is more or less some dragging and dropping that is involved in what makes this mockup highly beginner-friendly. What makes it appear even more genuine is the fact of how smoothly your design adapts to the creases and folds. It feels like that is an actual print and that you took the photo in your studio.

If you would like to step things up and bring your audience, even more, to choose from, you better check out our hand-picked collection of free T-Shirt mockups. We all know that a hoodie and a tee go very well together. Not only that, but these two simple pieces of apparel are the two that will stand the test of time, always be essential for everyone who is all about simplicity and comfort.


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